Abuse Victims Are Not Codependent, They’re Trauma-Bonded | HuffPost

This is very true, and I sense this dynamic

on steroids with children ..still

Ever had a victim-blamer claim you were “codependent?” That you in some way deserved the abuse, or that it was your fault? Let them know: Codependency wa…
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Man ’10 days from death’ after being starved and abused by controlling girlfriend over six years – Daily Record

The physical and emotional abuse by women towards

man, is underreported , and shadowed by stigma , shame

and fear ..Threats , constant threats in a game of such

extreme competition , that only selected friends and family

are allowed ..Cutting a partner off from friends and family

is common with NPD , as it’s determined who is allowed

and whose not.

Spiritual beliefs trigger the non believer , who feels

empowered and justified in all actions and non actions.

Alex Skeel had boiling water poured over him and kept isolated from loved ones by partner Jordan Worth.

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When the kind parent is the targeted scapegoat

Tears flowed freely reading this , so much has been

evoked, and still each stands as is, not one true act

of family..quite the opposite …still.. Self revealing

and bound , with holding in secrets that uphold lies

and abuses sanctioned and supported in a corruption

of souls that decided I should be targeted .

Judges and critics , mentored children to dispose of me

and their survival required my living death . It’s very

hard to ignore , as my finances have been adversely affected

and still he threatens .

Adult Children with Cluster B personalities tend to use and abuse loving parents. Learn how to help them and yourself by setting healthy lifestyle boundaries.
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How Children Suffering Trauma and Toxic Stress See the World | Time

The key to tackling trauma is a constant, loving caregiver. That makes separating migrant families even more troubling
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Rockefeller Faces $1 Billion Lawsuit for Infecting People With Syphilis

Taking medicine , intuitive healing , education , nurture

from the feminine , in order to power and money , which

hallmark the Narcissistic, who is separated from truths.

Discrimination has thus been focused on minorities , Women

Children , Races , to the detriment of any connection to

humane consciousness .

It’s a very good thing to see the end to this opposition; certainly

more cooperation and Benevolence are ahead of us .

Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

A federal judge recently approved a $1 billion lawsuit against Johns Hopkins University, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co (BMY.N) and the Rockefeller Foundation.
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Catholic Archbishop Blames Disobedient Wives For Domestic Violence | Michael Stone

I see this, but noticing it’s not just a wife



Blaming the victim: A Catholic archbishop tells his congregation that the root cause of domestic violence is a woman’s disobedience to her husband. Speaking to his congregation in Toledo, Spain, Archbishop Braulio Rodriguez said that wives could escape being physically abused by not being disobedient and by not
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Divorce: Most kids thrive better with this custody arrangement

50/50 Partners 50/50 Parent -Certainly the

best for the marriage , best for children

to have a solid foundation.

The Millional’s in vast numbers are awake to

the factual needs of their children , as they

join with elders a huge shift of consciousness

in evolving , to a more benevolent society

and world .

Peace will have a chance , of this I’m sure

and it’s yet another leap to believe positives

are often born of adversity .

Stability is very necessary, nature and nurture ,

cooperation and respect, are just a few favored

teachings by being , as often as possible.

A new study of preschool children examines the psychological effects of different post-divorce living situations
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