Narcissist Never Get Over You…

Seeing through the rage early on, seeing the 3 year old wounded child

that happened to be male , but imbalanced for whatever reason .

The trauma affected the softer , feminine child, molding him towards

an exterior that denied the softness.. Drama was not perceived in the dead

pan delivery in mask , usually attributed to someone else . I became his fix

his target , which he modeled for our 3 sons . He’s still in that mode ,

sadly , regrettably denying any responsibility , contracts that supersede

any written or dictated by human .


Blessings & Peace

Doña Luna

Gateway To Health | Healing Secrets of the Oral Biome

I’m not trying to post this to sale anything .

I found out , all my dental work was incorrect

and toxic .. I have had many examples of bad

denistry , and I have lacked the money to see

biological dentist , and my health has been

compromised .. Weakened physically for many

reasons , outside myself , dental issues have increased

and bridges done 40 years ago are required replacement

and root canals are harboring abscesses . When I read

the statement , of a dead tooth , root canals is left in the body

and what other dead organ is left in our body . Toxic Teeth .

And yes , dental and heart health go hand in hand .

Yes , my health care and finances have been altered by former

partner ( who never was) and yes, his preference is my death .

So I do all I can, and can do more ..

Migraine pain , shows up on an MRI..I am not addicted

to pain RX , though my neck is normally tight , from the

dental issues , since 2005 .

I am gratified to know the conclusion of the cycle that has

tested me , in dental health, as teeth are now being regrown

and we become aware that the unnatural does not make

bodies healthier in the long run.

Toxic dental material and practices affects us all . Mercury

and plastics have not place in our teeth , behaving as neurotoxins

with each bite ..☠️🦷


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna 🐸


Gateway To Health | Healing Secrets of the Oral Biome
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Bill Gates on Coronavirus: 5 Things World Leaders Must Do Right Away

How vested in less carbon foot prints ( human life , eliminated )

The investment offered, will be made back plus much profit ..

Not so great a humanitarian , Children born to him were not vaccinated .

Bill Gates called coronavirus a “once-in-a-century pathogen” in a piece for the New England Journal of Medicine — and gave world leaders advice on next steps.
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Trump’s separation of families constitutes torture, doctors find | US news | The Guardian

I can testify to this , and am doing my best to get these facts out there .


Evaluations of 26 people by Physicians for Human Rights provides first in-depth look at policy’s psychological impact
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Which Industry Spends the Most on Lobbying?

No surprise here :

All major companies have lobbyists gunning for their interests in DC. Here is a breakdown of the top spenders on lobbying.
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Fluoride And IQ? What Is The Link, What This Study Says

Fluoride is neurotoxin , was used experiments long ago to create lower IQs

A study just published in JAMA Pediatrics found an association between mothers drinking fluoridated water during pregnancy and the child’s subsequent IQ scores.
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Over a third of domestic abuse victims trying to flee their partner plagued with financial abuse | The Independent

Way under , way under .. each woman I work with says the same thing .

Lies , cheats, steals …


One in three domestic abuse victims trying to flee their partner have been plagued with financial abuse that leaves them unable to escape danger, figures show.
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