Venus, the Goddess of Love, aligns with the sun over a period of 8 years to form a complete 5 pointed star (pentacle pattern) in the sky.

Each time Venus reaches one of the star points it marks a major celestial event, known as either the “Venus Star Point” or the “Kiss of Venus and the Sun.”

The Venus Star Point brings mystical energy that enhances our emotions, helps us manifest love and abundance and deepens our most intimate relationships.

The Sun and Venus align in Capricorn, opening a new portal of love and closing the previous Star Point portal that last occurred in Capricorn on January 11, 2014. This Star Point marks the completion of an 8-year karmic cycle of love, where forgiveness takes place and fear, regrets, resentments and disappointment all finally begin to dissipate.

There was also a Venus Star Point in Capricorn during January 2018, so it is worth taking time to reflect on the relationship themes that have taken place in the past four years, and how our relationships have developed during this time and what unhealthy patterns of behaviours we would benefit from letting go of.
Venus moves along 10 different pathways to create the star (5 interior conjunctions and 5 exterior conjunctions).

The last conjunction was on March 26, 2021 and the next one will be on October 22, 2022. Therefore, we can also look at relationships patterns and themes that have occurred between last March and now and we can follow the next pathway that runs from now until October 22.
Typically we may notice the beginning and ending of significant chapters in our lives, and as each point carries different energies, depending on the zodiac sign it is in, as this one is in Capricorn we will all be feeling Capricorn’s characteristics within our dynamics for the next 10 months.

During Venus’ alignments with the sun she alternates between being a morning star and evening star, so from now until late October Venus will move from being visible in the evening to being a morning star. Venus’ movement also signifies movement to a new phase of love, with new beginnings that highlights how we value those around us and particularly how we love and value ourselves.

Venus, as the morning sun, carries the energy of the divine feminine, so for the next ten months there will be a greater uprising of feminine aspects. This means that, for both the feminine and the masculine, there will be a shift toward connecting on a deeper level, enhanced emotional intelligence and clearer and more empathetic communication.

There will also be greater focus on self-love, self-care and self-value and an overall sense of empowerment, heightened intuition and acceptance of our authentic selves. This is a time to believe in ourselves, to get creative and to start setting intentions so that we materialise our goals and dreams and most of all reach a place of deep inner fulfilment.

Alex Myles

Winter moon /Women

“The silvered glamour of the Woman of the Winter Moon may be woman in her greatest power, woman in her guise as Elemental, as Force of Nature. This is woman to be revered. She is a concentration of feminine wisdom gathered and concentrated over the years, blended with the astral knowledge of the soul-star, and blessed by the traditions of the Sacred Feminine that she has made herself, or resurrected from Time, and passed living and intact to her daughters.”

~ Elizabeth S. Eiler Ph.D., Singing Woman: Voices of the Sacred Feminine

Art: Frank Howell

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Current Energies

Mercury joins Uranus & Venus in retrograde, as these first few weeks of the year call on us to take the time to review, reassess & reset our course in order to become clearer in what realities & experiencing we are building & manifesting into existence, before we begin to move forward into 2022 at greater pace. This is a time of significant revisions & with Mercury retrograding until 3rd Feb (in Aquarius & then Capricorn) we are being asked to review our current level of consciousness.
Are we able to see a greater perspective? Are we able to have new ideas about old problems/situations? Where do we need to reconsider our goals? And where do we need to be reviewing future plans? Mercury in Aquarius is squaring Uranus in Taurus as both Rx & will be creating tension or conflict in order to liberate any limiting beliefs that you may have & to break you free from any outdated or stagnant views that are limiting the potential of what your mind can conceive. This cosmic aspect will help to highlight where you may be stuck on one way of thinking about things or about a particular situation & will give you flashes of insight & inspiration to see things from a different angle. All to help you break through any mental comfort zones that you may have to better perceive the parameters of your mind that you live through – becoming more mindful of your mindset. And with a new Synodic Cycle starting for Venus (15th), a Full Moon in Cancer (17th), Uranus turning direct (18th), the Nodal axis shifting into Taurus & Scorpio for the next 18 months (18/19th) & the Sun entering Aquarius (21st) all happening in the week ahead, you can be sure that this is a significant time of endings & beginnings, which is encouraging you to adopt a change mentality & embrace new possibilities & potentials.

