Setting a standard

4.26.19: Conversations have an almost uncanny way of looping back to wellbeing and fitness today, no matter the direction you try to steer them. Perhaps there are some words of wisdom on those topics that you’re meant to hear in the repetitive mix. There are always more ways to squeeze healthy foods and activities into your lifestyle, and positively influence your family’s habits. Don’t ignore the proven benefits of stress reduction and sufficient rest. Dr. Sonya Friedman wrote, “The way you treat yourself sets the standards for others.”

DM and Feminine can hold distorted Feminine Energy begging to heal and balance

Guidance, expressed the speed within the transformation

of Divine Masculine has been so well supported in his

efforts to rise that the process has accelerated !

With R. Kelly , media , a whole other can of worms

was opened and it took me back to the music men types

of time, who gave the ladies favors of ” 🐝” Yellow Jackets

as reward..Pot was a given, cocaine was a thing .

Partner friends in the 80’s rented lemo’s , rented lover’s

apartments , and ” former ” wanted to our

home with our sons , upstairs in their space. Party and drinking

was all that was life for him..

I realize many influences that split a personality , trauma does

that. I considered him very wounded , and have no idea what true

love looks like to him.. listening to the abusive nature of RKelly

and the trauma still in his victims , hearing charges will be filed

for sex with a 14 year, knowing with each survivor is now lifted

supported , and is way much lighter …

Past lives says I was masculine in a life cycle, I was a black bag

Country Dr ..Past life says I have killed defending my family,

myself. Past life says a man has given birth; has mothered .

And trauma can split, fracture you into pieces , you forget exist .

Trauma, can nudge you, to wake, as can repeated negative , unhappy

relationships , fear of ” collapsing ” within , of never retrieving your

self even if in a place of misery , it’s often a choice made ..the unknown

is very scary , as is change, surrender , loosing control.

There is guidance , that will allow for a safer healing , and supported

as has born out is united , in an effort to establish the Art Of 💕Love.

And it’s working grandly; I could not be more proud of each of us.

It was horrific to witness the digression of former , as he became

more successful, busy and continued the night life/ highlife , and

witnessed couples interactions , the burden of living a lie , kept

me low, drained, unbalanced because I never knew what he’d do

next..His 3rd person self tales utilized a friend’s name , he was

always covered..A gal told my friend , she could have him, and she

did.. Sacred unions were blaze’ , mocked at being family men,

rather be friends with their kids.. Empty , shallow Hal’s , whose

wives mourned a partner , feeling oppressed and depressed to

discover a halted arrested emotional development .

I understand that so much better, regrettably it took so long ,

It is inner work that’s required and with feminine support

and current fallen angels predominating , a massive amount

of masculines are rising , ascending to join in lighting

this planet 🌎up , lifting it so all are risen , and as much darkness

is muted , with the knowledge this does not ever have to cycle

ever again…Never Ever😜

All planets in retrograde have gone direct.

New Year energy and creativity are uber high.

Try visualization of Beloved’s fulfillment of their

hottest dream / desire , for 5 minutes.

Then your own, for 5 minutes as he would wish

for you.

Pick a theme for 2019. Pick a song that will be your

signature song for 2019.

See the big picture, in grand scale ..then break it down

to doable, daily achievements , and reward yourself

Nothing but self love, which is the

Reflection on Past experiences in love

Reflect back on a series of challenging events in your love life, you may be revisiting the lessons of love that you haven’t yet taken on board.
check yourself before you wreck yourself:
Ask yourself what you’ve done that you could have done better.
Be honest about your role in a recent relationship row.
Do whatever you can to own your shadow, because the
only way to learn from your mistakes is to admit the truth As you reflect back on a series of challenging events in your love life, you may be revisiting the lessons of love that you haven’t yet taken on board.
check yourself before you wreck yourself:
reflect back on a series of challenging events in your love life,
you may be revisiting the lessons of love that you haven’t yet taken on board.
check yourself before you wreck yourself:
Ask yourself what you’ve done that you could have done better.
Be honest about your role in a recent relationship row.
Do whatever you can to own your shadow, because the only way to learn from your mistakes is to admit the truth to yourself.
From here on in, things are only going to be better.
Ask yourself what you’ve done that you could have done better.
Be honest about your role in a recent relationship row.
Do whatever you can to own your shadow, because the only way to learn from your mistakes is to admit the truth to yourself.
From here on in, things are only going to be yourself.
From here on in, things are only going to be better.


