1 in 7 Dr use RX or alcohol to cope with stress

Our medical system was very lowly rated before COVID and has been highlighted in not being prepared for such events .

I’ve known these Drs and lawyers with real life issues and a very distorted view of their self importance .

Mind Body & Spirit are best incorporated for success as more holistic approaches are accepted

The education and training in our medical field is very flawed and in need of change

Focus on the nutrition , sleep -wake ratio and end the allied partnership with chemical companies who produce RX and speculators who decide prices etc

Much improvement to be had for sure .,,


Post Lockdown Suicide Tsunami that never came

As we near the third anniversary of COVID-19, international suicide statistics reveal that the suicide epidemic that was widely predicted to ensue after the lockdown never happened.

Understanding how these predictions failed reveals the limitations of mental health modeling, challenges our assumptions about suicidality, and begs the question, “why wasn’t there a suicide epidemic?” A viewpoint article recently published in the Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry offers some answers.

The Australian authors, Nick Glozier, Richard Morris, and Stefanie Schurer, quote Nobel prize-winning economist Daniel Kahneman:

“People cannot be faulted for failing to predict the unpredictable, but they can be blamed for lack of predictive humility.”

The Post-Lockdown Suicide Tsunami That Never Came


Depression stats are still high , despite all the “ advanced treatments “

Between 1987 and 2007, the number of people receiving treatment for depression in the United States increased fourfold (and has continued to rise more gradually since). However, the prevalence of depression either stayed the same—or may have even increased—during that time. Researchers call this the “treatment-prevalence paradox” (TPP).

* Browse through a DSM for all the codes that allow billing to insurance and you’ll find every human emotion , every sickness , every disease and you can bet the pharmacy has an antidepressant for that particular issue .

No science. Read the facts of how efficiently testing is done or not.

Ready of the kin ship between FDA who usually rewards the best show , not the best product.

The horrific loss of life and families erased as mine was began in 1987 with the huge push to diagnosis bipolar which presented in varied ways .

Their eyes are wide shut about these side effects and society accepted , the law embraced the all knowing wizards of Pharma and suicide was normalized by many especially 80’s

Ignoring thus supporting abuse Knowing thus supporting the trauma .

For these reasons and more , having personally exited that matrix , I’m aware there are many like I was ; induced into a state of Ill health and toxic mind and endured 5 years of neglect , abandonment , having no interest in my life , before leaving for another 20 year period aligned with his twin .

Learning nothing , his shadow is depressive , and I’m eager to complete business and no contact ever .

Coming to and regaining , renewing my essence was hellish in many respects but invaluable to my healing process .

Blessings& Peace ❤️☮️

Dona Luna 🐸

Now, in a new study, researchers review the seven possible explanations for this—and the evidence for and against each one. The study was led by Johan Ormel at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, and published in Clinical Psychology Review.

Ormel and his co-authors explain:

“The increased availability of effective treatments should shorten depressive episodes, reduce relapses, and curtail recurrences. Combined, these treatment advances unequivocally should result in lower point-prevalence estimates of depression. Have these reductions occurred? The empirical answer clearly is NO.”

Despite More Treatments for Depression, Prevalence Doesn’t Decrease—Why?


S-word fear failed our youth

The “S” Word: How the Culture of Fear Has Failed Youth in Crises

By Genevieve D

I learned at a young age to correlate my suicidal thoughts and feelings with panic and punishment from adults. To this day, I have a deep distrust in mental health professionals.

I know people are scared. And I know I can’t fully understand because I am not a parent. But I have been the child. And I have had the parents called. And I have seen how much worse that made things. I have been taken to the hospital. I have had police show up at my door.

None of those things ever helped. They only ever made it so much worse.


2000 or so My distorted body on Psychiatric RX , blank eyes

A marriage , a grandson , were weaponized to block me after I failed to be able to help with childcare ; I was DOA .

It’s very sad to know and accept that our sons would prefer my death and that hasn’t changed in 20 years .

It’s easier

Xanax is a M Fer

I totally concur with this man’s conclusions on Xanax , which I was given off label for IBS . IBS and marital difficulties were Axis or code used in the DSM which has a code for everything so it can be billed with insurance .

Xanax was deadly ; I had no idea what it was , only that my IBS calmed now somewhat . I wasn’t able to sleep 😴 which had been intensified in marriage but was life long .

When I had the chemically induced nervous breakdown , by counting the RX ; I had taken 5 Xanax per day for about 12 days .

Our eldest son , 11 years old stayed home that day from school and subjected to my induced mental state and never discussed, healed or put this horrible experience to rest .

Prescribed Drugs , especially benzodiazepines are deadly in many ways especially families.

Relationships collapse as the busyness of our world encourages us to move on ….

This is too generational , ancestral and so much information exist that just as this video exposes the reality, the truth , so must the past injustices be healed and in accepting guidance from ancestors, assurance and support are not questioned .

I have great faith in concluding old business and surrendering to creation of New Earth and my home within it as my place in this world solidifies !

I am very Thankful to my teachers , each and every one and as I rest and reenergize , I quietly celebrate with knowledge that much lie ahead .

So I rest ; using only natural supplements and methods and accept I’m long out of the illusions of the matrix that is modern human generated medicine . I remember well my life’s journey in what I consider “toxic soup” and all that it cost me and our children as it fed the shadow of a partner who wished to exit the hero and keeper of all he had amassed , especially his sons , his money and his family reputation.

Xanax brought crushing reality as I did my 17 days in a psychiatric unit … our marriage was dying , I fought to be normal for our kids but I can assure you that nothing was normal after that which took me to the place of knowing the presence of evil and knowing the presence of angelic love …, shadow had a death grip on my life as I took the entire responsibility for a mental disorder and breakdown that was Xanax induced and of course having no one grasp the opportunity for healing change . Instead I cleaved towards what he wanted and regrettably our sons experienced many abused and forced responsibilities that were not fair . Of course projected that it was my choice and my responsibility.

I failed him , by not doing my job ….

And I could not in the end accept his distorted self war that has no end …

My last realtor was a major Xanax user and as he described her death ” yep she blew her brains out ” 3 years ago .

Sadly she ignored my warnings 🙏

I suggest that anyone who wishes to quit benzodiazepines that a long period of tapering off ( decreasing the dosage is best ) I personally tried 3 days cold Turkey and it was horrific . 05

Blessings & Peace 🙏☮️

Dona Luna 🎃


Are psychiatrists pill pushers ? Def yes

There’s a lot of kick back , years ago a head psychiatric Dr could net $150 k extra for writing prescriptions!

No conflict of interest

My 13 year long experience with one psychiatrist who was a founder of a local hospital’s psychiatric department had a wall in his office , full of pictures of his elaborate sail boat, and children by his 1st wife . He relocated to be closer to the lake and leave behind a lot of patients who were worse mentally for his “treatment ”

He also had Parkinson’s Disease .

He has retired


Nutrition & Psychiatry

Long time coming ; I was discouraged from any vitamin intake . I used natural thyroid and was prescribed Synthroid, a human made product that does not address all the Ts lost in low thyroid .

Many have lost bone mass etc with the use of prescribed psychiatric drugs that do much harm in my 13 years of personal experience and in council with many who are altered physically and mentally and spiritually by these toxic compounds .


Former psychiatric patient speaks up

I just need somewhere to vent my feelings about both psychiatry & allopathic medicine in general (some fields more than others but there are a LOT more lies than just the field of psychiatry).

Without getting into too many details (I’ve spoken about it elsewhere), the level of anger, rage, and betrayal that I feel towards psychiatrists and other medical professionals is quite unreal. I was so young, innocent, and naive when doctors decided to push their bullsh*t drugs on me, and at the time I did not realize such levels of hatred which I feel were even possible. I also didn’t realize such evil existed in our corrupted medical system, which many people blindly accept as being fantastic.

The entire field of psychiatry is inhumane, barbaric, dishonest, and abusive beyond belief. The amount of death, suffering, and pain that these humans have caused (working in tandem with dishonest drug companies) is on a level most people can’t comprehend because it far exceeds the deaths/injuries from many other causes.

One of the worst things about this injustice is that it is never recognized anywhere in the mainstream. All doctors (including psychiatrists) are praised as heroes in white coats, respected, even revered. Most see them in a God-like manner, where they can do no wrong. Thus, when you try to explain that a doctor harmed you / lied to you, nobody will believe you – it’s always the victim who gets blamed.

I know for a fact that my doctor lied to me about the effects and risks of the psych meds I was put on, because I clearly remember the conversation – and every single other patient has said the same exact thing. The American Psychiatric association has been systemically misinforming patients for decades, as an organized mafia selling drugs. Yet nobody believes me when I say that my psychiatrist told me these drugs were safe, non-addictive, didn’t harm the brain, and don’t have any long-lasting effects. Everyone blames ME for taking them, saying it was “my fault” for not knowing, and even gaslighting me for not being warned about the risks.

The amount of abuse and gaslighting I’ve received from psychiatrists and other doctors is downright disgusting. It’s as if they have taken NLP training courses to learn how to manipulate you, and narcissistic abuse / emotional abuser courses to learn how to gaslight you. They are masters at it. Every single one of them without fail has blamed me for the symptoms I developed, instead of their toxic drugs. They defend drugs, not patients. Their egos are larger than life, they cannot listen, admit they are wrong, or realize they have caused you harm. They act in a way that makes you question your own sense of reality, even though you know that they have lied to you and caused you harm.

I still have a hard time comprehending how these people can be such abusive human beings, masquerading as “helpers”. Many of them are likely just clueless idiots, but some of them are psychopaths who only care about money and enjoy being able to control and manipulate others via mind-altering chemicals and a position of authority which gives them a power trip.

I hate these people more than anything, and I feel that many of them deserve a life sentence for the way they’ve harmed so many of us. Unfortunately, the reality is that justice will never be served, but I can only hope that the scandal of modern-day psychiatry will one day be recognized for what it is: disgustingly evil.
Thanks for listening. F*** these lying psychos and I’m sorry for everyone harmed, abused, and gaslit by a psychiatrist/doctor.