Senator states that nurses “probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day” in amending rest breaks bill | Washington State Nurses Association

Reality Check Required ASAP

I find this very scary, in professionals

who make law ..or have any contact

with citizens .


Blessings& Peace ,

Doña Luna

Senator states that nurses “probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day” in amending rest breaks bill | Washington State Nurses Association
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Narcissists Use Trauma Bonding and Intermittent Reinforcement To Get You Addicted To Them: Why Abuse Survivors Stay

In general not recognized by profession , who

ignore or close their eyes to what trauma bonds

are , as in my case since a Dr had labeled me

despite my honesty from the get go that I was

hit , and targeted by win at all cost , ” family”

in denial that they were not perfect .

Sacrificing their grandchildren and me , was

a piece of cake.. a horrid truth I discovered

adversely affects more folks in hollowed halls

of law and men.

It’s a very good thing to witness healing of

this pick of speed as many wake to the erasure

of families , and the profit by bottom-feeders

whose deserving of being spotlighted , as

poster child’s , abuses that no Hail Mary

Father Forgive Me excuses . Holding this

abuse as excusable, is foolhardy, a higher

power begs surrender , residence puts

abusers , front and center .

I am more that ready , Thy Will Be Done



Blessings & Peace,

Doña Luna

Trauma bonds are intense, unshakeable attachments which occur in abusive relationships, making it difficult for abuse survivors to leave. Here are signs you might be trauma bonded to a narcissistic abuser.
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For Abuse Survivors, Custody Remains a Means by Which Their Abusers Can Retain Control – Pacific Standard

This is a year old , and though my state does not has

not addressed this, and I can and will add supporters

and vision that addresses family in a consciousness

that is demanded for thriving, instead of serving .

Creating a safe foundation where each member is heard

seen , and knows they matter …it’s happening in greater

numbers that ever ..



Blessings & Peace,

Doña Luna

Despite growing evidence that abusers often use custody battles to retain control over their former spouses, Congress is still punting on basic protections for survivors.
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The Narcissist & Silence

A very effect weapon, utilized 90%

of the time .. I am allowed only to

know , what serves ..I allow this

as it says so much about the with


Silence is judgement , a critical

with holding ; a detachment that

has an effect on me , due to Mom

her Mom, and former had it down

to an art .

Mentoring , Demanding , the same

from our sons , their families else

they loose favor , wills will reflect

as well as actions or non actions

that convey how unworthy I am of

his time or attention unless it benefits

him. So sudden communication , such

as last year’s contract signing , was irregular

beginning with , I have unblocked you

as if his partner was the blame for his

blocking, non communication .

How sad .

Silence , is a void that’s no longer acceptable

no longer tolerable , and will fade away connections

who do not initiate , or balance communication

with out justification ..

It deters , balance, and trust , and I find it

telling of internal dialog .

I have been graced by hearing that a need to

not overload , as the inability to receive

which was a gift .

I realize how zoned out he was , deep in his

own ever present misery ..

Projecting, blaming , ghosting , the MeMeMe

that has no US , was non partnership

that’s certainly been exhibited , abused

and ignored .

Self talk , was transmuted , with surrender

to who , what , when and where .. took a

lot of loads off my back that were not mine .

That’s liberation ..

Transforming this is a pleasure


Blessing & Peace ,

Doña Luna

NPD, Father’s Abuse – Ignored -Supported #ErasingFamlies