Global Skywatch -Russ Tanner

Another “memory” suggestion from FB from 13 years ago. Another great suggestion by the algo. Does this look like “water vapor” to you? No, it does not. Whenever one of these would be released over my house when I lived in Jamestown, NY, it took about 30 minutes (+/- 10 minutes) for the horrible metallic taste to occur in the air. It was so strong and potent that I eventually had to move out of Jamestown.

The first time this began occurring on a daily basis (Nov 5, 2005) I had 3 employees. 2 of them could taste the pungent metallic taste in the air 30 minutes after the plume was released over us. It made me feel absolutely horrible giving me nausea, headache, joint and muscle pain, racing thoughts, fatigue, and much more. THIS is the reason I had to leave Jamestown in 2008, about 2 1/2 years after the spraying began there. I just could not take it anymore.

I share this information because so many are sick and tired today and don’t know why, but If they could only smell and/or taste the descending fallout from these plumes, they would discover what I have; that ALL of my symptoms (ALL of them) are caused by these plumes and the residual particulates that remain in the air between each one. Over time, the gaps between plumes (where clear air had previously been) became filled with a lower-intensity metallic taste that never went away. This continues today at a higher intensity.

I’ve seen so many people over the years who react with symptoms to these plumes even though they cannot smell or taste the fallout in the air. This is by design. Would those doing this want the public to be able to detect it? Of course not, but for those 2-5% of us who do, we must remain vocal because this is a historic, ongoing event that has caused immeasurable suffering and damage over the years and is being completely obfuscated by big media.

Sadly, this will not go away on it’s own. It’s up to the people to route out historic corruption or suffer the consequences of public servants who now consider themselves Gods over all life while pretending to be good, moral people (they are neither). No one is going to do this for us, and we are already paying a dear price for this neglect of responsibility.

Sadly, it’s going to get much worse because, unfortunately, this is what has happened repeatedly in history before people humble themselves and return to their fundamental responsibilities. It doesn’t have to be this way, but that is a decision each one of has to make:

(1) Be involved and be vocal, or
(2) Ignore all this and pretend everything is alright.


GAWD. Was this ever taught me and resulted in celibacy!

I met a young man who said the same thing .

I just wanted to clear that energy and I’m surely vested in ending the horrors that can and does traumatize and psychologically affect children .

Boy oh Boy- Proud to have been able to assist

These boys who am sure look different today or I would not share .

Neighbors in a complex that was 2 boys under 2 and then the twins arrived early .

This couple was up against it in every way possible and knew no one .

My council was agreeable to the owner – landlord until it wasn’t .

The eldest 2 were on the spectrum and I shared what I knew .

They left , no court for anyone else in these situations; just me .

Deputies were called many times to that unit where environmental toxins were hard to keep at bay and kids were adversely affected .

I asked for help on my local group on Facebook and an angelic couple did respond .

I sat with the gentle man with the boys while his wife took Mom to clear some legal issues.

When they returned I had the infant twins in my arms and each was sleeping !!!

How’d you do that ? I smiled and just glowed inside because I do know and don’t diagnose it .

There were many rumors about this couple but I didn’t witness illegal acts and my focus was on the boys .

I learned later that though my council of the Dad ,Mom had surrendered to her spiritual journey and that was super great news !!

Moving out of Virginia was the very best thing these parents could do for their sons and themselves .

The owner – landlord was knowing before this couple moved in and had a record as well… I feel I had a right to know but things went from very bad to worse as I became weaker and learned more that insured my eviction as COVID gave landlord the opportunity to retaliate.

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna

End of Soul Contracts

So many relationships, family ties and long-term connections are currently in chaos and emotional pain…The divide between those who embody Love and those who still live in fear is very real. We’re seeing some people we’ve known and tolerated for years on a completely different wavelength…

Literally. We no longer have anything in common and our differences are greater than the karmic bond that once held us together. This is all a natural misalignment of energy… The quantum realignment process. As energy attracts, and different energies repel…

As ever higher frequency energies continue to hit the planet, those of us who can absorb the light are no longer aligned with those who cannot. The change is taking place on a very physical level.

Those we no longer resonate with are literally vibrating out of our lives as we align with different levels within dimensions. While we may still be aware of their presence on the planet, the energies ensure that our paths no longer cross.

This is the physical shift that divides 3D and 5D that is being created in our individual reality.

You may have tried everything to maintain those relationships or maybe some kind of change has occurred and you instinctively know to walk away. Listen to your intuition and follow the messages you are receiving.

These relationships have already expired.

You have learned everything you need to learn from this situation and it is time to let go and move on. Send love and healing to those you are releasing.

As you come out of these soul contracts, you will raise your vibration and align with your Soul family.

🌹💜🌹-Christine Chris-

Hidden Knowledge-Inspired

This message was perfect and expressed my life long attempt to live in harmony with Gaia and those around me .

I have great faith in my self and try to hold that faith for our sons but allow that I can be the warning , if not thy r example of how women have been used as the catalyst to control men and children . To abuse the mother , trickles down to the kids .When secrets , lies and denial of truths that would allow healing and liberation as I have surrendered to time after time , year after year until 2021 made it clear just how “Dead ” I am and how beneath them I am , how stupid , how inept .

No Thank You !

I head their Dad’s words , his conditioning , his culling his sons to hate and reject their Mom . He could not liberate himself from his and I failed in not freeing him from their trauma bond .

I am so totally ready and eager as I have been for decades, learning all I could , creating and evolving as I noted for a decade or so how these episodes and challenges are intent to imped my efforts and or break me ; hoping I’ll commit suicide and since I’ve been told by a very frank in law , our son’s friends think their Mom , me is DEAD !!

And yes huge pieces of their Mom is dead and the desire to begin anew , to communicate to heal their trauma is rejected . Grandchildren are with held to show me their power if I don’t do as I’m told !

Nope ❤️‍🩹

I’m aware of Heaven on Earth and plan to see the results of the evolution that no longer exalts abuse and depravities that dishonor the family . Or target one member to insure a WIN 💯

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna