Addictive states are common in those repressed in grieving 👁

The Walrus, the Carpenter- Dr Craig Childress

Many years ago, I fell down the rabbit hole to here and discovered all you parents and your children trapped.

I also found a large menagerie of curious creatures surrounding you in the Wonderland of the family courts, parenting coordinators, “reunification therapists” (there’s no such thing), custody evaluators, GALs, and experts-experts-experts everywhere you look.

You can’t turn around in the Wonderland of here without bumping into an “expert.”

You were trapped in Wonderland of crazy. I had to get you back out to the real world. The creatures of Wonderland, including your “experts”, don’t want you to leave… with your money, they covet your money.

They’ll seek to hold you trapped.

We’re leaving… we’ve left.

Not one more child. We are not losing one more child. We are not losing your child… specifically. We are OUT of Wonderland.

The Red Queen of forensic psychology and the hookah smoking caterpillars of your “experts” will try to keep you from leaving.


There is another path – a choice. Established knowledge and clinical psychology, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.

You want a written treatment plan – google mental health treatment plans and read the top two returns – you want one of those please.

Don’t follow the Walrus and Carpenter little parental clams, or they’ll eat you for their supper and throw your empty shells away.

Walrus & the Carpenter (Childress, 2019)

Craig Childress, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist, CA PSY 18857