A new helpline for male victims of domestic abuse has been launched today

Having my doubts of this being the best thing

as shelters are seldom as healthy , as I envision

anymore than the jail like Psychiatric ward

I was incarcerated in …

When I spoke to the Dad , guiding him to get his

13 daughter out , and wrote Senator Deeds , I

spoke of the lifelessness and lack of color

and hope , in like with a jail cell.

Years later as my abuser lied in court , and I

was jailed , did I experience the trauma

and surreal shame of being unjustly incarcerated

as well as discriminated by 2 female officers of

color . Cell mate across the way , believed she

knifed her old man, as a repeat offender , would

do hard time .

Alcohol and RX ..

I ran the statistic , I had read , of prisons and

jails being full of mentally ill.

I was trying , learning the hard way that addiction

to prescribed medications was no easy habit to

break.. Behavior modification , layer after layer

of peeling off what was not mine, healing

what was , as best I could ..accepting and

surrendering that which I carry as grief

Omni Present ..

Men deserve to be protected, heard , have justice

and healing , as do women.. it’s a freaking battle

field that allows me great comfort to not

participate in .

Celibacy has become in style with youth consciousness

as well. Intimacy and honor , romance will make

resurgence as well as poetry , in our New

Earth .. Writers of great works, art , music

Oh Happy Days ..,

Divine Masculine , I walk beside you in Faith

and Light and Love , brighten your path always .


😘 Blessings & Love

DoΓ±a Luna

Domestic abuse can be physical, emotional or financial.
β€” Read on www.thejournal.ie/male-victims-domestic-abuse-helpline-4643294-May2019/

The Decay of our Language is Happening | Intellectual Takeout

It’s been in decline for decades , and I sense great improvement

indicated will be transformative βœ”οΈ

Something is clearly rotten in the state of language.
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Kukulkan and Quetzalcoatl Life is like a treasure hunt !

Seriously , this is so freaking cool, yesterday

I saw a magic lamp , and if it’s there Friday it’s mine.

I set my intent , and it will be there .

Plan B , is something equally mystical will

show up , and that’s chill.

Plan C If it Doesn’t show up , it wasn’t supposed

to ..and that’s for my highest good.

So what is my reality , right now , is supported

for my best and highest intent ..

I’m releasing any tightness , any negative

by eating a buffalo burger and avocado,

as I prepare a hot salt bath, then out to hit

some earth ( gravel and overt hostile neighbor )

and check my mail.

Then to gather materials , and photograph them

for edification and a leveling of playing fields

IE Balance .

Much needed , much deserved . Much Welcomed .

Faith Gotta Have Faith , ©️

Blessings & Peace ,

DoΓ±a Luna


Another significant sign , is the release of this

book. I personally hope it’s on CD so I can get

to it soon . I currently have 2 waiting and would

like to re hear for incentive πŸ’―πŸ”₯

Anyhow , I have a lot of balls in the fire

and the Sun beckons as well.

Quote with book offering .

[New Book Series] The World’s Greatest Love Story of Kukulkan and Quetzalcoatl is filled with magical and mystical events that occurred a thousand years ago. This true life story comes from the uncensored family records of Kukulkan (White Buffalo Calf Woman), Quetzalcoatl (Amaru), Jesus (Yeshua), Mary Magdalene (Mother Mary), Thoth Hermes Trismegistus (Viracocha), Seshat, Krishna (Kokopelli), Uloopi and others. We are now using these records to write a series of Mini Books about this Super Enlightened couple who are our ancestors.

Learn more and get your copy of Mini Book #1 here ==> https://shop.loveenergytechniques.org/K-and-Q

Kukulkan and Quetzalcoatl

β€” Read on shop.loveenergytechniques.org/K-and-Q

Full Moon May 18th – 5 Things you Need To Know About the Full Moon Energy Shift! – YouTube πŸ€©πŸŒˆπŸ™πŸΌπŸ’―

Full Moon May 18th – 5 Things you Need To Know About the Full Moon Energy Shift! – YouTube
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Does Adrenal Fatigue Cause Dehydration? The Risks and Solutions.

Few folks know these facts , which really concerns

me on a whole, but for wee ones , children who must be

guided correctly ..and many are not ..

AMA, Drs and medical seldom get this unless severe .

2 glasses of water with each alcoholic drink .. A dear

beloved recently spoke to me of smaller more frequent

sips of water 2oz , for cellular saturation .

In my early studies , I learned of water tension

and how that affects cellular acceptance , which

many waters do not.

I recently aided a man, in his 50s who had repeated

severe kidney issues , unable to urinate , great pain

and pressure , despite drinking tons of water.

What did come out , was bloody , infected , and hurt.

I advised a hot bath and hot compresses on his testicular

area ..And he released the blockage .

When it returned months later, I suggested it could

be his water. Investing in a 5 k apparatus , that raises

water tension , can adversely affect the kidneys .

I explained this info to him , suggesting he back

off this highly alkaline water , and he heard me ,

stopped the water , and his kidneys returned to

normal function .

He Blessed me highly grateful for this transformation

and no Dr , or ER cost ..πŸ₯°


Blessings & Peace

DoΓ±a Luna

Great Article, no attempt on my part to sell anything

just sharing ..

For some people, adrenal fatigue causes dehydration, even if you drink plenty of water. Here are some of our expert tips to help rehydrate your body!
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