Duty of Care and Informed Consent | Psychiatric Times

Little about medicine is user friendly , in comprehension

which leaves a dependency upon a representative

whose character , education and compassion

factor in ..

Personally found HIPPA ,was not as it’s described

and just how vulnerable I was , in a corporate

brother/sisterhood whose protected from error .


Medical malpractice, a form of professional negligence, remains a heavily criticized legal solution for ensuring patient autonomy and competent health care.
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Woman lied about husband’s abuse and tried to exclude him from child’s life – Care Appointments

Woman lied about husband’s abuse and tried to exclude him from child’s life – Care Appointments
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How Abusers Trap Victims By Draining Their Finances – Talk Poverty

For 99 percent of domestic violence victims, that includes financial abuse that can leave victims facing economic insecurity and poor credit. Financial abuse is insidious—it gradually takes away a survivor’s agency by controlling their money, hindering their ability to keep a job, and withholding necessities like food and medicine. Despite its prevalence, 78 percent of Americans had not heard about financial abuse as it relates to domestic violence.

I did not even register, had no credit . Short-sheeting my income

making me responsible for medical and legal, nullifying our

marriage , lacking contractural increases in incomes, while

increases in Cost Of Living, is another transformation required

in my case but for all moms ( and Dads) who follow the more

natural flow of nurturing children at home, until foundations

are set , and integrated socially , begin school or are home

schooled .

Soon the facts will be revealed and clear the falsehoods ,

per several contracts engineered by an individual whose

abusive control continues, sanctioned by structures bereft

of humane consciousness to allow so many adversely

affected , #erasingfamiliesNoMore

How Abusers Trap Victims By Draining Their Finances – Talk Poverty
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The Real Reason Why The Narcissist Came Into Your Life | Melanie Tonia Evans | Melanie Tonia Evans

The truth of this came and went . Real life test , would require

as step backs , but I stayed strong mentally and spiritually

in ways that have led me to feeling more secure and being

lighter of heart, my life holds peace and love for the gifts

that now allow healing of my physical .

I owe multitudes Of sources and on a soul level release

all in my past that was not in my highest good .

Multidimensional enough to know the impact of

the adversity of a legacy of interfere , miseducation

etc on 3 souls who like I example the side effects

of a systems failure .. releasing this by educational

exposure , as part in the healing acceptance.

Surrendering that , in a place of all that is Spirit 🧚🏽‍♀️

Discover Quantum truths that explain why the narcissist came into your life and how to heal from narcissistic abuse, so you can evolve from Victim to Thriver.
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Virginia Cop Identified As Part Of White Nationalist Group | HuffPost

There is rumored secret societies that must be

joined , in order to advance . Personality

profiles for possible recruits pick up on

the detached , vulnerable , wishing to

exude control and power , it would seem

Enough so to taint the whole , as dire

transformation will balance this situation.

I have a neighbor who was recently relived

of his job , who has openly admitted his

participation and total belief in White

supremacy …

Leaked chat logs reveal that Daniel Morley, a school resource officer, recruits for Identity Evropa.
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Narcissist…the evil other

Monica’s point is valid ..If one has been abused

more than likely one has abused.

I am more than aware of trauma

deeply within ” former “and many

others ..I do still pray , and hold hope

for his truth and justice righted

enabling the necessary balance to

be established .

1 year ago 3/9/18 ,we signed the contracts

spent 4 hours in each other’s company

as he nearly wept , I honored his truth , his

heart , to discover a week later , it was all

an act ..

The Finale that must occur in order to secure

my future , that was horribly disadvantaged

by his greed .. Seems to be at an all time

high , those convinced their worth is how

family or society treats them .. I have been

stuck there , and that would be just fine

for a few folks , and it’s not to punish them

but to get the facts and figures , own the reality

of a contract . Nothing is binding me to him,

but I think he considers this property

as well as myself his to puppet master .

Umm no .

Great Piece Monica , Super acknowledgement that

most of us do have ego, certainly enough to stay

off our knees in surrender without a beloved’s

grace in joining us …I failed to note that lol🙏🏼

Narcissist…the evil other

Narcissist…the evil other
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Oregon passes bill allowing mentally ill patients to be starved to death | News | LifeSite

Yet another step backwards by unconscious

shadow souls ..

” Vulnerable Oregonians are left without protections and their right to basic care like food and water.’
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