Federal scientists warned of coming opioid crisis in 2006 – POLITICO

Greed and addictive control are at the base of this .

The Surgeon General was on the verge of alerting the public about opioids 13 years ago. The effort quickly evaporated and there’s no real answer to why.
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State hospital employee accused of beating mentally ill patient

Human Rights Violations Abuses Ignorance Denial

is common in Mental Wards , where employee are

overworked, undereducated , working in poor

to degrading conditions , underpaid , and trauma

draining of life’s essences .. Certainly no healing

to be had .. Equal to jail , which my experience

as an induced mental patient , I endured mental

wards in 2 local hospitals , and an overnight in

jail, in a judgement, induced by a Domestic Abuser

exhibiting Narcissist Personality Disorder .

Council years ongoing allows me knowledge the

induced mental patient is prevalent in society

to a degree that does not allow its continuation

in our New Earth.. I do what I can to lend my

voice , that the horrific results of Psychology

Psychiatric,Chemical/Big Pharma and a Culture

Of Suicide have had an effect on human kind

that Spirit is transforming . I had no choice

but to survive what erased my voice , as a mental

patient I had no credibility , no rights , and

thus disadvantaged , I was unfit by my partner

who wishes my permanent silence , death

that he can hold secrets of abuses on many

levels , but on high , is demanding loyalty

to him only , separation of mother/child ..

Who I became , upon the evocative PTSD

of addictive RX and Abuses secreted from

childhood , flipping to all manner of fractured

parts , tainted and traumatized 3 I was entrusted

to vessel here .. it’s my job to give them as

much truth as possible , as I am well aware

is worthy of sharing , not as an example

perhaps , as a warning..

Much Better Days than not , I stand still for

preventative care, honoring individuals ,

being conscious …☮️🙏🏼😘


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

by sons

5 Investigates has learned that six staff members have been placed on leave while the Department of Mental Health investigates.
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Catholic Church Paid $213 Million To 4,445 Children Sexually Abused By Pedophile Priests In Australia

The multi abuses against all children is coming to an end

with more and more exposure …

Catholic Church Paid $213 Million To 4,445 Children Sexually Abused By Pedophile Priests In Australia
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Anonymous shut down thousands of Dark Web sites for hosting child porn

When anonymous got a hint about the child porn services on the Dark Web, there was bound to be some fireworks.
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Watchdog: 1 in 3 Foster Kids Given Psychiatric Drugs Without Treatment Plans

Has been increasing steadily as I have researched

for 15 years . It must end , this heralds a beginning .

Foster kids “are at risk of getting powerful medications that they do not need,” an assistant inspector general said.
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Over 8 Million U.S. Children Now On Psychiatric Drugs

A hell of a good reason to speak up..

Totally unacceptable 🔥

Paul A. Philips – The alarming numbers continue to grow.
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Narcissists Always Twist The Story To Make Themselves The Victim

Twisting the truth , believing their story , raging

if you dare suggest they are separated from fact

truth , or a character that they are superior, not

to be challenged on anything ever …

Those that have strong narcissistic tendencies have certain destructive social tendency.
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