Most doctors are steering clear of Virginia’s medical marijuana program – Virginia Mercury

Of course they are , the unknown , unaccepted , corrupted by

political investment , goes against the medical programming

that remains , as life’s total education . Change comes through

orders from the top, and Corp is totally vested in profit , not

the need or viability of this product of god in its natural

state and it’s healing attributes .

Take your Psychiatric RX , and go back to sleep reps .


Most doctors are steering clear of Virginia’s medical marijuana program – Virginia Mercury
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Social Worker Rapes Victim As “ Treatment “

Patients are abused sexually quite often

and it’s rarely acknowledged , or believed .

The Challenge of Going Off Psychiatric Drugs | The New Yorker

Far more to it than the induced addiction

the fall out #ErasesFamliesTargetsVictiums

Rachel Aviv on what happens when it’s time for patients to stop taking antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs.
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A-level student, 18, took fatal overdose after medics refused her mental health treatment | Daily Mail Online

I bad far too many of these experiences which

were horrific , but did not drive me to take my

Life , as I began to comprehend the medical ,

professional , legal professionals , therapist

were so dang undereducated , dismissive

narcissistic , trauma survivors , addicts etc

and I had no choice but to know better , and

do better ..Same folks fear the truth they have

dodged , I become the problem .



Popular Afrika Yearwood, 18, was told in April 2018 that she was not sick enough for support before her death at Leeds General on May 25, 2018 following a suicide attempt four days earlier.
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Releasing Old Contracts , Expansion..New Beginnings

Time lines are collapsing in order to surrender to

new beginnings from the inside out.

My vast amount of me time , once I to Truths

explained , I knew too the force that shadow had

in my life, secret societies ,and my awareness

reinforced with fear and horror as legal and

professions ignored my efforts to expose the

illegal , ill-moral, unprofessional , disconnected

religious support mirrored in each child , each

relative , and in my self .. and shame enveloped

me , as I began to understand it. Why I held so

much shame .

To acknowledge , I was no more , no less that a

surrogate , a maid , a concubine , a servant

in the soul of a family that has done so much

harm , as Christians , demanded acknowledgement

of 3 young souls who watched the deconstruct of

their Mom. Legalized addiction, drugged to

submission , that a human being of male

dominance’s , fearing he might loose money

or be exposed in his darkness of abuse , allowed

doing nothing save make his own plans of

stepping out of a contracted marriage for happiness.

That’s all I know..

His every intent , to avenge me for my failure

as a homemaker, servant , companion , whatever

he needed , in order for his property to be his

bearing out the Me NOT We..

Erasing me, allowing all is my fault , he was guilt

free and holding a lot of repressed and depressed

within , and there it remains . The Karmic he chose

to align with , holding the same energy met him

equally to participate in abusing me , and have

had at it , wide open legally and socially, enjoying

the experience of shame and abuse in our

culture of suicide . This has been his example

to our children and grandchildren ..

Trust does not exist between our sons and I.

This could show up in continued abuse through my

inheritance as one son referred to my partnership

that is his rulership . The experience of learning

of a near 300k liability against our shared property

and contracts I signed in induced compliance

allows my grave concerns about the facts , opposed

to his word as the time line crushes , exposing

what is , not what he says.

So yea , I failed , failed to acknowledge the truth

earlier , and involve myself socially , responsibly

exiting the matrix that made every effort to

destroy me, by removal of all I held dear .

I am very honoring and grateful for every

lesson, every shadow , every shame filled

projection , as I rejected the false for the truths

that are the air I breathe , the blood in my veins

the electric magnetic heart that is

multidimensional , which is unknown to

those who cannot see, cannot hear , cannot see


Endings are very painful , the separation heralded

as permanent, having no empathy , no desire

to move forwards as responsible compassionate

mindful folks , who take care of their mind

body and spirit . who live to reduce , avenge

overpower , Abuse , using children and soul

connections and connectedness as weapons ?

I stepped out of that long ago, and a review

only intensified as a 3rd generation is

indoctrinated to hold the judgement and

shame , Clarity is the priceless gift 🎁 I

present , in light and in love, no fear as

it is this clarity that’s so needed , I but

pray for the words that convey the urgency

for the messages with what we all must

transcend , from a fear based ideology and

life model to one of pure light and love.

That I have a deeply traumatic life story

has issued my living death , leaving

3 souls whose light was drained of me

as I was created to exhibit the dankest darkest

evil projected at me .. a mirror or hatred and fear

reduced to a state of helplessness , which fed

him , served him.

Deserving of redemption , as each resolution

has been been rejected , the clearing of financial,

demanding money to counteract , along with

tangible truths , to off set his clinging to his

falsehoods and mask , demand action , now

for as mentioned here , a lot of folks are not

packed ( mind body spirit) for this train .

and it shows .

Mourning has been ongoing for far too many

years for what has no light no life as I’m

affirmed by free wills who choose to

shame, reject and falsify , project blame

etc .. I surrendered to my highest good

my bags are packed .

I am worthy .

As are you 😘💯🎁🎉🎶🌈☮️❤️♥️💕

Listen as she explains in her way , nuancing

much of what I know in my heart and soul

words that were strange in my unknowing

as they might be with you ..

The message will come to you in the way you

require , if you but surrender to your highest good.

I am a seer , I am aware , I release that I may never

physically , or spiritually reconnect with sons .

I have been forced to accept this loss each and

every minute , beyond endurance , without

compassion, or support , but a Divine support

and love that has been they’re all along , guiding

me , and I’ll honor that Divinity as a humane

Being in knowing and doing better .

Joy in my heart ❤️, I celebrate ..thankful for

the truths that liberated me from the dark

that consumes far too many .

I had no other choice

Survival breakthrough to Thriving .

I am rich in heart , Thankful ! Amazed !

Lyrica, Pfizer, and how big pharma gets what it wants

In 2005 , upon a fibromyalgia diagnosis , I was prescribed

Lyrica for pain management .. I was warned by Dr or NP

that I would have 3 days of intense adjustment , which

my trusted pharmacist explained would take several weeks .

Suicidal ideology hit harder that warned. My weight had

dropped quickly due to psychiatric RX with no concern

from shrink ..side effects didn’t seem to phase him.

As my gut began to swell up , and I researched deeply

I made the choice to quit totally ..I did and have no regrets.

I saved my own life . I’ll never apologize for that .

” “The drug has been linked to more than 250 drug overdose deaths and six ##suicides. More than 85,000 Australians are abusing #pregabalin, according to one study. Concerned doctors are scrambling to deal with the fallout.” #Lyrica #pfizer #bigpharma” Hormones Matter

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In 2011, no one had heard of Pfizer’s pain pill Lyrica. Eight years later, it is one of Australia’s most prescribed drugs. Here’s how that happened.
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