Move on

One of the lesser discussed outcomes of toxic relationships is how narcissists are often successful at convincing your friends and family that YOU are the dysfunctional, toxic one. Sometimes, they can even turn them against you.

So then, not only do you have to cope with the painful smear campaign, but you are also faced with the fact that your friends and family who sided with the narcissist have betrayed you, as well.

These are not your people. Maybe they never were.

Anyone who knows you – authentically – should not side with the person who is trying to tear your life down.

Sure, narcissists are exceptionally skilled at pretending they’re just regular people trying to live their lives, but these people knew you long before the narcissist came along…yet, here they are, siding with them.

If someone doesn’t know you well enough to know the narcissist’s accusations are false, then did they ever really know you?

I find that life is too short to change people’s minds about things. If flying monkeys and enablers want to believe the narcissist’s stories, then they have their own path to travel. It’s not our job to make them see the light.

Along my own journey, I stopped wasting my precious time and energy trying to correct the narrative or defend myself against accusations and the people who wanted to believe them. Let them find out the truth like you did (IF they ever do).

Some people love to eat up drama like a tasty snack.

Some people want to think they found dirt on you.

Some people want to get into the narcissist’s good graces for their own reasons.

And some people are just too naïve and gullible.

None of these people belong in your circle OR your tribe.

These are lost people who need to find their own way or remain unwoke. It’s not your job, and it’s not your project.

Save your precious time and energy for other, more important things…like getting through the smear campaign with the people who are truly on your side.

And if you have no one, get a dog, a cat, or a goldfish. Our tribe can be anyone or any creature who will have our back.

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Prevention of Adverse Childhood Experiences-Mad in America

In a new article published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine Focus, researchers lay out the American College of Preventative Medicine’s (ACPM) position on preventing and mitigating adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). While the authors endorse surveillance and research around childhood adversity, they recommend against screening for adverse childhood experiences in individual clinical encounters.

Through a synthesis of research and expert opinion, they put forward seven recommendations for preventing and assisting in recovery from adverse childhood experiences. They write:

“The American College of Preventive Medicine offers seven adverse childhood experiences‒related recommendations focused on screening, education/training, policy/practice, and research: 2 are evidence-based, and five are based on expert opinion. Notably, regarding secondary prevention of adverse childhood experiences, the American College of Preventive Medicine endorses population-level surveillance and research around childhood adversity but not adverse childhood experience screening in individual clinical encounters.”

American College of Preventative Medicine Makes Recommendations for Addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences

End of Soul Contracts

So many relationships, family ties and long-term connections are currently in chaos and emotional pain…The divide between those who embody Love and those who still live in fear is very real. We’re seeing some people we’ve known and tolerated for years on a completely different wavelength…

Literally. We no longer have anything in common and our differences are greater than the karmic bond that once held us together. This is all a natural misalignment of energy… The quantum realignment process. As energy attracts, and different energies repel…

As ever higher frequency energies continue to hit the planet, those of us who can absorb the light are no longer aligned with those who cannot. The change is taking place on a very physical level.

Those we no longer resonate with are literally vibrating out of our lives as we align with different levels within dimensions. While we may still be aware of their presence on the planet, the energies ensure that our paths no longer cross.

This is the physical shift that divides 3D and 5D that is being created in our individual reality.

You may have tried everything to maintain those relationships or maybe some kind of change has occurred and you instinctively know to walk away. Listen to your intuition and follow the messages you are receiving.

These relationships have already expired.

You have learned everything you need to learn from this situation and it is time to let go and move on. Send love and healing to those you are releasing.

As you come out of these soul contracts, you will raise your vibration and align with your Soul family.

🌹💜🌹-Christine Chris-

Legacy – Family History

The picture I’ve included here is of ( left to right) , my great grandmother Laura Margret Creasy Wheeler, James Abner Wheeler , Dad , holding me and Granny Minnie Zola holding my cousin Pam Ragland .

I was born 2/29/52

* Due to a ” hint” on Ancestry I learned that Minnie Zola Creasy Wheeler lost her Dad in 1952!!

What grief must have dwelt in her soul 👁

I have tears for her, I had my Dad but major parts of him became lost to me due to my psychiatric “care” and his grief / anger/depression.

I’m so glad we had our time together to heal so much and for me to do my best to see that he had the dignity that he deserved .

Unfortunately 2 siblings took over his legal and medical and he made dementia based decisions . He was used and over medicated ; the greed was sickening .

Sadly I knew it all too well as surely did Granny Minnie Zola❤️

This was spring or early summer and Great Grandmother Laura is in a coat and scarf . Apparently already ill , she passed on June 7, 1953. She was born May 20, 1878.

* Ex left Dec 98, Mom died 4/9/99

Minnie Zola was born 1906.

Died 1994

** I vaguely remember her funeral , and did see her before she passed. Granny had warned me that if she could no longer take care of herself , she’d saved medications and do it herself.

**Valium did not take her out ; not quickly anyway and I saw her . She reached out for me her nails grazing my cheek . The gesture frightened me for I was 1 year on Psychiatric RX , certainly not myself . I long since accepted that she was scared out her mind and wanted to warn me . Her big brown eyes were wild .

* Minnie Zola – Valium

Dona Luna – Xanax

Both highly addictive Benzos

Warner Hartwell Wheeler -1908

Died 1977..

Granny Minnie Zola had been run off from her family farm with what she could carry ; by Warner and had to place the 2 youngest children, a son and a daughter until she became stabilized .

Warner and Minnie Zola had 5 sons and 2 daughters and lost 1 son .

The family farm was 120 acres given my grandparents by her parents Laura and James Edward.

I had heard stories of his abuse and temper which necessitated my Dad live elsewhere at an early age . He spoke of Warner not buying his school books .

He did have some kind of relationship with Warner until I was around 10/12

Warner it would seem was a moon shine maker , his sons were to help him with the fields of corn he grew . He had boxes of cash money seen by other family members .

Granny Minnie Zola struggled the rest of her life .

A baby boy was near term when Warner pushed her on outside steps and though a doctor was sent for baby David died and she was blamed . Of course he blamed her .

At some point as the new psychiatric RX came on the scene she was given Valium as was Granny Cora was , when the farm was sold to APCO electric company to create Smith Mountain Lake . Granny Cora was highly sensitive already and very religious and became labeled with a psychiatric disorder .

Valium decreased life vitality and increased mental stressors which neither Granny deserved .

I feel that somehow they knew I would solve the issue by having similar experiences with regard to psychiatric “care”.

I’m not sure why I had to learn these historical facts so late in life , experiencing the trauma with regard to the end of my marriage and my Mom’s death months later .

My aunt had taken Granny Cora to the same psychiatrist I ended up with but didn’t like him and Granny was spared , his medical abuse . Nothing was said when he became my psychiatrist for 13 very long and tragic years but it seemed to answer the prayers of ex who attended the same collage as Dr and to my knowledge never met Dr

My dentist and psychiatrist both had last names that started with an L and both were Polish and honored ex as my ” concerned ” partner !

So I’m sure that with the ancestry of abuse , the support and guidance of ancestors all these decades , that completion of these cycles have been cleared as I survived the trauma and abuse and alienation of a marital partner , loss of finances , character assignation and disposal by children , extended family and friends and religion that has not healed but continues to target me .

11/23/21 brought another partner in business that had groomed me in a case of fraud that was to deprive me of all I have financially and I experienced yet another lesson in law that did not serve me or the factual truths but the criminal who still walks freely, committing his crimes . My request for codes and for a detective were ignored by one office .

I am grateful to have installed a new battery and new tires in my 98 4Runner as on Dec 14 after breaking into my place and shutting off my internet , my jeep became my ” office ” .

My old jeep , a 4 cylinder could not make it up the steep icy driveway and I had to call a wrecker who was very kind . In the Spring I had to pay out $1200 for engine repair from the effort .

My business partner claimed to own the property and gave me an inclusive price of $650

Electric , internet and rent for a very shabby single wide that was to be my shelter until spring 2022 when we would build my house .

He did not mean a word of it , I discovered he rented the single wide and has no physical address . He later turned off my electric but thankfully I had received my pay and hired a lawyer who informed him of the illegal transaction and it was back on by days end . I later discovered he has not paid the electric in months and was shut off just after I left May 1 2022

I have been in a motel at triple the expense of rental , yes it’s inclusive . My things are in storage , one being 40 miles away costing $300 per month .

I am Thankful to the magistrates I talked to who informed me there were many laws broken and the many deputies I talked to but each were unable to help until the orders were given by the one office that much like ex and business partner and our children …are not interested in me what so ever .

I’m sure Granny Minnie Zola felt the sting as did I but I allowed that I would keep my head and heart on my intended outcome .

I met ex in Nov around this time and he offered to rent me a room ; I eventually moved in and acknowledge that stability and safety were never part of our life over the next 21 years . And of course all he surveyed was his , controlling every aspect of my life until I started to wake in 2004 and he began the process of trying to strip me of everything I had ; his property. $$$$

His sons , his grandchildren and his story , all ripe for the truths that release the trauma bonds and end the insanity of malignant intimate partner violence and effect much better laws that end the erasing of families due to the distorted reality of one who has no God , no morality no empathy and no place in my life !

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna

Grief , Holidays & Sensory Memories

Sometimes info comes late :Backward Steps in PA ( Can of Worms )

Mentioning ‘Parental Alienation’ – it’s like a can of worms

The best practice is not to tell an alienated child they have been alienated, which basically is to say they’ve been fooled, manipulated, coerced, lied to brainwashed, and abused. They won’t like being told this! They believe they have independent thoughts, they decided all on their own to hate, blame and reject you. Even when you had a previously loving relationship, their stories don’t stack up, they’ve not heard your point of view, and you hear them repeating lies and fabrications, don’t say the dreaded words: parental alienation. They will insist their beliefs were definitely not programmed into them by a favoured/aligned parent. Remember these behaviours and beliefs were, over a period of time, almost forced on them and they adopted them as a means of survival. Best to avoid this conversation until they grow up, until they come to you with questions because you’re actually a loving, sane, calm, happy parent. They are not stupid, and when they truly become independent thinkers, and de-programme, they will have questions one day.Please see more of my posts on Instagram. I post them there first, two to six each day. They’re there to spread awareness about parental alienation, to inform and to uplift. I hope they help.

Cat Balu

I met this lady at our local grocery store and we talked just enough to know what had similar experiences .

She’s in dire need now and I wanted to post her story , her experiences that she may be supported in her struggle to survive against such odds as she’s encountered .

I donate cat food as I can and contacted a local group that helps with needed home repairs for folks who are challenged financially

Her story

She sits alone in the old farmhouse, cold and hungry. Her only companions are her cats, who are cold and hungry as well. 68 years old, she was deserted by her husband after 25 years of incredible, sociopathic abuse. He took everything from her – the car, computer, phones, stole her Stimulus payment, and left her stuck with the mortgage he placed on the farm, their home.

After making the mortgage payment to keep a roof over my head, I have no money for food, no cell phone, no communication with the outside world except my computer and a land line phone. Without the local food pantry, I and my cats would have already starved to death. There has been no heat in the house, no running water for nearly 3 years. The stove, the refrigerator, the washing machine, the lamps, the microwave, two surge protectors, the heat pump all shorted out because of the rain leaking into the house for the past 12 years, ruining the wiring. The house is a death trap for me and my beloved cats, but I have nowhere to go.

He was meticulous in his abuse – socially, he made me an outcast without my knowing it. No one in my community, even the church I had belonged to since 1973, will help me. You see, sociopaths know how to ‘isolate’ their victims without the person knowing about it until it is too late. He did not pay my hospital bills, thus shattering my ‘credit rating’; he told the people in our small, inbred community that ‘she was crazy’, ‘she was lazy’, ‘she was a bad wife’, while smiling to my face and telling me every day how much he loved me.

Three months before he left, he had secretly taken me off the credit card, making every effort to ensure I had no access to any money whatsoever. He tried to empty my personal checking account, but failed, because the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ had warned me to change my password, and I did. After he had left, I discovered that he had had a ‘secret banking account’ and had been hiding money and marital assets from me for 12 years. All this time, I had been told by him that there was ‘no money’ for my needed medical care and diagnostic needs.

I quite literally broke my back working at the local hospital in December of 1996; yet he told all his friends that I was ‘faking it’, and that there was nothing wrong with me – I just ‘wanted to sit on my @ss, pet my cats and watch ‘Law and Order’. The damage to my spine caused me to drag my left leg when I tried to walk; the pain was nearly unbearable and the shocks from the pressure on my sciatic nerve were like being hit with a cattle prod. It continues to this day.

Because of the broken back, called ‘Scoliosis’ my spine sharply curves to the left. There are four broken ligaments on the right side of my spine, and only the ligaments on the left side of the spine enable me the small amount of mobility I still possess. Because of the curvature, the vertebrae in my spine have put incredible pressure on the nerves leading out of my spine to my major organs. In 2011, I developed acute congestive heart failure and had my first heart attack. I then suffered a disabling attack of kidney stones, again in 2011, with infection and sepsis, and was diagnosed with third stage kidney failure. Now, the pressure on my spine has caused me to develop constant incontinence of the bowels and bladder, and I wears ‘Depends’ 24/7. All this time, he insisted that there was nothing ‘wrong with her’ and told everyone in the community of Meadows of Dan, Virginia, that she was just ‘sorry and lazy’.

Nothing, absolutely nothing can prepare or warn a ‘neurotypical’ or ‘normal’ person about the sociopathic personality disorder. These people have no conscience, no ‘human’ emotions of love, empathy, sympathy or caring. At the same time, they are ‘Acadamy Award Winning’ actors, who can ‘mimic’ normal human behavior and fool the vast majority of people into ‘being on their side’. I strongly recommend you read a book called “The Sociopath Next Door’ by Martha Stout, PhD to gain some insight on these incredibly dangerous people. I credit her book for helping me to make sense of my husband’s behavior and treatment of me. This book, and an incredibly compassionate support group I found on the website ‘Quora’ saved my sanity. Literally.

Why did I not go to the police? I did. The local sheriff’s department would not take my complaint, because my husband was a Deputy Sheriff with the Patrick County (Virginia) Sheriff’s Department. They would call him, and he would tell them that she ‘ran into a door’, or ‘hit herself in the face opening a cabinet’ or ‘we were playing around, wrestling, and I accidently hit her in the face with my elbow’.

What about the church? I went to the pastor of the church I had been a member of since 1973. As I began to tell my story, the pastor of the Meadows of Dan Missionary Baptist Church interrupted me and began to lecture me. The words that Shawn Carter, the pastor, said to me are forever burned into my mind. “How dare you come up here and try to make trouble for your husband just because you are mad at him and you two have had a fight?” Then he prayed a long prayer over me, that “God would show her the way to become a more obedient, submissive, Christian wife”. I went home crying. My husband, when he heard how I had been treated, shed tears, too. Tears of laughter. “I told you; no one will ever believe you! I got there first!” You see, he had been, for 40 years, a ‘gospel singer’ with a local group called the ‘Joyful Noise’. The members of this group have been his ‘flying monkeys’ for over 20 years, jeering at me, condemning me, treating me with total contempt because he has them totally brainwashed and under his control.

He had the perfect cover. This is why he got away with abusing me without let-up for 25 years. When I appeared in the local community with bruises on my face, the people of the community would ‘turn away’ and pretend not to see me, even turning and going the other way down the grocery isle.

When he left, he ran out on the mortgage he had taken out of the farm he had inherited from his grandparents. In all those years, he simply did not ‘lift a finger’ to maintain the house or the land. I have been making the mortgage payments for all this time. My only income is my Social Security check of $1,087 per month. The mortgage payment is $777.67 per month. After making the mortgage payment, paying my electric bill, phone bill, garbage pickup, car insurance, life and burial insurance payments, I have no money left to buy food for myself and my cats. If not for the ‘Angels’ on Facebook and the local food pantry (once a month) we would already have starved to death.

It is wintertime now. The house is dead with cold. I have only two space heaters I can use: one in the back bedroom and one in the bathroom. The other outlets in the house have been fried due to the leaking roof impacting the wiring.

I met God face to face in August of 1973, at the age of 19, after hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time in my life. I gave my life to God and received the Baptism and the Infilling of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. I have been and continue to be a Christian in the truest sense of the word, and I have done my best to be a loving, Christian wife to a criminally insane sociopath. I took Abigal as my example and have nearly memorized the Book of Job in my efforts to ‘let go and let God’.

Now, I am old, I am cold, I and my cats are slowly starving, freezing to death. I started a business in 2015, trying to eventually pay off the mortgage my husband took out on the farm, working with feral cats by using the incredible gift God had given me of taming wild animals, which I have had since I was a very small child. Incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2020, the Feral Feline Recycling Project, Limited, takes care of 12 feral cat colonies with over 200 cats and kittens. I go out every day, regardless of the weather, to feed and interact with these wild animals, slowly winning their trust, then their love and affection. Eventually, the aim is to ‘recycle’ these cats as ‘barn cats’, ‘farm cats’, ‘shop cats’ and even ‘house cats’.

