Behind the Mask


He seems faithful
And trustworthy
At first glance

When you first lay eyes on him
He seems so charming and innocent

Pretending to be
Exactly what you want him to be
He is decent and well mannered
When in your presence

But, he is like a chameleon
He can change his character
At the drop of a hat

He is pure evil
A man of sin

When you are not present
He is not who he pretends to be

He has many different sides
Depending on his needs at the time
Or what you can do for him

If he can benefit from you
He will put on quite the act
He is a very good showman

It seems that each of his sides
Has one main nasty task
Which is only to line his pockets
And fill his ego

He brings disgrace to others
If he is to gain
Either popularity
Or financially
He will not think twice
To do wrong by you

While most of these deeds
Are well camouflaged and unseen
Because they are hidden well
Behind his invisible mask


A collaboration with a talented reader of mine Mwayi Kasusu. Thank you for sharing your writing with me and allowing me to edit and add to your awesome creative writing ideas to share with the world. Much respect ❤️🙏🏼 ~SHOOTY~

©️ 5/6/2022

Picture credit: Unknown/Google

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Normal Parenting vs Abuse &Alination

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The parental alienator is angry you left them and you’re no longer under their control, paying their bills or stroking their ego, and playing their victim/victor games, so you must be punished and they will use any means, especially the child/children because that will hurt you the most. Your pain is their pleasure because they are incredibly sad, low, unloving individuals who have deep wounds of their own and rather than fixing them, they blame others – it’s easier. Parental alienators mostly enjoy using coercive control, which is, basically a way of reducing, or totally denying a victim’s freedom, stripping away their sense of self. Parental Alienation with coercive control restricts, undermines or destroys (this is their end game) the child’s relationship with their other parent after family separation. They will manipulate a child (subtle use of language, lies, fears, bribes, threats) into showing unwarranted fear, disrespect or hostility towards the target parent and their extended family and friends.
The parental alienator convinces others the child speaks for her/himself, and this is similar to gaslighting behaviour seen in situations of domestic violence whereby the perpetrator convinces the victim it’s his/her fault. Also, the parental alienator triangulates others into believing the targeted parent is the cause of the children’s rejection. It is not normal behaviour for a child to totally reject a parent.

Not everyone heals their trauma

Not everyone will heal in this lifetime.
It’s important that we accept and understand this.
The perpetual emphasis on acknowledging and healing trauma is a beautiful thing, but its not for everyone. Because some of us don’t have the capacity to heal. Some can’t even get out of bed, because of the weight of their pain and the complexity of their trauma.
Too much has happened, and there is no possibility of transformation. This is very hard to accept in our toxic positivity culture, one where trauma is the new buzz word and where people forget that they are not walking in someone’s else’s shoes. Just because you were able to heal parts of your past, doesn’t mean everyone can heal parts of theirs.
We have all lived in a trauma inducing culture.
Some of us didn’t make it through in one piece. That’s a fact. And if we can just accept this, and honor and comfort them as they are without any effort to ‘heal’ them, we actually stand a chance of co-creating the kind of trauma-sensitive world that avoids this level of suffering altogether. Because trauma is perpetuated by insensitivity. Our tendency to turn a blind eye to the truth of people’s suffering, to shame them for not healing, to blame it on their karma and their choices, is precisely the dissociative consciousness that perpetuates the trauma cycle. You want to help, but you just make it worse. Better to accept people right where they are. Better to provide comfort to the fallen ones. That alone will heal the world ..

an excerpt from ‘Hearticulations’ by Jeff Brown

Artist Lindy Longhurst

Learning you’re involved with a Narcissistic

Learning you’re involved with a narcissist quickly turns into an obsession that can destroy your life if left unchecked.

Take these common inquiries, for example:

Why does the narcissist lie, even when I have proof?

What will happen if I warn the new supply?

Why can’t the narcissist finally be a decent parent?

My narcissist hasn’t hoovered me, does that mean it’s over?

How can I make the narcissist obsessed with me?

…and so on.

It may not seem like it, but obsessing about the narcissist is a great way to avoid looking at your own internal wounds and subconscious motives.

What if, instead of obsessing about the narcissist, you began to obsess about yourself. Then, your questions might look like this:

Why do I feel that I can control other people’s thoughts and behaviors?

Why do I believe my unconditional forgiveness will improve things when it hasn’t made a difference so far?

Why do I want a future with someone who lies, cheats, and abuses on a regular basis?

Why do I still want this person to like me when I know I can’t even trust them?

How will remaining in this toxic relationship affect my children?

There are real risks involved when we don’t defeat the obsession we have with narcissists. They are not elusive super-stars who can be reached through some secret trick of the mind. They are not tortured souls who need a special kind of love and devotion. There is, literally, nothing you can do to change the narcissist or the relationship you have with them.

But, there are ways you can begin to improve your own life. And it starts by turning your focus onto why you want to maintain your relationship with a person who wouldn’t care if you were run over by a bus today. They won’t care if your entire family turns against you. They won’t care if you lose a loved one. They won’t care if you’re diagnosed with a terminal condition. They won’t care if you lose everything (and they will promptly leave when that happens).

Is this how you want to spend the rest of your precious life?

If not, make sure to grab your free Beginner’s Healing Roadmap here:

Your friend on the journey,

Kim Xo

Toxic Treatment

The narcissist views you as a feeble underling; one which provides them with wonderful supply. So, though they couldn’t care less about you as a person, they don’t want to give up the fringe benefits that go along with engaging in a relationship with you…albeit it a torturous one.⁠

They won’t let you go because you are providing them with the things they need to survive as a narcissist. These things may consist of money, housekeeping, taking over the responsibility for their adult obligations, cleaning up their many messes, staying with them while they carry on affairs, and providing them a convenient receptacle for when they need to vent all their pent-up negative energies and rage onto someone. ⁠

Therefore, it does no good for you to show your vulnerability to the narcissist and, further, why they seem to dislike you even more when you show your very human emotions. ⁠

They want the benefits without all the damage control. They want you to just be quiet about it all and go back to the person you were before you discovered who they really are.⁠

This is why, when you try to make them see how they’re hurting you, it is utterly pointless. In fact, it’s during these moments you see into the true core of the narcissist’s personality…and it’s chilling.⁠

Nonetheless, in your mind, you love them and have bonded with them, and so you try to humanize them, believing they must think and feel the same way you do but just have a hard time showing it.⁠

This is not the case. ⁠

They are nothing like you and no amount of unconditional love will change this fact. When we insist on believing the narcissist is like us, we are creating a story in our minds, writing the screenplay as we go along, thinking that with enough love and compassion, we will finally break through to the narcissist’s wounded self. ⁠

This will never happen and it’s important to accept this painful truth so you go about getting over a narcissist.⁠

Learn how narcissists hook you in, keep you hypnotized, and how you can release yourself from the narcissistic vortex by joining me in my free webinar, 7 Proven Steps to Break the Narcissistic Spell.⁠

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