Behind the Mask


He seems faithful
And trustworthy
At first glance

When you first lay eyes on him
He seems so charming and innocent

Pretending to be
Exactly what you want him to be
He is decent and well mannered
When in your presence

But, he is like a chameleon
He can change his character
At the drop of a hat

He is pure evil
A man of sin

When you are not present
He is not who he pretends to be

He has many different sides
Depending on his needs at the time
Or what you can do for him

If he can benefit from you
He will put on quite the act
He is a very good showman

It seems that each of his sides
Has one main nasty task
Which is only to line his pockets
And fill his ego

He brings disgrace to others
If he is to gain
Either popularity
Or financially
He will not think twice
To do wrong by you

While most of these deeds
Are well camouflaged and unseen
Because they are hidden well
Behind his invisible mask


A collaboration with a talented reader of mine Mwayi Kasusu. Thank you for sharing your writing with me and allowing me to edit and add to your awesome creative writing ideas to share with the world. Much respect ❤️🙏🏼 ~SHOOTY~

©️ 5/6/2022

Picture credit: Unknown/Google

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Over A Decade of Being Over Him

Never saw him as the package that included our sons .

Business of old , irregular , illegal is finally going to be resolved .

Surprised at the hold out ? Not I, I heard complaints over a $2 bank charge for him to automatically deposit my Spousal Support .. Of course he was relived of that , though judgements brought up his many car payments etc

Mentioned that he was to be responsible , however that varied ..the energy shifted and outcomes varied until the last hearing .

My words , he will never have enough of my money . It’s endless. I do not wish to question him due to his lying .

Initiate Partner Violence


High Conflict

Very few lawyers know this , and it’s not merely Domestic Violence when a marriage is obtained when the other is targeted as the abuser .

It has delayed the liberation of our 3 children and their children until recent events , allow that his WAR is HIS and I release him to that eternal war within .

Clearing this took so much effort and resistance, but upon my ancestors revelations and history I learned I had the honor of clearing this , and added to my vow to create a safe world for Harper Ann who will never have the abusive experiences of her ancestors.

Of course that applies to 5 grandsons too

His kids

There’s lots to heal and I know that’s imposing but the rising out of that trauma has a universal theme ..a drum beat and one just need surrender to their highest power and ask to be gentle in the release ..knowing I was ready to leap forward and end the never ending narrative of an abuser who is a victim and owns his power in money and has spent plenty to thwart my truths .

My healing has been tested these past 7 months intensely but my faith remains .

I am grateful 🙏 🥲

Love % Blessings

Dona Luna ✌ ✌ ✌

Don’t Abandon Your Inner Child

…and possibly your biological children.⁠

I see so many beautiful souls who believe that by forgiving the narcissist and giving them another chance, they can help the narcissist feel accepted and loved. They believe they can appeal to the narcissist’s hurt inner child and that this might create a breakthrough in the relationship.⁠

But instead of miraculous breakthroughs, lives are being destroyed. Families are broken. Loved ones suffer. ⁠

For these reasons, then, we should resist the call that we show greater sympathy for these abusive individuals, at least to the extent that by doing so we are causing greater and unnecessary harm to ourselves and other members of our family. ⁠

Why show patience with the narcissist when they are repeatedly inflicting deep wounds upon us and when they are having such harmful effects on our children and their emotional development? ⁠

While it’s true that most narcissists were wounded as children, we must realize that those children are now gone. In their place are adults with underdeveloped levels of emotional maturity, deficient attachment capabilities, and a complete inability to empathize with others. ⁠

What’s left in the place of those wounded children are scheming manipulators who don’t give a care about anyone except themselves and their own immediate needs.⁠

Our energies are wasted on the narcissist and are better devoted elsewhere—to improving our own lives and giving our children the sort of childhood that will enable them to have healthy relationships and happy lives.⁠

The pain that ending a relationship with a narcissistic partner will bring leads people to hope and look for some other way. ⁠

Articles that hold out promises of narcissists changing and of your improving your relationship with them are stepping in to serve that misguided need. But, the truth is: it’s dangerous to keep a narcissist in one’s life. The ripple effect from doing this is far beyond the scope of what people can generally comprehend while in the midst of abuse.

If you’d like gentle guidance on taking your power back from the narcissist, join me and other wonderful thrivers in my therapist-approved program for narcissistic abuse recovery.

You will learn real-life ways to develop new and empowering habits that heal – AND are backed by psychology and neuroscience.

For full details of this nurturing program, click here:

Your friend on the journey. xo ❤️

( #📷 @kim.saeed )

Over it, long ago; the legacy of NPD , the Never Ending Pain

You can do all the research in the world to understand the inner workings of the narcissist’s mind, but it will do nothing to influence the outcome of the relationship.⁠

Narcissists don’t think like most people. You can try to appeal to their seemingly ‘hurt’ inner child, be the most devoted partner or family member, and do everything they ask of you, but it will not change a thing.⁠


Narcissists are not interested in stable, loving, reciprocal connections. The idea of meeting your emotional needs repulses them to the core. The only positive leanings they have about your love and devotion are that they can use your sentimental feelings against you for their own benefit.⁠

Here’s one thing I know to be absolutely true – when it comes to narcissists, we all want to believe we’ll be the exception to the rule, but none of us ever are.⁠

There simply is not a way to “make things work” with a narcissist that doesn’t involve erasing your own identity, emotions, and needs.⁠

You cannot set boundaries with them (none that they’ll honor, anyway)⁠

You can’t reason with them.⁠

You can’t get them to stop lying, cheating, betraying, etc.⁠

You cannot have a loving, reciprocal, healthy relationship if you’re the only one interested in having it.⁠

And this is the last thing on the narcissist’s mind, even if they try to convince you otherwise. Pay attention to patterns, because patterns never lie.⁠

Don’t forget to claim your free healing roadmap. It’s been downloaded tens of thousands of times and has helped people across the globe to begin their recovery in gentle and encouraging ways:

selfhealers #toxicrelationshipcheck #doesntworklikethat ⁠

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Parental Alienation – Science and Law

The two authors William Bernet and Demosthenes Lorandos will be interviewed tonight January 27, 2022 Forwarded information by Lena Hellblom Sjögren from Family Access – Fighting for Children´s Rights Families Divided TV Airs Tonite @ 9 PM EST! Dr. William Bernet and Dr. Demosthenes Lorandos!! Please Join Us! Family Access – Fighting for Children’s Rights […]

Parental Alienation – Science and Law