Love you , but I’m not in love with you

Its a reality unfortunately , an epidemic ..

Distorted and very Distructive.

This truth came when I was 5 years unto induced bipolar.

He had 5 years to plan , his escape to happiness.

Nothing to stop the distorted stories, drama, and damage done..

Still projecting blame , still distorted about many illegal acts, and universal blasphems ..

In addition to his logical uses of me , in marriage , I was leverage , to use successfully to please his true trauma bonded Master.

Watch “STOP MAKING EXCUSES For The NARCISSIST – WATCH THIS (Codependency Recovery Steps)| Lisa Romano” on YouTube

Totally there

To the victor go the spoils .

I have had a few challenges

and certainly failed or

floundered , as humans do.

I have had the critical judge

ment of a granny I lack

bonding with which I have

gathered enough info and

guidance to honor her as

deeply as possible and

release it , thus allowing

a peaceful easy feeling.

For the truths that have

been revealed in critics I

have ignored the high

conflicts types , or missed

the mask high conflict

superior projector that

targets me , striving to

destroy me .

Spirit assures me to work

hard and hold course

for faith in my intentions

is redemption while I

am alive and a less

congested life .

More ease .

Better health

Balance in my foundation.

Writing and Service to

my creation .

I’m directed to not share

too much of my essential

self and never really have

for the negatively received

twisted or ignored .

I realize that no one ever

will for my many layers

tend to overwhelm

or trigger a response that

requires stepping away

from .

It could be transformative

and reunions are possible

or it may be the conclusion

for the best good .

Thy Will be Done No More

Excuses .

Ends or Beginnings

Force or Choice

Force Never Ever Was

My choice is Not Force

But the Light & Truth

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna πŸ˜˜πŸΈπŸ™β€βœŒ

Watch “The childhood origins of narcissism” on YouTube

We know trauma can change the brain.

We know the imprint of a parent or trusted parent .

I noted before and after .

Noted the unwillingness to heal and target me 4ever .

Can’t do that .

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna

Dona Luna