When the kind parent is the targeted scapegoat

Tears flowed freely reading this , so much has been

evoked, and still each stands as is, not one true act

of family..quite the opposite …still.. Self revealing

and bound , with holding in secrets that uphold lies

and abuses sanctioned and supported in a corruption

of souls that decided I should be targeted .

Judges and critics , mentored children to dispose of me

and their survival required my living death . It’s very

hard to ignore , as my finances have been adversely affected

and still he threatens .

Adult Children with Cluster B personalities tend to use and abuse loving parents. Learn how to help them and yourself by setting healthy lifestyle boundaries.
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US Foster Care Supplies 88 Percent of Sex Trafficked Children, Study Finds | Neon Nettle

Neon Nettle – US Foster Care Supplies 88 Percent of Sex Trafficked Children, Study Finds – Data shows most child sex trafficking victims come from foster care
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Domestic abusers and stalkers should sign national register like sex offenders, commons report says

Domestic abusers and stalkers should be forced to sign a national register like sex offenders, a cross-party parliamentary report has said.
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Adverse Childhood Experiences ,Ignored #Physical Manifestations

Whole new avenues to explore

healthier , inventive , more

equatable family

solutions are here ,

Now 🤓🎁💯

ChildEquality is highlighted by inequality so

flagrant , such a failure , lacking nurture

and nature balanced in harmony that is coming

2020 shall reveal this ..✔️


How trauma reverberates down through generations and affects kids

As a kids’ book author, I’ve travelled all over Canada, talking about the history of FNMI people and the residential school system. I’ve witnessed the impact of the trauma firsthand. Many kids share that their families don’t talk about their experiences. The shame of their abuse still haunts them.
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Guns kill more U.S. kids than cancer. This emergency physician aims to prevent those firearm deaths | Science | AAAS

After her own violent childhood, Rebecca Cunningham is directing a landmark NIH project to jump-start research aimed at curbing childhood gun injuries
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#GirlsToo Pledge – Unite & Stop Sexual Harassment & Violence

For your consideration, I share this , and look forward

to signing for the Boy Scouts very soon.

Blessings & Peace


Pledge to join the movement against sexual harassment & violence toward women & girls. Recognize the Problem. Become the Solution. Make the Change.
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