Judges, Councilors DO NOT put your child first

Judges and counsellors do not have the power to turn a narcissistic parental alienator into a decent human being who agrees it’s in the child’s best interests to have both loving parents in their life. Court orders cannot make an immature, vengeful, alienating parent put their child’s needs first, encouraging and supporting a relationship with their other parent (and all their family). This is presuming the courts and counsellors even manage to detect the alienating behaviours and act upon them to safeguard the child from further deterioration in their relationship with the loving, caring available but maligned ‘target’ parent. Often they don’t do this and stick with the status quo because of the ‘voice of the child’ (indoctrinated/alienated). Admittedly, they’ve got to work with a lot of conflicting, incomplete information, manipulation and false allegations. But they must know that narcissistic, alienating parents – the ones who have their child entirely on their side, aligned and turned against the other parent – are unlikely to co-parent, collaborate or follow court orders. Court orders rely on a parent who is capable of emotionally and psychologically abusing their child with coercive control, lies, and alienating behaviours, to suddenly do what’s right for their child, and somehow, miraculously, correct their disordered pathology and pattern of behaviours. These court orders are hopeless if they’re not legally enforced as well, and at no extra time and expense. There has to be a change in custody, a fine, or some consequence to prevent the alienating parent from wasting any more of anyone’s precious time and money, and more importantly, from prolonging, exacerbating – even condoning and sanctioning – the alienation from the ‘target’ parent.

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APA , Childress agree, not such thing as parental alienation , it’s Child Psychological Abuse, continuation of Malignant , intimate partner violence

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Am I clear? I want to be entirely clear. I agree with the American Psychiatric Association.

I’m an old-school conservative clinical psychologist. I apply knowledge, I don’t create it.

The Gardnerian PAS “experts” are a rag-tag group of misfit toys. Am I being vague? I don’t want to be vague, I want to be clear.

They reject the diagnostic guidance of the American Psychiatric Association – they think the APA is wrong and that they know more about diagnosis than the APA – and they reject the ethical guidance of the American Psychological Association – they think ethical standards don’t apply to them.

They’re wrong, they do. Ethical Standards of practice are mandatory. Ethical practice is not optional, it is required.

In 2013 the American Psychiatric Association made its determination on the diagnostic construct of “parental alienation” with the publication of the DSM-5. They said no – the APA said there is no such thing as “parental alienation”. For all professionals, that’s the end of it. That’s the end of the discussion. The APA said no, it does not exist as a diagnostic entity.

I agree 100% with the American Psychiatric Association. The construct of “parental alienation” is the worst diagnostic model for a pathology ever constructed since the beginning of time. It is awful, absolutely awful in so many ways.

The American Psychiatric Association is right. I agree with the American Psychiatric Association, there is no such thing as “parental alienation” – Childress, year 1.

The Gardnerian PAS “experts” assert that the APA is wrong. They assert that they know more about diagnosis and pathology than the American Psychiatric Association does, and they CONTINUE to use a diagnostic construct that does NOT exist in professional psychology.

In continuing to use the construct of “parental alienation” in a professional capacity, the Gardnerian PAS “experts” substantially degrade the quality of mental health services in the family courts.

The Gardnerian PAS “experts” are a fringe group of professionals who reject the diagnostic guidance of the American Psychiatric Association and the ethical guidance of the American Psychological Association.

Meanwhile, the forensic custody evaluators in the family courts are ignorant, incompetent, and unethical – and no one cares. They are simply financially exploiting the parent while solving nothing.

We need a pilot program for the family courts with university involvement for evaluation research to develop standardized high-quality diagnostic assessment and treatment protocols.

Amicus Letter for CA SB-331

Risk Assessment Handout

Craig Childress, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, CA PSY 18857

Reinforcing the status quo instead of liberation

I personally found this so

My last Psychiatric Dr h did not stop my liberation . She told me I should become a Dr

I asked her if I needed therapy ?

Not without your children 🧒

Blessings & Peace ☮️

Dona Luna🐸


APA Convention 2019 – American Psychological Association

I would love to attend , given that the 2019 Convention

discussed real progress in Family Counseling, Parental Alienation

Domestic/ChildAbuse …A whole body of informed affected parents

and children included

Join the American Psychological Association at the APA 2019 Convention, August 8-11 in Chicago!
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