Virgo Full Moon

The Full Moon in Virgo will be emanating a strong lunar energy that will be pulling our emotions to the surface and also delivering awareness and clarity – bringing abrupt but highly positive change.

We will all feel this moon’s intensity, regardless of our zodiac sign, however, those who were born under Virgo will feel it a little more intensely than others.

Virgo is a grounded Earth sign, so it is likely we will find ourselves being ‘pulled back down to Earth’ if there are areas of our life that we have been unrealistically fantasising about or simply living under an illusion.

We are currently going through a period where our entire belief systems are being questioned and where our perspective will dramatically be altering. This might be somewhat of a challenge, as Virgo doesn’t appreciate sudden change, so although we may be receiving numerous insights and we will be going through a radical awakening, it may feel a little uncomfortable to fully accept that all may not be as it once seemed.

Full Moons are always a time for releasing, and with this current energy there could never be a more optimum time to let go of anything unhealthy and depleting, particularly as we are about to experience the Equinox energies and enter Aries season – the start of a new astrological year. It’s also a good time for spring cleaning, clearing clutter, tying up loose ends and receiving long-awaited resolution or closure.

The lessons that have been presented to us since the beginning of Aries season last year, on March 21 2021, will be learned during this Moon phase, as we come to a greater understanding of why certain people played significant parts in our lives, and we piece prominent events together. When we make sense of all that has occurred during the past twelve months and illusions dissipate, all associated karma will also be released.

Our priorities will be changing and we will recognise where our energy is being drained, so it won’t just be our physical world that receives a shake-up, we will also be going through major internal, emotional shifts.

This is an intense phase that will cleanse anything that feels toxic in our lives, which includes bad habits, unhealthy thought patterns, reactive behaviours, outdated beliefs, and irrational fear-based thoughts and feelings that drain our energy and leave us feeling anxious and burnt out.

Also, ties that energetically bind us to people or situations that are detrimental to us or that limit us in any way will easily be severed during this period, and we will feel the freedom to finally walk away with peace, love, compassion, and forgiveness in our hearts. In particular, we will feel the urge to remove ourselves from dynamics with anyone who consistently provokes arguments or those who are aggressive, controlling, manipulative, deceptive, judgmental, overly critical, and generally abusive.

We will likely be feeling nostalgic due to the accumulation of emotional cosmic energy, so we may find ourselves looking back at our past in an attempt to find answers. This might look like ruminating on why certain relationships ended or why we are struggling to let go of relationships that are shrouded in confusion and heartache. Fortunately, our intuition is at an all-time high during this Full Moon, so it’s the perfect time to go within and listen carefully to our inner voice.
We will be wanting to speak our truth, and as Virgo is also associated with healing, forgiveness and accountability, this could be the perfect time to dive inwards and attend to inner wounds that need attention.

We may also find we feel compelled to reach out to make amends with those we have unresolved conflict with, and that we are ready to communicate in a clearer and a more open and honest way. Fortunately, Virgo is highly sensitive, compassionate and empathetic, and has a need to understand others on the deepest level, so it is likely any tension will be effortlessly cleared and stronger bonds will be created.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury so we may find we are more in our headspace than heartspace over these coming days and we will likely be far more logical and rational – not allowing the heart to overrule the head. We might find this a little challenging, due to the moon being in close opposition to Neptune, the planet of dreams, ideation and delusion. Therefore, we could find we quickly switch between believing in the illusions we have created and recognising where we have been optimistically fooling ourselves.

There may be temporary blurred lines between our imagination and the truth, particularly concerning how we have viewed some of our closest relationships and we may not receive full clarity on everything we are feeling and seeing until after the Full Moon has passed. However, we will constantly be receiving signs that some of our long-held beliefs have been romanticised to create a comfort zone for when we needed an escape from reality.

It is highly likely our dreams, or possibly nightmares, may be more realistic and intense, so it’s worth being aware that it could be during sleep that we experience the greatest amount of turmoil. Whether we remember our dreams or not, what we dream about can significantly influence how we feel throughout the day and point towards what is weighing heavily in our thoughts or hearts.

Over the next 24 hours we may notice we are overthinking and over-analysing more than normal, and this can lead to feeling wired and a little on edge. It is vital to recognise when this is happening and take a step back to process all the new data running at full speed through our heads.

Virgo is practical and hard-working and helps us become more organised and productive, so we will likely find we awaken over these next few days with a burst of energy, wanting to rearrange and restructure major aspects of our life and home.

When we let go of items we are no longer aligned with we will instantly feel lighter, freer and less overwhelmed as certain objects can carry unhappy memories and low vibrations.
We will also have the desire for more stability and balance, so could find we reassess job opportunities, our home and relationship dynamics, or finances. We will likely also be feeling highly curious and eager to learn, and could find ourselves researching subjects in depth, and possibly wanting to make major changes on our career path.

Virgo is known for having a deep desire to be of service, so it is possible we will have a strong impulse to help with humanitarian causes, volunteering and offering assistance to those around us. We might even feel the urge to sign up for an educational course in care, mentoring or nursing sectors.

If there have been blockages preventing our creativity and aspirations we will notice we are easily able to overcome them, and will be feeling more energised and inspired than ever before. Virgo energy brings with it high expectations, and can bring up issues surrounding control, criticism and seeking perfection, so it is important not to be too harsh on ourselves, and rather than forcing anything, just surrendering to allow a natural flow.

Virgo can bring in the need for solitude and peace, and we may be tempted to spend the day, or part of it, free from interruption and focusing on much-needed self love and care so we can feel more grounded, harmonious and centered.

This Full Moon marks the end of a chapter or the completion of a significant phase in our lives and an exciting restart. It brings closure, transformation, rebirth, and the manifestation of things we have been working toward. It is a time where we can reflect on what no longer serves us so that, with gratitude, we can release old energy and create a clean, brand new space to begin again.

Alex Myles ❤


The New Macho

He cleans up after himself.
He cleans up the planet.
He is a role model for young men.
He is rigorously honest and fiercely optimistic.

He holds himself accountable.
He knows what he feels.
He knows how to cry and he lets it go.
He knows how to rage without hurting others.
He knows how to fear and how to keep moving.
He seeks self-mastery.

He has let go of childish shame.
He feels guilty when he’s done something wrong.
He is kind to men, kind to women, kind to children.
He teaches others how to be kind.
He says he’s sorry.

He stopped blaming women or his parents or men for his pain years ago.
He stopped letting his defenses ruin his relationships.
He stopped letting his penis run his life.
He has enough self-respect to tell the truth.
He creates intimacy and trust with his actions.
He has men that he trusts and that he turns to for support.
He knows how to roll with it.
He knows how to make it happen.
He is disciplined when he needs to be.
He is flexible when he needs to be.
He knows how to listen from the core of his being.

He’s not afraid to get dirty.
He’s ready to confront his own limitations.
He has high expectations for himself and for those he connects with.
He looks for ways to serve others.
He knows he is an individual.
He knows that we are all one.
He knows he is an animal and a part of nature.
He knows his spirit and his connection to something greater.

He knows that the future generations are watching his actions.
He builds communities where people are respected and valued.
He takes responsibility for himself and is also willing to be his brother’s keeper.

He knows his higher purpose.
He loves with fierceness.
He laughs with abandon, because he gets the joke.

This is the Mature Masculine – the New Warrior – a re-definition of masculinity for the 21st century. By no means is this list complete. You are welcome to come and add your gifts to this community. –Boysen Hodgson

The shift

The Power of Love sweeping the Earth.
This morning I had a profound experience when the Divine Feminine appeared to me.
She was showing me how the mass awakening of souls is happening and will sweep the earth, as the Power of Love sweeps the Earth. This is coming directly from the Divine Feminine Heart Center, for within herself she holds all of Creation, for she is the one who birthed all Creation. She holds the Spiral and Spiraling Energy and thus brings forth the full awakening of Hearts and Souls.
The Activation is happening not only through the heart center where the soul attaches too, but through the Soul Star as well, when it is fully activated. As the Soul Star merges with the Heart Rose immensely powerful resources are activated within the soul, and thus the deepest remembrance returns, as the soul now regains access to its infinite knowledge it has gained through all its existences in other Universes, galaxies, star systems, parallel lives etc.
The Divine Feminine is now pouring in the keys and codes which activates the heart and soul star centers, the heart rose, and this is pouring in through the vibration and frequency of cosmic sound, and sacred tones.
Most of these tones are still not audible to the human ear yet can be felt.
Words again fail me here, for what I have experienced and what I have been shown, goes beyond human language or words.
Allow your heart center to open with the Soul Star in the highest degrees.
We are being lifted ever higher into the New Earth and this is accelerating now.
The Power of Love is indeed sweeping all clear which no longer serves us – all which needs to be finally forgiven, all shame, blame and guilt, and indeed, all which is there, still blocking and hindering the fullness of the Power of Love to burst forth in its full glory within us.
Judith Kusel

Energy Reminder

This February, our journey of awakening, healing and growth is dramatically accelerated by the activation of the 2222 gateway. There are four points of activation this month with the second being today the 11th. With today’s activation the energies moving through the gateway will initiate a physical transmutation that will ignite new energetic pathways within our physical body and our physical reality.

The energies are now flooding your physical body and will ultimately increase and expand your physical energy. If you have been feeling stagnant and or lost, you may now feel a sudden boost in energy and a new determination to take action awakening from within. As this energy intensifies it is important that
you focus on being grounded and deeply rooted within your physical form.
Be mindful that before charging ahead, you will need time to integrate and adapt to the inner changes that are occurring.

© 2022 Kate Spreckley

Waiting for Change

HOW MUCH TIME AND HEARTACHE DID IT COST YOU, WAITING FOR AND IMAGINING THE NARCISSIST WOULD CHANGE? I wasted…wait for it…half my adult life! Time I can’t get back. A dead life filled with confusion and hurt.

I decided to put that behind me and to stop thinking about the past, and to try to have a good present and future. I asked myself, “What can I do today to make my life a little bit better?” I dated some…not much. When I decided to just concentrate on making my life better right now, and on my children, one day, about year later, I met the love of my life.

I had no hesitation about being friends. Everything went so easy. We got along well with our kids. Learned to laugh again and enjoy ourselves. Love grew out of that experience.

I used to use the metaphor “falling in love”, but now I think the better analogy is of a tree growing. When we met, a seed was planted, and soon sprouted, and as time passed, it began to grow. Trees grow slowly, but they can get very large…large enough to withstand anything. It was not how I imagined it would happen. But that’s what happened.

Now I think of love, not as excitement, but as quietly resting in the shade of the tree, protected by its outspread arms, smiling, laughing, caring, feeling totally secure in every respect…personally, emotionally, financially, and it every way. That’s love that lasts.

2nd Month Tested and ” Holding “

A very harsh lesson , still on going as I enter a 2nd month of no income except social security.

Indeed the wheeling and dealing was deeply embedded in shadow with intentions of divesting me completely, financially and intentions geared to digress me mentally, physically, financially and spiritually .

With holidaze and weather, further delaying forward movement , I can assure you all thats possible is being done .

Posing as a professional, the facts deny anything professional and though this energy is dank , I have 4 decades of experience and 20 plus pulling in pieces of the puzzle that are my present reality..Different entity..Same MO..

Finally at rest , with half a tank of gas , $10 cash and Thankful for food , I wait patiently for resolution.

Partnership that wasn’t…says much about the other who dwells in distorted energy .

Maintaining my balance as much as possible, grateful I’m present instead of medicated into submission as I was in past partnership of marriage so that business arrangements could be made to benefit the other .

Sensing the varied reasons for this current situation, I will not demure but will continue with my every effort to accomplish my goal of a home . Noting how much effort has been made to thwart my progress , the facts are present and I’m not concerned about the outcome for the other . Abusing my safety, my trust , my health and finances assures justice as Thy Will Be Done .

Snow is yet another challenge with more predicted in a few days . I refuse to live in fear or anger . Noting the severity of my situation of which I cannot detail at this time for legal reasons, I am aware of the opprotunity offered and denied , that have boomerangs , and no I cannot worry about the other’s side effects , for knowing , for enjoying my every trial if not support them in hopes I expire and their abuse kept secret .

Betrayal in Distorted energy is still abuse 💔especially when confidences have been shared and vulnerability exploited for greed and power .

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna

A narcissist will use your wounds against you. And that’s it! They use the insecure or unhealed inner parts of you like bullets in their gun to fire at you.

A narcissist knows this. They’ve been practising this from a very, very early age.

And they know how to hit that person with those things to trigger them and get them to hand their power over.

As soon as you’re triggered, you’re pulled out of your powerful, innate self, your centre, and you regress back into childhood or past life traumas. Meaning those parts of you have now been activated, and they’ve come to the fore and feel powerless to protect you.

When you’re triggered into survival programs, you suffer from adrenaline and cortisol that activate the fight, fight, flee or freeze response. And this is where you have brain fog. You can’t think, you can’t get to solutions. You don’t know what to say.

The reason for that is everything shuts down. You’re back in your amygdala, which is triggering you into survival programs. You don’t have access to the cognitive solution, power, wisdom, or the logic to detach and know what to do. You just don’t have access.

It’s so important to understand what’s literally physiologically chemically going on within you so that you can accept that this is what happens. And when you look back through the times when you get triggered by a narcissist, if you’re honest with yourself, you know that’s what happens.

And you know that in those times, it’s like watching yourself by remote, and you can’t stop yourself reacting in a way that you know is not helping you, but it’s like, you feel powerless. You’re hijacked by it. That’s what’s going on.

For more on this, please take a look at these blogs –

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Join me in the next free Healing Webinar, where I will explain how to seal your gaps and take your power back. You get to experience two healings that will start the Quantum Way to heal from abuse – You will be sent a replay link after the event has finished.

Much love xo ❤️

MCC shares sacred New Year Wisdoms

I’ve always been conflicted about resolutions at New Year’s, because I believe that we ought to be able to start over any day of the year. All we have to do is wake up on any given morning and say “right then, here we go”. But the turning of the year holds a lot of symbolism, and has its own powerful tilt, and it’s a good thing to harness —so here are a few thoughts to share this night.

Instead of resolving to improve something in the future, or leave behind something in the past, I want to pay more attention to the present. Here, where I am. The things that give me purpose and meaning, identity and joy are all here with me, now. Not yesterday and not tomorrow.
Here, now. They are just waiting to be noticed.

So are the small things: the smell of rain, the anticipation of a new book, the look in Angus’ eyes. These are gifts-And a gift of the pandemic is that it has allowed me to truly observe all 4 seasons here at the farm. It has been strange to realize that until I stopped traveling, I had never seen how utterly glorious that maple tree turns in the yard in October. Or how green the fields are in late June. And the slant of light on a fall twilight.
Or how the birdsong in spring in the early morning is a musical overture. I know how lucky I am to have these…I want to see more, listen more closely. These small things are my peace & inspiration and help me to be more fully myself in the world.

When it’s time to bid 2021 farewell, I hope that you too can tally the small things that are the lights of your days, the rhythms that you set your inner clock to, the quiet that we can invite into our noisy heads.

Every time that I crack open a fresh, new journal of blank pages I write the same thing on the first page, as a mantra: keep it simple.
And I should probably add Ms Dickinson’s wisdom as well, given that I already borrowed it for a song called New Year’s Day: I Dwell in Possibility…whispering that life is about creativity, expression, hope.

“In dreams or in our waking
It’s just enough to say
Love and grace and endless flowers
Be ours on New Year’s Day”

See you next year 💐

newyearseve #home

She’s Coming into her power

She’s coming into her power…
She spent years not realizing who she was.She doubted her beauty, her intelligence and her power.She was one who always felt that she didn’t quite belong because when she came into this life, her ties to the world of spirit remained far too strong..She was confused and lost throughout her youth, unable to see herself much less accept and appreciate herself. 
As a result she was like a ship bobbing in the ocean without a rudder and without the sails of confidence to direct her towards her own promised land.She was one who bereft of her own acceptance, hungered for it and searched for it through relationships with others.She was a people pleaser as a result, she would not risk confrontation in order to support herself,she succumbed to being influenced by the opinions of others even though she had already received her instruction from within.
She allowed her truth to be sublimated, she allowed herself to be controlled…Her need to be accepted and loved was such that she wasn’t prepared to step on or over any toes.It took her years of being taken for granted,ruled and overlooked before she put two and two together,had enough and got the message.
Her suffering forced her to step out of the status quo that had always been too tight for her in the first place…she became an avid seeker, searching for answers…She needed to know who she was, she needed to know why she was here.She needed to find a way to free herself from fearShe travelled far and wide,She sat at the feet of a master,She became a Yogini of an ancient lineageand applied the teachings to her life, She grew strong,She awakened her heartShe awakened her shakti, Her third eye opened as a result…
Her potentials started to be unearthed rapidly because the veils had parted and she recognized who she was,She also recognized who everyone else was behind their socialized facadeand because she had seen through the myth of idealized perfection,she could appreciate the actual perfection of the imperfections in herself and in others that she had once resisted and rejected.
Today she walks with conscious awareness..she no longer labels people as good or bad,She interprets everything as fluctuating energy without a fixed assignment.She holds space for the confusion of others because she’s been there and she still visits that place herselfshe understands their hunger for love misappropriated as selfishness, jealousy and competition…She feels their vulnerability as she feels her own…She knows the fear reflected in their eyes through her own past terror…
But underneath all of it she can see the obscured light, the presence of God/dess despite all the protective armor…She’s aware of this same divine presence vibrating in her body and in her heart… She’s not so quick to cast judgment anymore because she knows that she is not above those that she is tempted to judge…she knows that she is not separateAnd because she gives herself permission to be herself as she is,she can accept others as they are with appreciation and compassion …
She’s not invested in changing anyone either, she respects everyone’s chosen path because she understands that every soul is doing exactly what they need to do in order to evolveSo it is not her place to save anyone from their own lessons…She reveals, heals, inspires and encourages instead,she reminds others of their forgotten divinity…She holds up a mirror so that they can see God/dess reflected back…
She has become a midwife for the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine soul.The shy, timid maiden has transformed into the courageous, outspoken mother of all…She says it as she sees it confidently without shrinking back,She’s fiercely protective of the helpless,She’s A torch for those lost in darkness,and she’s not afraid to take a stand for peace and love to flourish in this world…
if someone tries to persuade her against her own knowing she simply and graciously responds, “Thank you for sharing.”and she walks away…Because she trusts her “self”,She knows that she is Divine Mother embodied..
She is Artemis of the wild merged with…compassionate Tara and warrior Durga…She has traversed the journey of Inanna into the dark underworld and emerged in possession of her kingdomShe knows why she is here and she’s fulfilling her purpose..She’s not alone, she’s among manywho have chosen to return bearing love as their message,their path and their gift of healing. 
© Caroline de Lisser
🌀Nicole Sacred Wild Woman Medicine 
Artist~ Tarn Ellis