Having to explain why you can’t have sex : new born & Mom

A man out of balance in a distortion that is primal and it sure does demean the person who dare .

Sadly I had the experience of force , 6 days after giving birth and it was I believe primal ; marking of property and jealously of his own child .



Today is my Mom’s birthday ; she would be 91 ; died at 67

Much remained unspoken , unresolved and I have sought and found answers as best I could .

That has to be enough , She suffered horribly for her last 5 years . Her last 5 years were my first 5 years of psychiatric treatment for Axis l Marital Difficulties , as an induced mental patient .

Mother & Child bond destroyed by Twilight Sleep given Mom in labor and medical and drug ( RX ) her last 5 years on earth .

I was aware enough to know that nothing would ever be the same and it sure wasn’t .

May she know peace in the great hereafter and love ❤️as she deserved

Mom & I , 1953


To the mama nursing the baby in the guestroom while everyone else chats around the charcuterie board or clinks champagne glasses . . .

To the mama wrangling the overtired toddler who refused to eat anything except a roll at the holiday dinner . . .

To the mama trying to eat her meal off a paper plate on the counter while balancing an infant on her hip . . .

To the mama with her eye on the clock, anxiously trying to figure out how to get a nap in for her little one so she can actually get some sleep tonight . . .

To the mama who can’t finish a conversation without having to console a child or keep them from putting something in their mouths they shouldn’t . . .

To the mama who has to leave the party early so bedtime doesn’t go haywire . . .

To the mama who leaves every social engagement feeling drained and anxious instead of grateful to be with people she loves . . .

I was you once.

And I promise—it gets better.

Someday you’ll eat at the table again, and you’ll sip your drink and eat hot food and take your time.

Someday your kids will run off to play with their friends or cousins and entertain themselves.

Someday you’ll be able to linger until the party’s winding down and talk into the night with other grown-ups about grown-up things.

Someday naptimes will be a distant memory.

Someday your hands and lap will be free.

Someday these days will be long in the past.

But you’ll never forget them.

I won’t tell you you’ll miss them, because some things you just won’t.

But you’ll look back and understand they were part of a precious short and fleeting season.

And when you see a younger mom deep in the trenches of motherhood, a mom who has her hands full—you’ll reach out one of yours to help.

You’ll make sure she’s got a pillow to prop up her elbow while she’s nursing.

You’ll make her a plate and offer to hold the baby while she eats.

You won’t utter a word when she says they have to go now, it’s time for someone’s nap.

And maybe as you grab the diaper bag and help her out the door, you just might say—

“You’re doing an amazing job, Mama. These babies are beyond lucky to have you . . .

And I promise—it gets better.”

Being a Mom -Like working 25 full time jobs

Having a detached father/child partner was draining and though I tried very hard ; I could not hold all the ” balls” in the air .

His expectation that he was the power and thus due the upmost attention and 3 sons challenged that . Of course he did nothing to support me , rather it was always competing and self serving with no growth or solidify of basic foundations .

Totally devalued me , psychiatrist drugged me into submission where I discovered his shadow and found myself in the unenviable position of his having total control of my life

He still feels entitled and feels I’m not grateful !

I feel Mothers are due support and respect and their many jobs should be acknowledged with services awarded the work force .

More balanced , children result from nurture and nature in balance and support of each other . No one person in the family should wield more power , and destroying the divinity of mother child has a kick back

Like France , we should automatically financially support Mother & Child for the 1st 5 years , until child begins school

Mom could work selected hours on line or take courses . It’s a WinWin💯

Blessings & Peace ☮️


1st was a shade of purple-blue and his cord was wrapped around his neck 3 times . He was coated with white matter which I learned were calcium deposits due to his being 2 weeks late .

He was born at 11:11 on 3-11 and he has major psychic abilities that have much traumatic influences and deserve healing .

Targeted because of our very strong connection, I pray for his blessings and healing ❤️‍🩹

This is something that comes up with all of my clients.

It’s another fear that has been driven into us from the media and shared stories.

👉 Nuchal cords are a variation of normal and rarely cause a problem.

🤔 What if i told you that nuchal cords are as common as 1/3 of all pregnancies.

👉 It looks pretty scary to see something wrapped around a babies neck but we have to remember they don’t breathe through their lungs, they get oxygen and blood through the cord.

👉 Ok, but what about the cord being compressed and stopping that?

👊 Well, natures got you covered.

The cord is covered in a jelly substance called Wharton’s Jelly.

👉 This is there to protect the veins and arteries in the cord. To stop them from being compressed and it does a fantastic job and means that the cord can squish into all sorts of amazing things including knots without causing a problem.

👉 In fact, the cord being around the babies neck is a good thing. If it were around the babies head it would get squashed coming out from under the pubic bone as this is a tight squeeze.

So it being tucked under the chin around the neck is actually a great way of stopping this from happening.

👉 Once born you (or your midwife) can easily slip the cord over your babies head, sometimes doing a somersault flip on the way out.

✨I keep saying it, natures unbelievably clever and thinks of everything.

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