Full Moon – Energetic until August

“Full Moon in Leo” By Samantha Orthlieb

(Senses of the Soul)

Intense and powerful transformation continues in your lower chakras before, during and after this Full Moon Gateway! The Ascension coding of this gateway starts on February 5 and closes during the Full Moon on August 16, 2023.

The power of this gateway shapes your sense of deservingness (1st chakra), your sovereignty (2nd) and the essence of your authentic power. You are being guided by these energies to ask for what you need to have a balanced lifestyle, thus knowing that you deserve abundance in all its forms to lead a joyful and prosperous fulfilled life.

No more sense of drudgery, needing to overwork, perfectionism, control, or lack of faith is necessary (or allowed) to prove your worth in the New Earth paradigm of living! That is an old wounded masculine value system that is dissolving in the collective.

You are allowed to release the past and moving into a whole new way of being. This new sense of yourself is building creative energy inside of you in preparation for a new stage of your Ascension process – one that is filled with freedom and choice. So know that you are capable of creating what you desire, and that the help you need to do so will be there.

You are now attracting better, healthy relationships and bountiful circumstances into your life as your power center, your manifestation skills and your creative juices are coming into ripe alignment!

Infinite potential and possibilities are in the ethers coming to you, miracles are becoming normalcies! So stay committed to what it is you want to create for yourself and others.

This increase in internal vital force may be showing itself as more intense emotions (anger, frustration, crabbiness, fatigue, depression, lethargy), tension and soreness in the muscles, digestive disturbance, sore solar plexus, shoulder blade pain, skin issues such as rashes and hives, poor quality sleep, intense dreams and anxiety.

As you pass through this Moon portal, you will take a deeper dive to release that which is no longer needed. So keep flowing, be committed to transmuting your emotions, to caring for your health, finding more balance and shifting your mindset to release patterns that keep you in a lesser version of yourself.

There is powerful magic in the air, so bravely continue onward and know you are heading in the right direction.

And so it is!


Leo Full Moon

Full Moon Leo♌️🌕

Leo is the sign of the lion, fiery, fixed and ruled by the Sun. The Moon is in Leo, and the Sun is opposite, in the sign of Aquarius (an intellectual sign).✔️

Leo stands for courage, confidence, loyalty, warmth, creativity and self-expression. The sign of the heart is about your deepest desires.✔️

Uranus, the planet of radical change, is involved (square) with the Full Moon in Leo – expect the unexpected.✔️

Those who do not move do not notice their chains.✔️

It is in our nature to want to expand, grow, evolve and go to place – in short – move.✔️

And it is also in our nature to be challenged by feelings of not being good enough, fears and worries.✔️

And those arise when we try to do things, move, grow and expand.✔️

This Full Moon in Leo invites us to confront those fears. To channel the confidence and courage of Leo to choose not to be bound by them.✔️

Because courage is the choice and willingness to confront fear, pain, and uncertainty. It is a choice you always have.✔️

Uranus’ quest for freedom will bring insights and sudden realisations to this Full Moon to help you break those chains.✔️

What would you do if you knew you could solve any obstacle?

Allow Leo’s energy of confidence to fill you up to guide you and awaken any desires you might have dismissed.⚡️

And keep feeding your lion’s energy with daily affirmations like

I am capable, and I choose courage.⚡️

If you want something you have never had,

You must be willing to do something that you have never done.✔️

Full moons are times of culmination and releasing what we are full of. When the limits of our cage come to light, so you can find a way to trespass them.

As the Moon wanes after the Full Moon, it is time to let go.✔️

Use the end of this Moon cycle to let go of any fear that stops you from making that courageous choice in preparation for the next Moon cycle, Pisces, the last one of the astrological year.✔️

And overcome with courage any fear that stops you from walking in confidence and pride in who you are.⚡️

Like the lion, embrace your uniqueness – courageously.⭐️


The Witch from Eastern Europe


Lots going on in Feb for a short month

February is the month of Forward Movement! It is a Retrograde-Free month, which is a rare energetic Portal, that will last through April 20th. This is a boost of cosmic energy, that supports significant changes and growth in the external, physical reality, as New Choices,

New Opportunities, New Beginnings.

We will have Fiery Full Moon in Leo on Feb 5th, which will Square Uranus – expect the unexpected! We will also move through Magical Venus-Neptune Conjunction right around Valentine’s Day -Major Higher Heart Energies, as well as 222 Gateway of Ascension, which will be loaded with Powerful Activations.

The energies of February very much feel like energies of the Destined Events, and is a preparation for

the Epic Energetic Events of March.

February 2nd – 2-2-2023 Energy Portal

February 5th – Full Moon in Leo

February 15th – Venus-Neptune Conjunction in Pisces February 16th – Sun-Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius

February 19th – New Moon in Pisces

February 22nd – 2-22-2023 Gateway of Higher Ascension. ~divineenergyworks

©Mégane Claire

Cancer Full Moon – Going Within


Dear friends, we are now entering into the full moon phase as the energy waves of Friday/Saturday’s full moon being to arrive. Those of you who are energy sensitives may already be feeling the shift in the air. This full moon in the sign of Cancer will be stirring our deep emotional issues.

This first full moon of the year takes place 7 days after the official beginning of 2023, a year which resonates with the energy attributes of number 7. And one of the qualities of this 7 energy is introspection and the development of wisdom. This upcoming full moon in Cancer is an invitation to go within and swim in the deep end of our emotions in search of the wisdom we need for this new year.

The energies of this particular full moon in the water sign of Cancer will give us the strength to analyze our current emotional states and run an “emotional inventory” so we can identify those emotional issues that need to be released as we step fully into this new year. This introspective process will help us understand the issues that are in need of further closure. The Cancer aspect of this Full Moon also focuses on family and relationship dynamics, so be aware of any issues that are asking for processing and integration on that particular aspect of your life.

The “Full Moon” activation together with the “Energetic Cord Cutting” transmission in the Perennial section of the 3D to 5D Library will support this deep emotional release process as the energies of the full moon roll in. You can also work with the freely available “Leaving the Past in the Past” transmission in Level II of the library:

Our Sun also seems to be waking up at the same time the Full Moon energies arrive. We might be receiving some strong solar plasma today and tomorrow, which will intensify the light codes arriving from the full moon. Stay tuned for more updates. Physical symptoms associated with both of these cosmic events usually manifest themselves in our nervous system first. Our bodies are already integrating the new 2023 vibrations and the nervous system is busy adjusting to the new born timelines. And on top of this, we have the solar plasma and the full moon light codes… That’s a lot of new information. Therefore the need for relaxation, meditation, and introspection during this first week of the year. That said, you may experience some headaches, insomnia, lethargy, and other issues as we approach the weekend. A great amount of outdated emotional patterns are being stirred for reactivation and release, so please take care of yourself during this transitional phase. All of this is part of the natural individual and collective process of evolution at this moment in our history. Stay grounded, and take advantage of the energies this week so you can focus on your inner process and shine your Light brightly during the rest of this new year. Much love ❤️

Diego E. Berman 2023 Ⓒ



Your planet has begun an intense energetic recalibration through the reopening of higher vibrational doorways at the time of the Reset at New Year. This Reset is producing a constant expansion of light waves flowing across the earth plane shifting the entire energetic dynamic of Earth by creating a higher energetic reality space for you to engage.

With these series of profound Reset energies anchoring on your earth plane there are vast doorways of opportunity reopening for each one of you. Through this Reset you individually have an opportunity to be reopened on another level within your spiritual potential. Moving you back into a state of self-empowerment, enabling you to individually interact within your higher consciousness light. Allowing you to activate and interact within the higher frequency consciousness of Self.

Through the avenue of your Heart space, you can set in motion these changes within. All that is required from you is the conscious choice action to hold your awareness within the stillness of your Heart, to let go within the stillness.
This process begins to naturally align and activate your Reset patterned frequency through your cells. As you open into stillness within your Heart you actively align to receivership of your Heart’s mapped frequency Reset.
This mapping begins to morph into the Heart’s multidimensional potential.

Your unique Reset pattern is to be reestablished through your cells, this Reset pattern holds an aspect of your own divine heritage. This is a returning,
a conscious returning by you to receive vast layers of your multidimensional consciousness that is part of your sacred makeup. This Reset is designed to allow you to re-enter this arena of yourself and activate a destined blueprint for Earth and you, simultaneously.

At this juncture those of you in human bodies on the awakened path are ready to activate pre- agreements to align into this new arena of consciousness. Through the potential of the Reset
you enter an expanse of your unique consciousness to create a higher network of connection of Communion with each other through your Heart spaces. You also launch yourselves back within the collective frequency of our resident universe. Great change is upon you as the energetic Reset fully impacts all of Earth.

