Internal Shifts Strong & Incoming Energy High

Not everybody is pleased nor happy ; so be mindful

‎Many of you in service to this planet wish for this to be your last lifetime on Earth. You might believe that leaving Earth means you have risen & achieved the ultimate spiritual goal. We wish to assure you at this moment that it is a deep honour you were chosen as a spiritual volunteer to be in such a harsh density, To be here now means you are already highly advanced & able to handle such a mission to come through this way. As you ascend higher & obtain a greater level of self-mastery & living on Earth, you may or may not choose to return here after human death. We remind you that no matter the challenges, Earth is an incredibly beautiful place that many souls would love to experience because it is also like no other in the Universe. You absolutely can transform here & experience Heaven on Earth as you master higher consciousness. As a highly evolved soul, you chose to come here even though you could have lived in other dimensions, because you love humanity so much as well as Mother Earth. You did not come to Earth because you are too low to live in higher finer dimensions. Your Higher Self decided to send an aspect of itself into this dimension to master Consciousness expressed as form & matter. You came here to offer your light & love. You came here to assist others in growth simultaneously to your own.

You currently are learning how to love your humanity as you love your divinity.

~ Abigail Wainwright

Denied Energy becomes Demonic for you

Any energy that you deny becomes a demon for you. It becomes your inner tormenter. And you don’t get rid of your demons. You embrace them. Not indulge them, but embrace them. And if you embrace them in a way I am talking about, they no longer feel like demons. They are just energies that are available to you. They are just part of this whole spectrum of what it is to be conscious and alive and present. And everything becomes joined together back again. A mature emotional life is when all the different parts of yourself emotionally are joined back together. Nothing is put outside, nothing is denied, nothing is hidden. Nothing is unacknowledged. All brought together so that it can all come together.

Raising Vibrations

As you are shifting, growing, moving forward on your destiny road, you’re sure to realise you’re not the same person you used to be.

The things you used to tolerate, mostly to not rock the boat, despite feeling like you’re being thrown overboard, have now become intolerable.

Where you once remained quiet for benefit of all and sundry, even to your own detriment, you now speak out your truth, when you think it necessary.

Where you once battled and argued against the wind till drop down drained, you now keep your inner peace and keep being whole in surrender to sacred inner Peace, guarding your heart and health.

You are beginning to understand and appreciate the power of your voice in speaking. And in silence you learn it’s no loss, for not always voicing an opinion, because some situations simply no longer deserve your time, energy and focus.

Keep the shifting going! ❤

A Friend ~

Message : Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael 💜❤️🌎💜❤️
Via Erena Velazquez💖

My Beloved Souls,

I am Archangel Michael, and I want to congratulate humankind on starting to connect the dots on founding the truth behind the deceptions and lies portrayed for a millennial.

The plans of implementing New World Order are failing everywhere globally. The Darkness is losing the grounds despite their efforts to create fear by raising the prices and creating shortages in the necessities. Their goal is to create confusion and distract everyone from the focus on staying in the Light.

Please, don’t believe the misinformation told by your media. The truth can’t stay hidden anymore. What you are seeing now, it’s the end of era of the elite, who mislead and deprived humanity from living prosperous and happy lives.

You are Light and carry God within you. Nobody can’t stop your evolution into 5D. Right now, only a small percentage of humanity is ready to move to New Age. This situation can change instantly, if the ones, who work behind scenes, are going to disclose finally the truth.

The time has arrived to introduce to general public, what has been occurring around the world. The ones, who are still asleep, need to be exposed to the real reality not illusion. The Cosmic Energies are very high on your planet, which are perfect conditions to help awake more people.

Only the truth can set everyone free. Please, release all of the negative emotions and open yourselves to receive Love and Light from the Cosmic Universal Consciousness. Now, you can manifest and create anything you desire, and just trust yourself that you are capable to be a creator.

Everyone on Mother Earth is a powerful being. The goal of the Darkness was to make you weak and doubtful about your origins. All souls came here from many different Stars, Universes and Galaxies to free this part of Milky Galaxy. Each day you are getting closer and closer to the day, when you are going to see the Golden Age.

Recent events in Ukraine exposed a lot of the truth, who really is the Light, and who is the Darkness. Follow the natural flow coming from the Cosmos. I, Archangel Michael, sending my Love and Courage to everyone. Remember you are not alone, billions routing for your planet. Thank you Universal Channel

You are almost there, be patient and loving to each other.
Archangel Michael

Channeled by Erena Velazquez

Every Cell holds info/energy

Every cell within our body holds information in the form of energy.
This energy contains the memories of all our life experiences, as well as ancestral memory and essence of our soul.
It is this energy that informs our current experience of life, shapes our beliefs, and subconsciously influences our thoughts and feelings.

Currently, the incoming energies are flooding through your physical body, cleansing and shifting the energetic structure and resonance of your physical from. With this shift, cellular memories are being activated, triggering unresolved trauma and unprocessed cellular memories, giving you the opportunity to transform them into wisdom and awareness.

With this transformation, new streams of consciousness can enter the body, updating the information contained with your cells and encouraging new ways of being and behaving that bring your internal and external environments back into balance. Be mindful of what your body needs at this time, as physical symptoms of this transformation may result with the body moving to detox the old.

© 2022 Kate Spreckley

Not the Fixer

‎You did not come here to fix or repair
a broken world. You came here
to create a new one through
Your Thoughts, Intentions, and Actions. You did not come here to battle dark forces and win a fight.
You came here to hold a higher frequency despite the chaos, density, and injustices happening around you.
Yes, you are a powerful being of love.
Yes, you are a lighthouse.
This realization can often make you feel like you must save the world and all of the people in it from the shadows, control, and manipulation that we see so clearly.
However, when we pause and step back and see the bigger picture we will begin to notice how this very mindset of fighting, correcting, fixing, and striving is rooted in 3D duality.
If we are to create a brand new Earth that is based on love, harmony, kindness, and compassion than we must hold this frequency within our very being first. How can we do this?
By being that what we wish to create. Embodying and holding it in our hearts. How can we have more love, more compassion, more Understanding, and more appreciation for all of the things we see happening in this world?
Begin to shift your viewpoint from hating the old systems, the government, the controllers, the “bad guys” and the people that are “out to get us.”
This is victim mentality.
We are not victims.
We are remembering who we are.
This remembering can sometimes stir up anger and feelings of righteousness. However, it is important that we do not hold this in our hearts for too long.
Just as you have been taught to forgive those who have hurt you so that you can begin to heal. We must also choose to forgive the actions of those who have hurt humanity and our Earth so that we can truly free ourselves from the suffering that we hold so deeply.
Ask yourself, how am I holding onto suffering?
Can I forgive and let go of any pain or charged emotion I feel and move into a space of complete unconditional love?
Can I let go of any feelings that are rooted in wanting to correct the injustices we are being faced with and choose a higher path?
Now is the time to look in mirror and ask yourself, what am I unconscious of?
Now is NOT the time to gear up for battle and strive to defeat and outsmart the enemy.
No, now is the time to rise above the battle and reclaim our power as creator beings so that we can birth a new world that holds a frequency that is not rooted in light vs dark, good vs bad, wrong vs right.
Can you feel the difference?
Now is the time to graduate and become the master.
The master of our reality.
Now is the time for the visionaries, the creators, and the change makers to get to work on building the new. We don’t want to build our new world based on old ways of thinking.
Instead let us birth a reality that is completely unrecognizable to
the one we see before us.
In order to create harmony and peace on Earth we must first create it within ourselves.
I invite you to place your hand on
your heart and say: I am here to birth a new reality that is built
on love, peace, and joy.
I came here to hold such a deep knowing, in my heart, of who I am and reclaim my power as a God Sovereign Being of Light,
that I inspire those around me
to do the same.
I came here to fully hold the frequency of unconditional love for myself and for ALL of humanity and as a result,
this love will ripple out and awaken all those who are sleeping to begin to do the same.
I came here to embody my highest self, share my gifts with the world, and to be a Pillar of Light so that I can begin to create Heaven on Earth. I choose now to walk my Golden Path and inspire all those I meet to do the same.
I activate this knowingness in
my heart now and I release all storylines and beliefs that are not in alignment for the highest and greatest good.
I am the creator of my reality.
I am love. I am light.
I am awakened. I am activated.
I remember,
I remember, I remember.
I am a Starseed.
And so it is.

~ Jessica Rosalie


What Are Frequencies/Dimensions?

We have been experiencing level after level of the process of ascension over many lifetimes. During this time, the Creator has been moving from a state of absolute unity into a state of relative separation so that it can experience itself through its own creative thought process. Through a process called evolution, we have been consciously changing from a state of being unconscious in our essence as pure spirit into conscious embodiments of spirit.

When referring to frequencies, we mean oscillations per second or hertz (Hz). We are vibrating beings that are affected by everything around us—from electrical appliances to electromagnetic fields created by power lines, cell phone towers, and high tension wires.

The human body has its own frequency, as does every living thing on the planet. Our bodies are made up of atoms and molecules, which are surrounded by electromagnetic fields that are affected by our thoughts and feelings.
Every thought produces an electrical charge within your body.

These electrical charges can be measured by means of an electroencephalogram (EEG). It has been clearly established in scientific studies that different types of thoughts create different electrical charges within the brain. Different emotions produce different magnetic polarities within our bodies as well.
Quantum mechanics is the study of atoms and electrons. Quantum mechanics is an essential element of understanding spirituality, for it is this science that explains how spirit and matter interact. “Spirit is a vibrational frequency that exists in an alternate dimension, but it can be detected scientifically. Its vibrations are felt through electromagnetic energy, which we sense and feel as our emotions.

It is not possible to experience spirit without having a connection with the physical body, which is why we have sexual polarity—life and death—in the physical world. To experience spirit while living in the physical world requires that we stay aligned with our heart’s desires. If we do this, then our emotions will begin to vibrate at a frequency that matches that of spirit.
This can be difficult to achieve through intellect alone because it involves being present in every moment with unconditional love, seeing every person and event exactly as they are. This awareness will expand into higher guidance, which will help you stay aligned with predestined events and people you are intended to meet.

As you become aware of your intentions, feelings, thoughts, and emotions in every moment, you align with universal consciousness—the consciousness of the Creator—which will lead you to your highest good.
The universe is an intelligent hologram, a living organism that is conscious and intelligent. It communicates with us through our thoughts and feelings. We are its thinking cells, the consciousness of this holographic universe.

The laws of quantum physics state that human beings are made up of energy that is both physical and non-physical. The physical part that we can see and touch is only a small part of who we are.
Quantum physics tells us that everything in the universe is interconnected and that there is no such thing as emptiness or absolute nothingness. Quantum entanglement (also known as “spooky action at a distance”) shows that if two particles have interacted in the past, they will always remain connected regardless of how far apart they are now. If one particle changes its state, the other particle will change at exactly the same moment.

The non-physical part of ourselves includes our minds, our emotions, our bodies, our DNA, and the energy field around us. It does not matter whether it is inside or outside of the physical body; it can be anywhere in the universe because it has no boundaries.

Reality exists because we exist within it. Our consciousness creates reality by encoding frequency patterns into matter and energy via our thoughts, emotions, and words.
Superconsciousness is the highest-energy form that we can perceive at this time, which is why it is referred to as God. We are not separate from God’s consciousness; therefore, there is no need for us to pray or ask for anything because it is already present within us.

Our task is to become aware of its presence within us by developing greater sensitivity to subtle vibrations.
As we raise our vibration, we become sensitive to all aspects of vibration—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. We begin to realize that consciousness flows through all things, including us. The Creator’s love and light are within us as well as in all things. “All is one.”

Are you experiencing an expanded awareness of intuitive knowing and spiritual guidance in your life? Do you feel the presence of a divine source that you have not been able to put into words?

