Psychology Attacks Be Aware

I typically don’t post News, but this is too much and will only continue if Everyone does not listen to the Benevolent ancient voice in yourselves.

It is written from the news, that in the past couple days there was a very saddening incident that made Big headlines. Where a father commits suicide and a mother goes and does the same only she forces her young children to go down with her driving her car into a lake in Vadnais Heights, MN.

No doubt this was “Gematrianated” on the deep end. Go look it up. A psychological warfare that everyone is not informed about. Go do your research to know more about it in order to know how to defend yourselves mentally and emotionally. The worst and most corrupt “orders” in our society that causes mental breakdowns. It causes people to get fidgety, angry, hate, hold more than grudges, fight, kill, commit suicide, be emotionally unstable and more. Not every incident is an “order”, but those Big ones that make the news typically are. So decipher correctly in your correct minds… (go find God/your ancestors guidance through silencing your mind= meditate).

This is one Huge reason our ancestors came and still is on the rise to wake us all if You choose to listen. However, most of us cannot even use 10% of our brains to put the Truth of the matter together. What are you fighting/arguing for?

Wake up all nobles ones and stop playing the blame game, using criticism on each other to start a domino effect of more arguments and then more mental and emotional issues arise. More trauma then right back in the cycle you go.

Will you silence yourselves, go deep down, and find the real truth to begin waking up to now?

This is you chance, again, and again, and again to wake up. If you don’t, you get to learn again and again and again.

When, is the question for us, will we truly wake up from greed, hate, biases, desire for authority, power, and all negativity that psychologically attacks a person’s mind?

Will you be the next to wake up after this?

Warm blessings and may aid be at your reach, compassion, kindness emerge from your hearts, and remember to keep your thoughts clean from debris (any negative thoughts or influences you may incept with or without being conscious to it). #psychologicalattacks

Excavation by David Seay

We are a culture that glorifies the explosion.

Consumption is our icon next to destruction and erosion,

And while the waters are still flowing,

addiction dips it’s toes in;

And adds to the pollution,

Which is why some of us are glowing.

Tuned to confusion through over stimulation of useless information,

As we are speaking about nothing while in communication,

We cling to opinions that hinder revelation.

Time for an excavation,

Not of the land,

But the inner world of man;

For all of our relations.

The rocket ships we take;

A symbol of exploration,

Or escape?

I must ask.

Why can’t we take care of what we have before we expand our destructive path?

Our new symbol is the mask,

Our old one was the flag;

Trading freedom for security,

And doing it quite fast.

This is a ground breaking,

Earth quaking,

Life shaking,

Quickening of our reality.

The warriors are awakening.

Focus on vitality.

Foundation for our families.

Everyday a celebration.

Fireworks of appreciation explode vocally through me without even littering or frightening anyone locally.

Implode on an inner world to cultivate a love so innate that there is no need to escape.

This is what we celebrate.

Discern, observe, manage, regulate.

Write a book,

Become an author.

Chop wood,

Carry water.

With a skip in the step,

And a song in the heart.

Dance to the stars.

Work harder and harder on something you love;

Then do something you don’t like for someone going through something tough.

Spread the laughter and sweep the heavy,

Not under the rug but off of the levee.

Fire works,

To burn up all that heavy burden that we carry,

So don’t freak out when things get scary.

There is a way to face the music,

And dance right through it;

Even the mess humans are cocreating,

Can be cleaned and made pristine if we worked together as a team instead of constantly debating.

I am praying,

But not just bargaining or asking God,

Nor constantly complaining;

They are yearnings of the heart and soul,

Told of what this life is needing~

My deepest prayers are not the words I say;

It is the act of my heart beating.

To keep us alive,

Our hearts are bleeding.

Pumping the love.

Delivering the message.

Passing on the truth of trust.

Carrying out the way for us all.

That’s a living prayer;

Listen for the call.

Let’s build another way,

Not another mall.

Blue Rays


The blue rays starseeds are a unique soul group that came through the blue ray of creation for benevolent purposes on this planet .

They have a strong connection to Source , the planet Sirius and have Christ consciousness encoding in their blueprint and embedded in their cellular structure and auric field.

Many of these experience very difficult childhoods because they purposely incarnate into certain family dynamics in order to transmute and heal that DNA lineage.

They are here to seed and create a new paradigm and template on the planet .

They are here to deliver the Christ consciousness blueprint to others through the merging of their energy fields with those of others.

Many of them will find that people either absolutely love them or feel uncomfortable to be around them.

This is because they embody truth and wisdom and many people aren’t ready to face the truth.

Blue ray beings are seekers of the truth themselves and have been searching for their own answers their whole lives.

The blueray starseeds are incredibly talented and easily learn new things.

This allows them to speed through life lessons and handle much more in life than others .

They seemingly make as many human mistakes as they can.

By doing this they rapidly learn lessons and bring themselves to the conclusion that there is way more to this human experience that meets the eye.

This results in awakening and they then can begin their divine work here on earth.

The bluerays have blue / purple auras and most have had ancient past lifetimes in Lemuria , Egypt and Atlantis just to name a few .

They all have a deep connection with esoteric knowledge and higher awareness

They are extremely intuitive, telepathic and strongly psychic.

They are Clairsentient , clairvoyant , with strong inner knowing

and feel the feelings of others even when they don’t try to .

This is because they are here to merge auric bodies with other light minded ones and share the Christ consciousness blueprint .

By Shari Mattson

World Order Efforts

As he says many knew it was

coming ,just not The Who what

when or how .

My intensive began over 20

years ago . My inability

to honor , a corrupt social

system , a corrupt medical

and pharmaceutical empire

that along with psychiatric

model that has coded every

aspect of humanity and

ignored the huge addictive

influence upon law, and the

progressive evolution of

human kind that is revealed

in plans to eliminate or

restrict healthy growth and

quality of life .

I find myself in a hotel room

with faith of resolution .

My relocation 12 years ago

was to garden and prepare

and have liberated spaces

for each son and family .

I thought with the origination

of my LLC I could help begin

independent business in their

soul choice , and enjoy a less

stress filled life .

However , an attempt to

wipe me out financially failed

leaving me homeless

the failure to have charges

before the magistrate , or

have a detective assigned to

the case , have been

adjudicated with me owing

$3900. I have not choice but

to take it higher in appeal

or write of it .

Domestic Abuse is Domestic

Terror and malignant .

Blessings & Peace


Dona Luna

New Moon Message ; Better late than Never

She speaks of the warrior of

Love being just and coming

from the heart .

My heart has been heavy for

a few days , and I sense others

lower vibes and I have a

matter of the heart mission

near completion . Imagine

a painting , awaiting a frame.

I cannot hang out in this place

and began my day wayyyyy

too early , so I cannot resist

another 2 hours of quiet .

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna

Advice to Healers


Never get involved in someone else’s suffering, everyone carries their own burden.

The man must tire of himself and drink to the bottom the cup of poison that was assigned to him, and until then, if he asks for help, he will approach.

Don’t be cocky and don’t expect to be able to help everyone, never force your guardians to provide something that will not be valued, it is only possible to help those who are prepared and humble to accept the help that comes from your heart.

A suffering person sees the world through their pain, so they are deaf, blind, unbelieving and selfish.

If you intervene in someone else’s suffering without being called and being prepared, the karmic vortex will suck you into someone else’s game, and you will see the face of ingratitude, as well as carrying the bad energy of the other.

Remember that man is capable of infecting his suffering and that will not help you.

Proceed your way by resolving your own life in silence.

Only if you are making your own path will you find the strength and wisdom necessary to help people get up.

(On the picture, a lady healer healing a little girl’s heart from fear. An owl guardian watching. Whenever we do healing or help for someone, we must have a permission from our higher self/great spirit, and from the person’s higher self/great spirit, and from the person. There are exceptions with very small children, elderly, people in coma etc. But even then we must ask higher self for permission.)