Leaky Gut

I believe after decades of gut issues , I can trace the beginnings to the Twilight Sleep given Mom for my birth .

Twilight Sleep was a combination of drugs which totally wiped out pain , babies were pulled out with forceps and Mom had no memory of giving birth . The normal , natural bonding experience was not enjoyed by either of us .

I rejected her milk , latching was a problem . I had to have my under tongue clipped .

My parents took me home and I dehydrated so much I was returned to the hospital near death . 5 days after birth !

I was given a formula based on banana and revived I rallied .

My gut has always given me trouble and 2 years ago after an experience of many toxins including arsenic I was diagnosed with leaky gut .

Currently I am challenged in stability in my living situations and find much difficulty in treating my gut . And finances are stretched ; otherwise I’d be getting Ozone treatments !

If this aides one person , in education , I am gratified !

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna


Stomach / Heart /Vagus Nerve

Experiencing distress , pancreas , gut , and pain resulting with

inflammation. It’s common with energy workers , and forces one

to stop and take care of business .

Later today , I will have my Ozone treatment .. A Meyers Cocktail

which flushes my cells with basic minerals and energizes me


I do have the hernia , which has never come up before , and

it’s occurred to me that the IBS I was diagnosed with , prescribed

Xanax for , beginning the wakening .. for which I was held

total responsibility for …till now .

I get stable , and begin again, wiser and pushing through

weakness , pain , discomfort as much as possible .

Learning to seek the authentic truth , adjusting diet etc

as a Beloved has been dealing with this ever long , we

teach , heal and support each other ..

Blessings & Peace

Doña Luna