True cases where Husband wins despite Domestic/ChildAbuse

Amy is a young Mom of 5, who is a powerful advocate .

She began a cause ,not to medicate pregnant women

with Psychiatric RX . Amy was awarded her efforts .

For years enduring a false intent that allows ex to

have primary custody , and still coming at her for

money …

Amy is through and brilliant in her efforts .. Educated

to practice law, in Texas , she was traumatized and pregnant

years ago , failing the bar test just as Court loomed and

their 2 sons were awarded to ex… like mine never stops the

abuse , total destruct of Amy …

I’ll share her new Facebook page , towards Mother-Child Rights

also. Perhaps worthy for any parent , as rulings teach us

of court systems …

©️ Doña Luna

Blessings & Peace

Doña Luna

The Smell of Newborn Babies Triggers the Same Reward Centers as Drugs | Smart News | Smithsonian

My sense of smell is acutely aware , babies smell good , and signal

yet more connections in bonding …using terms addiction like drug

reduces the nature of that bond ..

There is much on “high “, holy connections , projected as bad

or addictive in the not knowing …


When women catch the scent of a newborn baby, their dopamine pathways in a region of the brain associated with reward learning light up
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Pregnancy and Demerol Use: A Guide To Potential Side Effects

Arriving at the hospital at 2 am , 2 weeks late , I was advised

to return home as I was in the early stages of labor .

Another nurse felt my belly, feeling all baby , and stated

she wasn’t going to listen to the doctor’s orders to hold

my labor back, because he did not want to come out .

Instead I was given another drug , yet another very poor

choice for our baby ..

how close I came to loosing our 1st child , who presented

2 weeks , late , 9lbs 2/3 Oz and 22 ” long , with his cord

wrapped around his neck 3 times , his skin bluish purple

and asleep .

Doctor, Sonogram , all off .

I sent roses to my delivery nurse who took charge

and a letter to the OB , who ignored the struggle

for life created , the addict , the disconnected

mother- child , that becomes a mental or behavioral

health issue .

It’s way past time for clarity and responsibility from

all health practitioners/professionals , that all are not

tainted with such grievous practices .


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

The risks associated with pregnancy and Demerol use should be considered by women who plan to receive this pain medication during labor and delivery. Demerol, a narcotic used for pain management and sedation purposes, has not been determined as safe for women to use during pregnancy but is approved for use during the process of childbirth. Since Demerol can cause expectant mothers to experience side effects and babies to experience withdrawal symptoms, the use of this drug must be monitored.
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Twilight Sleep, A painless Birth , producing an drugged baby and mother common until 1970

I found an article on this , common drug combo, which carried

enough horror , at what I knew was Mom’s experience

after , her 1st child at 17, and bonding dis not happen,

rather shame for not being wed.

She was ignored in her labor with Dad and her 1st born

whom she spontaneously birthed dead and in early

decomposition . Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was not

acknowledged , perhaps seen as hysteria , so I have

no doubt that Mom was drugged with this lethal cocktail

of hypnotic /addictive pharmaceuticals .

Which resulted in my rejecting Mom’s milk , which imprinted

both of us , and led to my new born self , being sent home

with a Mom who was having latch problems ( my tongue

was clipped ) having rejected Mom, who is uber sensitive

only to return after 5 days so dehydrated , near death

which must have felt like another failure to her , that she took

very deeply .

After acknowledging, this , I released so much pain of not

knowing and any separation that may have existed , was

vapor and only love remains .

This was a huge gift for my healing on Mother’s Day ,

as well as I will post on how each of our sons was

also drugged with adverse effects that are passed off as

an issue of baby or mom and not the toxicity or addictive

reality that does much harm.

I have had to take the time to process this , as well

as withholding , in mindfulness of catalyzing

memory or truth for others .

I have have been awash in gratitude for the knowing

and in total awe and surrender of a Mother , a wife

a nurse and so much more who lost much , eventually

her life to AMA medicine , in her trust of what she knew

to be true , socially, religiously , and in her acceptance

which has been a force within me , and the effect of

a Mother – Daughter dynamic seen by Psychiatric as

a foundation for , if not a Behavioral Disorder .

As are the adverse effects of vaccines .

As are adverse effects of dental mercury .


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna