Current Solar Energies

SUNDAY, APRIL 16, 2023 | 10:00 AM EDT | 14:00 UT

Good day/evening, global friends!


🌞 There are currently 8 sunspot regions on the Earth-facing sun, two regions have unstable magnetic signatures


  • Kp1 (quiet) conditions
  • Solar wind speed: Average
  • Solar wind densities: Average
  • Interplanetary Magnetic Field: Average; northward orientation

🌎 SCHUMANN RESONANCES have been very quiet. A moderate electromagnetic burst came in at 6:00 AM EDT (10:00 UT) this morning and triggered the SRs into a moderate amplitude jump

Today so far: 3 C-flares
Yesterday: 16 C-flares

🔮 FORECAST: There are no coronal holes currently facing Earth



So, yesterday evening, I posted this:


Very interesting comments. Thank you to all who jumped in. If you’ve not seen it, check out my wall.

The ENERGIES were aggressive, strong, powerful. Some said they were flattened, others energized. Some had sudden altercations, like the energies triggered people to “explode” their emotions. Some asked if it could be 5G or chemtrails but these are local phenomena and these experiences were reported by commenters around the globe. I personally didn’t feel anything “nefarious” re the energies but rather that they were EXTREMELY POWERFUL and my human avatar had to ADJUST. “Adjusting” takes many forms

(Re the 5G … I don’t feel it has much affect on me at all. IMO, as we upgrade and entrain to the Universe’s natural higher vibration, we’re able to sail through and accommodate artificial frequencies, without much of a kerfuffle. This has been my intention and experience)

By 10:30 PM EDT, I began to feel a quieting shift; then around 11:00 PM, I received an information download. All went incredibly peaceful and I drifted off to a deep 7-hour sleep. I had a long lucid dream that seemed to continue the download. Woke up feeling rested and peaceful

In short, to me, it felt more like a POWERFUL ENERGY BUNDLE came through, with each of us experiencing what we needed to experience. Some felt the energies as strong and powerful”; others, as “aggressive.” Jo H. said it well: “extreme inpouring, every cell shaking.” Others had powerful dreams, insights, new awareness


Whatever it was, it doesn’t seem a one-off evee went, as many have reported feeling these energies building for days

👉 Perhaps we’re just feeling the POWER of who we really are

👉 Perhaps we’re feeling a BIG CLEARING before the NEW arrives

👉 Perhaps … ???

I’m sure we’ll be continuing this conversation …

Again, check out the original post from Saturday evening ❤️🔥🚀


“In truth,
I’m not my body,
my race, religion,
or other beliefs,
and neither is
anyone else.

The real self is infinite
and much more powerful
— a complete and whole entity
that isn’t broken or damaged
in any way.

The infinite me already contains
all the resources I need
to navigate through life,
because I’m One
with Universal energy.

In fact, I AM Universal energy.”

~ Anita Moorjani, author,
Dying To Be Me


And how are YOU doing? ❤️

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!


© Pat Donworth 2023

Sun & Solar Flares

“The Solar Flares, Solar Storms &

Solar Activity” The 9D Arcturian Council, through Daniel Scranton

We have noticed the recent surge in energies there on planet Earth that are coming from your sun, and we do want you to recognize that solar activity is sometimes a reflection of the vibration that you have been offering there as a collective, and other times it is the sun’s way of answering your requests for help.

You have a relationship with your sun, just like you have a relationship with your Earth and with your soul. These helpers that are aware of you at all times can have an enormous impact on your mood, on your level of consciousness, on your thoughts, and even on your actions, and when you purposefully allow in their help, you have the ability to grow exponentially.

You are there to take consciousness where it has never been before in the solar system, and Earth knows that, and so does your sun. Your souls, of course, all wanted to have that experience of growing the Earth human consciousness, taking all of Source Energy to a higher level of consciousness by first going deep down into the trenches there on planet Earth. And so, the sun is doing so much more than just providing light, warmth, and the ability for all of you to grow food. You are blanketed in the energies of your sun all the time, and when you open up to receive them, you have so much more of what you need and what you’ve been asking for.

You do not need to spend hours and hours basking in the sun, and you do not need to sun gaze in order to benefit from what you are receiving from your friend in the skies. But taking a moment in every day to allow the sun’s energies in is a very good idea. Giving thanks and appreciation is always a good idea, and where would you be without your sun? How would you live there on Earth? It would not be possible.

All matter is imbued with consciousness, and all beings have different levels of consciousness within them. You need to start thinking of your sun as a being, as well as a helper, because that is the true nature of the soul of the solar system.

Recognize that when you become aware of solar flares, and solar storms, and other solar activity, including eclipses, you have an opportunity to bond more, to connect more to this being that is providing you with so much, including these little reminders that you always have help coming from above, coming from the heavens. And so, we are continuously telling you about the help you are getting from us, from the Sirians, from the Lyrans, from the Andromedans, from the Pleiadians, and so on, and this transmission is a little reminder that you also have other helpers in the heavens.

Remember that the next time you feel alone or you have accessed some despair. Remember that the sun is always shining, and that when you receive what you are being given, you allow so much more to be sent. Remember that you have a relationship with so many other beings, besides your fellow humans, and use all of the help you are getting, all of the tools, the knowledge that you have at your disposal, because you took on a lot in this lifetime, you have faced many challenges, and you will face more, but you will never face any of them alone.

(Original post By Pam Younghans ❤️)

Internal Shifts Strong & Incoming Energy High

Not everybody is pleased nor happy ; so be mindful

‎Many of you in service to this planet wish for this to be your last lifetime on Earth. You might believe that leaving Earth means you have risen & achieved the ultimate spiritual goal. We wish to assure you at this moment that it is a deep honour you were chosen as a spiritual volunteer to be in such a harsh density, To be here now means you are already highly advanced & able to handle such a mission to come through this way. As you ascend higher & obtain a greater level of self-mastery & living on Earth, you may or may not choose to return here after human death. We remind you that no matter the challenges, Earth is an incredibly beautiful place that many souls would love to experience because it is also like no other in the Universe. You absolutely can transform here & experience Heaven on Earth as you master higher consciousness. As a highly evolved soul, you chose to come here even though you could have lived in other dimensions, because you love humanity so much as well as Mother Earth. You did not come to Earth because you are too low to live in higher finer dimensions. Your Higher Self decided to send an aspect of itself into this dimension to master Consciousness expressed as form & matter. You came here to offer your light & love. You came here to assist others in growth simultaneously to your own.

You currently are learning how to love your humanity as you love your divinity.

~ Abigail Wainwright

Denied Energy becomes Demonic for you

Any energy that you deny becomes a demon for you. It becomes your inner tormenter. And you don’t get rid of your demons. You embrace them. Not indulge them, but embrace them. And if you embrace them in a way I am talking about, they no longer feel like demons. They are just energies that are available to you. They are just part of this whole spectrum of what it is to be conscious and alive and present. And everything becomes joined together back again. A mature emotional life is when all the different parts of yourself emotionally are joined back together. Nothing is put outside, nothing is denied, nothing is hidden. Nothing is unacknowledged. All brought together so that it can all come together.

Raising Vibrations

As you are shifting, growing, moving forward on your destiny road, you’re sure to realise you’re not the same person you used to be.

The things you used to tolerate, mostly to not rock the boat, despite feeling like you’re being thrown overboard, have now become intolerable.

Where you once remained quiet for benefit of all and sundry, even to your own detriment, you now speak out your truth, when you think it necessary.

Where you once battled and argued against the wind till drop down drained, you now keep your inner peace and keep being whole in surrender to sacred inner Peace, guarding your heart and health.

You are beginning to understand and appreciate the power of your voice in speaking. And in silence you learn it’s no loss, for not always voicing an opinion, because some situations simply no longer deserve your time, energy and focus.

Keep the shifting going! ❤

A Friend ~

Message : Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael 💜❤️🌎💜❤️
Via Erena Velazquez💖

My Beloved Souls,

I am Archangel Michael, and I want to congratulate humankind on starting to connect the dots on founding the truth behind the deceptions and lies portrayed for a millennial.

The plans of implementing New World Order are failing everywhere globally. The Darkness is losing the grounds despite their efforts to create fear by raising the prices and creating shortages in the necessities. Their goal is to create confusion and distract everyone from the focus on staying in the Light.

Please, don’t believe the misinformation told by your media. The truth can’t stay hidden anymore. What you are seeing now, it’s the end of era of the elite, who mislead and deprived humanity from living prosperous and happy lives.

You are Light and carry God within you. Nobody can’t stop your evolution into 5D. Right now, only a small percentage of humanity is ready to move to New Age. This situation can change instantly, if the ones, who work behind scenes, are going to disclose finally the truth.

The time has arrived to introduce to general public, what has been occurring around the world. The ones, who are still asleep, need to be exposed to the real reality not illusion. The Cosmic Energies are very high on your planet, which are perfect conditions to help awake more people.

Only the truth can set everyone free. Please, release all of the negative emotions and open yourselves to receive Love and Light from the Cosmic Universal Consciousness. Now, you can manifest and create anything you desire, and just trust yourself that you are capable to be a creator.

Everyone on Mother Earth is a powerful being. The goal of the Darkness was to make you weak and doubtful about your origins. All souls came here from many different Stars, Universes and Galaxies to free this part of Milky Galaxy. Each day you are getting closer and closer to the day, when you are going to see the Golden Age.

Recent events in Ukraine exposed a lot of the truth, who really is the Light, and who is the Darkness. Follow the natural flow coming from the Cosmos. I, Archangel Michael, sending my Love and Courage to everyone. Remember you are not alone, billions routing for your planet. Thank you Universal Channel

You are almost there, be patient and loving to each other.
Archangel Michael

Channeled by Erena Velazquez

Every Cell holds info/energy

Every cell within our body holds information in the form of energy.
This energy contains the memories of all our life experiences, as well as ancestral memory and essence of our soul.
It is this energy that informs our current experience of life, shapes our beliefs, and subconsciously influences our thoughts and feelings.

Currently, the incoming energies are flooding through your physical body, cleansing and shifting the energetic structure and resonance of your physical from. With this shift, cellular memories are being activated, triggering unresolved trauma and unprocessed cellular memories, giving you the opportunity to transform them into wisdom and awareness.

With this transformation, new streams of consciousness can enter the body, updating the information contained with your cells and encouraging new ways of being and behaving that bring your internal and external environments back into balance. Be mindful of what your body needs at this time, as physical symptoms of this transformation may result with the body moving to detox the old.

© 2022 Kate Spreckley