This is your time to retrieve the many blessings that are yours by natural birthright. Change has come and all is in hand. Trust the unfolding of yourself at this juncture. Be prepared to allow a shedding of the old ways of being, releasing the old burdens of illusion and allow a pure joyful launching of yourself. There is no earthly thing that can hold you in place, you have ultimate power of your own destiny, this is signed as a pre agreed happening at this time. As you link into the stillness of your Heart, allow yourself to become the stillness that exists within your Reset patterning.

This happening has been preordained within the sacred manuscripts of our Universe for Earth’s transmutational cycle to come into a next phase of being. As you embrace the essence of 2023 this new phase of awakening is being heralded in for all life force energies on Earth. Nothing will remain the same as previously experienced in this current time between New Year and throughout February. A sacred network of light was forged on Earth as part of the Reset to support these changes during this rapid transmutation process.

We witness you, call us forward to allow us to support you in your transition if needed.


The Pleiadians

By Christine Day ❤️


2023 The Empowered Rebel

“2023: The Year of Transformation”

The next three years (2023 to 2025) are “Choice Point Years” in the collective consciousness. Deep transformative change will occur in us if we choose
to surrender to spiritual expansion and
align with our true destiny.
This expansion will open us to new possibilities, bring growing pains, and require great inner courage.

The past three years (2020-2022),
we deconstructed our deepest wounds and fears, laying them at our feet to examine and mourn over. The first 4 months of 2023, we will sift through the shadow rubble to extract what we want to keep of ourselves, plant seeds of new potential, and point our belly button in the direction that explores our highest potential as human beings.

The rest of 2023 will see us embodying a new archetype: The Empowered Rebel!

In fact, in the next 9 years, those on the Ascension path will be downloading, attuning and embodying 13 New Earth archetypal energies that have been offline in our genetic coding!
(More on this later this year.)

2023 is a more introspective year, where we are bridging the gap between mind and spirit. This is a combination of conscious and subconscious thinking that allows the mind to shine a light into the very deepest realms to access hidden truths. Our Self-Truth within our third chakra will strongly emerge as we are tested this year, so that we learn to live by our own beliefs and values, and anchor in our spiritual self to our earthly self —
to manifest the first steps of our true destiny.

A cautionary message: People are now either firmly on the path of healing, wholeness and spiritual expansion in 5D, or are getting caught more in their 3D dysfunctional patterns, their wounding, and becoming more reactive/destructive.

The old paradigm will still be dismantling, old systems publicly revealing their glaring dysfunction, and there will be an increasing divide between those that are on an accelerated path of ascension expansion and those people getting caught more in their reactivity/polarization and Victim archetype. There are now only two paths to choose from!

2023 is a time for those of us who are passionate creators, innovators, pathfinders and pioneers of the new Earth paradigm to courageously rise above anything that wants to block us or derail us.

This is not a reference to Cabal, Illuminati, evil beings or dark galactic forces — there is no room in 5D multidimensional reality to believe in anyone or anything that we can blame or be polarized by. Giving any of our energy to lower vibrational fears or concerns will only deplete us further.

January 2023 is about us seeing and transforming what no longer serves us to move forward on this path of Self-Truth! — this will allow those of us in these 5D Higher Mind /True Self energies to move into Oneness and the cosmic flow of abundance.

As of 1/11/23, we are firmly anchored in the Oneness/Abundance timeline and learning to flow in the grace of our True Self divinity.

To focus on for this year:

  1. Continue to find balance in your life. Anchor yourself into a daily spiritual process and practice so that you can stay on an even keel. This may include connecting with nature, meditating, praying, chanting, breathing exercises, rituals, ceremonies or spiritual support via a certain group.

Be aware of how you use your power —
is it in a balanced way so that you can flow in your life without power struggles? How can you transform what no longer serves you so that you can be more in the flow and receive abundance?

If you struggle with addictions, please make it a focus to tackle this, and other issues that lower your vibration. Make it a priority, as this year will add fuel to the fire!

  1. Cultivate your creativity and any creative talents as this will help you find balance.
  2. Balance your “alone time” with engaging in healthy relationships that support you and your dreams.
  3. Continue to hone boundaries and know that your relationships will continue to change, some will fall away (so allow this and don’t fight it).

There will be more people that “pass away” to other timelines as the denser energies of control, manipulation, being goal driven, competing, control, force, anger, hostility, greed, materialism, ego, over-productivity, quick fix, worry/anxiety, shame, drama, guilt, fear continue to shift in the collective to a co-creative value system.

  1. Bring out your talents and gifts in a bigger way — the Ascension process has cleared trauma and blocks that kept you from living your highest potential.
    Now allow your talents to come through and be expressed in your forms of play and service to others. It is safe to shine!
    Spirit will help you if you trust this process and follow your inner knowing.
  2. Focus on selfless impeccability — you have owned your shadow and past, and your ego is in the throes of dying — focus now on service-oriented purpose! We are moving from “me” to co-creative “we.” Being selfless instead of selfish is the catalyst to impeccable New Earth leadership! Now you have the opportunity to live from wholeness, not your wounding, and can learn to live in grace, anchoring in another way of living and being human. This is the year you plant seeds for yourself and the New Earth!
  3. Expect growing pains as a result as you rebirth, and find new fertile soil to plant your 5D self. This will require courageous effort, focused intention and spiritual strength to move out of any stagnation (anger, frustration, depression) and claim your destiny.
  4. Multisensory expansion continues — You will continue to be more energetically sensitive to cosmic events and energy around you. As your multisensory perception (psychic, intuition, telepathy, etc.) comes online and expands, you will need to ground yourself and take care of your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

In service and divine liberation,
Samantha Orthlieb

January 2023’S Theme:
January’s Keywords:

For more information, please see Samantha’s video forecast at https://sensesofthesoul.ca/blogs/blog/january-2023-ascension-energies-update


Energy Update 2023. ✨️💫✨️



With Love I share ❤

Dearest Family of Light as

we enter into a New Year 2023 there is much Unfolding for our Physicality.

Our DNA Blueprint template and

Light body is going through a Phenominal upgrade.

Many of you will be experiencing

physical symptoms of tiredness and purging emotional debris.

Understand this is a process and any unhealed wounds from past lives and this life will come to the Surface for releasing and clearing.

The Galactic Central Sun is pouring massive amounts of Light codes from within and beyond as we Transend the Old physical bodies into Diamond Crystalline beings of Pure Light.

We are Opening up to becoming Transmitters and Conduits for the Divine.

This is a process and there is no

Time frame as time is Linear

we are now living in a Quantum field.

Our Physicality needs time

to adjust to the New Human.

Be patient dear heart’s all is well.

The more you release the old ways of 3D beliefs, Programs and Patterns the more you’ll Rise into the Divine Essence of Love into 5D.

We are the Wayshowers, Lightworkers, First Wavers of showing the way

for Humanity as a whole.

This may be challenging for some, we are Embodying more Light than ever before be gentle on yourself Dear Heart’s, rest, drink water and just self love and self care at this current stage of Ascension.

There are many variations of Timlines where we now choose our Reality

and in the Grand Scheme we are Multidimensional beings of Light

we are the Universe and now living in a Multiverse of Infinite possibilities,

choose wisely dear heart’s.

Timelines are Collapsing and Converging.

I’m feeling this myself to some varying degrees of symptoms.

It’s important now that you release and embrace, Surrender any shadow Aspects that arise for you love it all.

Most Importantly Embrace your Divinity your Sovereignty your Freedom and Power for you are this and more.

Sending Infinite blessings and

Love to you all Light Family.

I Love you. ❤~ Seraph Knight


“1:1:23 Energy Portal:

Welcome to 2023 and Beyond”

Dear friends, today we officially start a new chapter with new timelines of reality. Although the new year frequencies started flowing in a few days ago, the collective human consciousness resonates with today as the official start of the new year. Welcome to a new journey.

2023 holds the energy frequencies of number seven, 2+0+2+3=7, and today 1:1:23, the first day of the year, also contains the same number 7 resonance. Interestingly, the next full moon takes place on January 6/7, depending where you are in the world. Today, and this whole first week of the year, will be a wonderful time to connect with the qualities of the seven energies and see them reflected in your own life and your upcoming 2023 timeline.

Since antiquity, number 7 has been considered sacred and mystical. Seven is associated with wisdom, investigation, research, analysis, logic, reflection and spirituality. This number is represented in many aspects of our life and spiritual traditions: there are seven days in the week, the 7 degrees of perfection, and the 7 celestial spheres and the branches of the cosmic tree. In ancient Mesopotamia, number 7 symbolized mystery and had a religious character. For the Sumerians, this was a special mystical and sacred number. In Buddhism, when the Supreme Buddha was born, he walked seven steps. In Judaism, the Menorah has seven arms with candles that never go out, symbolizing our inner Light. In the Muslim religion, there are seven heavens and seven hells, and so many other examples.

