Psychology shows it’s a big mistake to base our self-worth on our professional achievements — Quartz

It shows, it repulses me , as I was expected

to have a profession , be all in wifehood , a super Mom

Garden Club, Daughter Of Eastern Star, Stepford

partner , who had to detective the secrets .

Get a life , what drama .

Dreams that don’t come true, are not in my

highest good .That makes it much easier to

transition thru .


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Most of us have dreams that won’t come true. The question is—how do we respond to that disappointment?
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The sacred living NOW

A long time kindred spirit Monica has delved into other

aspects of the same shadow .. it’s delightful to be in same

places , unless absolutely necessary , I allow my freak flag

to fly …That’s being me , without judgement .

It’s a beautiful , well deserved place to be .

Beautiful post Goddess 😘💯

The sacred living NOW

The sacred living NOW
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Messages , I have no shame in sharing what has evolved in self truths on deep levels . Crazy ?

I may come off as crazy , rather than a seeker of truths

and collective consciousness has a responsibility to speak

up and those who are receiving, share the message .

Some are intrigued and search further , like Dora the Explorer

I am but a seed planter , more and more fertile , as pearls

of wisdoms come to me as affirmations , as ancestors ,

as present , and future that is all I know as spirit .

Between traffic, I have noisy birds , messaging , trees

Chattering , life ongoing .

My physical soothing is tangible , as is my spiritual..

The silent support of the Universe , whilst I again

prepare to face my abuser ..

I hug the Mother Love and the support that daily

increases in awareness of the separation of families

for profit , power , and ongoing oppositional

benefits to corporate America’s militant denial

of a more civil , moral and just society.

No more mask, no more falsehoods ,it’s

Show and Tell time .

Begin gently with Dick and Jane ….

May you be Blessed by just what your need/desire today .

Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

There are no spiritual rules .

Hugging is The Most Beautiful Form of Communication – Healthy Food House

Yes 🙏🏼💯✔️🎁

Hugging is The Most Beautiful Form of Communication – Healthy Food House
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