A level headed contemplation : Find Seek,The Event

This gal rocks it…indeed be lighter in

all ways , possible. The snake sheds its skin,

the frogs 🎶 gig on high, birds are pronouncing

along side the darkness and shadow to be as

a true child , return to the inner light of love .


With so much love ❤️

Blessings & Peace


Ascension , Abused , Addicted : Used & Formally Induced Into a Matrix I had to exit to thrive n survive .

This guy was so in point , and so freaking cool

in his delivery, I felt I must post it.

As I began my latest cycle of waking , I discovered a gal named

Karen Bishop , who wrote ” What’s Up on Planet Earth?

I wasn’t in awareness of her terminology, or experiences

but her strength of conviction, her open chatter of her moving

around , state to state , as her quest led her to the desert and

contact with her star folks increased , life happened.

Her daughter had twins , equally 3 and she moved closer

to her to assist in nurturing her grandchildren and supporting

her daughter. North Carolina , last I heard , Karen dropped

out of her blog , and books , as far as I know , but her wisdoms

as an Aussie , a younger woman , augmented the wisdoms

of women I have come into awareness of since the late 80’s .

and most profound to me was it only takes 11% of the world’s

population to effect change . Now I’m especially attached

to the number 11, for reasons that have been accumulating

in supporting my total and divine connection to god , having

been allowed the experience of being the mother vessel for

our eldest son Ivey …His birthday is a major event for me , as

I quietly celebrated this year , for he has long felt it necessary

to deaden our relationship. I have great compassion for his

personal experience and respect for his quest , and long ago

prayed for divine intervention , that he might waken .

I am assured we are all in stages of ascension , and that I

must share myself with those who need me , for I have

had more positive than adverse since I began to own

my past , and clearing as much as I possibly could.

Time has been a healer , and armed with my trio of

past, present and further , my visions align with much

of what this man articulates ..Being it ! Which has lovingly

been mirrored to me enough , that I’m releasing amazingly

calm, surrendered to my higher self, yet determined to

balance via the facts , the past 20 years , and of being a

silent partner by demand of a former whose still in

abuse mode after 42 years .


I am therefore determined to go higher with my story

and hopefully not have to speak of it , unless I choose

and am prepared . I choose to do this in a 3rd person

having moved past the repeat, repeat, repeat in my soul

that released in various ways, not all positive until……

Stages , all of life is a stage lol. Perhaps BoneZee369

speaks to you in some way.

I am feeling so much peace and calm today ! Sleeping

is off, however , as well as my gut, but I’m on it !

Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna


Young People Are Having Less Sex – The Atlantic

Very long , very through, enlightening info.

For many reasons , abstained, sex is common .

Despite the easing of taboos and the rise of hookup apps, Americans are in the midst of a sex recession.
— Read on www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2018/12/the-sex-recession/573949/

Scientists Have Observed Epigenetic Memories Being Passed Down For 14 Generations

I understand this is fact , and within our Quantium Leaping

we can individually , collapse the abuses and negatives of

14 generations …I’m preparing ..Clearing this for past, present

and future generations liberation ..

The most important set of genetic instructions we all get comes from our DNA, passed down through generations. But the environment we live in can make genetic changes, too.
— Read on www.sciencealert.com/scientists-observe-epigenetic-memories-passed-down-for-14-generations-most-animal

Scientists confirm: the more you hang out with your grandmother, the longer she’ll live

Each grandchild of my blood has a grandmother, and each

owns their territory , and reject or snub me , in total power.

It’s really sad and competitive .

I’ve never ever been rejected , the grandchild, quite the opposite .

I am known to them , and the breech seems in total and complete .

I don’t lack children of all ages, genders , and I don’t have a lack

of love..

Nature altered , the flow shut off , does effect grandchild

and grandparent ..

As I said , I’m invisible …

C ya

Scientists confirm: the more you hang out with your grandmother, the longer she’ll live
— Read on worthytosee.com/scientists-confirm-the-more-you-hang-out-with-your-grandmother-the-longer-shell-live/

Using the Family Court System to Abuse a Spouse

The whole of the system is due transforming .

Legal abuse and harassment of an ex-spouse are common in divorce cases when a spouse using the family court for revenge on an ex.
— Read on www.liveabout.com/using-the-family-court-system-to-abuse-a-spouse-1102429

CCHR Calls for Investigation Due to Sharp Increase in Psychiatric Drugging of Infants and Toddlers

I suspect these numbers are low.

In the mid to late 80s I heard a

Mom say she gave her toddler

Benadryl every night for sleep.

Families share RX , and stressed

out, working parents want sleep.

80% of Americans are prescribed

and use daily psychiatric RX .

The rate of psychiatric drugging of children has increased sharply despite the lack of evidence that these drugs are remotely safe for this age group.
— Read on www.einpresswire.com/article/477657755/cchr-calls-for-investigation-due-to-sharp-increase-in-psychiatric-drugging-of-infants-and-toddlers