World Order Efforts

As he says many knew it was

coming ,just not The Who what

when or how .

My intensive began over 20

years ago . My inability

to honor , a corrupt social

system , a corrupt medical

and pharmaceutical empire

that along with psychiatric

model that has coded every

aspect of humanity and

ignored the huge addictive

influence upon law, and the

progressive evolution of

human kind that is revealed

in plans to eliminate or

restrict healthy growth and

quality of life .

I find myself in a hotel room

with faith of resolution .

My relocation 12 years ago

was to garden and prepare

and have liberated spaces

for each son and family .

I thought with the origination

of my LLC I could help begin

independent business in their

soul choice , and enjoy a less

stress filled life .

However , an attempt to

wipe me out financially failed

leaving me homeless

the failure to have charges

before the magistrate , or

have a detective assigned to

the case , have been

adjudicated with me owing

$3900. I have not choice but

to take it higher in appeal

or write of it .

Domestic Abuse is Domestic

Terror and malignant .

Blessings & Peace


Dona Luna

Silence/ Blocking

Once I give you silence

I’ve nothing left to say

I’ve retreated to my darkness

I’ve moved out of your way

Silence is my blessing

Silence is my curse

And once I pass it on to you

I’m finished with the words

There’s nothing left to be said

And nothing left to do

When I retreat in silence

Just know I’m really through

I’m sure you feel the distance

It’s tangible, it’s real

Because I’ve got nothing left for you

There’s nothing left I feel

Just the ghost of aching sadness

A memory, a dream

Like something I’ve forgotten

As I’ve forgotten how to scream

Once I give you silence

I’ve blessed you with my curse

I’ve moved on to better things

And I’m putting myself first.

~Mandy Kocsis©2022~

New Moon Message ; Better late than Never

She speaks of the warrior of

Love being just and coming

from the heart .

My heart has been heavy for

a few days , and I sense others

lower vibes and I have a

matter of the heart mission

near completion . Imagine

a painting , awaiting a frame.

I cannot hang out in this place

and began my day wayyyyy

too early , so I cannot resist

another 2 hours of quiet .

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna

Raising Your Vibration

I hope you appreciate that

Not everyone will be receptive to your light

As many are still battling their own darkness

Not everyone will want to see you shine

As many still remain suppressed in the shadows

Not everyone will be appreciative of your wisdom

As many would rather remain ignorant or do not resonate with your message and way of seeing the world

Not everyone will be supportive of your growth and evolution

Because they would rather remain stagnant and not make progress

Not everyone will applaud your success

Because they either envy you or are ignorant of it as they are more focused on themselves and their own lives

And not everyone will want to see you heal

Because they are still stuck in their own trauma

And preoccupied with their own problems

But it is not your job to fix them, change them, rescue them or heal them

But simply to love and accept them as they are

And support them in the process of healing themselves

And while not everyone will value or notice you

Not everyone will want you to share your voice

And not everyone will want you to take up space in the world

You should never dim or suppress your beauty and brilliance to fit in

You should never conceal and hide your gifts, strengths and talents

And you should never fear expressing yourself authentically

As you are a beautiful star capable of shining

And the world is in desperate need of your light.

Tahlia Hunter

Art Pintrest

Narcissist and it’s Discontents

This Ted Talk with a specialist

rocked my world about 4 days


After being exampled yet again

at very high cost to me,

listening to her ,I am sure to

be more discerning about

my energy and luxuriant

in every minute of drama

and trauma free peace.

That’s most disturbing of all

to this narcissistic epidemic;

They know not Peace !

You Were Right

“You were right.

Your deepest darkest fears were not unfounded.

The vagina dentata is not a mythical nightmare.

It truly is real.

The teeth are real.

Teeth that bite and tear and sever.

And they are ours.

You thought you were safe, that everything and everywhere was yours.

You were wrong.

You violated your word, our space, our bodies, us.

We are not yours and we’re coming to remind you.

With our hidden pointed teeth.

Like piranhas

We shall consume you.

You can’t stay out of the water to keep yourself safe

Because everywhere is our ocean.

We have cried enough tears to flood the world

Thanks to you.

And now we shall swim wherever we please

With our teeth ready and vision clear.

Every bite, a tower consumed.

Bones scattered and broken

Like promises and gaslight lamps.

Look over your shoulder,

The tide is rising and

She is coming.

Justice may be blind,

But she has two sets of teeth.”

~ Laura Tempest Zakroff, 12-7-2017, Teeth of Fish (a poem and a warning)


Art: Dee Mulrooney


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Being Blunt with the Distortions of a Narcissistic

Years of experience, wasted efforts ,and core needs abused.

6 years in , it was undeniable

With 3 sons 6 and under and

no income or money or place

to go to , I had the awareness

that I would receive little from

him .

To a degree , I did not feel I

would ever trust or love again

and I did not want another

man ” fathering 3 sons ” who

were possessions of our Boss.

Just as he considered me ,

examples had accumulated

beyond denial .

*Coming home from work

and announcing a trip to

Germany with his childhood

friend who had no morals

and I was aware of his willing

participation in whoring

with his Bud . Later he would

share his experience through

his friends name to me .

I knew but had to ignore it

for the sake of our sons .

When I did discuss it with

the wives of his friends it was

” normalized ” ; these ladies

were professionals , mothers,

living well , designer cloths

and always had a cocktail in

front of them .

I did not fit in his world and it

was all he knew and there was

stagnation ,no growth and no

intimacy. Slow and painful

death . The abuses increased

after building our home upon

his acknowledgment that he

had over extended himself

and his obligations were not

allowing his personal needs

wants and desires .

And then there was that ever

present , never ending toxic

bond with his Mom .

Is WAR cost our family dearly

and has largely been ignored

legally ; and I grasp his

winning trumps the needs of

our sons and grandchildren

for I am dead to him , he has

never ” been interested ” .

Sadly all that perceived on

highness , mask a dark ,cold

calculating shadow at War

with light , growth ,forgiveness

letting go , equality balance

accountability, responsibility .

I came into his life in peace

trust , love and divinity , only

to be cut off and disposed of

upon finding his next

companion who relished

the strategic targeting , spell

work , lies etc

Nearly dead , ran for her

life ,forgetting her salvation

and redemption ,still joyful

to denounce me .

Advice to Healers


Never get involved in someone else’s suffering, everyone carries their own burden.

The man must tire of himself and drink to the bottom the cup of poison that was assigned to him, and until then, if he asks for help, he will approach.

Don’t be cocky and don’t expect to be able to help everyone, never force your guardians to provide something that will not be valued, it is only possible to help those who are prepared and humble to accept the help that comes from your heart.

A suffering person sees the world through their pain, so they are deaf, blind, unbelieving and selfish.

If you intervene in someone else’s suffering without being called and being prepared, the karmic vortex will suck you into someone else’s game, and you will see the face of ingratitude, as well as carrying the bad energy of the other.

Remember that man is capable of infecting his suffering and that will not help you.

Proceed your way by resolving your own life in silence.

Only if you are making your own path will you find the strength and wisdom necessary to help people get up.

(On the picture, a lady healer healing a little girl’s heart from fear. An owl guardian watching. Whenever we do healing or help for someone, we must have a permission from our higher self/great spirit, and from the person’s higher self/great spirit, and from the person. There are exceptions with very small children, elderly, people in coma etc. But even then we must ask higher self for permission.)