At first, for three years, my husband showed great enthusiasm for this work. I would take videos of the colonies and the cats therein, and he would ‘edit’ the videos and post them to my ‘Facebook’ account, which is still up and running under the ‘nom de plum’ of ‘Cat Balue’. He would even put captions and labels on these videos and make posts celebrating this ‘noble work’. What I did not realize was that at the same time, my husband was secretly sabotaging everything behind my back. He, through his ‘sociopathic powers’ was recruiting his ‘flying monkeys’ to cut me down and destroy my testimony to the world that God is real. How else can a mere mortal tame wild animals?

He incited Elizabeth Whitely, of ‘Hulks Helping Hands’, a nonprofit here in Meadows of Dan, Virginia, to launch a ‘Facebook Firestorm’ that nearly destroyed me and my work with feral cats. As a result, my work, my testimony to God and ‘FFRPL’ lost many, many believers and supporters. Now, all I am left with is with many cats and no way to feed them. I pray every day for deliverance to God, and I place all my trust in God and God alone.

I need help. I do not have any money left over, and I just had to represent myself in court to fight off a predatory ‘mortgage recovery company’ who claimed that I was in ‘arrears’ on the mortgage payments. I was smart enough to send my payments through paper checks, Certified Mail, and was able to get an Injunction to stop the illegal sale of my farm. I won the first battle, but the war against Evil is far from over, and I need help.

Please, do not let Satan win. I will testify to my dying breath that God is real, that Jesus Christ died for our sins, and that the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ is here with us right now. These are the Last Days.

I praise God and thank Him.


61 benefits of Marijuana

I was exposed to 1952 era termite spray in 2012 ; after assurances of not having to leave the house and developing flu like symptoms with in days , after being poisoned.

I am very careful not to allow infection deep into my chest and if I react to COVID shedding, or seasonal allergies I can cough up clear mucus which is rather thick but NOT infected !

Not infected though dry cough and clear film and very runny nose .

I include the many chemicals that exist in our environment that we know of and many we do not .

I’m lucky not to have inherited the COPD of my Dad and his Dad along with asthma . WHEW

I have not utilized marijuana all my adult life , but I’m not sorry for many of the listed pluses for its use have benefited me greatly .

Including not being able to eat from grief 🙏

So for me and many others it’s a natural Blessing that we pray doesn’t get adulterated like cigarettes ( 150 chemicals in each ) .

I don’t vape due to studies that indicate a negative side effect on the interior of lungs .

I am grateful for the Ozone treatments and have faith that the future holds more healing treatments than the past has afforded me .

I have major dental work to be done and that includes abscesses from heavy metal poisoning in a rental pre COVID

I am legal for Marijuana in the Commonwealth of Virginia!

* You know you and your body !

Blessings & Peace ☮️

Dona Luna

Childress : The Drain of Family Courts & More

I just finished traveling for testimony. I hate traveling. I walked to the airport. I no longer live in the known universe.

The fairies bring me over from my tropical island paradise off the coast of Seattle and I walk up to the trains that drop me off at the SEATAC airport. I literally walk to the airport, and baseball games.

I have left the known universe and live is some parallel multiverse of reality now. That’s not possible but it just happened.

And I’m exhausted. I can only stay in your universe for short bits of time or like Marty McFly I begin to disappear.

Two days of travel and one day of testimony wipes out an old-guy like me, and it is immensely disruptive to my life and practice. It is also majorly expensive for the client to pay for three full days of my time.

I think I may need to add a wear-and-tear surcharge for the wear-and-tear on an old guy, making me cross universes and all, that portal of passage is tough.

The portal of passage’s not tough, I just walk into it like a Stargate thing, the fairies are very accommodating at dropping me off in your world. It’s remaining in your world that’s the wear-and-tear part. I start to vanish.

I live in the Internet now. Howdy. I can easily testify remotely. Remote testimony is a good thing. Holy cow, I’m so much less expensive when it’s just a couple of hours rather than days.

Is my in-person testimony more powerful because I’m in-person? Probably. It feels that way. When I’m sitting right next to the judge in my witness stand chair, I’m present.

I think I’m pretty good at testimony by this point. I’ve done it a lot. I’m way more experienced as a testifying expert than either of the attorneys are at examining me.

As an expert witness, I’m not an advocate. I’m evidence. That’s my role in the courts. I allow the attorney to present the evidence. I listen to the question, I answer the question, then I stop and wait for the next question.

I don’t fight with opposing counsel. They have a job to do in the courts and I understand what their job is. It’s to discredit my testimony in any way possible. They try. I listen to their question, I answer their question, then I stop and wait for the next question.

Opposing counsel has two options, 1) attack my opinion… the problem is, I don’t have an opinion, I apply knowledge and I can explain the knowledge all day, or 2) they try to slander my professional reputation. I don’t think that works either.

The opposing counsel can make the argument to the judge that I’m somehow an unethical psychologist who is not credible in my testimony as a result. I don’t think the judges believe it, and I think it’s less-and-less believable as I become a known entity in the courts.

I don’t fight with opposing counsel. They have a job to do. Ultimately, the legal system will need to reevaluate the role of opposing counsel when possible child abuse is a consideration. As an attorney, they are an officer of the court. To mislead the court through deception or tactics of delay that results in the court’s participating in the child abuse is problematic professional behavior.

When possible child abuse is a consideration, the zealous advocate role for the abusive parent needs to be tempered with truth.

We’ll have that discussion someday when the legal system wants to have that discussion – the respective roles of Forensic and Clinical Psychology in the family courts. I’ll speak for clinical psychology – treatment not custody.

I have couple of appointments today. I’m exhausted but at least I’m home. Mr. Pippin’s glad to have me back, and I’m glad to be back in my universe-of-origin again.

I don’t like being in your world anymore. I’m perfectly content on my tropical island in the Pacific Northwest drinking tropical drinks with little umbrellas – climate change, adapt and get used to it.

Don’t make me travel. Don’t make me come back to your world to often. I start to fade until I get back to my island with my fairies and trees and mermaids and stuff.

I have to board Mr. Pippin when I’m away from home. He doesn’t like that. I don’t like that. Don’t make me travel. I live in the Internet now, I’m in the otherworld not your world. I can be anywhere on the planet in a blink at the speed of our connection into the world-wide web.

Don’t think of me as young-Luke, think of me as a dead Yoda, still around but all kinda glowing and twinkly now, smiling with Ben and your dad. Go get ’em Luke… use the force, Luke. You can do it.

If you need my testimony, channel me in through the Stargate portal between your universe and mine.

Covid came and got everyone used to using the Internet. Use it. I can testify remotely nowadays. Because if you want me to travel for testimony, it’s gonna cost you for days of my time, because it costs me days of my time and more, I’m exhausted today.

It’s hard on an old-guy to travel. It used to be an adventure. I’ve adventured enough. I wanna be home with Mr. Pippin.

There are typically two-phases of my involvement on a matter – report writing and then testimony. My report is my power, my testimony is the support. My support can be through the world-wide web of our connections.

If I am required to manifest across the portal into your world, it’s going to cost you money because it costs me my life. I’m not in your world anymore. I walk to a Mariner’s baseball game, I walk to a Bob Dylan concert. I party with fairies in the woods and have esoteric conversations with a cat.

Don’t make me come out there. You people are nuts. I’m not. It’s like matter and anti-matter, and it doesn’t matter because I can testify remotely through the Internet and be anywhere in the world you need me to be, any office, any courtroom, anyplace at all.

I need to get ready to see a client. I’ll be in the next room in my home-office location. The client will be half-way around the world. Clients in Australia make me nuts trying to schedule, they are a whole day away. Am I in the future or are they. Is my today their tomorrow, or is their today my tomorrow?

It makes my brain hurt.

I’m a traveler of both time and space now, when you work with Dr. Childress, we’re always on Seattle time because that’s my home-universe now. Weird world.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist, CA PSY 18857

Problematic High Functioning Anxiety

The Problem of High Functioning Anxiety

by A.T. Kingsmith

When we internalise the dominant capitalist narrative of productivity above all else, which portrays people who rest and take breaks as unworthy of amity and contentment, it becomes an ideological apparatus through which we make sense of the world. As a result, many of the supports on offer are eclipsed by market logics that have little interest in eradicating or even suppressing mental ill-health. All too often, what counts for “help” seeks to expand our capacities to continue producing while remaining unwell, exploiting possible every moment of time and spare resource for the purposes of “self-actualisation.”

Since value in a capitalist society is determined by the labour people produce and not by the ambitions and principles they hold, we have accepted that the busier we keep ourselves, the happier we can expect our lives to be.