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My ears have heard , “what else do you want?

“We” gave Negroes and Women the right to vote ,

what else do you want?

Seated at a table top with women of color in an Asian

Restaurant, I of course over heard their conversation

of injustice …I said , I married upper middle class

who targeted me , drugged by a ” brother” psychiatrist

into surrender that allowed his destruction of home,

children , all that stood in his way of being ” happy” .

His “brothers” have supported his abuses, also targeting

me..Discrimination was constant in the shadow of his

superior family , as he took income and social security

becoming the sirvior, of a crazy wife who nearly ruined


That discrimination shows up as I pro se due to lack

of educated officers of the court unaware or in support

that stand in solidarity of distortion that has no place

on any level on New Earth .

New World Order damned them selves , no God no sin

denies Universal Law ..

I have cried during several of these tributes to a

visionary who was human ..who left a legacy that defies

gender or color to Do Right …

Whose murder left much trauma, ignored .

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna

Release & Rise

Stop blaming yourself for what happened
It wasn’t your fault
Sometimes bad things just happen
To good hearts
To good people
For reasons we can’t explain
And maybe we will never understand

I won’t insult you by calling it God’s will
Or saying it’s part of the divine plan
It’s not my place
But here’s what I know
You were never meant to carry this pain in your heart
And wear it on your beautiful face

Sometimes hearts get broken
Dreams get stolen
But babe, you are so far from broken

It isn’t your fault
Take a deep breath
Release the guilt
The blame
The shame

You’re more than what happened – what you’ve been through
This pain you’re clinging onto
and taking everywhere with you
It’s eating away at your soul
You deserve so much more than this my dear

You’ve survived
And now it’s time for you to thrive
This isn’t your whole story
It was just a painful chapter
It’s time to move on to the next one

So let it all go
It’s so heavy my love
Lay it down
Release every tear

A brighter future is on the horizon
You’re not alone
The angels are always near
And if you need me, I’ll be here

✒️ Sara Joon

Glenda Alchemy gifted this 😘💘🐸

The culture is 100% dying, it has to as 2027 sees the birth of a whole new way of life. The energy that’s coming has never been seen before and the majority of the population still think that this dying culture will resurrect and continue. The only way to easily navigate this is with your Human Design strategy and inner authority, mind strategies will no longer work. 🙌🙌🙌

Watch “417Hz Heal The Past | Release Unconscious Negative Energy | Emotional Detox | Spiritual Awakening” on YouTube

3 years 30 years 60 years

Disconnected from all ; releasing all.

If you love someone

Set them free

If they return

If they don’t .

They never were .

Totally on my own

Releasing that I create

All my heart and soul

Long for , unspoken

Holy 🙏Sacred 💞💕💘

Faithful Nurturing

And Steady .

I’m fine continuing as is .

Crazy or Unwell?

Wolves vs Foxes ?

Unspoken Prayers 😘🐸


Will Bason – Overhaul of Gaia Going On

This is not the first plague to come our way, nor will it be the last. We have created a perfect storm in this virus with our overcrowded cities, assault on nature and failure to create international systems for early detection of and dealing with problems such as Covid-19. Hey, could be worse. Could be an asteroid strike coming our way with Trump and his ilk denying the science and instead trying to personally capitalize on the situation by selling tickets or something. But anyway, this is not the first plague to come our way, nor will it be the last.

Our society has long been in dire need of overhaul as far as the way we employ ourselves with jobs, educate ourselves with schools and heal ourselves with health care system. So covid finds us with multiple moribund, comorbidities and preexisting conditional susceptibility. Our economy was already on life support. Even before that most of our jobs are catering to advertizing whetted desires based more on greed than need or in some way serving the military industrial complex instead of addressing real needs. Our health care system is nothing of the sort. Our schools basically babysitting system built so that women could join men in the aforementioned misdirected workforce. Schools have been overburdened trying to deal society’s growing list of problems while being chronically underfunded. Nurses, teachers, postal service employees, farmers and laborers who do the real work struggle to get by. making a tiny percentage of the money given to hedge fund managers, CEO’s and celebrities.

We need a giant collective realignment with reality, and covid along with other disasters will see that we get it.