~ Alchemise

Mercury Retrograde


“During this Mercury Retrograde, there can be many disagreements with others as our feelings and emotions feel more frayed and more raw than normal. This alignment can bring about arguments with others and issues with communication. In some connections, there may even be separation if things have been disconnected for a while. This Mercury Retrograde can be very intense bringing us to the depth of feelings, emotions and deep truth. There can be some disconnection and miscommunication around our partnerships or relationships in general during this time as well.

Mercury also brings some communication issues during this time, so make sure that you double and triple check all dates and times for appointments, flights or events. This energy is also very powerful for working on the details of projects or plans that are percolating. This is a great time to sit down with projects that have been needing a little extra effort in order to get finished like editing, sorting or organizing. While Mercury Retrograde usually gets a pretty bad rap, it can be a very good time to get some work done both internally and in our environment. As always with the Mercury Retrograde, make sure you look very closely at anything you need to sign and backup all technological devices. Get my complete Astro Forecast Publication here:” ~Ara

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Current Energies

‎We just had a solar explosion go off.
It has hurled a CME towards us.
We have an unstable sunspot that will be turning to face Earth later this week. Venus happened to be passing the Sun at the same time that latest blast went off. That means we are feeling these energies extra. That also means more are coming. We are also feeling the energies of the 1/11 Portal. This portal is shining a light on our love life and finances. We are very much feeling the influence of that Venus blast right now. We are in such a heightened space energetically.
We are instant manifesting right now like never before. Anything your thinking of will materialize. The energies of the 1/11 Portal are helping us to anchor into 2022. This is the space where you get excited about your year ahead. You have so much space and potential to create something new. This week we also have a powerful alignment happening with our Milky Way. Jan 13th- 16th the Moon will cross the Winter Hexagon and the Milky Way. The Winter Circle is made up of six stars, each of it’s own constellation.
We have Sirius, Rigel, Aldebaran, Capella, Castor & Pollux, and Procyon shining down on us. That means we are going to continue to be having extra Galactic Energies pouring in this week as the constellations of Canis Major, Orion, Taurus, Auriga, Gemini, and Canis Minor align. The Milky Way also cuts through the winter hexagon as well. That makes this week an amazing time to check out the stars, you may be able to see our whole Milky Way Galaxy.
Jan 17th we have a Cancer Full Moon. This is the Wolf Moon. This Full Moon will help take our intuition to new heights. It’s a great time to be tapping into your inner guidance right now. It’s also a great time to be brave and to forge a new path.
Many of you are Indigo Souls.
You came here to break the karmic chains for humanity.
You are wayshowers for humanity.
If your feeling guided to make a new path, or a new way, forge or follow it.
This Full Moon is bringing extra light so it will make your path more clear…


Astrological asking WHY ?

I can relate to most as a Pisces holding ,but not holding on to energies of each 12 Astrological signs .

Thankfully awareness has lightened my load of holding these energies and I no longer bear the responsibility of any sign but my own .


Why are you so impatient?

Why are you annoyed by everything?

Why are you so difficult to understand?

Why do you always think you’re right?

Why do you always want to argue?

Why do you hurt peoples’ feelings and cut people off for giving their opinion?

why are you so stubborn and argumentive?

Why do you stay loyal to people that don’t deserve it?

How do you fool people into thinking they know everything about you when they only know 1%?

How do you remain so patient?

Why do you act like you’re perfect in every way?

Why are you so mean?

Grief is a Portal Into Life

With the uttermost tenderness,
no need to rush,
place your hand on your heart
and gently knock on the Door of Grief.

What do you sense could be waiting for you
behind this door? What wants to be named,
honored and held?

Maybe it is obvious,
a loss so stark and unavoidable,
one that knocks you over
with a weight more massive and frightening
than you think you can bear.

Or maybe it is more of a subtle ache—
losses of hugs, of dreams,
of days, of relationships,
of the familiar slipping out of your hands.

Grief is a portal
into Life.

Grief shows us how deeply we loved.

Be gentle with your heart,

~ Chameli Ardagh

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