Today we are jumping into this 7 energetic vortex through the 1:1:23 portal, and during this whole year we will be immersed in this very special energy. Seven is the number of travels and inner discoveries. It also represents the physical plane dominated by spirit, totality, perfection, and consciousness, the sacred and non-physical knowledge waiting for be revealed in our lives. Also, it symbolizes cyclic completion and renewal.

This new chapter that we are starting today on 1:1:23 will last beyond this particular year. The timelines we are jumping into this year will be guiding the overall direction for the next ten years until 2033. That said, timelines can shift and reshape, but the overall theme will be delineated in 2023.

The expression of your inner Light and eternal wisdom into our physical world is the main theme for this year, and will be for years to come. And as we shine individually, we contribute to the overall ascension of planet Earth. Enjoy the process, cherish each moment. We are in for an amazing ride. I wish you a marvelous 2023 adventure.

Much love ❤️


Diego E. Berman 2023 Ⓒ




“Stepping into 2023
with Our Fearless Light”
By Aluna Joy Yaxkin

On New Year’s Eve, even though it is a Gregorian calendar cycle, many will be placing their attention on a brighter new year. This in itself makes it a sacred day. This New Year’s Eve we can place our attention on cultivating pure knowingness (a step beyond hoping, intending, wishing, praying, etc.) and the collective rebirth (the step beyond the solo path and hermiting), and hold in our hearts a vision for a lighter and more joyful future for the entire collective.

In the traditional Kiche’ Mayan calendar, 1.1.2023 is 1 AKABAL (west). This year starts off with a great force and power that is also considered the first gear of a much grander creation, which would make sense because we are just now beginning to anchor this new cycle into the physical reality. But it also represents the birth of new creations and can trigger great awakenings along with offering many new opportunities.

In the Yucatan modernized Mayan Astrology Calendar, 1.1.2023 is 7 LAMAT (south). This year will have an underlying feeling of not belonging in either world, the past or the present. It can be a very otherworldly and mystical energy, but also can bring a profound centering. And this is no surprise, because we are letting go of the old world and creating a new one. The 7 is the converging point between the past and the future. It’s all about merging! Which is the complete opposite of the last ten years, where there was a lot of separation and division. The day sign of Lamat brings higher vision but is also balanced with great reasoning. Both vision and enlightened reasoning will be needed to create this new world we’re stepping into. It brings a much needed profound community consciousness. Radical new envisioning can trigger an element of fear, as we will be stepping into the new territory. But this is something that we’ve been working on the last few years anyway, and I feel like we’ve mastered it at this point.

As 2023 begins, we also acknowledge the need for self-care and deep rest and healing for our bodies and souls. We have gone through a very challenging gauntlet of tests. We have suffered so many losses and betrayals and life changes, and have been living in a constant state of letting go. We have also had our eyes opened to the great necessity to take deep accountability for our all actions to be able to move forward. Without doing the deep inner work and taking accountability, and being truly honest with ourselves, we can get stuck on the hamster wheel. The word for 2022 was “relentless”.

The word for 2023 is “RADICAL.” It will be a time for radical trust. Because we no longer fit in our old lives anymore, and not in the same way. Nobody is out in front of us creating a path for us to follow. This is the path we must carve for ourselves and for humanity. We are the explorers of a new cycle and a new time. We are entering a new frontier. We are in lands unknown. And this is the land we are to anchor together, collectively. It’s going to take radical trust, radical creativity, radical knowingness, radical vulnerability, radical honesty and radical self responsibility.

There are still more tests to come, but now we are wiser and more seasoned and as ready as we can be for what is to come. We have been painfully stretched beyond our limitations of the old cycle, and the past age has now moved into the rearview mirror of our lives. We have discovered how much stronger and wiser we are, and also how incredibly vulnerable we all are as well. We have become comfortable with uncertainty. Both strength and vulnerability take immense courage to get on with our next steps.

We will embody a deep knowing that the way through is also knowing that the Great Creator, Ascended Master Realms, Angelic Realms and the collective of humanity are working with us. There is so much divine help supporting this groundbreaking process. But it is still our work to do. And remember, we did sign up for this. We also signed up to do it in our vulnerable human space suit! What an epic trip we have decided to take together.