BREAKING: Baby Foreskins Secretly Sold to Vaccine Companies For Decades, Foreskin Cells Now Injected Back into Babies

BREAKING: Baby Foreskins Secretly Sold to Vaccine Companies For Decades, Foreskin Cells Now Injected Back into Babies
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US Government Admits Lyme Disease Is A Bioweapon – News Punch

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The US government has admitted that Lyme disease is a bioweapon that was designed by the military to use against enemy combatants during war. 
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The Devastating Process of Dying in America Without Insurance | The Nation

My varied experiences , lend to not engaging in

AMA , for my best health , certainly not for

my end of life transition .

Witness to too much with in my family , horrors

shared by others , it’s not my desire nor choice

but insanity to consider AMA in any way ..

Ability to afford is discrimination , period .


Blessings & Peace

Doña Luna

What do people do when they can’t afford end-of-life care?
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879% drug price hike is one of 3,400 in 2019 so far; rate of hikes increasing | Ars Technica

Vulgar !

Despite public and political pressure, pharma keeps on ratcheting up prices.
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My goodness, Karen Woodall is full of… nonsense. – Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based “Parental Alienation” (AB-PA)

Karen recently posted a blog about Fairy Tales and splitting that was kind of all over the place, but the central premise is that she’s some sort of expert on “splitting” and she’s sort of simultaneously discovering splitting and reporting on her discovery. There’s so much nonsense being put forth, I need to address it. …
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Study Links Statins to 300+ Adverse Health Effects

Never bought into this bs

Kelly Brogan MD shines light on suppressed data that shows how using statins to lower cholesterol increases your risk for 300+ adverse health effects.
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Panic Attacks and Anxiety Linked To Vitamin Deficiencies In Groundbreaking Study

The profit in there is a RX for this

while addicting for profit , ignoring the finite

physical reasons is sloth , in the practice of

AMA , Co joined with Chemical Company Dons

who shall become accountable for the great harm

done , much sooner than later .


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Anxiety is a regular a part of life for any average person. We may worry or have generally anxious feelings toward situations that arise in our everyday lives, such as an important presentation at work, new social interactions, or wondering if we can fit all of our errands into one afternoon. This i…
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