China Protesters It’s Power to the People

Walking like you have 8 thousand ancestors backing you up is pretty dang awesome to consider each Chinese protester has theirs and the samara and soldiers that were so crafty !

It’s a beginning just as the COVID was attributed to them ; they now reject the ” science ” the shame and blame and STAND .

As it should be 👍💯🙏❤️

The Nurtured Heart – Mad In America

The Nurtured Heart Approach Goes Mainstream: Research and Experience Support “Celebrating Greatness in Every Kid”

A new MIA Report by Amy Biancolli

Nurtured Heart “is empowering the child to handle their own body—handle their own emotions—in a way that gives them the identity of who they are.” This gives them a sense of agency and ownership, learning to express themselves in a way that’s safe for them and others—and, Anderson says, “still be authentic for who they are.”

Were that the prevailing model, everything would change. Howard Glasser can picture it.

“I’d love to see a school system, a district, that has no-to-low medications to prove the point. I’d love to contradict the notion that intensity is the enemy—that ‘ants in the pants,’ hyperactive, inattentive.” All the words that normally corral a diagnosis: “I would love to show that those are just sign points of a kid with a little more lifeforce. . . and actually, the more intensity they have, the more potential for greatness they have. I’m a fan of inner wealth. I’m convinced that every kid can be an inner-wealth billionaire. It’s not the one percent, you know?”

61 benefits of Marijuana

I was exposed to 1952 era termite spray in 2012 ; after assurances of not having to leave the house and developing flu like symptoms with in days , after being poisoned.

I am very careful not to allow infection deep into my chest and if I react to COVID shedding, or seasonal allergies I can cough up clear mucus which is rather thick but NOT infected !

Not infected though dry cough and clear film and very runny nose .

I include the many chemicals that exist in our environment that we know of and many we do not .

I’m lucky not to have inherited the COPD of my Dad and his Dad along with asthma . WHEW

I have not utilized marijuana all my adult life , but I’m not sorry for many of the listed pluses for its use have benefited me greatly .

Including not being able to eat from grief 🙏

So for me and many others it’s a natural Blessing that we pray doesn’t get adulterated like cigarettes ( 150 chemicals in each ) .

I don’t vape due to studies that indicate a negative side effect on the interior of lungs .

I am grateful for the Ozone treatments and have faith that the future holds more healing treatments than the past has afforded me .

I have major dental work to be done and that includes abscesses from heavy metal poisoning in a rental pre COVID

I am legal for Marijuana in the Commonwealth of Virginia!

* You know you and your body !

Blessings & Peace ☮️

Dona Luna

Loving Your Experiences

I have reached this point and would rather not have the responsibility of addressing matters openly regularly business due to continued denial and lack of interest.

I am Grateful to be at the point of closure !

The Angels encourage you to see all experiences as valuable opportunities for leaning and change. They say to really be learning that the mind and heart must be equal participants. Society will tell you that learning comes from acquiring knowledge of facts and ideas. Knowledge is most definitely important yet it has little value without corresponding knowledge of the heart. As you learn to understand yourself and others, you learn about patterns of behavior, the reasons you or others do what they do, and you can choose to become more in tune with your life. You will learn that you are in control of your life as others are in control of theirs. Instead of being a creature of habit you can become one who views your experiences as a source of learning and allowing change. What you thought of as mistakes you can now see are really successes as you acquire wisdom which is knowledge born of compassion, strengthening through awareness, which then becomes applied to growth. Love your experiences and see them with new eyes and a new view.

Energy Update Eclipse Divinity

Ascension Update: Eclipse Season
Are you feeling the Eclipses? I woke up right before the peak of the first one early Tuesday morning. I was awake for about two hours, and was really enjoying how much clarity came through. I meditated, and just laid in bed, feeling energized, enjoying a flow of light and information coming in.

An eclipse cycle to me always feels like a journey or a portal. It’s like we enter into a sustained period of time, in which benevolent, intelligent waves of energy flood our world and support us in becoming more clear, true and aware. Eclipses are powerful and can be a real boost to our spiritual and personal growth. We can find ourselves in a very different state of presence and self-awareness after one and the energies themselves often do a lot of the heavy lifting that is needed to create change.

I find it helpful to ask myself: what is presenting within me to be acknowledged?

Eclipses reveal things. Who we truly are lies within us. Already. Waiting to be claimed. Calling out to us.

During an eclipse cycle, we can become aware of deeper levels within ourselves that are available to us. It’s a wonderful time to be in stillness to allow our minds to be quieter, so that things can surface and be recognized and acknowledged. A lot of change takes place simply by allowing yourself to claim what we’ve already created and evolved into.

When we recognize that the call is showing us what has already changed we can release what is made obsolete by this and step into the deeper, knowing of who we truly are.

Abundance for example, is our true nature. Very often we are more identified with the longing for it. This is really a very subtle misunderstanding. The longing, for it is calling us into communion with who we really are. With our true self. The longing shows us how we’re living in separation from who we truly are; it points out how sweet it is to want what we truly are.

The trick is to allow ourselves to receive. And the gift is the enlargement of our identity, or sense of self, growing and expanding to incorporate more and more of who we truly are, and who we’ve always been deep within.

As we center in this, it changes our frequency, allowing the fuller harmonics of our true self to be embodied. And the outer world rearranges itself in accordance with who we’ve become by consciously expanding our sense of self.

We are each so much vaster and more capable than we tend to realize. Ascension in part involves a willingness to embrace our divinity, and the greatness of our true selves. Then to live from that knowing — being willing to be who we genuinely are, freely and fully. Sharing ourselves with the world and allowing our energy to be whole, coherent and fully expressed.

How would it feel to you, to let yourself be as you naturally are? Without feeling any need to be different. By daring to believe in your innate perfection? What if you simply accepted that you are magnificent, significant unique, eternal, whole, and always enough?

I invite you to sit with that sense of belonging and being and let it become real to you on the inside.

The world needs the magic of your aliveness and joy!

And you deserve to live a life of ease and grace.

Wishing you a beautiful experience of this eclipse cycle.

With love,

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A few of my besties right now

Raw Thyroid is my choice and these are 200 grain (dose was 50 , 12 years ago


The best iodine ,potassium


Local Firewater

Silver nose spray

Potassium-Magnesium are very necessary to combat the spray of Barium ” Flu”

Promise to add more

Stay hydrated and rest and sleep as much as possible .

Ground in water until stability of Gaia is reached .

Something shifted today for me , in a positive way !

The upside down bottle is a spray for eyes , nose , mouth a topical spray that kills MERSA


( originally bought at my Dr’s office )

Continue to keep your immune system strong and stay positive !

Hearts are feeling this

Earth is reactive

Hold tight

Blessings & Peace ✌️

Dona Luna

Little Girl Speak

“I am making the conscious choice, to live. It is a daily decision. It is soul aching bone breaking work. I crack open every day, and declare myself whole. I become one with this vision that I have deep inside. I steady my grip on hope, and I let it take hold of me. I let it encompass my entire being. I no longer allow myself to get lost in those dark places that still linger inside of me like venom; like poison. I have suffocated all of my fears, one by one. I have declared this war that I’ve been fighting against myself, as treason. I no longer betray my own skin; my own soul. I no longer have the desire to beat myself to death, over things I never should have known; over a shame, that was never my own. My self worth has risen, as I keep rising. And all of those haters who want to see me fail; they see it as so damn surprising. I’ve always been a fighter, right down to my very core. The only difference between now and then, is I’m not fighting against myself anymore. I taught myself how to walk through fire, and how to adapt and tolerate the burn. I subtracted all of the laughter and joy from my life, as if happiness was something I had to earn. Every day when I’m unable to shake this feeling that I’m unworthy of love; that I’m unworthy of this healing; I speak truth to my demons, and they run from their own feelings. They scatter like mice at the site of a lion. They cannot make sense, of my healing. But this isn’t about them, is it? It never really was. This is about my ability to see my own worth, when push really comes to shove. I see it. Oh I see it now. It screams at me every day. And just like the darkness once invaded my space; this truth isn’t going away. The truth, of who I am. The truth, that I deserve to be happy. The truth, that I deserve to be safe. The truth, that I deserve to be loved and adored. The truth, that happiness doesn’t need to be earned. The truth, that real love remains; the truth, that real love stays. I have walked so many roads alone, that somehow I forgot my own name. At some point on my journey of healing, every valley felt the same. But I’ve crawled my way up, out of the grave they buried me in; and now I’m here to reclaim. I am taking back everything they’ve stolen from me, and I’m giving myself a new name. I am taking my rightful place. I am the writer of my own story now. I am holding the pen, and the key. And nobody else gets to decide how this ends. Nobody else, but me.”

-Little girl speak

Sister : I see you

To look at another woman with inspiration rather than the green eyes of envy, to love another woman as a sister,

rather than seeing them as the enemy,

to remember we each hold a love so vast and powerful it could heal the world,

to realize within our femininity is a strength that can move mountains, which can either heal or crush another’s soul,

to take responsibility as a privilege, rather than a burden, to embrace and engage with the unspoken within and without,

to heal our wounds consciously for ourselves, our ancestors, future generations, and one another, to allow the feelings to flow through, to be acknowledged and let go, to observe and speak from the heart, and to accept our vulnerabilities as strength….

Sister, I see you as you speak your truth.

Sister, I honor you as you claim who you are. Sister, I hold you as you rise to who you are destined to be.

author & photo credit unknown