Revolution- Do over – Evolution / War on 5G

Our past , was to be aided by the French .

The French government has a program or two worthy of study .

Included is the support of the woman as she becomes a Mom to work outside the home and to be supplemented by the government.

It’s is well established how much a Mom can make all the difference in nurture and day care is costly as well as detached .

And so a rebellion is occurring , not just in France , but world wide to thwart the deadly side effects of 5G .

Narcissist Try To Make You Invisible ; Dead While Alive

When you reevaluate the pattern of narcissists in your life, you may have noticed a distinct feeling of invisibility as you were shoved to the side as a background character in your own life time and time again. Think of it this way: attention-seeking narcissists or otherwise toxic people work very hard to maintain the spotlight. In order to do so, they have to cast what feels akin to an invisibility spell over those they know will be “too visible” seen and noticed by others. They know your traits and assets make you someone who is a “main character” – someone who authentically brings attention to them without even trying because of their empathy, natural charisma and intelligence. If you have this pattern in your life, it’s time to recognize the ways in which you have been “hidden” from others by the narcissists in your life so people couldn’t see you accurately. Whether it was through smear campaigns or simply hogging the stage, realize that you do deserve to be visible and to be the main character of your life story without others downplaying who you are. Not in a narcissistic way but in a healthy self-loving way. You too deserve attention, acknowledgment and care. 💖🤗 #narcissisticabuse #toxicpeople #toxicrelationships #shahidaarabi #emotionalabuse #selfcare #healing

Awoke Masculine vs Parasitic Attachment

The awoken masculine energy is one of the most beautiful things on this or any other planet.

But first. Before it realizes its truth.

It will betray. Hurt. Play. And discard the feminine as if nothing.

In the distorted clouds of what it knows

it will run from the power of the love it had never previously felt or known

And after it pushes away and discards the feminine, between numbing, crying and distracting — everything will slowly dawn.

Regardless of how hard it tries to hide from the love it feels unworthy of.

It will realize

Jigsaw piece by jigsaw piece —

— That the feminine is the only one that that ever truly cared. Truly loved. Truly seen. The masculine.

And the regret will hit like a train full of lead hitting a mountain the size of a planet.

The truth of who the feminine is will show itself though the divine

Numbers and symbols and dreams.

In realization after realization

Sign after sign

Who the feminine has always been

Intentions of pure love

Not just in this life.

In every life

– a kaleidoscope of infinity –

Different faces. Same people.

Feeling lost and helpless, the masculine will delve deeper into the depths of isolation – ripping open the passageways and sealed shut areas of the heart – discovering and realising what has always mattered most.

What had always been there.

A love beyond time and space

Lost in a self sabotaged darkness it chose over the feminine. It will regret. Scream. Cry. As it realizes its own stubbornness and ego destroyed the most beautiful thing it had ever known.

Something pure. Something it lost hope in existing.

And eventually.

It will seek. Tired of its cycles and patterns. Tired of its hiding from its truth.

It will remember the guidance of the feminine.

It will treasure. Every. Word.

It’s reverence – the apology it cannot yet express.

Where it once felt prideful and dismissive and confused.

It will acknowledge the blindness to the wisdom the feminine gave so selflessly

And in a wave of truth —- it won’t take for granted anymore.

What it initially feared within the depths of forever love

It will rise to.

Step by step.

Finding it’s worth

sitting with its traumas and belief systems that caused it to treat people with such coldness and cause so much pain

It will realise that forgiveness starts with self

With doing better

With understanding followed by action

And from within that newfound worth an incorruptible strength will bloom

The masculine will understand where it went wrong. How it was dominated by ego and pride, lust and appearances.

It will realize how all its priorities were in all of the wrong places.

How it was always trying to please everyone except who truly mattered.

In its quest for the truth — strength will keep rising— becoming innate and from the heart

Shedded layer by shedded layer — conviction will unlock as it chops away that which never never mattered or served, the superficial , the parisites and leeches it once listened to — taking back it’s power from a life that now seems alien—

—- It will begin to know no bounds.

It will fight for what it knows to be it’s true north – through any obstacle, any toxicity, any impurity that it was once a slave to.

It will break free of generational cycles slicing away anything that is in the way of the chance for forgiveness and unity with the feminine with it’s gleaming and pure sword of truth

doing what it must to return home

It will understand it’s birthright

A warrior.

Not a slave.

It will shed. It will change. In the name of what it has recognized to be home.

It will see no greater treasure than what it once pushed away and overlooked.

Not the status it once clung to. Or the opinions of others it chose over the feminine

And when it does step up. Owning its truth.

Reaching out. Despite it’s greatest fear of Rejection.

It won’t be the same person.

It will honor and protect the guidance and expansion of its feminine

It will be faithful.


And support the brilliance of the feminine by being the person the masculine always was to begin with.

A beautiful expression of the divine.

A warrior of love.

– by Matthew Cullen

Chemical Heroine of 1916

Her name was Charlotte “Lottie” Meade, married, mother of 4, and a munitions worker in a British factory during World War 1.

On October 11, 1916, Lottie Meade died at the age of 27 in the Kensington Infirmary after a difficult illness.

Her autopsy concluded that Meade’s cause of death was “coma due to disease of the liver, heart and kidneys consequent upon poisoning by tri nitro toluene [TNT].” This was directly attributable to her work in the munitions factory.

On June 21, 2016, the British Royal Mail honored Meade by placing her on a first class stamp in their World War 1 commemorative series.

During the Great War, countless women went to work in munitions factories on both sides of the conflict, and many were poisoned slowly by the chemicals with which they worked, or killed quickly by accidents and explosions. Many who survived were unable to have children.

In Britain, female munitions workers often were called Canaries, because their skin turned yellow from constant exposure to the deadly chemicals they poured into shells destined for the front.

,*But it was through the power they gained through their indispensable work and the experience they earned through collective action that women suddenly were in a position to push their governments for one of the key freedoms denied them, and in the years immediately following the war’s end, one by one, almost all of the warring nations finally granted them the right to vote.