PRAY: Single Dad Discovers He’s Not the Father of Son He Raised Alone, Must Surrender Child

Chef Dom’s world was upended this week when a court ruled that he must surrender the son he thought was his and raised on his own to the true biological father.
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From a Dad who has been targeted , hang strong for your kids

On another thread there is a discussion of Ted Talks, get this human a Ted Talk. That is an excellent description of both the situation and what parents can do, at least as far as the broken mental health and legal systems will allow the parents to do.

Get this guy a Ted Talk. Oh wait, he’s already available on YouTube. Anyone anytime can hear this. They just don’t care. Sloth, laziness, apathy, exploitation… they don’t care.

He’s my Ted Talk, I’m posting a link to this personal “Ted Talk” of a dad on my website. We have enough “experts.” He’s an expert. He knows this pathology well.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychology, PSY 18857

Touch-deprived infants have measurable differences in their genes, study suggests | Miami Herald

Education and Society erred in informing mothers and fathers

in providing truthful facts …

Whether or not you caress your baby enough can leave measurable effects on their genes, a study from the University of British Columbia found.
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Ode to James Abner Wheeler – 7 years Gone , Never Ever Forgotten

Dad loved country music , and I know he makes

merry music each day in spiritual joy that has no end .

Will The Circle Be Unbroken . Just for you Dad…with ❤️

~ Punkin’

Girl poses with dad and soon-to-be stepdad for dance

Dylan Lenox and David Lewis were confused as a same-sex couple before setting the record straight about their relationship.
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