How Childhood Trauma Could Be Mistaken for ADHD – The Atlantic

Totally , saw it ..tho no one else did in a child

Some experts say the normal effects of severe adversity may be misdiagnosed as ADHD. 
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The Real Reason Why The Narcissist Came Into Your Life | Melanie Tonia Evans | Melanie Tonia Evans

The truth of this came and went . Real life test , would require

as step backs , but I stayed strong mentally and spiritually

in ways that have led me to feeling more secure and being

lighter of heart, my life holds peace and love for the gifts

that now allow healing of my physical .

I owe multitudes Of sources and on a soul level release

all in my past that was not in my highest good .

Multidimensional enough to know the impact of

the adversity of a legacy of interfere , miseducation

etc on 3 souls who like I example the side effects

of a systems failure .. releasing this by educational

exposure , as part in the healing acceptance.

Surrendering that , in a place of all that is Spirit πŸ§šπŸ½β€β™€οΈ

Discover Quantum truths that explain why the narcissist came into your life and how to heal from narcissistic abuse, so you can evolve from Victim to Thriver.
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Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program : Melanie Tonia Evans

My view on education is truth in basics, life skills

groups, sports , music , should be in the best interest of

child who decides his/her needs , not what is decided

in her/his best us interest .

Zero than Benevolence and Acceptance , Striving for truth

being impeccable with your bad self.. Rising to be that vision

of higher Love πŸ’• walking and talking 🎁 Your gift to our world .

Travel on this path has been my way , as the school/education

matrix failed me, independent education on subjects that interest

me , studies that are way over my head in the beginning

have transformed me, still disconcerting to the type A , or

resistance lol… I’m evolving in all manner of ways which

will include better communication and delivery.

I am student, teacher is in transit towards me. Part of

my dream..

Recover from narcissistic abuse with this empowering program. Learn how to thrive after the devastating effects of narcissism. Reclaim your self-worth & a new life.
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Maryland Del. C.T. Wilson hates describing the sexual abuse he endured as a child. But he has to do it. – The Washington Post

Thank you Sir, a true hero, in speaking your

truth , speaks for so many . Speaks to abuse

that’s ending , transforming with the light

of factual soul truth .

A Maryland legislator is now using his story to crusade against β€œsoft laws” that make it easier for predators to hide from civil suits.
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Secondary Traumatic Stress for Educators: Understanding and Mitigating the Effects | MindShift | KQED News

STS is real, I have experienced this in

council , and know I must not.

Burnout, or worse is a reality . I’m not going

there .

Teaching kids who have experienced trauma can be stressful to educators. Acknowledging that teachers might be experiencing secondary traumatic stress is a
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Report: Texas foster kids left in psychiatric hospitals for weeks or months – News – Austin American-Statesman – Austin, TX

Hundreds of Texas foster children are languishing for weeks or months in psychiatric hospitals because they have nowhere else to go, hurting them psychologically, endangering them physically and costing the state millions of dollars.Nearly 600 foster kids in fiscal 2017 spent a total of almost 14,000 days in psychiatric hospitals after doctors said they were ready to leave, according to a new report by Disability Rights Texas, an advocacy group for people with disabilities.The consequences can
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Why Psychological Abuse In Emotionally Abusive Relationships Causes Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) | YourTango

Totally, children as well. It shows folks ..

Domestic violence doesn’t always manifest with a black eye, and the damage psychological abuse causes is just as real, as explained by a woman diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from an emotionally abusive relationship.
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