Carl Jung – Connected to Masonic Religion

Ever to Conceal; Never to Reveal

Secret Society ; Superior Religion that judges everyone else is…vulgar

And are pledged upon a very cruel death , to the secret , not to marry a non member .

Pledging their children and grandchildren…

I’m listening watching an expose’ and realize the ” cult” “inherent “, in too many institutions that are being exposed and of no power against the truths and the light.

Psychiatry is by it’s example of this ” religion”.

Comparisons 1st shot May 2023, age 71 .. 2nd shot early 2000’s

Unmediated , 18 years , never going back …

Medicated to the hilts . Early age 50’s , early 2000’s . Only partially revealing adverse ” side effects ” of being medicated by highly toxic , legal prescription drugs and disinterested family and friends , busy in their lives .

All this was reduced to the expression that was voiced years ago through a child of mine , made me ” grow up”.

Yes, I did grow , am still growing and more than ready to move forward , past the past that keeps a greedy , silent presence …no more, no way, no how ..

Change indeed , in so many beautiful mysterious and profound ways .

Conditioning & Traumatizing – Legacy for kids

Many women relate to being single married single parents , as I realized I was responsible for everything but a paycheck ..when I reacted to the psychiatric RX , the traumas of my life , our family was affected … however I became responsible for everything from a to z and after 20 years of trying to resurrect a family from those ashes to normalcy , ease and acceptance/ forgiveness is not my sole purpose in life .

I had no idea just how many families are adversely effected by psychiatry, toxic/addictive RX, a legal system that has aligned with the dictates of the psychiatric/ chemical companies for profit over families .

We cannot ignore the side effects of deep and profound trauma that is diagnosed as mental illness of varied labels and the consequences for the individual who does not know, accept or allow that transformation that re creation , reparenting , and surrender give us .

So having witnessed and experienced and researched , I know in my bones children deserve much better and it’s coming ..

( we are all seeds in gods hands )

Healthy Holy Man


You will be confused, at first it will seem selfless or not very intense. You would think there’s something off about him, or that you’re not the center of his attention.

When a sane man comes to you, he’s not going to put you in a state of delirium and demand, he won’t demand attention and he won’t harass and control you.

When you attract a healthy man, they will have some things in common, but he’s not going to make the effort to love you and be nice all the time, he’s going to show for himself.

When a healthy man comes to you, he shares his peace and calm with you, he includes you in his life without training you and he respects your time.

He will show you who he is instantly, the masks won’t come off after a few months that will confuse you.

He will not waste space, he will listen to your silences and know your cycles.

When you attract a healthy man, only then will you know you’ve broken the repetitive pattern of attracting toxicity and violence, and you’ll know you’ve healed what was broken inside you.

Wish you all the things you deserve.

Surrender the war between ego & soul

Notice the ongoing pole shift though time-space. How we experience energy, ourselves the world, is changing dramatically. The entire cosmos is a thought in the God mind. It is simply a thought that unfolds into its fullness like a wave of energy. At the point it fulfills it complete cycle of temporality, it returns to itself, like the pupil of the Eye of God Nebula. This is beyond time and everything is like particles in an instantaneous thought.

In other words, life as we know it, exponential growth, development and conquest, has exhausted itself. To be in this wave, during huge shifts brings makes you feel out of sync with the external events. Many beings are shaken out of a trance, or fall out with those who are still asleep. Ancient elders have said as we near the end of time (3D), it is recognized by the loss of coherence, lack of conscience/goodness, of all that sustains separateness, pure pleasure or that which made life worth living. Only then can a new wave of energy take over. The old is falling so the reality that has always been here can reveal itself. As we seek freedom from a life that no longer works, serves, disconnection, what we have been doing no longer feels right.

In the extreme, the soul has lost its power because ego-like, robotic intelligence and AI- is kicking in. Letting go of purely material desires and intentions guides us to focus our energy to the soul. Riding the wave instead requires we stop going against the current. This is the most blissful moment in the evolution of things. We are approaching divine nature in full consciousness, returning to that ultimate reality of divine self while still embodied and able to bring enegy ever higher. Lead the wave of those energies.

By recognizing everything as a blessing, as ultimate realisation of wholness, now is the moment of renewal in which death and rebirth are together. If we are not willing to die to ego, we cannot return to God, we will be in conflict with ourselves. Any ongoing internal conflict between ego and soul keeps one feeling trapped or stuck. To move forward there must be abolute surrender to that source of love and perfection of what is beyond understanding. Without surrender, life becomes one nightmare or conflict or obstacle after another. To see and be in the here and now is to be the eye of divine oneness.

~ Liara Covert ❤️

After care ( Surgery 1-15)

Sister Gayla prepared Chia Seed pudding for me

Spinach mix , marinated chicken

legs and sweet potato as she

returns to her place to prepare

for a meeting in Ca next week

She’ll return here before leaving

She’s been of great value to me

and I greatly appreciate Gayla

and all those who have

supported me through this

challenge .

The last picture is of my healed

incision , my navel looks weird

for sure but the worst is over .

I’m very grateful to be on the

other side of this ” experience”

Blessings & ☮️

Dona Luna

You Are That Strong

It seems so par for the course to now post and say, ‘The energies are very high…’ But today, they seemed to have gone beyond another level…so here I am posting and saying, ‘The energies are very, very high…’

What does this mean for us?

