Shrill talks about plus-size women and the morning-after pill when the medical community won’t [Video]

Fat women have sex. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. But the media’s portrayals of plus-size sex lives—or the decided lack thereof—might cause you to think a vow of celibacy comes with shopping in the plus-size section.
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White Men Have Committed More Mass Shootings than Any Other Group

Stats bear this out, as well as coming from

broken homes , and medications of psychotropic

origin.. feed em hatred , show em lots of ways

to seek revenge , supported by unconscious

criteria and bam , a mind controlled killer

results .

Professionals are lacking the infinite abilities

to diagnosis .. I am well aware of this with

13 years of recorded notes in my charts ..

It’s unbelievable what is passed off as professional

in mental health , is too often a deadly fail ..

The perpetrator of the Las Vegas shooting was a white male.
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Report: Texas foster kids left in psychiatric hospitals for weeks or months – News – Austin American-Statesman – Austin, TX

Hundreds of Texas foster children are languishing for weeks or months in psychiatric hospitals because they have nowhere else to go, hurting them psychologically, endangering them physically and costing the state millions of dollars.Nearly 600 foster kids in fiscal 2017 spent a total of almost 14,000 days in psychiatric hospitals after doctors said they were ready to leave, according to a new report by Disability Rights Texas, an advocacy group for people with disabilities.The consequences can
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Looks Like Boomers Didn’t Get Hepatitis C From Youthful Drug Use After All – Hep

AMA is way way off on this.

My 1 st vaccine had junk , deadly junk in it.

However the consumer has been duped , now demanded

to put poisons into their bodies.

A new study challenges the notion that high rates of hepatitis C among baby boomers are a result of their youthful experimentation.
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Hospitals blame moms when childbirth goes wrong. Secret data suggest it’s not that simple.

A USA TODAY analysis of billing data from 7 million births found about one in eight hospitals have complication rates of at least double the norm.
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FDA’s revolving door: Companies often hire agency staffers who managed their successful drug reviews | Science | AAAS

Wrong, Wrong,Wrong …

It’s past time to shut down this insider favoritism.

Job changes raise conflict of interest questions
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Amalgam Fillings Release Mercury Vapor Into Your Body 24/7 | Wake Up World

I have much still going on , after much done , which requires

specialist , and funding .

Mercury vapor from dental amalgam fillings is the primary source of mercury toxicity and contamination, releasing from 4 to 40 micrograms of mercury vapor a day
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