Loved & Loved : She is Home 🏠

“When you look deep within

Beyond the surface pale

And the lined eyes,

Through the skein

Of fine lines that

Travel like tributaries

To your soul,

You might find

The wayward girl

you once knew…

The young girl lost

To the antics of living

Who bore you no ill will

But who couldn’t yet grasp

The magnitude of

Incremental action

Upon action

Upon action

Which creates the

Ultimate direction of

A troubled life.

You might find her,

Beneath the greeting

And the greying hair,

Beyond the freckled


And you might beckon

Her with forgiving heart

And loving arms

To welcome her into

The quiet, gorgeous room

With flowers and pink blossoms

With perfume and pretty things

With standing vases of

Bright poppies

And tulips –

Yes tulips –

And you will let her know

That finally, with you…

She is lived and loved

And she is home.”

Camilla Slater 2022.

(Love to all women with a spark in their eyes and a wayward past.🌷)

Copyright Camilla Slater 2022. All rights reserved.

Image Credit: Painting by Louis Treserras, 1958.

Love ❤️ & Loss

Nothing you love is lost.

Not really.

Things, people , they always go away, sooner or later.

You can’t hold them, any more than you can hold moonlight.

But if they’ve touched you, if they’re inside you, then they’re still yours.

The only things you ever really have are the ones you hold inside your heart ..

~ Bruce Coville ~

Artist Credit : Shawna Erback

Empaths & Old souls


Empaths have sensitivity towards movies, TV, videos, and news broadcasts that depict scenes of violence or physical or emotional pain and trauma, whether it is an adult, child or animal. This can reduce them to tears and cause them to become physically ill. They are unable to justify the suffering that they feel and see and have no tolerance for others who don’t share the same level of compassion as they do.

Empaths work in careers that enable them to help others, whether it’s with animals, nature or people. They are passionate about their work and their dedication to others. You will often find empaths in volunteer positions dedicating their time to help others without pay or recognition.

Due to their ceaseless imagination, empaths are great storytellers; they are constantly learning and asking questions. They are also very gentle and romantic; they have a passion for family history and will keep old photos, jewelry or other items of value that have been passed down from generations. They are often the ones who sit and listen to stories told by grandparents and great grandparents and hold a wealth of knowledge about the history of their family.

To suit the variety of moods that they experience, they listen to a range of music genres. People are often curious about their taste in music, especially the extent of the diversity. One minute they are listening to classical music and the next hardcore rap! The lyrics to a song can have a powerful effect on an empath, especially if it relates to something they have recently experienced. It is advised that empaths listen to music without lyrics to avoid sending their emotions into a spin.

Empaths use their body language as a form of expression; they can articulate themselves just as easily through dance, body movements and acting as they can through words. Empaths are capable of exhibiting high amounts of energy when they dance; they get lost in the music and enter into a trance-like state as their spirits sync with the beat and the lyrics. They describe this feeling as becoming completely lost in the moment; they are no longer aware of the presence of others.

Empaths have very attractive spirits, and so people are naturally drawn to them without understanding why. They will find that complete strangers feel comfortable talking to them about the most intimate subjects and experiences. Another reason why empaths are so magnetic is that they are very good listeners; they are bubbly, outgoing, enthusiastic and people love to be in their presence. They are the life and soul of any party, and people like to have them around because they feed off their energy.

Due to the extreme nature of their personality, the opposite is also true; their moods can switch in an instant and people will scatter like cockroaches to get away from them. If an empath doesn’t understand their gift, the burden of carrying so many emotions can be overwhelming. They don’t understand that they are feeling someone else’s emotions; it is confusing to them. One moment they are fine and the next they are feeling a tsunami of depression, which causes them to act out.

It is not a good idea to abandon an empath in the heights of one of their mood swings. Whoever is around at this time should lend them a shoulder to cry on, become compassionate, and be a listening ear. This return of emphatic emotional care will often lead to an instant recovery. Empaths are often misunderstood, and it is a crucial part of their journey that not only do they understand themselves but others around them do too.

Judy Dyer


I wonder if you know,

the work your body has done today.

And every day.

How much disease it has fought off.

How many times it could have failed but battled on,

how many ways it could have broken but did not.

I wonder if you know,

the work your body has done today.

And every day.

And each day it has done this amazing job,

without your help,

without your approval,

your acceptance,

your kindness.

Each day it has soldiered on,

regardless of the constant stream of negativity,

pulsing its way from your brain to your cells.

Not good enough.

Not attractive enough.

Not the right shape.

Perhaps it’s time to see your body for what is truly is,

An amazing and mind-blowingly competent machine.

To get your soul to where it needs to be in this life.

To let you live.

I wonder if you know,

how much better you would be as a team.

I wonder.

Donna Ashworth

From ‘I wish I Knew’:

Art by The Ronald West Gallery

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Blue Rays


The blue rays starseeds are a unique soul group that came through the blue ray of creation for benevolent purposes on this planet .

They have a strong connection to Source , the planet Sirius and have Christ consciousness encoding in their blueprint and embedded in their cellular structure and auric field.

Many of these experience very difficult childhoods because they purposely incarnate into certain family dynamics in order to transmute and heal that DNA lineage.

They are here to seed and create a new paradigm and template on the planet .

They are here to deliver the Christ consciousness blueprint to others through the merging of their energy fields with those of others.

Many of them will find that people either absolutely love them or feel uncomfortable to be around them.

This is because they embody truth and wisdom and many people aren’t ready to face the truth.

Blue ray beings are seekers of the truth themselves and have been searching for their own answers their whole lives.

The blueray starseeds are incredibly talented and easily learn new things.

This allows them to speed through life lessons and handle much more in life than others .

They seemingly make as many human mistakes as they can.

By doing this they rapidly learn lessons and bring themselves to the conclusion that there is way more to this human experience that meets the eye.

This results in awakening and they then can begin their divine work here on earth.

The bluerays have blue / purple auras and most have had ancient past lifetimes in Lemuria , Egypt and Atlantis just to name a few .

They all have a deep connection with esoteric knowledge and higher awareness

They are extremely intuitive, telepathic and strongly psychic.

They are Clairsentient , clairvoyant , with strong inner knowing

and feel the feelings of others even when they don’t try to .

This is because they are here to merge auric bodies with other light minded ones and share the Christ consciousness blueprint .

By Shari Mattson

New Moon Message ; Better late than Never

She speaks of the warrior of

Love being just and coming

from the heart .

My heart has been heavy for

a few days , and I sense others

lower vibes and I have a

matter of the heart mission

near completion . Imagine

a painting , awaiting a frame.

I cannot hang out in this place

and began my day wayyyyy

too early , so I cannot resist

another 2 hours of quiet .

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna