DO you Love Me 💘

“Do you love me?” ” asked Alice.
“No, I don’t love you!” ” responded the White Rabbit.
Alice frown and shook her hands as she would whenever she felt hurt.
See ? the White Rabbit replied to her
Now you’re going to start wondering what makes you so imperfect and what did you do wrong so I can’t love you even a little.
You know, that’s why I can’t love you.
You won’t always be loved Alice, there will be days when others will be tired and bored of life, head in the clouds, and hurt you.
Because that’s how people are, they somehow end up hurting each other’s feelings, either through indifference, misunderstanding, or conflict with themselves.
If you do not love yourself, at least a little, if you do not create an armor of self-love and happiness around your heart, the weak nerves caused by others will become lethal and destroy you.

***The first time I saw you I made a pact with myself: “I will avoid loving you until you learn to love yourself. ” 💜

  • Lewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland

Love yourself…….Get into your Power

Heart of the Matter

They couldn’t go to the pool, so the people met and swam in the ocean and lakes, and built saunas together.

They couldn’t go to restaurants so the people had dinner parties and potlucks.

They couldn’t go to clubs so the people had epic dance parties.

They couldn’t go to the gym so the people ran up mountains, lifted rocks, chopped firewood, trained in each others’ garages.

They couldn’t go to grocery stores so they gathered Wild Herbs and farmed.

They couldn’t go to sports events so they created their own.

They were told they couldn’t travel but found ways.

They lost their jobs so they created and found new ones that were more aligned with their values.

They lost friends and family but found newer, greater true connections-and built community.

Everything that’s happening is totally insane, and inhumane.

But they never felt oppressed.

In fact, freer than ever.

What we build now is the future.

I wouldn’t miss this era for anything.

The Sovereign awaken.
-author unknown

Heart Disease & Psychotropic RX

Today, News Medical published this article about how psychotropic drugs are being prescribed by doctors for heart conditions. “Antidepressants and other psychiatric medications are associated with an almost doubled risk of premature death in patients with heart conditions.”

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Heart Palps & the Vagus Nerve

This really answered some questions I have had . I had heart

palps in panic attacks , ( which I understand more that I did at the

time ) . They were also induced , increased in strength by

prescription medication .

Tune into this guy , he has some info I find valuable, if you choose .

I won’t blow up my blog with his You tubes ..etc He’s very socially

media connected .

Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Stomach / Heart /Vagus Nerve

Experiencing distress , pancreas , gut , and pain resulting with

inflammation. It’s common with energy workers , and forces one

to stop and take care of business .

Later today , I will have my Ozone treatment .. A Meyers Cocktail

which flushes my cells with basic minerals and energizes me


I do have the hernia , which has never come up before , and

it’s occurred to me that the IBS I was diagnosed with , prescribed

Xanax for , beginning the wakening .. for which I was held

total responsibility for …till now .

I get stable , and begin again, wiser and pushing through

weakness , pain , discomfort as much as possible .

Learning to seek the authentic truth , adjusting diet etc

as a Beloved has been dealing with this ever long , we

teach , heal and support each other ..

Blessings & Peace

Doña Luna