Dental issues connected to COVID

I have talked about how THE virus can cause dental issues by ‘hiding’ in viral reservoirs in the oral cavity. A preprint prepared by scientists specializing in dental health from the University of Plymouth, UK explained the molecular mechanism used to damage your periodontal health [1].

Simply stated, THE virus can turn off mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation to cause energy deficiency in cells, leading to fibrotic degeneration in periodontal ligaments. When that happens, you end up with loose teeth.

I know many individuals who had to replace their loosened teeth after C19 infections. Few of them connected the dots, and most of them don’t take enough melatonin.

What is the connection here?

Melatonin enhances fatty-acid oxidation in mitochondria [2].

Got MEL?

[1] Gao, Y.; Kok, W. L.; Sharma, V.; Illsley, C. S.; Hanks, S.; Tredwin, C.; Hu, B. SARS-CoV-2 Causes Periodontal Fibrosis by Deregulating Mitochondrial β-Oxidation. bioRxiv, 2022, 2022.12.15.520561.

[2] Sarkar, S.; Chattopadhyay, A.; Bandyopadhyay, D. Melatonin as a Prospective Metabolic Regulator in Pathologically Altered Cardiac Energy Homeostasis. Melatonin Research 2021, 4 (2), 316–335.

Bite Guard Crisis- Resolved

About 10 days ago , my bite guard broke . I know I was grinding horribly and I certainly don’t have $1000 plus to replace it .

It broke off on a side where I had a root canal pulled .

Praying this glue ,which is a very nice set holds it together .

With what was allowed by brothers , of my inheritance I drove to Williamsburg , Va in 2012. ( quite a feat ) and had all root canals pulled . Dental expert suctioned abscesses which had formed within the root canal, which I thought was weird ; they should have been examined in my opinion .

Root canals done in the late 70’s early 80’s with porcelain caps were poisonous and they showed it . We did not get the canals cleaned out , totally and I know that mercury was used and it’s a neurotoxin letting off toxic gas with each bite .

What other body part is deadened and left in the body?

90% of folks with root canals develop cancer 👀 / Marie Grey Flowers and DAMS provides valid dental info .

These packed canals can degrade , destroy the jaw bone .

Ex traded his work for dental work .

I was pregnant with middle son and wore protective vest but he had signs of mercury overload with regard to his speech but was resolved with therapy .