Stella – SGB Treatment for PTSD

I only glanced at this offering, one of many as trauma

healing and experts abound ..

I have learned in council that folks take advice that’s

distorted and very scary , leaning to hopelessness.

I made it a mission to wake and heal with little idea

of the fall out .

I just knew how much damage had been done to serve

those who devalued me , even to 3 sons , no regard to

their emotional wellbeing , creating much more to

my efforts to explain , which he could not or would not

understand , becoming the victim and victor .

Secrets , lies , safe ,. Traumas ignored , healing ignored

facts ignored , only more of the same …holding to what

feeds the manipulator

Be very careful when buying into anything until careful

research …

Watch “False Memories — Exploration By a Former Trauma Therapist” on YouTube

It is well know that trauma distorts the brain in shape

etc ..abuse \trauma as well..

I personally walked back a lot , for years accessing

memories and asking for help from family after waking

from 13 years of induced mental illness. I had lots of

time for this as years rolled by and and all was forgiven

and excused , psychiatric drugs adversely effected other

family members and children, but denial continued .

I had much memory come back , and over the years of

emesshment in someone else’s trauma,/ drama and

opinion , being targeted for daring to speak truth , to be

spiritual, to be responsible for everything and everybody

and be targeted for failing to serve the family , as I’ve

been told cost me rights with 2 innocent grandchildren .

This family code was forced , I was lulled , I fell in line to

a point and have found myself accused of all manner of

attrosities . Lots of details I cannot share at this time .

I have asked questions , studied , been counciled, isolate

from folks in huge increments of time to learn all I could

and I totally understand the dynamics of traumatic

memory etc , and denial of such has side effects . I made

many errors , in addiction to psychiatric drugs but I

might be a street addict for the judgements made and

carried out and judged for lack of awareness or other

The results cost children of healthy parents by legal

lethal addictions and stressors of being somebody are

erasing families .

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna