Coronavirus Study links Radiation 5G


Federal scientists warned of coming opioid crisis in 2006 – POLITICO

Greed and addictive control are at the base of this .

The Surgeon General was on the verge of alerting the public about opioids 13 years ago. The effort quickly evaporated and there’s no real answer to why.
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Big pharma pours millions into medical schools — here’s how it can impact education – National |

The opioid crisis has highlighted the power of drug manufacturers when it comes to swaying physicians’ prescribing habits, but exposure to industry starts much earlier on.
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Drugmakers Funnel Millions To Lawmakers; A Few Dozen Get $100,000-Plus – Kaiser Health News

Psychiatrist can be compensated 150k

Drugmakers Funnel Millions To Lawmakers; A Few Dozen Get $100,000-Plus – Kaiser Health News
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Johnson & Johnson faces multibillion opioids lawsuit that could upend big pharma | US news | The Guardian

Excellent news

Oklahoma is holding the drug giant with the family-friendly image responsible for its addiction epidemic
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Dr Peter Gøtzsche exposes big pharma as organized crime – Prepare For Change

The “EVENT” is the moment of the “Compression Breakthrough” on earth. COBRA guides us to prepare for change, for the Event and disclosure.
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Pharmaceutical Giants Caught Supplying Cartels With Tons of Bulk Ingredients to Produce Meth

Surprise !

At least three pharmaceutical companies were caught selling tons of drugs to cartels for hundreds of millions of dollars.
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