We Are Well Aware of the Discrimination of Feminine-Sandra Blands

More over , in our awareness and determination

remedies do exist , which establish balance

after a purge , which is very necessary .

Breaking cycles of addiction to overpowered

affluent , monied folks, who abuse their feminine

have gifted the opening , albeit rocky at present .

Loosing addictions , nasty work, for each of us.

No stand-ins , no paying for the privilege ,

this is about being your highest , bestest in what

you choose to show the world , without mask.

Practice in front of your mirror, speak with

Benevolence, forgiveness and love as foundations

in your highest mind ; allow the flow ..

Should you need to roar , please so so

pridefully , with ego observing ..not ruler .

That is you, and it’s a process that quickens

with surrender to your highest blessings, and

meet the challenges with ever growing grace

and thankfulness to know you are on your way.

Out of a maze , a matrix a hell on earth , that

may give you pause , set you back a step …

Focus on the liberation and freedom of soul

and spirit to realize the dreams , long dormant

of your light child , your spirit which no

one can own. All that brought you here , says

yes , I can , I Will , I matter , and I am open

to receive all that may support my quest ,

in harmony and benevolence for a goal

that of high spirit intent..

Sandra , lost her life to a systemic dark shadow

that covers many social illness . Her gift is

everlasting ..and so many are Thankful

as well , and will not ignore her ultimate

sacrifice , her physical life , and I’m sure

she has returned for yet another mission

of spirit and shall triumph🎁🌈🥰🙏🏼


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna