Declaration: New Earth

The ads at the beginning are not in flow with me as I’ve learned from others who bought these products in huge amounts and found the products disagreeable .

Not saying these are bad products ; I don’t know , so use your discernment and research .

It’s a beautiful day , chilly and I’m headed out to buy unsprayed apples as apples were in my childhood . I create applesauce and freeze it and it’s so good for my gut . I made tons last year and it was eaten fast and I ran out .

Blessings & Peace ☮️

Dona Luna ❤️🙏🍎

Reminds Me of You , Van Morrison

Years have passed since I felt the loss of a marriage that did not serve higher ground .

Coming to I knew that pills , drink , sex etc we’re not the antidote for the pain of what this marriage did to our sons .

Secrets are still unraveling but long ago when I mourned and ruminated , I can more objectively experience life ; many remedies and healing modalities await the ardent seeker .

So memories dim as does pain that I know will never fully abate , but will never be manipulated to abuse me or our children .

Circle has closed never to be unbroken again .


Those who are called ‘mentally ill’ or ‘mad’ are the voices in the wilderness, the ones who point to the distress of society, the ones who convict it of its crimes. By their ‘strange’ appearance and parting from the ‘norms’, they challenge and reveal that humanity is not free. They reveal that what is normal is but an accepted madness of the majority. Wars, conflicts, social injustice, abused children, all are accepted by the madness of the majority. But the one who dreams awake, that voice crying from the wilderness, sees something different. The eyes of perception are awakened, and a door to a new existence is opened. Yet the opening of this door is a frightful experience, for it unleashes all that which is the human condition, every experience, every vision, the collective realm of human beings. If there is any illness, it is not with the ‘madman’, it is the society that is ill. And this society has driven the ‘mad’ to that barren place, to that desert. As the prophets of old were rejected by their own, the voice and message of the ‘mad’ is often misunderstood and unheard by those around..

Dr. Dan L. Edmunds

I add this quote

n telling the native’s side he said, “I am telling my story that all may know the war we did not want. War is made to take something that is not your own.”
Yellow Wolf

Knowing Enough ; Savoring Fullness

I personally woke to this ideology in my practice of SGI Buddhism , of whom many belong including Tina Turner

Her Album Beyond pays homage to SGI Buddhism !

Richard Gere is Buddhist , and has married the love of his life and fathered children !!!

These are gifts that are the abundance of having and knowing enough .

Of course awareness of lack also kicks in and it’s become a good thing ; a tool in my journey . There has been interference and that is being addressed karmically. It’s not my call 📞

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna

The upgraded “abundance” and “wealth” codes for the next phase of planet earth will be the Inner Tantric Yogas.

How little can you consume…

How deeply can you savor….

How fully can you receive…..

How completely can you allow satiation,

Without chasing your hunger for more

When one single drop

Is an ocean of fulfillment

When the simple is the sanctuary


Limitation is the refuge

The joy of remembering how to experience


The liberation of letting it be


Deeply, truly enough

Drinking it in all the way down to your bones


Letting yourself really have it


Satiation is not about consumption

Have we learned that yet?

It’s about how deeply you can receive what is given

The hungry ghost is surrounded by food yet never even makes it to the table.

The Royal is the savoring the single spoon.

And stretching their heart wide to feast on the effulgence of every tiny morsel.

Did you know subtlety is the gateway to infinity?

Want less.

Receive more.

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you.

– Maya Luna

Times Up for Shadow Forces

Feeling the putrid shadow energy OUT there ; resisting any urge to engage with it .

Faith , Fall, and Foundations .

It’s Awakening to transformation to Heaven on Earth .

I’m certainly forced to rest , my budget is stretched beyond ..

The Groundhog Day effect of renting , finding my health endangered as I’m invited to shadow dance and refuse , retaliatory abuses by lords and ladies of the homes begins fast and furious . Purposely withholding leases , in masked brother or sister hood , doing a 360 and slum lording.

Law is currently compliant with the lord and ladies who have lawyers ( think ambulance chasers ) deal with the situation and hiring one is pouring money down the drain .

Change is upon us and I’m more than ready to end decades this life of abuses and previous lives as well as cellular awareness of healing blood lines , 14 generations of abuses , inherited in shadow play and challenges beyond darkest nightmares .

I believe October is the month I was removed from our family home , which was a shadow of our vision . 13 years in , I knew he was not interested in home nor hearth . 11 years in via trauma and Xanax , I descended to hell on earth and I held on to light that damn near extinguished.

That was repeated many times until I accepted time lost , sons lost , parts of me lost . Deeply grieving for decades and spending time on my own aided in my personal transformation and the varied experiences added to ancestral experiences shared beg forgiveness and healing , never to be repeated .

I’m at a place of peace and respite , my body not quite harmonic yet due to the current living conditions, ongoing struggle for my home which I feel closer to resolving .

I’m extremely grateful for my place in the world and I’m honored by the guidance and trust afforded me while I have been rejected by family and friends , which afforded me the opportunity to form relationships that support my current journey .

I’m responsible for myself and as a truth teller I must receive truths ,and that has included many masked people and many who are in distorted mental states . Witnessing and being the target of this energy is draining energetically and I surrender it to Divinity .

#ThyWillBeDone ⏰

Be Well🙏👁

Dona Luna ☮️❤️


“They told you about the contractions but did they tell you about the expansion?

Did they tell you how your body would open to make way for the whole universe to pass through?

Did they tell you how your heart would explode with a love bigger than anything you’ve ever known as you pulled your baby to your chest

They told you about the ring of fire but did they tell you about the crown of stars?

Did they mention that there is a moment when your baby enters the world and you leave your body and touch the heavens and become the light of a million galaxies?

Did they tell you how the pain of stretching to receive your child would be more exquisite than any sensation you’ve felt?

They told you you would scream but did they tell you about how you would roar?

Did they tell you about the power that would rise up from your belly as you called your baby forth with your mighty voice?

Did they tell you how you would embody the wild woman within you and breathe fire with your song?

They told you you would bleed but did they tell you how that sacred blood wouldn’t scare you?

How you would feel grateful for that magical liquid of life as it trickled down your leg?

How you would honor its flow and how it would help you heal a lifetime of hating your body’s bleeding cycles?

They told you these stories and taught you to fear birth, to fear your power, to fear yourself.

But you’re stronger and wiser than that mama.

You know that birth is your divine dance, your soul’s song, your moment with God, and you walk fearlessly into her open arms.”

~ Catie Atkinson

@spiritysoul on Instagram

Art: Medha Srivastava, “Motherlove”

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