How to break free of the matrix 🥰 this man’s sharing

He’s got a handle on much

Enjoy his messages throughly .

So much of my experience , he taps on,

giving it a name .

Blessings & Peace

Doña Luna

Winner & Still Champion : Appointed Judge Matriarch Of God

‘Twas no judge , but a critical matriarch, who

deemed me unworthy , and supported her son

by saving him from being responsible , but to

her .

Whatever bound them together , is still in play

tragically , and that energy has no healing ,

no compassion, only fear at getting caught

certainly never at what was done .

Silence, assured that given the past , their

funds , their connections , and careful planning

will never expose the abuse ; the living death

of separation before and during my induced

mental illness , assured the story line of my

unfitness , as compassion , often daily contact

was with held for 5 years as he searched for

his twin, and followed the same story line.

Of course , once again the victim , this horrible

experience reduced her to near death , as he

mourns the outgoing money he owes her ,

which limits his living as large as he has chosen

at the loss and expense of beloved’s , be they

romantic or children .

Confiding he’s executing the Will, will

not be the cake walk he expects ..

Light can only be had by truths, and there

is much to transform , releasing this finally

as the factual truths that lighten any soul

that chooses to see the challenge far exceeds

the desire to step into so much shadow .

I found it absolutely necessary , to process and

be responsible marriage dynamics that created

a living death , a surrogacy , induced mental

illness , that was professionally supported

and socially accepted as it appeared to be hell

on earth.. that family was unaware or unable

or saw the adversity as opportunity to prevail

by bottom-feeding, showing no connection

to any god I am aware of ..

By whatever name it is child abuse to abuse their

Mother . Abuse in drugging her , creating a monster

mirroring her abuse of this life , of generations

of abuse, that by very exposure enlightens

so many , and is whatever each of our sons

wishes to make of it.

Releasing them from shame , and any contract

that says they cannot own their feelings , or

heal some deep wounds , and release hatred

and grief from a past they , nor I were empowered

to combat , light so dimmed as not to exist .

Indeed Hell on Earth , that light of truth

vaporizes .

BBC – Future – Can the legacy of trauma be passed down the generations?

I personally can attest to this and have several

references to this being a reality .

It has also has empowering modalities

for coping healing , and of course the

Quantum response will crunch 14 generations

of adverse inheritances , very soon.


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Our children and grandchildren are shaped by the genes they inherit from us, but new research is revealing that experiences of hardship or violence can leave their mark too.
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God is a concept by which we measure our pain -Kryon2019

This was so calming in its generous message

of hope.

Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Releasing- Clearing -Dumping in an Energetic Shower

Seriously , all is energy , so I prefer knowing

and owning what’s mine ..that’s my responsibility .

So if I get off , I respond by eliminating what I

may have picked up during my day .

I am owning my magnetic 🧲 bad psychic self 😘.

Water is a ritual , long honored and revered

as a fisher of wo men ..

I recall my 1st experience was in Roanoke River

before Smith Mountain Lake , Mom and her Bd

Dolly , who I adored . Brother was along as

was Tommy Dolly’s eldest. I don’t recall if eldest

half -sister was there , or not .

We swam off the rocks ..I did not know how ,

and watched in awe as Mom dove in ..

I slipped , going down over and over ,

and the Dolly grabbed me up , saving my life .

Dolly was a beauty , smelled of Jergen’s body

lotion , grew tons of 🌺, and smiled a lot ..

Mom was always cheerful in her company

which had roots in childhood . Dad and her

husband were close as well.

Dad did not swim , never learned , and pneumonia

was drowning to him .. he was owning that as he

exited , transforming a huge fear , that his

essence of truth lightened him for his soul

journey .. it was as amazing and holy as

watching or giving birth .🙏🏼🎁🥳.

My immense grief was in loosing 2 brothers

as well, and again surrendering my Aries sister

to her journey .

I have located the source for a well, I seem to

drawn to moisture in addition to my water sign

my English /French /Native American , not

yet professionally defined , tends to be more

water inclined .

I have had the pleasure of claw leg tubs ,

hot tub , swimming pool, garden tub , having

grown up with tubs , only , it’s a preference .

Like Mama , I enjoy the hottest bath , red skin

and weak …Dad noted the likeness before exiting.

He turned the water off, after wetting down ,

lathered then turned water back on and rinsed .

All year round when possible.

Only recently, have I found a spot near an

Ancient river , perfect for New Moons

and there is a special enchanted pool near

me , rather difficult to get to ..but friends

nearby go, having 3 kiddies , both parents

are a must . Dad can’t be freed , as often

as needed , so , I am holding space to be

joining them !

There’s lots of that going on, the children

I connect with , has been occurring on

some level since I woke , 2003, as #1 grand

son arrived .. Now , it’s like totally chill ,

and I could not be more pleased ..Sweaty boys,

pigtailed girls and they who are gender neutral

being who they are ..

All in between , there has been nothing more

love ❤️ healing .

Though it’s grey and dim outside , my heart

and soul are peaceful and blissed out !

Water , in the form of a hot shower , and a

salt bath at dusk.

My favorite time of day, the dimming or blending

integration of night and day ..

*Very hard , but I’m making the effort to stay

hydrated ..No sugar , lots of water, watermelon

juice , no breads , or heavy food .. primrose oil

electrolytes, mineral complex, C and Ds , Omegas

magnesium, Bs help ..

I’ll post about my dental protocol as well, which

has been challenged of late for many reasons

on many levels

Blessing & Peace

Doña Luna ©️

Shower clearing

Tina Turner On life, her book, her son’s suicide ..Buddhism on high .

From Domestic Abuse , ill health , to her exquisite

happiness and peace .


Top of The World – Dixie Chicks grieving release 🙏🏼

This song applies to men in my life, Beloved’s,

so many who have been separated from their life

as beings vs doers…Devalued , as Spiritual,

Sensitive , In all manner of ways in the

culture of suicide , I certainly noted in Mama

who did not hear me, to Dad who did , and

checked into it .. He researched, read , watched

informative programs on his own time , which

was precious little. His inability to correctly

articulate his feelings , was awkward , funny

teasing and enduring .. I had no problem

being honest with him , and that was paramount

as I came to in 2003 , and in that heightened inducement

of mania , I picked up the gauntlet to insure

his last years would witness his Divine Rebirth

Of Spirit and out of the Shadow .

So intensely independent , I had not been allowed

to have an awareness of his personal stuff. He

discussed health issues , lack of care therein ,

concerned about cost, government, etc

and I watched the diminishment, intensify

having no clue of his RX which were guided

by a NP family add on who rescued him

often out her stash.. It’s common , both

having wads Of prescriptions as is common

if you’re in the business…of AMA death ..

Dad spent many years out of it , doing his

coping , self care , holed up in his home

in his BarcaLounger , content in his world.

Blocked grief was slowly and gently released

as I healed and as he began his in / out ,

I was allowed the gift of recalling him of

both his Mom and his wife , whom he

had openly mourned in a culture of society

that withdrew from him , in the pain

associated with another’s grief , and pain.

Only his youngest sister whom called every

Sunday , cared deeply and heard him

when I was unable by psychiatry, DA ,

and loss of our children’s faith and love.

I put it together in those last years , with

an awareness in the last 18 months , foretold

and put into motion to create the most

deserved Divine exit, including releasing

him from guilt , shame, all the lower energy

which were evoked by those caretakers

who profited in many ways , including

the Karmic fallout , they were ill prepared


Releasing with him was freaking hard, but

I stood, even as I was shamed . I walked

away , in my not being allowed to know

his diagnosis .

Until the very end …

However , I realized that like the child he was

to my mother , and vice verse , I had to gift him

by letting him go, in my consciousness .

I allowed my heart to break open at his

bravery , for being my guide , in grieving

as I was unable to as Mim exited in 99

and scream at the denial, due psychiatry

shadow and the gift in that because her exit

would have triggered so many traumas

as an unhealed survivor , I could have lost

myself permanently in the matrix ..

She had hung in until sister Bonnie , her

1st joined her in a portal of welcome as they

both crossed .

Mom was waiting , undone , watching over

each of us since 1999.. Dad held in until

2012, as he openly expressed his concern for

How would I be without him”. I touched my

heart , then my head , I assured him he

would always and forever be , as would Mom.

The pain associated with my childhood

was by then tempered , reviewed , reduced

in such a way to make it all about him.

Ideally , but without support , I was unable

due to his concern of burning through his

estate , and leaving me nothing .

As I had been disadvantaged in my marriage

as he reviewed his loss , he was StockholmEd

as revenge and greed in real time allowed

me to know I was out of that matrix for sure

as threats rained from mouths of womb mates

I realized my error in judgement of masculine

energy was an in-house filter , that created

my ability to sense that in men , totally

missing the narcissist who is the trauma

victim often forever and ever .

As this song denotes the standard masculine

concept of his worth , upheld by an unconscious

family/partner/society is relegated to an end

such as it was.

Proudly Dad labored toward his open portal

towards Divine that I witnessed over the hours

and he did resists , drugged into submission

morphined that there were no words to be

exchanged .

Our connection was such , that words

were not necessary .

I requested and received music to aid him

for hours , his music .. Amongst the lowest

of low for this Beloved Father Of Light

(Abner) I watched as he rose , to join his

angels and spirit guide , witnessed his seeing

them at least 6 times and I was eased

into releasing him into the loving arms

he so deserved .

What was negative in the exit was external

energy of lower consciousness that did not

deflect the Divinity . The sibling abuses

continued with legal abuse , financial abuse

threats and control ..Spewing their toxic

emotions, I was aware of the finality of Dads

earth existence was ending the abusive

sibling contract , and that was indeed

a gift as a elder responsible Old Soul .

It was much like a labor, a birth in

witnessing Dad’s exit , regretting Mama

did not have the same experience ..letting

go..allowing light to heal the shadow , but

NOT ONCE regretful of his much delayed


He exited as he was assured I was ok.

He was aware and is of what went down

and will guide and protect me in my truth

and revelations , finding my voice even

as my heart pounds , to STAND for the

more conscious choices in child rearing

divine masculine of balanced natures

and nurture ..

Knowing you are enough is essential

Not allowing anyone to abuse that , in any

manner will cost ya, dearly …

Dad left here knowing better , as I give

Thanks each day for his essential light

and love ,

For each man ready to receive the message

Top of the World bringing heaven to earth

requires effort you are worthy and capable

of , and the Beloved awaits your tempered

fire and return to love , ever lasting

ever and ever more .

Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna