After Trump blames mental illness for mass shootings, health agencies ordered to hold all posts on issue – The Washington Post

A horrid , uninformed hit on mentally ill.

“There is this climate of concern whether you can make a statement based on facts,” an employee at the National Institutes of Health said.
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Trump, Duterte, and the Authoritarian War on Women – The Atlantic

Not happening

Donald Trump’s ideological cousins around the world want to reverse the feminist gains of recent decades.
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Apology to Sinead O’Connor about Pope picture on SNL |

Trauma, is not recognized, in all its many

fractured presentations , as Sinead , spoke

sang and released and was slammed , publicly

certainly deserves to be apologized to.

Following the shocking revelations of 70 years of abuse of children by Pennsylvania priests, we owe Sinead O’Connor an apology. We now know that the pedophile scandals were rampant during the era of Pope John Paul, who chose to turn a blind eye. O’Connor was calling out the right person.
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Natural treatment for pancreas problems ( currently experiencing )

Having been ” there”before, I realized yesterday

I am experiencing pancreas upset. Eastern

healing notes the pancreas is feminine energy

where unresolved emotional energy is stored .

Terrible ill yesterday , as I prepare files and info

to share here , and foundational issues , only

months away from that horrific experience

of being removed from my home , of which I have

very little memory .

Early this morning I contacted Maya and soon

had product towards remedy . A close look

at what product I had on hand , research had

me order other products that will adjunct

what I have , and dietary changes are due in

high respect for my health and well-being .

A hot bath , a light meal of sautéed veggies

and I’m feeling so much better 🤓!

I’ll post more info , because I realize many

energy workers are experiencing these

symptoms as I have noted ..


Blessings🙏🏼 & Peace ☮️ ,

Doña Luna

The pancreas or pancreatic gland is extremely important to your overall health. You cannot live a normal life without it.
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Do Family Courts Encourage Child Abuse?

The family court systems in both the United States and .08/15/2019 8:46:10AM EST.
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Middlesbrough West Lane Hospital: Second teenage girl dies – BBC News

In their anti truths , CCHR, has been demonized as associated

with Scientology …

The facts , and statistics they publish is the only one of such magnitude

I know of . Certainly targeted by Big Pharma , AMA, APA , counselors

and institutional housing etc .. as it affects their profit and power.

The actual accounting for RX induced suicides , is nominal

it’s seldom tested in deaths , or disclosed ..


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

“Another failure from the psychiatric industry. While 13 members of staff are facing disciplinary action over alleged ill treatment of patients, it shouldn’t

go unnoticed that young people are regularly locked up at the behest of a psychiatrist and are ‘treated’ by a psychiatrist.

Psychiatrists have also played a part in the tragic deaths of these young people.

Two teenage patients at the children’s mental health unit die in the space of two months.
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Our ‘nice guy’ father murdered our mother and sister yet the media focused on his suicide –

Luke and Ryan Hart’s father Lance murdered their mother Claire and sister Charlotte in 2016. Below, they speak about how their father was personified as “a nice guy” who “snapped” in th
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