Intuition is a multitude “ tool”/ Internal Guide – Angel Message

You not only come with batteries included but you also have an internal guidance system that will never fail or lead you in the wrong direction. Your intuition is the most powerful tool in your toolbox. Your inner knowing, when trusted, will keep you moving in exactly the right direction towards where you are to go, to where your soul has planned for you to be. The truth to everything is within. Your intuition is a multi-purpose tool. It can help you with confusion and indecisiveness, alert you so you can side-step danger and help you in a new experience that is unfamiliar territory. Whether you heed it or not, your internal GPS, your intuition is always available. When you have not paid attention to what you hear, see, feel or know, and ignored it, you might have later found out that you wished you had paid attention. When you have followed those feelings, those ideas or hunches, how often have success and wonderful surprises shown up? The more you trust it and the more you trust yourself to receive it, the more you will find. Listen to your Angels who often speak to you through intuition.

Nellie Bly -Ten Days in. Madhouse & more

When Nellie Bly was eight, Jules Verne published a book about a man named Phileas Fogg who traveled Around the World in Eighty Days. Seventeen years later, Bly said Phileas was a slacker. I shall do it faster. People thought she was crazy, but she’d already spent time in a mental institution, so why not?

–On This Day in History, Shit Went Down: November 14, 1889–

Born Elizabeth Cochran near Pittsburgh in 1864, when she was 16, she read a column in the Pittsburgh Dispatch titled “What Are Girls Good For?” and the answer the author provided was basically “making babies and doing housework.” Nellie was all oh fucking hell no and wrote a response and the editor was impressed with her prose and gave her a job. She took on the pen-name Nellie Bly.

She began with investigative writing about the harsh lives of working women, and when factory owners complained about being exposed as douchebags the paper moved her to writing about fashion. She said fuck you and went to Mexico and spent six months writing about that, publishing it in a book. What made her really famous was when she was 23, Nellie pretended to be insane to get locked up in the Women’s Lunatic Asylum on Blackwell’s Island (now called Roosevelt Island) in New York as an undercover assignment. She wrote about the deplorable conditions for New York World, which was owned by that Pulitzer guy, and Ten Days in a Mad-House became a book that caused a massive sensation, and the asylum was forced to implement reforms. Her heroic stunt launched a new form of investigative journalism.

Ready for another adventure, on November 14, 1889, with two days’ notice, she left Hoboken on a steamship headed for Europe to prove that Verne’s circumnavigation could be completed in under 80 days. One of her stops was in France where she met the inspiring author Jules Verne himself. She sent telegraphs along the way to report on her travels.

She traveled across Asia mostly by rail; in China she visited a leper colony and in Singapore she bought a pet monkey that she took back to the U.S. with her. She completed her trip around the world in 72 days and wrote yet another book about her adventures, although some dude couldn’t abide a woman being a world record holder and beat it a few months later, but Nellie was first to do it in under Verne’s 80 days.

In 1998, Nellie Bly was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame. The New York Press Club has a journalism award named after her.


My Wish For You

My wish for you

Is that you never wish yourself smaller

Less loud

Less intelligent

Less brilliant

Or less significant

And know that you deserve to take up space

And that by doing this

You empower others to do the same

My wish for you

Is that you learn to treasure your own company

And savour time spent alone

And form connections with others

Based on love and compatibility

Rather than loneliness or convenience

My wish for you

Is that you see your value

Rather than searching for it in others

And learn to recognise your worth

Rather than waiting for others to see it

My wish for you

Is that you reach your full potential

And don’t allow your song to go unsung

Your talents to go unexpressed

And your life to go unlived

And my wish for you

Is that you dare to dream big

Follow the inner longings of your heart

And pursue your greatest passions

And don’t allow another person’s fears or limitations

To become your own.

Words by Tahlia Hunter

Artwork by Claudia Temblay

Woman’s Musings

There are women with beautiful hearts and powerful light that regularly pray for humanity and the Earth.

These women cross the veil and the realms to offer their healing, backward and forward, to their ancestors and their descendants.

These women hold the container for the world’s pain, sorrow, grief, anger, and fear; cooling it with healing waters and wrapping it in cosmic love.

These women are the gardeners of love and light being awakened in this world.

That these women, joined with angels, regularly hold the Earth in a blanket of healing energy.

These women are the protectors, the healers, and the midwives.

They are the maidens, mothers, crones, and priestesses in service of the world,

the love and the way for the greatest and highest good for all.

They are unselfish, unfazed, and undeterred in their work. They are relentless in their prayers and the projection of light and love to all.

If the people of the world only knew.

Photo credit

Johnathan Hultquist