This is a glimpse into the consciousness of all beings and everything that is imbued with unconditional love and brightness. It does not always appear as a bright light. It may come to you instead as a deep sense of peace or as an understanding.

Whatever form it takes, this expanded awareness reflects our inherent connection to all things and beings. It is a clear signpost directing us toward spiritual growth and fulfillment. As we increase our sensitivity to subtle vibrations, we begin to enter this consciousness and experience being one with all things that are.

It is important to note that we do have free will at every moment. Knowing this allows us to become aware of the thoughts and emotions we are choosing at each moment, rather than simply reacting or responding to situations or circumstances based on what was programmed into us from the past.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are in a constant exchange of energy with the universe and everything in it. You may feel that your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are yours alone, but they are not. You are constantly surrounded by and connected to everything in the universe. As we begin to awaken to this fact, we begin to recognize our true nature as pure consciousness that is one with All That Is.

It is important to remember that at any moment, you have a choice about whether or not you will honor the subtle intuitive signal that is being given to you. This can be very empowering. As you become more aware of the subtle intuitive guidance being given to you, you will realize that there truly is no accident in your life. There are no random occurrences happening on a daily basis; there is only perfection in divine timing and divine unfolding.

This means that if there is something in your life that needs to be addressed or healed, there is nothing to worry about because the power of your own presence will dissolve any blockages or limitations. Your conscious awareness will shift you into a higher level of vibration where there are no problems because they simply do not exist.

The intuitive voice will always lead us back home and bring us back into alignment with our true nature.
The awareness of the Creator is not a belief system. It is the consciousness from which all creation comes. The Creator exists within each of us and collectively as the universe.

All things are created from this original energy, including our thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations, perceptions, and experiences.
Sensitivity to this energy can be developed through meditation and prayer, so we can begin to experience a greater degree of happiness than what is experienced in the physical world.

In this higher realm of consciousness, we have access to all knowledge, wisdom, and intuition that guide us to develop new talents and abilities. We become more attuned to our bodies’ innate wisdom and healing ability so that sickness no longer has a hold on us. The more we develop our intuition, the more information will be revealed to us in meditation. This is one way that we can find peace and contentment in our lives by learning to trust ourselves rather than allow others to influence our decisions.

This level of consciousness is available to everyone, no matter what their religious background or beliefs may be. Our thoughts create our reality, so negative or fearful thoughts do not exist here. As we begin to practice being present in the moment, we learn how to shift from fear-based thinking into intuitive thinking that opens our minds up to all possibilities.

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.
Aurora Ray
Artist Unknown

January 26th Energy

‎There is a major re-set happening.
If you are feeling tired, spaced out or experiencing inertia, fear not, this is a temporary state of being whilst this reset continues. Many of us are now winding up all of our old karmic and completed or redundant soul contracts, our habitual ways of being and doing. The pictures of reality that we have lived with for so long are now changing and the new ones are not yet known. In fact, most likely there will never be the same kind of certainty that most of us have grown up with ever again.
We are now entering an age of emergence – where we are living in the moment, navigating by our senses – learning to go with what feels good, our intuition, our desires and our inner knowing.
Life is going to be very organic which means our old ways of doing things and how we see life is going to be vastly different. We are going to need to know how to be in flow with the evolutionary impulse as well as our own cyclical nature and this is something that will feel pretty alien to many. We will be learning how to stay true to ourselves whilst at the same time re-purposing our skills and experience to serve in a new, more collaborative way than we have before. At this time, plenty of rest, good nutrition, time in nature and contemplation or journaling activities can be supportive in helping us integrate whilst this major re-set is happening. These can be times when we feel great loss and it is important to let the tears fall even when we are not sure why we are crying. At a soul level, much is changing and re-orienting.
This takes time and energy. We are on the brink of a golden opportunity to do things differently to how we have before.
A child like stance of curiosity and willingness to try things out are helpful at this time. Above all, kindness and patience. For ourselves and for each other. Kindness is a new currency.

~ Moriah Ama Hope