A healer heals you A guide guides you  That’s why you go to them. That’s the role they’re playing for you at the time.  Sure we have healing energy in ourselves. We go to teachers to learn how to access it if it doesn’t occur or unfold naturally.  And make no mistake, a healer in session is not using your own energy to heal yourself. Please study different modalities in the healing field before making or believing statements like that.   They are ideally aligning with Source to do so and in specific ways. And no, whilst you are an aspect of Source ….  that’s not what a healer is tapping into in that session.   Sure we have wisdom in ourselves. We find guides who help us find that awareness we forgot we had  And no, it is the guide’s wisdom that is helping you through at that time. It is their ability to recognize a pattern and assist in it’s identification and resolution.  There’s this very narcissistic idea present in contemporary spirituality that denies the skill, energy and work of facilitators, especially with the rhetoric of Oneness.   And honestly, if we’re going to talk about spiritual bypassing …. Give credit where it is due.  It takes energy, time and effort to do this work. It takes years of continuous learning and application.  What differentiates a person who heals and guides as a vocation from others is simply that they have chosen to make it a central part of their lives. It doesn’t make them more or less special, it’s just what they chose to do with the life they have.  Whilst we all have the potential to develop these levels of awareness, it takes dedication and work. Over the course of a lifetime. Multiple, in fact.  Respecting that commitment to service and acknowledging what a person has helped you heal from or realize – is part of the journey. You lose nothing by being humble, teachable and willing to let another person do something you could not do for yourself at that time.  We give so much power to the pedestal of being ‘up above’ that we’re all about  I AM MY OWN GURU  Well that’s half of the picture  Acknowledging that  I am student  Is just as important….  In short,  Let’s not confuse potential with actual action. Just to placate all the egoes in the room. 

Not sure who wrote this

Ronnie Landis- On Man , A FB post .. Worthy of following 😘

Let’s talk about sex, masturbation, pornography. celibacy, and increasing vital health..

This is a set of topics I’ve wanted to bring into my work for a long time as it pertains immensely to all areas of physical vitality, psycho-emotional-spiritual wellbeing, and living a longevity focused lifestyle…

First of all, let me be clear that this post is not about shaming sexuality or masturbation because that would be extraordinarily contradictory of me to do yet it is to release the imprints of shame, guilt, and wounding that occurs from the unconscious and excessive repetition of sexual gratification, particularly masturbation among men, as a way to discharge tension without realizing the physical and mental health detriments that occur as a result..

This is coming up for me because my soul made it loud and clear that in order for me to step into my next stage of evolution and leadership I needed to go into a phase of celibacy and seminal retention to build back the vital life force that has been released over two decades as well as regroup my energy back into myself as I had allowed myself to give my precious time, energy, resources, and life force to women through out my life without feeling reciprocated, nourished, or fulfilled to any great degree..

There are so many angles to approach this from but let me simply communicate to all the men who follow my work…

We have been raised within a spiritual battleground disguised as the modern world we are accustomed too. From the day we were born we were sexually assaulted by doctors in white trench coats who circumcised our most intimate body part and due to this we subconsciously began to distrust the feminine(our mother) for allowing us to be mutilated upon entering this earth yet have no memory of it and thus the intense trauma was stored in our subconscious which has influenced our behavior ever since..

In our search of connection and reclamation of the innocence we lost we tried to validate the value of our existence through the feminine and eventually with the introduction of pornography we began to gratify our repressed sexual urges which inhibited our development, weakened our cognitive intelligence, misinformed us about sacred sexuality, and created divisions of further repressed guilt, shame, and existential confusion..

Without any rights of passage in our culture for men the Peter Pan perpetual child syndrome persists and without aligning ones life to a deep sense of meaning and purpose all of the innovation, creativity, and resourcefulness begins to get stimulated in the testicular glands, builds tension, and is released in the form of 500 million sperm cells which all have the potential to create a newborn baby..

It has been known for thousands of years that when a man repetitively releases his seeds he also loses elements of his DNA 🧬 including micronutrients, trace minerals, essential fatty acids, testosterone, growth hormone, stem cells, and our Jing/Ojas life force energy and its well known that the seminal fluids are generated from the bone marrow and depths of our spinal column which can lead to lower back pain, decrease intelligence, erectile dysfunction, adrenal/thyroid issues, testosterone/estrogen imbalances, and a whole list of emotion issues like lowered confidence, self esteem issues, and lowered will power/ambition..

As for the practice of celibacy this now becomes a hugely important consideration because through the indoctrination of pornography we have set up psychological dopamine based wiring or neuro-associative patterns that are based on intense stimulus of sexual arousal which leads to sex or more likely masturbation and creates a repetitive feedback loop that is one of the most intense drug like addictions and has grave consequences for a mans mental-emotional wellbeing and his ability to maintain a healthy relationship with another human being..

The time alone, in meditation, reflection, pattern breaking, and focusing all of a mans faculties on his purpose is nothing short of breaking a drug addiction and in order to evolve from these deeply trauma based behaviors he must be willing to break the addiction to seeking validation from women all together and source his own validation and sense of self which is why asking for support from men and women in our lives is so important, especially if a man is involved with a women it’s important to take the necessary space and time to realign himself otherwise the patterns persist and lead to devastation…

It’s been my experience that this can be the most uncomfortable process but through faith, prayer, focus, support, nutrition, and being in nature the energy that was lost prior to sexual impulses is now redirected into goals, businesses, purpose, healthy relationships, meaningful friendships, and experiencing total fulfillment in all areas of life..

It is indeed time for the men to rise and meet the rising feminine but if we continue to destabilize ourselves, knock ourselves down, weaken ourselves, and allow the misfortune of the world to persist simply because we can’t overcome our own addictive patterns rooted in masculine trauma then how will we ever rise to protect and provide for the feminine and how can the feminine truly feel safe and protected if we cannot even protect our own seeds that create life.. 🙏

This is an open ended conversation and I invite all perspectives and input.. these are only a snapshot of my overall perspective which I’m sure I’ll put into a book and coaching program at some point

From cohabitation to cohousing: Older baby boomers create living arrangements to suit new needs

A consideration when seeking a home for sure ..

The baby boomers aren’t going to do anything like their elders, and looking for different housing arrangements is yet another example.
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Naturopathic doctors can now offer primary care

This is very good news

During the 2019 NM legislative session the Naturopathic Doctors Practice Act was passed into law.
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To the Suicidal Mama Fighting to Stay Alive for Her Kids | The Mighty

😘🎁♥️A mom writes a letter to her fellow mama’s who struggle with suicidal thoughts, acknowledging the struggle of mental illness and motherhood and reminding them that they are heard and they should stay.
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Heart ❤️ True Intelligence Center of Soul , Thought is 6th Sense

Chi follows consciousness ..

Buddha = Middle Way, Yin Yang , Balance

Meditation – To be free of measurement

and comparison .

To be ok with what is

Rising above physical pain

by saying yes to it ..transforming it .

Neuroplacity of the Brain is discussed , which

seems as a center affected by trauma

and can be transformed .

I totally enjoyed this gift , it cleared up many

things ..especially my attachment to Buddha 🙏🏼❤️☮️