Huge religious cult , ignored by mainstream

Watching this was difficult , it’s over 5 hours long …but profoundly correlated with Child Psychological Abuse ..

Discussing hanging deaths, I thought of Robin Williams who I don’t believe committed suicide , but did die by hanging ..

It was very sad , steeped in dank dark shadow that touched my life profoundly .

Thankful the light in my life prevailed.

No Difference in Antidepressant Effectiveness After Genetic Testing

Genetic testing may help reduce the length of time people experience the harmful effects of antidepressant drugs, but it is not helpful for predicting efficacy.
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Carl Jung – Connected to Masonic Religion

Ever to Conceal; Never to Reveal

Secret Society ; Superior Religion that judges everyone else is…vulgar

And are pledged upon a very cruel death , to the secret , not to marry a non member .

Pledging their children and grandchildren…

I’m listening watching an expose’ and realize the ” cult” “inherent “, in too many institutions that are being exposed and of no power against the truths and the light.

Psychiatry is by it’s example of this ” religion”.

Sinéad O’Connor Documentary ‘Nothing Compares’ Reexamines Her Complicated Story | HuffPost Entertainment

Director Kathryn Ferguson re-centers the singer-songwriter as the icon she rightly is. But that comes with limitations.
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The Best & The Worst – Narcissist Teacher- Lessons – Growth

The effort to control , the silent aggression, the covert , full fact frontal abuse …modeled to 3 sons as ” normal ” …

The Narcissist Teacher – Thank you- Goodbye

Thankful for the lesson, the growth , and the conclusion of these harsh lessons … no more blocks towards my ” normal ” which is of peace and harmony even if it’s a party of one… I’m never alone or unloved or neglected in this exquisite , beautiful world that’s being being rebirthed, recreated in love 😻.

Conditioning & Traumatizing – Legacy for kids

Many women relate to being single married single parents , as I realized I was responsible for everything but a paycheck ..when I reacted to the psychiatric RX , the traumas of my life , our family was affected … however I became responsible for everything from a to z and after 20 years of trying to resurrect a family from those ashes to normalcy , ease and acceptance/ forgiveness is not my sole purpose in life .

I had no idea just how many families are adversely effected by psychiatry, toxic/addictive RX, a legal system that has aligned with the dictates of the psychiatric/ chemical companies for profit over families .

We cannot ignore the side effects of deep and profound trauma that is diagnosed as mental illness of varied labels and the consequences for the individual who does not know, accept or allow that transformation that re creation , reparenting , and surrender give us .

So having witnessed and experienced and researched , I know in my bones children deserve much better and it’s coming ..

( we are all seeds in gods hands )

How thyroid issues mimic mental illness

This indeed is a gift 🎁

I did have thyroid issues circa 1989

I was using raw thyroid which I bought from a health food store kept refrigerated .

The DSM at that time stated clearly that a patient with thyroid issues , should NOT be on psychotropic RX .

Psychiatric, ordered me to stop my raw thyroid , prescribed Synthroid, a synthetic , which does not address all the Ts required for a healthy thyroid . He ignored my kidney function, which had been battered with many UTIs etc

I’m allergic to metals , and many antibiotics, yet my 1st drug was Lithium , a metal , which destroyed my gut and weakened my kidneys , requiring blood work , frequently .

It’s as though he wanted me dead, or was horrifically incompetent.

I have read, and heard of others being drugged like this as well.

Bill Gates toxic chemical coating of food coming soon- Apeel

WARNING!!!! Apeel has already secured the following partnerships:
Nature’s Pride (large importer of Europe’s avocados)
Sage Fruit Co. (Washington State organic apple producer)
Del Monte (avocados)
Eco Farms (avocados)
Del Rey (avocados)
Horton Fruit Company (avocados)
RV Aguacates (avocados)
Alpine Fresh (asparagus)
Beta (asparagus)
Farm Direct Supply (asparagus)
La Venta (asparagus)
SiCar Farms (limes)
Many other fruits and vegetables including tomatoes, leafy greens, cucumbers, raspberries, as well as citrus can use the Edipeel coating, with undoubtedly more produce being added in the future. Apeel’s website even offers a store locator to find where their products are carried near you.

Apeel is (or will be) available at the following grocers:
Trader Joes
Whole Foods
Harps Foods
Price Right
Fairway Market
Bristol Farms and more
LOCAL: It is at Vestal Target on the Avocadoes!!!
From Moms Across America – As we have said many times before –

If we stop buying it, they will stop making it. See less It’s a poison

Chris van Tulleken—Ultra-Processed People: Why Do We All Eat Stuff That Isn’t Food and Why Can’t We Stop? – Mad In America

We are joined by Dr. Chris van Tulleken who talks about the science, economics, history, and production of ultra-processed food. We discuss some of the effects of UPF on our brains and bodies and how the food industry positions UPF to dominate our diets.
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