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A new study that will soon be published in General Hospital Psychiatry found that many older adults who take antidepressants are also prescribed multiple other medications simultaneously, known as polypharmacy. In fact, the study showed that 73% of these older adults were prescribed multiple medications. Additionally, more than half of these patients were prescribed other drugs that could potentially cause problems when combined with their antidepressants, referred to as potentially inappropriate medications (PIMs).

The researchers also found that certain factors made it more likely for an older adult to be prescribed multiple medications, such as being older, unmarried, living in a rural area, having a non-western background, or having physical illnesses. However, having a history of using antidepressants or having a psychiatric diagnosis did not necessarily make it more likely for someone to be prescribed multiple medications.

This study highlights the importance of being aware of the potential risks of polypharmacy, especially in older adults, and the need for healthcare providers to consider the medications they prescribe to their patients carefully. The authors explain:

“A high prevalence of concurrent use of polypharmacy with antidepressants and PIMs with antidepressants was observed with a proportion of 73% and 56%, respectively. Socially disadvantaged and physically and mentally vulnerable older adults appeared more likely to have polypharmacy and PIMs use with antidepressants.”

Alarming Overprescription Patterns for Older Adults on Antidepressants

I can attest to this as an elder and the pushing owww.madinamerica.com/2023/03/alarming-overprescription-patterns-for-older-adults-on-antidepressants/

Age myths


The director of the George Washington University College of Medicine argues that the brain of an elderly person is much more plastic than is commonly believed. At this age, the interaction of the right and left hemispheres of the brain becomes harmonious, which expands our creative possibilities. That is why among people over 60 you can find many personalities who have just started their creative activities.

Of course, the brain is no longer as fast as it was in youth. However, it wins in flexibility. That is why, with age, we are more likely to make the right decisions and are less exposed to negative emotions. The peak of human intellectual activity occurs at about 70 years old, when the brain begins to work at full strength.

Over time, the amount of myelin in the brain increases, a substance that facilitates the rapid passage of signals between neurons. Due to this, intellectual abilities are increased by 300% compared to the average.

And the peak of active production of this substance falls on 60-80 years of age. Also interesting is the fact that after 60 years, a person can use 2 hemispheres at the same time. This allows you to solve much more complex problems.

Professor Monchi Uri from the University of Montreal believes that the brain of an elderly person chooses the least energy-intensive path, cutting unnecessary and leaving only the right options for solving the problem. A study was conducted in which different age groups took part. Young people were confused a lot when passing the tests, while those over 60 made the right decisions.

Now let’s look at the features of the brain at the age of 60-80. They are really rosy.


1. The neurons of the brain do not die off, as everyone around them says. Connections between them simply disappear if a person does not engage in mental work.

2. Absent-mindedness and forgetfulness appear due to an overabundance of information. Therefore, you do not need to focus your whole life on unnecessary trifles.

3. Beginning at the age of 60, a person, when making decisions, uses not one hemisphere at the same time, like young people, but both.

4. Conclusion: if a person leads a healthy lifestyle, moves, has a feasible physical activity and has full mental activity, intellectual abilities DO NOT decrease with age, but only GROW, reaching a peak by the age of 80-90 years.

So don’t be afraid of old age. Strive to develop intellectually. Learn new crafts, make music, learn to play musical instruments, paint pictures! Dance! Take an interest in life, meet and communicate with friends, make plans for the future, travel as best you can. Don’t forget to go to shops, cafes, concerts. Do not lock yourself alone – it is destructive for any person. Live with the thought: all the good things are still ahead of me!

A large study in the United States found that:

The most productive age of a person is from 60 to 70 years;

The 2nd most productive human stage is the age from 70 to 80 years old;

3rd most productive stage – 50 and 60 years old.

Before that, the person has not yet reached his peak.

The average age of the Nobel Prize laureates is 62;

The average age of the presidents of the 100 largest companies in the world is 63 years;

The average age of pastors in the 100 largest churches in the United States is 71;

The average age of dads is 76 years.

This confirms that a person’s best and most productive years are between 60 and 80 years of age.

This study was published by a team of doctors and psychologists in the NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE.

They found that at 60 you reach the peak of your emotional and mental potential, and this continues until you are 80.

Therefore, if you are 60, 70 or 80 years old, you are at the best level of your life.

* SOURCE: New England Journal of Medicine *.

Granny wisdom

“Grandma, how do you cope with pain?”

“With your hands, honey.

If you do it with your mind instead of relieving the pain, it toughens even harder.”

“With your hands grandma?”

“Yes, our hands are the antennae of our soul.

If you move them; knitting, cooking, painting, playing or sinking them into the ground, you send care signs to the deepest part of you and your soul lights up because you’re paying attention to it.

Then signs of pain will no longer be necessary.”

“Hands are really that important?”

“Yes my daughter. Think of babies: they start to know the world through the touch of their hands.

If you look at the hands of old people, they tell you more about their life then any body part. Everything that is done by hand is said to be done with the heart.

Because it’s really like this: hands and heart are connected.

Masseurs know well: when they touch someone with their hands, they create a deep connection.

It is precisely from this connection that healing comes.

Think of lovers: when they touch their hands, they make love in a more sublime way.”

“My hands grandma…. how long I haven’t used them like this!”

“Move them, my love.

Begin to create with them and everything within you will begin to move.

The pain will not pass away.

And instead what you do with them will become the most beautiful masterpiece and it won’t hurt anymore.

Because you have been able to transform its essence.. 💕💕💕

Elena Bernabe

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Life & Death in Assisted Living

Assisted living does not have the same laws and regulations and as this documentary points out , many lives are lost unnecessarily.

The cholesterol drugs are responsible in large part for the increased dementia.

The brain needs the right fats and lots of hydration. Little is done nutritionally to serve our elders and as their money gets tighter and little oversight is given by friends and family the perfect storm is created .

5k a month for assisted living ??

Seriously , I’ll never entertain either nursing home or assisted living .

What I witnessed with Mom and Dad was vulgar .

Mom developed fibromyalgia after an open heart surgery error left her with infection that required her incision be open for 6 months as I understand it.

Dad paid to have her cared for by the best in ate area . She was in great pain and I visited her and reported this to the nurses station . With no feeling at all the nurse snapped back at me that they were not staffed enough to turn Mom every 15 minutes !

Her job as a nurse and where she was a patient , told her they could not care for her ; nothing more they could do and sent her home to die .

Thus the nursing home

Dad took her out and brought her home where she died in her own bed days later .

The same thing happened with half sister , a nurse in Alabama who lost her speech and hearing and again her husband was told to take her home to die .

Both were under 68 and pensions were saved payout by corporate hospitals .

It’s disgusting as I have always noted , how elders are ” managed” in the USA