Equinox Libra New Moon


As well as being in the sign of balance, this Equinox Libra New Moon marks several significant astrological and spiritual events: at this important time of changing seasons and setting intention, today is the beginning of Navratri, India’s nine-day adoration of the Goddess. It is also Rosh Hashana and Jewish New Year.

From the astrological point of view, the light of the Sun is now conjunct Laneakia, which is the very heart of our Galaxy cluster, opening us to the possibility of connecting to other galaxies.

The Libra Sun, aligned with Laneakia, shines directly upon Jupiter in Aries, astrology’s ‘Cosmic Guru’, now in apparent retrograde motion (going back into sign of traditional rulership Pisces, from where the ‘Sacred Teacher’, Jupiter, radiates blessings). Jupiter is also at its closest to Earth in 60 years; this is a Kalachakra cycle accenting World Peace.

Because Jupiter is closer, the ‘Wise Sage’ will now be easy to see in the night sky over the coming months. Look up at midnight to see Jupiter beaming directly overhead. Jupiter will also be close to the Moon as she approaches culmination, towards the Full Moon, 9th Oct.

Also this lunation, from New Libra Moon 25th September @21:55 to New Scorpio Moon, October 26th, heralds a once-a-century shift of the Venus Star Point, October 22nd, when the Sun is conjunct Venus in Libra. Venus is both Goddess of Love & War, and will be in her home sign of the Libran scales, sign of fairness and harmony, art and culture, beauty and relationship. This is a momentous move as it is the first time as ‘Venus Cazimi’ (conjunct Sol, as one of the five points on a 5-point star, aka the ‘Venus Rose Mandala’) in Libra since 1889.

Wishing all beings Peace and Love with this very cosmic, Venus-ruled Equinox New Libra Moon


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Many thanks to unknown artist for dancing Shiva-Shakti



Feast of Trumpets

I would certainly agree that the Feast of Trumpets and New Moon calendar are not giving us the correct timing,

lets watch to see when New Moon is seen in Jerusalem…

it cant be tonight, the 25th… if first seen on a twinkling twilight of 27th Moon will be birthing from the Sign of the Woman…

This quote is by Susan


Retrogrades Happening Now

The height of 2022’s retrograde season is here for another 14-days. With 7 PLANETARY RETROGRADES now in play; Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter, Uranus and Mercury, you’re being taken on an intensified INNER JOURNEY. Magic is in the air over the 2-weeks. Dear Mystical Ones – you’ll love this influence. Your time is now!


Join me for all the details in today’s ALL-NEW energy forecasts and life guide – The Tip-Off. Empower your week ahead with guidance you can use – to elevate…

6 Planets in Retrograde ; Time For Cool Change

We have 6 Planets Retrogrades this month. That may feel like things are moving funny, or your being guided to slow down.

More then half the sky is retrograde at the same time, and during the Equinox.

Here is your Retrograde Season Survival Manual. Uranus is Retrograde until Jan 22, 2023. It’s happening in the sign of Taurus the Bull, home of the Pleiades.

This is a powerful time for making big shifts. Expect breakdowns and breakthroughs. Uranus is all about changing the world and breaking through reality.

This is shifting things with money, and our systems of money. It’s all about the changes we need to make in our lives, moving forward. Jupiter is Retrograde until Nov 23rd.

This Jupiter Retrograde is going to be in Aries and Pisces. Jupiter is in Aries now. It will shift into Pisces Oct 28th. Jupiter is a huge magnifier of energies. In a good way. It can shift your luck, and even fortune in life. Jupiter Retrograde is a time of deep spiritual growth.

It’s a time to go within so you can connect with your inner truth. It helps to activate your destiny or soul purpose. It will help you in seeing the big picture.

Neptune is Retrograde in Pisces until Dec 3rd. Be prepared to continue your swim in the deep end of the ocean. This is helping us to see through things in a deeper level. Trust your intuition right now. Saturn is Retrograde in Aquarius until Oct 23rd.

This is all about clearing karma and karmic connections, and getting real with our boundaries. Boundaries are there to protect your energy.

They are so important right now. Your meant to be clearing anything not for you right now. We have Pluto in Retrograde in Capricorn until Oct 8th. This means we are going through a huge transformation.

We move into the Underworld. That means you need to use this time to address any ways your blocking, sabotaging, or getting in the way of yourself.

Time to work on your own toxic, negative patterns, and beliefs. The Comet Chiron is Retrograde until Dec 23rd. This means a deep clearing of any emotional baggage, or unresolved trauma your still carrying.

We will be doing deep digging around in the past and healing during this transit. The root of your traumas may be coming up, to mind, or back around. Expect some major heart chakra healing, and clearing of old blocks.

