Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm syndrome is a coping mechanism used by many people in toxic and abusive relationships. Instead of feelings of fear, terror, and hostility toward your abuser – which is what you should be experiencing – you may feel a sense of sympathy for them. Your positive feelings toward your abuser are very common and normal when learned helplessness has set in. Subconsciously, you feel you’ve no other choice but to stay with your abuser.

Stockholm syndrome can, and often does, cause targets of abuse to feel as if they’re deeply in love with their abuser.

But, those who have left and started their healing journey soon discover that what they thought was love was a coping mechanism and was the only way they could survive in a dangerous and life-destroying relationship.

If you don’t know how to deal with Stockholm syndrome in the aftermath of narcissistic abuse, it can paralyze you. It sure did me at the beginning of my own journey because I didn’t know how to handle it. But I do now, and I want to help you overcome this awful feeling, too.

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Detox from High Conflict Families of No Love

Being raised in high conflict families, we are raised to be our own worst enemies and harshest critics. High conflict family environments do not operate from love.
These families are driven by competition, comparison and conflict. To gain any sense of peace in these toxic environments, we must go against what is in our best interest to fit in.

Cutting off from a family like this, requires going through a period of a “major detox.” We need time to detox from all the poison and brainwashing. This detox requires examining and understanding the totality and vastness of our family’s dysfunction. It requires grieving and a strong commitment to moving forward. It requires self love.

This detox period is the launching pad for the development of a healthier sense of personal power that does not include forcing, pressuring, controlling, criticizing or competing.

There are far better, and more empowering ways to do life than from the same type of dysfunction we were raised in.

Sherry Campbell PhD

Life With a Narcissistic Parental Alienator

Certainly seems alien

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Parental alienation is probably the hardest experience you will ever go through and screws you up mentally and emotionally. I know because I have been there too!

The alienating parent’s childhood trauma may have been triggered by the separation/divorce, and they fear abandonment, feeling worthless and empty, and losing control – so they rewrite the narrative, recasting all the roles. Good parent becomes bad. Victimizer becomes victim. They cling to the child/ren as the emotional attachment bonds with their spouse/partner sever.

I also know that although it was the alienator that put you onto this emotional rollercoaster, ONLY YOU can get yourself off. Every day that you sit on that ride experiencing pain, is another day that the alienator wins. It is another day that you are less able to help your children and your family.

Many of us need help to get off the rollercoaster, learning how to best support our children in ways to be more effective in dealing with alienators.

The Personal Authority 9-Step Program can start making a difference to your life in just a few weeks. DM me and start taking back control today!




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You’re Miss is Your Mercy

There is no more ignorance or dismissal of what is. For the last year , it has been intense and anyone who mattered to me deeply has remained as they have been , silent , distant and seemingly enjoying my draining experiences.

I haven’t been in denial as I heard and watched the replays of such distorted mind sets and I grieved at the separation from Christ Conciseness or even humane consideration .

I watched in horror as this transpired in 93 within my family as 1 person has such drive to be happy and step out of any and all responsibilities with as much as possible and I knew in my incapacity as a “ metal patient “ who had not had the support of any family especially the one who vowed to be my partner.

The healing and closure I have sought won’t include anyone from my past or family . As this past year evolved I had “ friends “ and associates who were not authentic and it was a heartbreaking realization to be betrayed so harshly given that they were aware of my past and desire to rise above .

This is especially difficult with regards to children , aware that they have crossed over long ago to shadow and continue to spin in that energy

However if someone continues to hurt or harm , knowing they can and enjoying it , I must allow the enemy their space just not in my space . I’ve been too long preparing and had too many losses to ignore those who feel I belong in lack and negativity

I can’t or won’t walk it back for anyone , of that I am sure .

