When you met her, you knew she was different.
It wasn’t so much about how she looked or what she said…
It was how she carried herself and her unmistakable drive to conquer her life and everything in it.
She’d humbly tell you that she was just trying to make it the best she could, but from the first glance, it was obvious she had everything going for her.
She didn’t accept defeat in anything and was never okay with disrespect or dismissal.
Focused, passionate and driven, she knew who she was and what she wanted-
But also what she didn’t want in her life.
So, when she crosses your path, choose to add value to her life or just admire her from afar.
She’ll never be okay with anything less.
She’s not going to tell that she’s perfect or flawless, but that doesn’t mean she’ll ever stop striving to reach perfection.
She understands that people will let her down, but she’s not okay with lazy love, lack of effort or with anyone acting poorly, unable to take responsibility.
She’ll treat you with grace and respect, adding her genuine passion to the mix…
And she expects your version of the same in return.
So, be her friend, be her admirer or try to love her,
But don’t interrupt her rise to greatness if you’re not willing to give her your best.
She deserves that..
And so very much more.
Anything less and you’ll watch her walk away,
And she won’t look back.

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Monkey Mind ? No it’s Monkey Heart

The primary cause of our unhappiness is not our thoughts. It is our undigested emotional material. Forget the monkey mind. Shifting out of unhappiness is not a cerebral process—that’s just another ineffective band-aid—it is a felt experience. It’s the monkey heart that’s the issue—the state of inner tumult and chaos that emanates from an unclear heart. Flooded with unresolved emotions and unexpressed truths, the monkey heart jumps from tree-top to tree-top, emoting without grounding, dancing in its confusion. Often misinterpreted as a monkey mind, the monkey heart is reflected in unsettled, repetitive thinking. To calm and clarify it, one may benefit from heartfulness practices: emotional release, armor-busters, depth charges, heart openers. If you want to change your thinking, heal your heart. That’s the best meditation of all. (~an excerpt from my book ‘Grounded Spirituality’)


I am not old… she said
I am rare
I am the standing ovation
At the end of the play
I am the retrospective
Of my life as art
I am the hours
Connected like dots
Into good sense
I am the fullness
Of existing
You think I am waiting to die…
But I am waiting to be found
I am a treasure
I am a map
And these wrinkles are
Imprints of my journey
Ask me anything.

―Samantha Reynolds

Dona Luna

My friend Erica nails it

By Erica Joy Olsen

Fellow Pisces

Very proud of and for her

My latest addition to my compassion toolbox. I have a new found appreciation for the masculine struggle. We live in a world where a concerted effort was made to replace the wild man with the savage man. Becoming civilized and christianized (I’m not talking about Jesus’ teachings. I’m talking about how it was manipulated to subjugate people), being told to blindly follow orders, to turn the other cheek, being told that in order to receive spiritual enlightenment one had to turn away from sensuality…. The women became evil temptresses…. Some men even castrated themselves.
Over the years boys stopped seeing their fathers working a trade with their hands that would be handed down to them. They saw their fathers distantly, exhausted from having to comply and work to make someone else rich.
As necessary as feminism was and still is, men were asked by women to tame themselves, but by other men to blindly follow orders, turning warriors into soldiers, making them capable of committing atrocities… but some fights are still worth fighting, yet it’s hard to tell which ones, and whatever you choose it can feel like damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
We were all separated from our ancestors, deprived of important initiations. Men’s left(Feminine) sides withered. Women’s right(masculine) sides withered. I mean, regardless of gender we weren’t even allowed to hold a pen in our left hands!
Men were ostracized for expressing feelings, necessary for them to make informed compassionate decisions that could actually protect and serve. Women were robbed of their ability to make decisions for themselves and became mere objects.
This isn’t a man vs woman issue to me anymore. This is an US issue. Because we are all imbalanced and need to reclaim what we lost! But i will say that men still have the upper hand in making these long overdue changes, in standing up against the abuse of patriarchy, and they need help from the feminine to do this.
Whatever issues you have with androgeny, gender fluidity, trans, my take is that it’s the necessary evolutionary response to what has become of us.
I could go on but let me finish by saying that I SEE YOU AND LOVE YOU!!!

Woman , May I ?

May I call you….

When life has hurt you so much
And despair strikes

May I stand behind you and support you

When the pain is so bad
That you hoist yourself up in a steel armor
So that nothing can touch you

May I still be close to you

When your heart has grown cold and bleak
Because it has been disappointed so often

May I warm it again

When your heart is too heavy with grief
So it feels like it wants to come out of your chest

May I help you carry your sorrow

When you think that no one listens to you anymore
To the stories of your pain

May I hear them again

When you feel supported by me
And have felt my love

May I then be with you?

Ineke Akkerman

Puzzle Pieces Coming together

We are being gifted the formula to unlock our soul codes. You will begin to unlock your higher gifts and talents as well as connect the dots/put pieces of the puzzle together to receive the answers you have been searching for.

As you heal the divine masculine energies within you, you create a safe space for your divine feminine essence to heal and be free.
Alyonna Angelica ❤

Sisters; Sure I have some …finally 💓

How can we support each other’s efforts without falling into the trap of jealousy, fear, and competition?
How can we truly be united sisters?

The system of the patriarchy has long created divisiveness among women by fostering situations where competition, suspicion, and exclusion thrive as a means to survive.

If a woman has ever experienced this from another woman or group of women, or has participated in boycotting another woman’s efforts to share by exclusion or bad-mouthing, know that this phenomenon is an element of the patriarchal system.

To participate in it is to support the patriarchy.

Let’s always support our sisters: rejoice in their efforts, squelch the primal response toward jealousy and competitiveness, don’t participate in gossip or tearing down a sister, and always give other women the benefit of the doubt. Reach out to your sisters and let them feel your sincere love in whatever way you can.

~ ❤️Rebekah
copyright © by Rebekah Myers, 2/9/2021

Art: Claudia Tremblay

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