Confession via a Narcissist

I could not agree more , it was apparent , when he withdrew

Shutting down , no communication..

Never accepting his shadow, his fears , his dreams , nada ..

The mask , never fully left and has intensified in primal

fears of exposure .. Lying is easier, to believe in the lie

becomes fixed , becoming reality .

Having empathized as long as possible , bearing the entirety

of the blame and responsibility , in fear and prayer healing

would prevail .

Life renews as it shall , as it has in delicious gifts , affirmations

that despite the challenges , disparity , and abuses , all is

unfolding as it should ..

It is my focus , and intent , to finish this old cycle and business

as a new 13 year cycle begins within days , liberation will

be more transparent .

Feeling a cat nap coming on lol.


Blessings & Peace

Doña Luna