Someone commented about our “dark night of the soul” in sympathy to my symptoms of exhaustion. I put a check mark and then signed off. Thinking thinking thinking….Am I in a dark night of the soul? I’ve been through a few so I didn’t think so. But maybe this is a dark night. Maybe I was wrong to think this is ascension symptoms and that I’m not being punished but instead this is just part of the lessons to be learned as I ascend. And I thought, “there ought to be a book – Ascension for Dummies” because this is bigger than what my brain can handle. But inside me stirred that feeling of KNOWING. And when that happens I know a fierceness of knowledge is about to pour out of me and onto the page. I’ve seen it happen numerous times in my books across my sixty plus years on this planet. This time would be no different. But as I’m too tired to write ASCENSION FOR DUMMIES, I am not too tired to type this on my phone as I lay in bed shaking with exhaustion from the months of symptoms of ascension. I am not being punished but pushed. I am the bearer of LIGHT. And therefore my journey is heavy and not for the faint of heart. It’s a path that we all signed up for and that is why we are being pounded with the lessons that others cannot bear. We have been strengthened to withstand the lashings of lessons, the whippings from ancestral pasts, the beatings from millennia sweats out of us with our palpitating hearts and sweaty awakenings. Our sleep full of vivid dreams that at one time were really and that we did experience! They feel real because they were real. We care purging out lifetimes of injustice and injuries, no appetite for when we were starving, and fevers for when we were burning up with the inability to take action. Our bodies are REMEMBERING what we are letting go; misery, suffering, starvation, and so much more! Our chakras are being balanced with every breath we take when we are too tired to speak. We are leaving behind lifetimes of illness in order to live again. As we hold more and more light we become the light body of the star seeds of the Universe. The great champions of love who want to help us live our most glorious life! But the 3D experience leaves little room for feeling inspired let alone motivated to do anything but survive. We are too sick and exhausted to DO anything but lie here in bed and bemoan being alive on earth! And I don’t blame you; for this role of ascended being is not for Everyone but a few. YOU. And YOU. And yes, even YOU. You are the chosen one. You are the special one. You are blessed to ascend with the greatest masters of all time across millennia! So when you’re too exhausted to brush your teeth or do more than complain about your dark night, remember this; EYES WIDE OPEN MY BELOVED, YOU ARE THE FUTURE, you hold the entire UNIVERSE in the palm of your hand. THAT is how important you are to this work of lighting the earth. That is why your mission is so fraught with obstacles and challenges. Because it is so important and so are YOU. And YOU can do hard things! For this is not a “dark night if the soul” but a reckoning of cataclysmic and universal blessings bestowed upon your ancestral head. Bear the blessings as a badge of honor. You are loved beyond measure. We are so proud of you and it is a privilege to serve you for humanity’s sake rests upon your shoulders. April Beam 💜 Aspire Nation 💜

Best Homemade Electrolyte Drink

I am very easily dehydrated and am there now , as weak as I’ve ever been. Flash backs to the psychiatric drugged years when in family , no one noticed or cared , falling in alignment with partner-abuser . I went in and out of believing I wasn’t worthy of love or compassion but thankfully Divine Intervention kept me alive .

Harsh reality has been the continual decline to worthy of our children’s love , consideration or affection which was pronounced last year with a business partnership that nearly wiped me out coming down November 23 rd and continuing through out 2022 .

I had many peaceful Christmas in my own space but being in a motel since May 1 ,2022 has been stepping backwards and acknowledging that the interference has a very strong recoil for those who instigated and ignored their responsibilities.

More on this later as well as how to do organic ” blood transfusions ”

Trauma & Betrayal

Because of their lack of empathy, a narcissist cannot really love you.

When they first meet you, they can and do become infatuated. But it’s not with you as a person. It’s the unrealistic fantasy they form that you see them as flawless. This is why the love-bombing period is so intense (in most cases).

However, they simply cannot maintain this charade forever. Love bombing is initially fun for the narcissist, but it eventually becomes draining and an annoyance to them.

This is not only when you begin to see their true colors start to peek through, but also when they begin to see that you’re a regular human and not the Peter Pan story character they made up in their mind.

They recognize that you’re beginning to understand that something isn’t quite right and this is when you fall from grace and the devaluation begins.

When it’s all said and done, narcissists know of only one way to keep people entangled with them and it’s through trauma and betrayal.

Repeated trauma and betrayal carried out by the narcissist strengthens insecure attachments and abandonment wounds (often borne through the narcissist) guaranteeing you will feel jealous, needy, and worried all the time, perpetually seeking reassurance and validation from the narcissist – the very person who will never give you either of those things.

Stop trying to have a heart-to-heart with the narcissist in order to get them to understand your point of view or discuss the ever-elusive resolutions to your relationship problems.

Narcissists don’t want to solve problems because that’s how they keep you hooked.

They can’t comprehend that you have willingly given your love and forgiveness to them because you care for them. This explains why nothing you do is ever good enough.

To the narcissist, compatibility means that you have learned their love language and are engaging with it.

And the longer you stay with them, the more they believe this to be true.