Messages , I have no shame in sharing what has evolved in self truths on deep levels . Crazy ?

I may come off as crazy , rather than a seeker of truths

and collective consciousness has a responsibility to speak

up and those who are receiving, share the message .

Some are intrigued and search further , like Dora the Explorer

I am but a seed planter , more and more fertile , as pearls

of wisdoms come to me as affirmations , as ancestors ,

as present , and future that is all I know as spirit .

Between traffic, I have noisy birds , messaging , trees

Chattering , life ongoing .

My physical soothing is tangible , as is my spiritual..

The silent support of the Universe , whilst I again

prepare to face my abuser ..

I hug the Mother Love and the support that daily

increases in awareness of the separation of families

for profit , power , and ongoing oppositional

benefits to corporate America’s militant denial

of a more civil , moral and just society.

No more mask, no more falsehoods ,it’s

Show and Tell time .

Begin gently with Dick and Jane ….

May you be Blessed by just what your need/desire today .

Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

There are no spiritual rules .

Coming Out – SuperPowers Of Empathy

Today I rejoice in total acceptance, of all that

got me here .. Ancestors whom were perceived

as this or that, labeled forever negatively

as well as some living had/mask their sensitivities .

My current research has graced me , beyond

measure , in a true liberation that has resulted

in so much love ❤️ and liberation I am weak

with it .. Truths convey so much lightness

of being and where I must dwell.

While I am mindful of others energies , I

have amassed armor that shields me , or I

can transmute quickly , in large part due to

final exams, that signify that graduation has

allowed me mastership, and anyone who

is threatened by me , is not .. I decide how

much energy I wish to put in any situation

and in doing so have reduced repeated drains

as I live as quietly and peaceful as possible .

‘Tis only a facet of being multi-dimensional

a result of so many experiences good/bad

and all between , of many life’s .

Our conditioning, and social denial of

our essential self , has failed as we witness the

evolutionary leap forward , and the knowledge

and acceptance of our many gifts , will be

exposed .

The insanity of repression , thus depression

is the shadow being revealed that much can

be transmuted , rejected , and eliminated .

Exits will increase of those who can move on

and those whose nature is shadow , denial

greed , abuse , etc .. our Leap forward threatens

their status quo , steeped in failure to own

their power to heal their own wounds …

I honor both , I honor I have made all efforts

possible in many cases , and I release and forgive

myself if I erred, in ignorance, and I release

my responsibility , in honor of the individual

choice of one’s destiny .


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Scapegoat : I had no idea it would go so far , trounce another generation 2 as well.

Ending this , is difficult, given the length and intensity

of the acceptance of erroneous information, drama

and hysteria , that lacks reason.. effectively having

revealed it self , and there is naught to do, but see

it through ..

Will I be heard ? Will I trigger some? Will retaliation be

the normal response ?

All is in perfect order ..

Revelations , open the wound to be healed , the best choice

and the free will to do what one chooses .

It was part of my experience in becoming

myself , interested , instead of the fractured , dislocated

disposed of , I know my dimensions ..And

what’s brought me to my knees time and time

again is love .

And light .

I am ever Thankful for this post of truth , the

Shadow , the deep study , taking time and

responsibility in transforming his life

as aiding others by sharing his experience .


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Should “Parental Alienation” Be Criminalized? | Psychology Today


There may need to be consequences for a “parentectomy,” but criminalization is not the best route.
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Adverse Childhood Trauma Attracts Narcissistic :Moth2Flame

Body symptoms are a reality , psychological

survival ,Flight or Fight , are real.

Finding aide mainstream , is repeated insanity .

Finding those who know what it is and

self empowered modalities are a choice to

exit an abusive situation , and thrive .


#RisingFromGenerationalTrauma 🐵


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

How Childhood Trauma Makes Us Susceptible to


Melanie Tonia Evans


Can we get this done Universally, YES .

I have never read of this , it’s lodged in my gut …

It smacks if truths , especially the psychiatry.

as well as the law

and the visceral fear , hatred and continuation .


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

A BLUEPRINT ON HOW IT WORKS The main way that high level initiates of Freemasonry can have a long running supply of children for sexual abuse is by infiltrating Child Care Centres, Government-run Children’s Homes and Boys Clubs.
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A Shamans View of Mental Illness – Forever Conscious

Totally correct , in my experience and study ..

A Shamans View of Mental Illness – Forever Conscious
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