Mom asking about her child’s suicide

Is it the fluoride in fluoxetine that causes the brain to “misfire”?
Has pharma removed all ‘negative for them’ articles from the internet?
Most people I know call antidepressants medicine. Is there anything medicinal within antidepressants?
Why do a lot of people say antidepressants help them? And they don’t want me telling people they’re dangerous because they don’t want people to think they’re basically sinning if they do take an antidepressant, or that they haven’t prayed enough to feel better. And that some people Need a pill to chemically balance themselves. Are millions of people chemically imbalanced and need correction?
A friends son had a brain injury and they put him on one to balance his chemicals. He seems ok but I can’t ask them about it. Is it working for someone like that?
Is marijuana a safe alternative to antidepressants?
A psychiatrist told me that my son’s pot, and occasional other over the counter drug use (he was a junior in high school and partied on the weekends) (I didn’t know a lot of what he was doing at the time) cancelled out the effect of the antidepressant he was taking. So, the antidepressant had no effect on his suicide.
Is this true?
Our son was missing doses and the doctor said just get him back on it and take it for six more weeks until the end of school then he can quit. No instructions to wean off, just to quit. But, he died 4 weeks later, by suicide. He had continued to miss doses, so at the end, he was off and on, missing a day here and there. I believe this is what caused his suicidal thoughts. He kept moving from room to room his last day and was upset over the fight he was having with his girlfriend. He hadn’t slept most of the night. I didn’t know until we read his phone after he died that he cried all night too. I know he was stuck on the girlfriend problem and he tried to play video games but he couldn’t focus. Our daughter was 6 at the time and later said he told her his heart was racing. People always say a person commits suicide because of the emotion problem but I call his a symptom of what the pill did to him and the relationship problem just triggered the suicide. Can what he was experiencing be considered akathesia?
Have ‘they’ improved antidepressants from years ago, like so many believe?
I don’t know why I care to know all this now. I guess I just can’t quit talking about it. I don’t know why I talk about it with people, half or more just get mad because they believe in them. I guess I just want the truth and to tell the truth. In my mind, I believe pharma, with even one lie,
are not benevolent, to say the least. I believe they are evil. I don’t know why I bother and take so much of my own time trying to put together evidence against the antidepressants. Maybe because we were going to take it to court but the lawyer friend we were talking to said it wasn’t his specialty or anyone he worked with. Later found out he owned a walk in clinic. Probably didn’t have anything to do with it but?? My husband didn’t want to sue anyway because we didn’t want to make money off our son’s death.. I guess I’m just mad and I guess I’ll never let it go but maybe I’ll run out of steam about it and drop it. I do want to write about it for my blog but haven’t said much yet..
I know no parent out of so many I can’t count, that cares about this, even though I know a lot of their kids were taking an antidepressant at the time of their suicide.
The whole time I was growing up through the ‘70s & ‘80s, I remember of one suicide. I just believe it was because the dispensing of antidepressants weren’t as prevalent as later years?.?.

Benefits of Lithium Orotate: According to Triple Board Certified Psychiatrist

Lithium was the 1st psych drug I was prescribed.

My medical history included allergic reactions to

most antibiotics and metals as an O- blood type.

This was ignored .

I had raging diarrhea..

My hair fell out .

My teeth and gums were affected as I had abcesses

and lost teeth and dental fillings …mercury .

Lithium , Mercury and in recent history Arsnic ,

as I have experienced extreme dental issues and loss

I have lost over 1/2 , my hair volume, gums

alternate between inflamed , while receeeding .

The Sojgrens Syndrome ( dry mouth) returned , as

did what AMA terms fibromyalgia.

In critical health , I was evicted in late July . My

banking was garnished for a month and I had no

money for medical treatment…alternative ..Ozone

was mentioned in treatment of COVID , and I used

my stimulus , my rent , my income to pay for 5

Ozone treatments , and I allow that my choice is

why I am here today , depleted certainly in all but

Spirit …

A comparison Thermagram was taken last week

which will spotlight my left breast /heart , my gut

and my hip. I remain positive , I have faith .

The dental pain I have is migrain level , which has been

so for 15 years , since a fall..that AMA and Dental

ignored , unless I became a pain drug addict .

I said no , after much ill advised , sickening abusive

ignorance or power tried to take me out .

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna 😘

Many Many More

Heath Ledger

Marilyn Monroe

Elvis Presely

And on and on

Just a few Hollywood victims:
•Aaron carter – says he was abused, turned to drugs
•Britney Spears – had a mental breakdown, had her rights stripped from her and put into a conservatorship contract. Not in control of anything in her life, isn’t even allowed to drive her own car, spend her own money, or make life decisions.
•Mary Kate & Ashley Olson – want nothing to do with Hollywood or the cast of Full House
•Amanda Bynes – mental breakdown
•Avicii – spoke out about human trafficking in his music video “for a better day” —“suicide”
•Justin Bieber – recently spoke out about pizzagate and sexual abuse, (has alleged rape allegations thrown against him after ; two weeks ago)
•Macaulay Culkin – says he was abused, turned to drugs
•Orlando Brown- says he was abused, blacklisted in Hollywood as “drug addict”
•Jim Carrey – watch his interviews, says a lot.
•Dave Chapelle – Pulled out of his comedy shows last minute, says “when you’re a person that generates money, people have an interest in control” — claimed a famous Hollywood star told him he “drinks babies blood”
•Kanye West – has mental breakdown, told a popular church “monitor what your kids are watching because they put symbolism in everything” claims they threw him in a hospital and drugged him for days; went from getting 2 pills to getting 7.
•Isaac Kappy – spoke out about Pizzagate and satanic Hollywood rituals, – “SUICIDE”
•Cory Feldman – just released documentary about sexual abuse and the dark side of Hollywood
•Lindsey Lohan – drug abuse, alcohol abuse.
•P diddy- wrote a book called “the adrenochrome witch” about satanic rituals in Hollywood.
•David Rodriguez- spoke on the satanic rituals in Hollywood, pizzagate, and human trafficking.
•Chester Bennington & Chris Cornell- planned to speak out of the awareness of pedophilia in Hollywood, both ruled as “suicide”
•Mel Gibson- talks about the Evil and dark side of Hollywood in interviews, is blacklisted from Hollywood
•Selena Gomez- in and out of rehab for her mental health.
•Demi Lovato- Mental health, Drug addiction
Let’s not forget post Malone recently had major drug and alcohol problems and said “the biggest lie is the government” and the “government is lying to you”

Do we see a problem here? Missing anyone?
And then, think about the powerful ones.. the ones that haven’t spoken out, or never had a breakdown. It’s because they sold their soul to get to that level of fame. It’s an absolutely terrifying reality. Be glad we live a normal life, and stop comparing yourself to celebrities, the most amazing ones aren’t what they seem..

  • SJ Zales

Bill Gates on Coronavirus: 5 Things World Leaders Must Do Right Away

How vested in less carbon foot prints ( human life , eliminated )

The investment offered, will be made back plus much profit ..

Not so great a humanitarian , Children born to him were not vaccinated .

Bill Gates called coronavirus a “once-in-a-century pathogen” in a piece for the New England Journal of Medicine — and gave world leaders advice on next steps.
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Which Industry Spends the Most on Lobbying?

No surprise here :

All major companies have lobbyists gunning for their interests in DC. Here is a breakdown of the top spenders on lobbying.
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Chemist on Coronavirus Hysteria: “Stop Being a B@#ch!” – The People’s Chemist


Chemist on Coronavirus Hysteria: “Stop Being a B@#ch!” – The People’s Chemist
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