We have Mercury in Retrograde. That means it’s time to rest, recharge, and restore your energy. Time to re-access how your taking care of yourself…

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Mercury Retrograde

7 days after it ends to fully clear

~* M E R C U R Y – R E T R O G R A D E ~*

Mercury is retrograde for the third (but not final) time this year.

This one begins in Libra on September 9th and ends in Virgo on October 2nd in Virgo.

This period of time has a special power to invite deeper reflection upon the past and purge your subconscious of negative mental conditioning.

The world has been driven mad by the myth of progress, so use this time to embrace the power of human spirit which expands in all directions of time.

Despite what you’re conditioned to believe by our progress and success obsessed society, the best path in life is not always onward, upward or even forward.

The reason why 21st Century people freak out about Mercury retrogrades is because they are times of introspection.

You’re meant to ruminate on the past, process what you’ve learned thus far, and heal your subconscious mind of anything that’s been corrupting your perceptions.

Put simply, think of how textbooks always have a chapter full of information followed by a review. The end-of-chapter review is what the Mercury Retrograde is like. And review is where all the deep learning and integration actually happens.

Mercury weaves internal imagination with external perception, synthesizing two qualities of experience to empower knowledge and learning.

In mythology, Mercury was said to conduct or guide the souls of the dead into the underworld.

Because he was the only god able to freely travel between the overworld and the underworld, he was tasked with being the messenger between worlds.

The underworld symbolizes the subconscious mind of primal imagination.

When Mercury is in retrograde, he descends into the underworld.

This means that during Mercury Retrogrades, your mind is getting closer to your soul— that your conscious awareness is more in touch with your subconscious.

Mercury retrogrades seem to have a disorienting effect because a wide stream of your conscious energy becomes submerged in the murky realms of the subconscious.

As the light in the mundane world dims, the imagination lights up, luring you to wander deep within.

Time to get back in touch with your soul and integrate what you’ve learned.

Grandmother Wolf Moon 9-10

Grandmother Moon is full on Saturday September 10th.

I don’t paint much but I was compelled to paint my “Full Moon Song” a few years after it came through.

Wolf reminds us to sing during the Full Moon, which is exactly what I do for my Full Moon Medicine Song Healing Concerts, and for my Full Moon classes on resilience for my students.

Just like “Full Moon Song,” which I channelled after a ceremony one night at the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto, I just listen to Spirit and those songs flow right through me.

At my virtual Full Moon concerts, I do my own uniquel kind of energy healing for the group, and messages from Spirit come in for us during the healing work..

The next Full Moon concert is TOMORROW at 4pm Eastern.

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Incoming Energies Are Major

Incoming Plasma Energies. This means expect major light body activations this week.

This also means many are feeling ascension symptoms. These changes are happening within the physical body, so they are being felt in all different types of ways on a physical level.

There is a lot of cold and flu like symptoms going around, headaches, nausea or stomach issues, dizziness, disorientation, feeling like your going crazy, or in a different reality. As your chakras are trying to clear and open the blocks are coming up.

Some of our negative beliefs and patterns are actually deep ancestral and karmic baggage that we have been carrying with us. Our karmic and childhood wounds tend to be what’s triggering our relationships too. Bad karma can keep us in awful patterns. It’s about clearing the energies of the past fully.

We are clearing thousands of years of karma from our ancestors. These imprints have been stored in our DNA, and need cleared and healed energetically.

August 18th we can expect two CMEs merged into one (cannibal CME) to arrive.

Expect strong geomagnetic storms this week. We are living in the middle of some exciting times. We have so much energy coming at us. These energies will super amplify your frequency too.

That’s why it’s so important to be working on your energy and doing things to raise your frequency.

We shift into Virgo Season Aug 21st and Aug 27th we also have a Virgo New Moon.

Virgo is the sign of the healer. Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is the messenger planet of communication.

We have a ton of heightened mental energies.

This is helping us to better connect with the third eye and telepathically. You may be picking up messages from people, or just reading there energies more.

You may be guided to travel this Virgo Season. Expect to be seeing spiritual signs everywhere…

By Sparks of Divine Light Healing

art: @ramonlaasc

Gaia Daily ! Dream a Little Dream

Holding tight to my core beliefs and dreams has been my survival superpower …

A Grand Cross factored into a favorable alignment in 2016 and yea the revelations were not all good 👍, but truths were and are much better than lies and shadow that does much harm stepped in secrets .

Boomerang 🪃 or Karma it’s better to be authentic but polite ✌️😊👁🙏

Blessings & Peace ☮️

❤️ Dona Luna