It means that you may have headaches, feel nausea. It means you can feel very tired, weak, and it means you might be feeling it as a pressure in your forehead, your third-eye region and at the back of your head. It means, like me, you may have felt all day that you were always ‘somewhere else–the past, a particular landscape, a memory known or unknown, all of it suddenly so real, so present–releasing–to feel all the last vestiges of emotional residue that needed to be felt from that timeline. It means your body, your form, is releasing more and more–literally becoming more transparent to carry, express the light. The cells and the spaces between them expanding. Because it is the light of our Being that transforms, that lifts others–not simply our actions.

Believe in yourself. You Are transforming, and mostly, you won’t even recognize how much so until later when you realize you are responding to things much differently than the way you have in the past: you are much more patient, understanding, less judgmental, more compassionate, and not just looking for what to critique or comment on. You are much more willing to wrestle with your own role, your own participation in whatever has arisen so that you may know yourself better. You begin to find each day a curious thing…a thing to know….

The energies are very high, and you may feel scattered. Have difficulty sleeping, feel like the top of your head itches profoundly, feel like the world is simply getting stranger and stranger. This is You really beginning to focus on You and not getting distracted as much by the external world. You feeling you––your experience much more deeply, your presence in a more profound way that makes it feel in stark contrast to the world at large. Know this is Good–because that means when you change, become more sensitive to you, this sensitivity, this awareness will show up in the world too. You’ll see others more deeply, recognize their fellow humanness more profoundly.

Know, all of this is par for the course when the energies are higher than normal. Know, it takes up to three-four days to begin to integrate high incoming energies, so you may notice others being more emotional, sensitive, tired–even yourself–in the next few days.

Love you. Be compassionate to others. Trust you and what you are feeling, though others may not want to or be able to hear it. Just notice it, note it, hold it within yourself and let it move through. You are making room for unimaginable newness–new ways of Being that by the end of the year will startle, will amaze you.

You can’t see it now, but we are in big waves of change, evolutionary change in consciousness. Know what a gift it is to be here now. To change, things have to shift, things have to get a little chaotic, unsettled to loosen their grip on us–and that’s what were in, unsettled times. But know, you chose this, you chose to be here and participate in this. You Chose to participate and contribute to the change. How beautiful is that?

You are that strong.

You are that beautiful, that courageous, that creative. Believe in yourself–because when you do, you more easily extend that generosity to others, and that’s part of what we need right now. To believe in each other. To extend that grace and love to each and ever one of us. So love you.

May the blessings unfold for you. May you know you are loved.

~Allannah Capwell ❤️


“You are comprised of 84 minerals, 23 Elements, and 8 gallons of water spread across 38 trillion cells.

You have been built up from nothing by the spare parts of the Earth you have consumed, according to a set of instructions hidden in a double helix and small enough to be carried by a sperm. You are recycled butterflies, plants, rocks, streams, firewood, wolf fur, and shark teeth, broken down to their smallest parts and rebuilt into our planet’s most complex living thing.

You are not living on Earth. You are Earth.”

By Aubrey Marcus

Art, Malene Reynolds Laugesen

Growth & personal expansion

The collective theme being felt at present, and the one I’m very much tapping into is one that is a common occurrence on the path

of awakening/healing/ascension.

This road can seem endless and often appear to be one walked alone.

Though on the level of spirit we are never completley alone, when we start to heal ourselves a number of things can happen, the first often experienced is that we naturally have far more bounderies in place when we begin to really appreceate and respect ourselves maybe for the first time in our lives.

Sometimes those that we used to spend time with and allow into our energy field become impossible to be around. And the things that our lack of bounderies and co dependency wouldnt allow us to say and do become obsolete, we cannot help but cut ties or drift away from them.

Our interests change how we choose to spend our time does too. Partying, alcohol consumption and previous coping mechanisms begin to fade into nonexistance as we appreceate our bodies, minds therefore declining the impact of previous habits naturally becomes a priority.

Socialising in general becomes very diffrent because you won’t want to socialise in the standard westernized way that alot of humans are accustomed to. Loud crowed spaces with lots of peoples misaligned energies can become too overwhelming.

This can cause friction amongst friends Those around us may be triggered by this and may assume we are judging their life choices by choosing other ones

If single and actively working on yourself, meeting a potential partner is not always easy ether, because when you awaken, Heal and start to live in another frequency you become so intuitive and attuned to recieving I formation about those around, and you will identify pretty quickly the parts of another they are ether avoiding or completley un aware of.

Your tolerance for other peoples unhealed stuff impacting your life diminishes entirely, and you will not put up with anyone elses excuses and/or lack of self awareness.

So alot of “potential”connections are instinctively nipped in the bud.

All of this can somtimes seem jarring and we can wonder if our vibe will indeed ever attract our tribe or if we are destined to do life alone.

Fear not, and frett not. This new relationship you are cultivating with your most authentic self is the most important connection you have and these experience are here to show you just that. Appreceate this time you getting to know yourself with tenderness. We are conditioned to believe that it’s sad to spend time with ourselves but in truth it’s the most powerful and empowering thing to allow ourselves to go into this state of momentary social hibernation. It may extend afew months or even years and it may happen more than once along the way.

Embrace it, and know it is a very common part of the process and a time for gentleness, stillness, rest and simplicity.


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