Narcisstic Cannot Answer this Question

This guy is so correct , I am triggered , at what

I must acknowledge.

I must retain my conciseness, acknowledging

watching the mentoring of this upon sons

the imprint, the demand and perhaps secrets

I cannot libel myself for , or insight ..

that this is trauma . Deeply held Trauma

vulnerable is not something they do.

Needs , are abused early on, utilized

by the parent , in love.

Our sons parked all that in me, as I was

induced into mental illness.. Awareness of

the AMA , induces , disease , A to Z

and I am going to grab a hot shower ,

Detox these truths of shadow

and head out into the Sunshine .

Days away from the writings of such clarity

and release, I am weak.







Blessings & Peace ,



Black children commit suicide at twice the rate of white kids | Science News

I was unaware of this horrifying fact .

This must , this statistic will be transformed ,

transmuted , eradicated ..


#WeGotThis ✔️💯🔥

The suicide rates for young black kids are higher than those of their white counterparts, a pattern that flips in older kids, researchers find.
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The Narcissist & Silence

A very effect weapon, utilized 90%

of the time .. I am allowed only to

know , what serves ..I allow this

as it says so much about the with


Silence is judgement , a critical

with holding ; a detachment that

has an effect on me , due to Mom

her Mom, and former had it down

to an art .

Mentoring , Demanding , the same

from our sons , their families else

they loose favor , wills will reflect

as well as actions or non actions

that convey how unworthy I am of

his time or attention unless it benefits

him. So sudden communication , such

as last year’s contract signing , was irregular

beginning with , I have unblocked you

as if his partner was the blame for his

blocking, non communication .

How sad .

Silence , is a void that’s no longer acceptable

no longer tolerable , and will fade away connections

who do not initiate , or balance communication

with out justification ..

It deters , balance, and trust , and I find it

telling of internal dialog .

I have been graced by hearing that a need to

not overload , as the inability to receive

which was a gift .

I realize how zoned out he was , deep in his

own ever present misery ..

Projecting, blaming , ghosting , the MeMeMe

that has no US , was non partnership

that’s certainly been exhibited , abused

and ignored .

Self talk , was transmuted , with surrender

to who , what , when and where .. took a

lot of loads off my back that were not mine .

That’s liberation ..

Transforming this is a pleasure


Blessing & Peace ,

Doña Luna

NPD, Father’s Abuse – Ignored -Supported #ErasingFamlies

From the expert , How to co parent with a Narcissist

I personally would adore reading this , but

I have residual debts from the financial creativity

of former .. Also, our sons are adults , whose

C-PTSD has been ignored as the abuse that it is .

If I were vested , I’d skip food or something to

afford this, 15 years of spending monied to educate

myself , my efforts are mocked in court.


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

I stayed in an abusive relationship with my wife because she threatened to not let me see my kids if I left – and there are plenty of other men like me

This is horrific and yes I see this , it’s hard to miss.

No one deserves to be targeted by an abuser ,

deeply traumatized , but the results are #ErasedDads

#ErasedMoms #EraseFamilies



Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

I stayed in an abusive relationship with my wife because she threatened to not let me see my kids if I left – and there are plenty of other men like me
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