Mental Health Exemptions Excluded by some states #Abortion

The already extremely poor mental health system is in shadow energy with Canada approving assisted suicide and denial of a victim such a poor mental health system is treated so cruel.

Change has to come soon

Predicting Psychosis for Employers

New App Aims to Predict Whether People with Psychosis Are Worth Hiring

By Peter Simons

The real question, though, is what the algorithm adds. The top predictors it used seem self-explanatory: Those who already had a job, who were younger, and who were higher-functioning were more likely to end up employed.

What is the purpose of such an algorithm? It doesn’t identify these risk factors—these factors are all the inputs to the algorithm, identified and then entered by the treatment team. The output is a score, a number that turns these risk factors into a likelihood of success. It tells clinicians simply this: what is the chance that this person is worth taking a risk on? Should we bother to help this person gain employment, set up a dating app, find housing?

“Unfortunately, the ethical considerations of incorporating these tools are rarely acknowledged in published prediction articles,” the researchers write.

Incremental Change – Mad in America

Decades of ignoring our mental wellness and allowing pharmaceutical and psychiatric treatments that are missing the mind , body and spirit in trauma and abuse ,must change .

Behavioral Health has a dark shadow association and it’s past time to end the labeling of people 💯

Perils of Polypharmacy

It was definitely a pyramid of prescribed ( toxic to me ) drugs . The list grew with visits to General Practitioner/ Nurse Practitioner as reactions to medications became disease.

It’s a matrix that cost me dearly and I’m very blessed to have escaped .

I would appreciate less challenges to be able to share my experiences as the warning ⚠️ rather than the example .

MIA Podcast Interview with David Healy – Polluting Our Internal Environments: The Perils of Polypharmacy

“I see young people in clinics these days often who are on eight psychotropic drugs. The psychiatrists buy an idea which comes from the pharmaceutical companies. It’s a delusional belief system.”

Dr. Healy is a psychiatrist, scientist and author. He is a former Secretary of the British Association for Psychopharmacology and has authored more than 220 peer-reviewed articles and 25 books, including The Antidepressant Era and The Creation of Psychopharmacology and Pharmageddon.

He is a founder and CEO of Data Based Medicine Limited, which operates through its website, dedicated to making medicines safer through online direct patient reporting of drug side effects.

In this interview, we discuss the recently held World Tapering Day, a possible relationship between antidepressant treatment and sensory neuropathy and the difficulties that can be encountered when trying to deprescribe.

Targeted Individuals-Varied means of Attacks AbuseAssault

Let’s not forget what Dr. Breggin wrote about lithium, decades ago:

“Today patients and the public frequently are told that lithium carbonate is a harmless metallic salt found ‘naturally’ in the body and that its function in manic-depressive disorder is similar to the function of insulin in diabetes.

None of this is true, except that it is a metallic salt found in nature. So is lead. Like lead, it is a toxic metal with no known function in the body. Like lead, it appears in traces in the body simply because it’s in the environment.”

Lithium Use leads to Chronic Kidney Disease

Lithium is a metal ; I’m allergic to metals yet Dr did not pick up on this though I listed RX I could not take .

It ravaged my body and when I complained the ” coated ” version of Lithium was prescribed .

I had prior kidney issues . I had been diagnosed with IBS which I now treat as ” leaky gut ” .

Lithium can generate brain cell growth as I discussed with my last Psychiatrist . She thought I was brilliant and told me I should become a Dr !

We tried 3 mg of Lithium and signs of toxicity quickly followed through out my body and I quit it .

I recalled the blood test and lethargic results of Lithium prescribed by an accredited, founding father of a psychiatrist who by luck did not kill me .

13 years of my medical records bear out an ineptitude that is mind blowing .

He has retired . He has a debilitating disease he has lived and worked with for decades .

Lithium is commonly prescribed to people diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The drug is often continued indefinitely as a “maintenance” treatment because it is theorized to have a preventive effect as a “mood stabilizer.” However, it requires constant monitoring because lithium toxicity can damage several body systems and even lead to death.

Now, a new study has demonstrated that lithium use causes chronic kidney disease at an increased rate, particularly in those who used the drug long-term.

“Patients treated with lithium are at increased risk of chronic kidney disease after long-term exposure,” the researchers write.

The researchers note that more than half of those who begin taking lithium discontinue the drug because of its adverse effects. Lithium levels must be measured every three to six months because the drug can accumulate in the brain and cause permanent brain damage (“neural toxicity”). In addition, thyroid damage is common, with those taking lithium about six times more likely to have hypothyroidism than the general population. Another concern of note is the risk of severe kidney damage. About 20% of those taking lithium experience nephrogenic diabetes insipidus, and, in some cases, the kidney damage may be irreversible.

The current study was published in the top-tier psychiatric journal Lancet Psychiatry, and the research was led by Filip Fransson at Umeå University, Sweden.

Lithium Use Leads to Chronic Kidney Disease