Judgement Explained by Tarot , plus my experience

Around over 5 thousand years , Tarot became

evil, blasphemy, with the dominate male

who shielded abuses behind religious

inference , his way, and women were

discriminated against . Witches , Crones

translated to Wise Women, and irreverence

for wisdoms in all things was banished

slowly , over 100s of thousands of years

ago; a division that currently has a raw open

wounded , often dank energy .. it’s healing

as this last cycle of division lends itself to


In self help, like astrology , amongst so many

modalities of self awareness , we try to accept

our Divinity while healing ourselves that

we bring heaven to earth…

That judgement card tricked me at 1st, and

I pulled a lot of swords ….



Adverse Childhood Experiences ,Ignored #Physical Manifestations

Whole new avenues to explore

healthier , inventive , more

equatable family

solutions are here ,

Now πŸ€“πŸŽπŸ’―

ChildEquality is highlighted by inequality so

flagrant , such a failure , lacking nurture

and nature balanced in harmony that is coming

2020 shall reveal this ..βœ”οΈ


Dozens Of CPS Caseworkers Caught Lying, Falsifying Documents | Parents Rights Blog

It’s rampant in Family Court

In Immigration

In Child Protective Services .

Sex Traffickers

Religions Accepted Sex Abuse

In house Sex Abuse

Affluence Protection Monied,Connected , Guarded Secret Societies

It’s definitely a Human Rights Violation to #EraseFamilies

So glad this is revealed , and transformed ASAP

Dozens Of CPS Caseworkers Caught Lying, Falsifying Documents When Child Protective Services received a complaint that a Harris County father had choked his teenage daughter, caseworker Michelle Robinson said she hurried to the house, conducted a thorough investigation, determined there was no merit to the allegations and closed the case. Except she didn’t. In October,…
β€” Read on towardchange.wordpress.com/2015/04/10/dozens-of-cps-caseworkers-caught-lying-falsifying-documents/

Advanced Style – 26 Stylish Seniors Who Refuse to Wear Old-People Clothes

A personal evolution has me on a similar path as

revealed in these photos . Part of that was the many

years of dark, drab, cloths that had me safely blend

in , no matter where I was.

Colorized , as I came to in 2004/5 , which had me

renewing interest in looking nice , having no idea

of what my best or fav was, which took time

as I peeled the layers of unknowing , trial and error

I created , and continue my more mystical journey

of dress as often as possible .

Blessings & Peace

Much appreciation for this! 😘

Photographer Ari Seth Cohen, author of ‘Advanced Style,’ creates photos of older adults wearing jaw-dropping styles that belong on the fashion runway.
β€” Read on winkgo.com/26-stylish-seniors/

A Mission , I believe in, She will have a place in restructure 😍 that’s inclusive of consciousness and empowerment. β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ§ πŸŽ

Chronic Trauma is just one of the truths that Marianne Williamson

speaks of in her mission statement . Her concepts of what it is

and how to resolve many issues , resonates with my own.

It’s hard to describe the gifts she brought to me 25 years ago

when my body soul and mind were induced into C-PTSD .

I had to disassemble why I was not seen, why I was not heard

and not seen, and that bond in trauma that’s worthy of sacred

healing , for each and every man, woman, and child in each

of us ..