Grieving at this time

“Why Many Feel Deep Grief or Sadness”

Many have asked about the deep sadness or grief sensations, which are unrelated to personal events or clearings.

Follow this flow for a moment:

Magnetic shifts on this planet,

in her fields, and within her core, affect our bodies, emotional fields, and thoughts/ego/brain.

It is one of the root causes of

the awakening and Shift in Consciousness being a widespread, inevitable, global event.

The Higher Realms have spoken for decades about how this passage would affect the mental, emotional, and physical levels. The Ascending collective dealt with the psychological levels last year during death of the ego. We learned to prioritize balance, increase self-care, de-magnetize the egoic structures, and initiate new practices.

Emotions, which are magnetic, are a key to creating in these realms, and beyond. Emotions ascend into crystalline feeling states, consistently focused on Divine LoveLight Intelligence and Unity Consciousness: highest outcomes for all.

As Gaia’s magnetics shift to an organic crystalline operating system, we must do the same. This means the dismantling of personal and collective states which were influenced by the old control systems. This is what we are feeling in the field right now: accelerated collapse of the old ways of creating.

This is literally changing the way in which we assemble realities, from the core outward.

As Unified Crystalline Conduits of a new frequency – the return of the Christ/Kryst – through our activated and coherent Hearts, we feel the deep changes together. We sense things before they are revealed for the collective. This is purposeful; we feel it first, learn practices which assist, and support the collective as they are raised into the higher vibrational flow, anchored by the Ascending collective. We become pure conduits of Divine Service and Divine Will.

When Divine feels less-than-Divine, folks get concerned. We are more sensitive as Unity Consciousness increases; we feel the effect of revelations on the collective. Death, another key theme this year, is very present in the unified field right now. Death of the old affects our entire reality. We are One, and we feel sympathy for our fellow travelers incarnated during this profound passage of Ascension.

Another 2023 theme is an increase in the sensation of heaviness or density, which is actually transmutation of density. Heaviness in the heart, emotions, or thoughts may be felt as these structures depart our realities.

Magnetic changes shift our way of interpreting frequencies in form. It isn’t an instant flip, it is a process. Note the changes in SUNlight right now. Even the Stargate magnetics and frequencies are more refined and direct.

Some guidance for the sadness and grief:

Be a responsible creator.

Don’t suppress or delay the good work; get to it. We have multitudes of tools for emotional clearing and physical release. We are one: The more we transmute in own journey, the more it assists the collective. Do this before the Equinox trajectory shift in March.

Consistent connection with Spirit. A perfect moment to remember you are vast spiritual being. Meditate. Decree. Pray. Get out on Gaia. Activate your DNA, practice with Kryst Light, connect with the Master Crystals, journal for clarity. Get near water, a salve for the emotional fields as they shift. Meditate with your I AM Presence.

Mourn the loss of your old way of creating. Take a moment to witness, honor, and mourn the collapse. Witness it, be present with it. This helps to clear distortions from your fields.

Tap into Zero Point stillness.

This has been my saving grace.

A good place to shed the whirlwind of collective sadness, grief, and dismantling we feel in the field. An excellent practice for realigning to Divine Truth. Even a few minutes of meditation on the Heart can transmute the heaviness of density in our fields.

More time in the organic.

The division is real. Notice how scattering online activity or EMF frequencies feel right now? We don’t have to judge or reject it, just be aware of the effect on your consciousness. Scroll with intention, and pay attention to where your energy is being steered. As always, spend more of your precious journey co-creating the new, rather than getting distracted or watching the old burn.

Gather with intention. I posted about sacred travel this week, and was thrilled to see everyone’s plans for Equinoxes and Solstices this year. Gatherings are making a big comeback, and unified hearts have more power than ever in this new Light.

Unifying During the Gateway

We have witnessed the revelation and narrative shift energies increasing this week. As we exit this Stargate portal, the energy jump starts to physicalize. It will feel positive for open hearts! Use these jumps wisely, it’s a year to stay in Presence and truly learn what the power of the Kryst/Crystalline/Unity Consciousness is all about.

In this Now, send your Divine

I AM Presence your gratitude, attention, and LoveLight. Open the flow, and strengthen that connection.

~ Sandra Walter ❤️

Solar Flares Physical Side Effects

As a Highly Sensitive Person , I’ve begun to connect these flares with physical situations I encounter

“The Effects of Solar Flare Activity”

By Alicia (Carta Astral 222)

Solar activity accelerates the process of our physical body’s adaptation to a greater amount of energy available and is what causes our physical “symptoms,” but it’s not actually any disease. Here is a very short explanation: everything that exists in the Universe is energy, and only energy, vibrating (spinning sub-atomic particles) at different speeds (frequencies).

Our physical body, which is just an expression of our Consciousness, vibrates at a lower frequency (that’s why we define it as matter); when we are constantly receiving a greater amount of energy than we were accustomed to, it goes through an adaptation process to be able to drive a increased amount of energy (transformed into electrical impulse) through the Nervous and Cardiovascular System. Imagine what it’s like connecting a current with 220 voltage to a wire used to drive only 110.

The energy we receive from the Sun and Cosmic Radiation translates into increased neural activity and connectivity (expansion of Consciousness) and a stronger heartbeat (opening of the heart and expansion of the electromagnetic field). We become more sensitive to higher vibrational frequencies and our senses sharpen and adapt to perceive frequencies that were previously out of reach.

The effect of this increased amount of energy input causes symptoms such as pressure in the head (headache, migraine, burning in the brain, tingling sensation), dizziness or feeling like under the effect of a drug, difficulty focusing the vision, dry or irritated eyes, flu symptoms that it is not flu (or allergy), ringing in the ears, tones as in Morse code, slight increase in blood pressure, burning in the mouth of the stomach or indigestion, oppression or discomfort in the throat, insomnia, a lot of physical fatigue, burning on the skin and being very thirsty.

Whatever feels like “nerves,” “vibration,” tingling, “goosebumps” or partial chills is just that ENERGY. As far as the mental effect is concerned, we may feel confused, having difficulty concentrating, being in two “dimensions” at once (the brain, already more sensitive to subtle frequencies, begins to try to decode the information that it is receiving, even though there is no obvious material source), memory loss short-term and the feeling of being “crazy.” Mood changes are frequent, as is irritability and the need to isolate, as well as increased emotional sensitivity and periods of euphoria and unconditional love. Increased light sensitivity, noise intolerance, and vivid, lucid, extraordinary dreams are also part of this process.

As we are already under the effect of these energies constantly, although there are times when it intensifies even more like this week, it is indifferent whether you feel it before or after because well may be that what you feel “before” actually is an “after.”

Remember that whether we feel it or not, depends on the opportunity (that we are not surrounded by other people or other magnetic fields), where our attention is placed and on the individual plan of each one. Those who don’t feel it doesn’t mean they’re not living it, it just means they’re not aware of it and can attribute it to any other cause they deem more reasonable. Remember that water is our best ally and that touching the ground helps remove excess voltage.

This too shall pass, so don’t get distracted from your own process of expansion.

Ancient Souls

‘When you love an Ancient Soul’

“There is a special kind of person in this world who is often misunderstood. These people tend to be the loners, the free spirits, the innocent lovers. They see the world for all they can – and should be – although the world rarely sees them.

They are the old souls, the dreamers, the people in tune with life, so intuitive of emotions that they frighten us. They frighten us not because of who they are, but because of who we are not, what we lack.

Ancient souls reach depths we cannot understand. They have a connection with God, with the Universe, with Nature, and that’s why they are the people who will change the world.

We often feel inferior, as if we have to strive to stay remotely close to their level, to be worthy of their love.

It takes a confident person to love an old soul. But it’s worth it. It will change your life.

They are romantic, they are loyal, they help us grow, they are not materialistic, they understand the deep connections in life, they are grateful, they are examples of bravery.

They walk the most painful roads of this life, and yet somehow they find the courage to smile. Of being selfless. Support others. Loving an old soul and being loved by it is a gift from the Universe!”

— Louisa Fletcher

Art | Ellen Uytewaal

On my own has allowed healing trauma , finding my core soul values & intellect 💯

Grief , Holidays & Sensory Memories

A few of my besties right now

Raw Thyroid is my choice and these are 200 grain (dose was 50 , 12 years ago


The best iodine ,potassium


Local Firewater

Silver nose spray

Potassium-Magnesium are very necessary to combat the spray of Barium ” Flu”

Promise to add more

Stay hydrated and rest and sleep as much as possible .

Ground in water until stability of Gaia is reached .

Something shifted today for me , in a positive way !

The upside down bottle is a spray for eyes , nose , mouth a topical spray that kills MERSA


( originally bought at my Dr’s office )

Continue to keep your immune system strong and stay positive !

Hearts are feeling this

Earth is reactive

Hold tight

Blessings & Peace ✌️

Dona Luna