Professional Therapist: Kim Saeed

I admire those who enter the mental health profession to help others.

And I agree, there is far too much material being posted online about narcissism that’s either completely biased, sabotaging, or utterly false. One thing that really irks me is the overlapping labels folks create to describe a toxic person they’re dealing with (i.e., my covert, self-aware, vulnerable narcissist who has ADHD, is on the autism spectrum, and has schizophrenic tendencies).

I mean, sure, there’s such a thing as comorbidity, but many of these conditions cannot even coexist together.

But, the fact remains that many licensed therapists fail to recognize narcissistic/emotional abuse. Not to mention, the field of mental health is saturated with professionals who are themselves manipulative and cunning. You might be shocked, for example, to learn that your favorite YouTuber or FB coach is just as bad as the person you’re trying to heal from.

I’ve heard many times how someone went to couple’s therapy with the narcissist, only for the narcissist to start an affair with the psychologist.

I’ve heard hundreds upon hundreds of stories from targets of abuse whose lives were wasted or completely destroyed by the erroneous advice of therapists.

So, what’s a person to do?

If your therapist is using the “it takes two” approach, while failing to notice your symptoms of narcissistic abuse syndrome, you should probably find another therapist.

If your therapist is acting just a bit too enamored with the narcissist during couple’s therapy, find another therapist (for yourself, as couple’s therapy is pointless with narcissists).

If your therapist says things like, “There must be something about your personality that brings out their abusive nature”, find another therapist.

Just as with any profession, there are folks who are extremely good, and there are those who are not.

You are not obligated to continue therapy with someone who isn’t helping you.

Traditional therapy didn’t help me. I saw seven different therapists and the farthest any of them got was to tell me to set better boundaries.

But, there ARE good therapists out there who can help you recover from narcissistic abuse. Usually, they are the ones who experienced it themselves.

Do your research, ask questions, and if there isn’t a connection there or you feel invalidated, keep searching.

Kim 🕊️

Mother’s Blamed in PA

Yes I know this happens .

It happens with Dads who are not hands on , need to target all responsibilities failure elsewhere, projecting blame to Mom . No proof required , just stating blame , having supporters with an agenda 😉and utilizing services and courts and judges who do not serve the best interest of children nor family .

It is billions in revenue and allows systems to control families, to erase them , causing or adding to psychological damage that need not be.

I hear more about Dad and money ; his wanting to hold on to his , or miser it out , still controlling , manipulating and winning what is competition.

Seldom is a male admitting grief for his children, never negotiating, cooperating but holding the energy of domestic abuse , which does adversely affect children .

Society can and will do better.

Children are not leverage or deserving of abuse that’s fallout from parents.

Acoustics Create NEW Heart Tissue

Stanford University researchers are identifying acoustics that create new Heart tissue! I keep thinking about Edgar Cayce’s statement about ‘sound would be the medicine of the future’. I believe much is really a reawakening to the power of sound, and that we now have the tools to take it further.
“This image shows the ‘cymatics’, or geometric patterns created in heart cells when applying various sounds. In bio-acoustic sound medicine, it’s taught that sounds are imprinting every cell and science continues to prove this ancient axiom. 
Cardiologist Sean Wu, MD, PhD and Utkan Demirci, PhD, an acoustic bio-engineer uses acoustics to manipulate heart cells into intricate patterns. A simple change in frequency and amplitude puts the cells in motion, guides them to a new position, and holds them in place.
Acoustics can create a form that resembles natural cardiac tissue. With sound they can create new tissue to replace parts of damaged hearts. Acoustics can be used in reconstructing other organ tissue and blood vessels. 
Sounds are use to create and harmonize, as well as clean and release. Both principles are used in science using high precision acoustical generators. The same principles can be applied safely by individuals using non-invasive, natural harmonic sounds, such as our voices and acoustic instruments.”
Here is a link to the Stanford study: