Note to Millennials: Boomers didn’t screw you. 😜Conservatives did.

Millennials today are rightfully anxious about their future and righteously angry that their parents’ generation has generally done a piss-poor job of safeguarding their inheritance. Millennials, it is often said, may be the first generation in…
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Coffeyville, Kansas medical debt: County in rural Kansas is jailing people over unpaid medical debt – CBS News

Oh yes, medical debt and bankruptcy , divorce , suicide , homicide due to medical debt

and illness that gets worse instead of better …Cash Cow for Corps , not caring of

responsibility .


If two court hearings are missed on unpaid medical debt, the judge issues an arrest warrant for contempt of court.
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Losing Oneself After Being Married to a Narcissist – Invisible Illness – Medium

Much of her experience rings true , similar traits do show up..

Rejection of myself , our 1st pregnancy , projection of Blame and Shame

only 3 months in a marriage . Horrific birthing support and rape

and trauma and fear , compliance in my awareness that though he was

not happy, nor pleased , what was his was his….and indeed it became worse

and very natural for his exit to salvage himself in all ways 1st . Greed

and power are covenants that prohibit equality , normalcy , partnership

and a healthy foundation for children/grandchildren … Taking anything of

mine, any joy , monies , reputation , foundation etc gives him great joy .

Illness even more so, being his target for over 40 years , a way to get empathy,

sympathy and support from source supply/partner , who made him the man

he is today …peter pan .


,For as long as I can remember I have never been in control. The significant people in my life have controlled me. I have to take some accountability for this, and I do. But I think I never learned…
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Graphic picture and statement on Abuse “Side-effects”

I apologize in advance if this is too graphic and hard to view for those of you that personally know me and must have thought that a “boss” like me would’ve never allowed this to happen to myself . . But when you get knocked out from a one hitter quitter by someone you share a child with , it’s an obvious unfair fight . He’s twice my size . He trains at a boxing gym . He PLANNED on this to happen with a conscious sober mind . He preyed on me . He left me on the floor like this , he never offered to take me to a hospital , I was afraid that if I mentioned his name aloud or came out to the open about this , he would’ve sent people to ruin my life . But I have a VOICE and I will NOT be silenced any longer . Chance after chance , three strikes & I could’ve been DEAD . This could’ve easily happened to my kids so I welcome any and all the punches ! BUT no matter how heavy an argument is , no matter how bad you wanna escape or seek closure in asking yourself “does this person still love me?” It made me feel SICK trying to protect his name after he beat me to a pulp thinking that I wouldn’t work up the courage to finally put myself first before continuously defending and protecting him . I now know that people WAKE UP with clarity . God woke me up ! I’m alive , breathing , completely heartbroken , devastated but I WILL find strength . I’m so loved by many people I can’t even fathom how much . . All this relationship left me with was a broken nose , fractured cheekbone , broken pinky , scarred tissue in my lip , and nerve damage to my gums . Thank you Lord . You’re a great God . My ONLY God . Thank you for giving me the strength to fight for myself .– 

Abused children, whose heritage of fear has clouded all ; awaken to the power of change

On Cognitive Dissonance. – Invisible Illness – Medium

All this and more …

The term cognitive dissonance is used to describe the feelings of discomfort that result when your beliefs run counter to your behaviors and/or new information that is presented to you. People tend…
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Thousands of migrant children were sexually abused in U.S. custody, HHS docs say – CBS News

According to documents obtained by Rep. Ted Deutch’s office, more than 4,500 sexual abuse complaints were reported over the past four years
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