Opinion | I Had a Gloriously Wild Childhood. That’s Why I Wrote ‘How to Train Your Dragon.’ – The New York Times

I totally concur , having moved our family to a rural 3 acre home built

for us .. it was a huge change unacknowledged at the time , but spoken of

as leaving his friends was extremely hard , isolating, and his Mom and Dad

were gone out..rarely drinking at home , forced away to support his habit

as it were , cure his boredom …

It didn’t work, and I finally made the extremely best decision ever by moving

rural and I witness the awesome lives and loves of wee ones on up, which

is my honor …to know the child 👶, to honor the child 🧒 in each of us .

Yes , it can get stinky sometimes lol …


Blessings and Peace ,

Doña Luna

We must give children the opportunity to interact with the wilderness, so that they learn to preserve the natural world.
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Parenting: Ten Things You Can Do to Develop Your Babys Language Skills

Have experience in this

Parenting: Ten Things You Can Do to Develop Your Babys Language Skills

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Ascension Shock

It would seem I was induced into this state , ascension

shock, in 1989, profoundly …taken as mentally ill.

I note those out of alignment , or unbalanced …

As well as soooooo many heroically trying , for which

I am grateful , though silent as they surrender .

Unions don’t happen , Destiny and Divine Universal

Law, says sacred unions must have spiritually as their

foundation. I council and believe this after Karmic lessons

and much surrender .

I don’t fall for potential , or fixing someone, especially

Beloved .

Their light , their core , their joy and love does not

evade me .

Fear of the unknown , fear and shame are blockers

as are opinions vs “seeds “.

I have faith in empowered folks , watering , fertilizing

and giving love to their ” seeds ”

We are all seeds in gods hands …

©️ DonaLuna



Spiritual Health Side Effects of Drinking Alcohol

Separation from self and higher powers . Sugar addiction ?

Genetic ?


I have no interest in alcohol, nor did either of my parents

as well as siblings to my knowledge , to the point of addiction .

Dad called a cab for an uncle who was intoxicated. Uncle

was a vet, had PTDS severely which cost him a very lovely

wife and life … Dad had not tolerance , which I suspect

came from seeing his Dad out of control , enhanced by


Addictions as well as control and abuse were not apparent

at I DOs, which became more pronounced ..

Currently targeted , I am the addiction ..the depository for

all his trials and tribulations .. Fear prevents surrender

to looking within, to rising past experiences, healing

with Divine forgiveness and Divine Love ❤️, which

is your wounded healer mothering you, as you require

according to your codes , your needs now …which can

release pain towards parents , when Father Sun Mother

Moon are our parents ..human experiences , shame

religion , education , Gov , money have tried to

addict us to and take us away from Nature (Father )

and Nurture (Mother) , of safe foundations ..

I choose to be addicted to love , reciprocal,

honoring , sacred love 💕.


Doña Luna

Any amount of alcohol has a spiritually detrimental side effects on us, and consuming it even increases our risk of being possessed by negative entities.
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Writing – Laura K. Kerr, PhD

I have followed and emailed back and forth Laura

who is extremely wise and very through in

all of her efforts .

Writing – Laura K. Kerr, PhD
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“The Cost Of Sanity, In This Society, Is A Certain Level Of Alienation”

This reality has come and gone , in my life, and I am very Thankful

to be aware, awake , and released from the matrix that swallows up

individuality and creativity ..

Spiritually in a desert , became extremely intense after motherhood

became impossible with shadow that rejoiced with my induced

addiction , plucking my bones until details could be cemented

as the living death of Alienation from all I was, knew , was removed

in a show of force that I’m never knowing when he will attempt

to execute his power..

Consider the pins and needles of a marriage to a person who has

no steadiness ,who erupts , in such revelation of sickness of soul

and fearing walking away .. with proof increased since my waking

the tricks , threats , lies have an air of desperation these last 2 years .

Imperative to clear old business, allow individual choices without

threat ,




Blessings & Peace

The late psychonaut/philosopher Terence McKenna once said “The cost of sanity, in this society, is a certain level of alienation,” and I think my regular readers will immediately and experientially…
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Each Individual Impacts the Field Environment | HeartMath Institute

Each Individual Impacts the Field Environment | HeartMath Institute
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