America’s Great Divide : Front Line

Watching kinda , for sure listening to this informative look at how we got here

Faith tells me the effort to divide us has failed in the consciousness and very soul our our nation . Change is upon us , and it can be done without the low energy of patriarchal politics!

Blessings & ☮️ love ❤️

Dona Luna 🐸

Kavanaugh investigation a sham

This man examples the support of the dying system that begins early in a boys life . Don’t ask Don’t Tell. No one to confide in about sex abuse by their peers , family members or groups .

They take that to college and join fraternity to fit in ; network for life ( support for life ) often secretive experiences are blackmail material .

Same energy exist in the military . Take a vulnerable 18 year old and use all kinds of abusive training to distort any sensitivity, any responsibility which has been the life style of the 18 year . Possibly over responsible.

These social networking fraternity brothers often end up in government. This was the case with Brett and the white washing was clearly evident . He is now seated for life in a position of power , sorely lacking the character that’s worthy of such a high position .

I’ve met many of his brothers . I married his ” brother ” who I assure you , thinks me buried in his story and believes his version of events because he’s always right . Always justified . Always the authority .

It’s common with men in a distorted power struggle and women are not exempt .

I pray for the exposure , healing and eradication of these secretive societies that include the Masons which are rarely mentioned but many are members .

JFK spoke of Secret Societies .

No place in the New Earth creation for that energy .

Many Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna

Liz Cheney

From where I’m at in life ,Liz

Cheney is clearing ancestral

bloodlines ; especial the

shadow of her father Dick

Cheney. Doubtful that she’s

aware of her clearing , as I

honor her valor as a truther .

This is what I surmise as Liz

examples the warning if not

the example that the feminine

of this world have a place at

the table that is devoid of

distortions, inequality and

alliance or adoration for

patriarchal guidance and

control .

Both parties are in need of

major transformation but

one party exceeds at


I unconsciously married a

Republican who has taught

me so much about the shadow

side and I study as well as

experience the division that

was encouraged to bring about

civil war and give rise to

martial law ; more control .

Law has failed many from

bottom to top and that’s

worthy of change .

Blessings on this glorious

Sunday 🙏😘✌️❤️

Psychology Attacks Be Aware

I typically don’t post News, but this is too much and will only continue if Everyone does not listen to the Benevolent ancient voice in yourselves.

It is written from the news, that in the past couple days there was a very saddening incident that made Big headlines. Where a father commits suicide and a mother goes and does the same only she forces her young children to go down with her driving her car into a lake in Vadnais Heights, MN.

No doubt this was “Gematrianated” on the deep end. Go look it up. A psychological warfare that everyone is not informed about. Go do your research to know more about it in order to know how to defend yourselves mentally and emotionally. The worst and most corrupt “orders” in our society that causes mental breakdowns. It causes people to get fidgety, angry, hate, hold more than grudges, fight, kill, commit suicide, be emotionally unstable and more. Not every incident is an “order”, but those Big ones that make the news typically are. So decipher correctly in your correct minds… (go find God/your ancestors guidance through silencing your mind= meditate).

This is one Huge reason our ancestors came and still is on the rise to wake us all if You choose to listen. However, most of us cannot even use 10% of our brains to put the Truth of the matter together. What are you fighting/arguing for?

Wake up all nobles ones and stop playing the blame game, using criticism on each other to start a domino effect of more arguments and then more mental and emotional issues arise. More trauma then right back in the cycle you go.

Will you silence yourselves, go deep down, and find the real truth to begin waking up to now?

This is you chance, again, and again, and again to wake up. If you don’t, you get to learn again and again and again.

When, is the question for us, will we truly wake up from greed, hate, biases, desire for authority, power, and all negativity that psychologically attacks a person’s mind?

Will you be the next to wake up after this?

Warm blessings and may aid be at your reach, compassion, kindness emerge from your hearts, and remember to keep your thoughts clean from debris (any negative thoughts or influences you may incept with or without being conscious to it). #psychologicalattacks

Note to Millennials: Boomers didn’t screw you. 😜Conservatives did.

Millennials today are rightfully anxious about their future and righteously angry that their parents’ generation has generally done a piss-poor job of safeguarding their inheritance. Millennials, it is often said, may be the first generation in…
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The Smear Campaigns of the Narcissist

Rocking this , I am the abuser, whore, unworthy snake

and he is long suffering victim .. Family and friends supporting

him, have heard the lies , enjoyed his favor , in black and white

that has been fabricated …like a spiral it just gathers momentum

the shaming and blaming , sick punishment as the gloating pride

often laughing at the win ,the power, the control, often stating

the blame was mine ..

Flying Monkeys , His Monkeys encourage attacks , by all around

him, in his circus towards his target .

I stepped out of this energetic , business and liberating our family

and generations of Domestic & Child Abuse . WE are many …mighty

and Divinely Guided …🙏🥰💗

Come to think of it , I’m no damn Domestic



Blessings & Peace ,


Independence Day Martina McBride

This song came to mind , upon an update from a deserving

soul , who is liberating themselves today …

In homage to those who have been empowered to remove

themselves from harms way , and those who deserve support

derived from this soul who had to do it the hard way

but today feels nothing but independence from generations

of abuse .. Supported by spirit , by ancestors who did not

fare well in matters of children and marriage , finances

home , and AMA APA …socially …clearing this is amazing .

My intent was for a clearing for my earth family , each

unique son Divine graced me with , as well as myself .

I mourned for what I missed, what I lost , what was abused

and Bless my former self , whose fragments are less tragic

in lieu of the many gifts I have received and many of those

are intangible .

I would have never knowingly married anyone who was

masking trauma, addiction, etc who would harm me

or our children . My deepest , darkest pain has been

transformed , resulting in a purity of love and promise

the life I dreamed of , on my own with Beloved’s

love and respect year , new beginnings ..

Truth is Light that is Love


Blessings & Peace

Doña Luna

Honoring a very long goodbye 👋

Independence Day ,

Maternal Infection During Pregnancy: Increased Risk of Psychosis in Offspring | Psychiatric Times

Targeting Mom is a APA mantra . Let’s look at generations

addicted to Psychiatric RX , ignorance of Trauma , avoidance

of masculine responsibility in any part of creation .

The DSM is full of sexist hocus pocus .

Maternal viral infection during pregnancy is a risk factor for schizophrenia. But there has been relatively less research on the association between maternal bacterial infection during pregnancy and psychosis risk.
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Pauline Hanson wins fight to launch inquiry into Family Court

The US , should have someone vested in doing the same .

#ErasingFamilies for power/profit should cease .

Far more murder /homicide / suicide , or quietly muted

live the slow death of continued Domestic Abuse/ChildAbuse.

The grief is cellular , it is there every day , day in day out .

Winner takes all, never looks back, never stops targeting

Spiritually, Physically , Mentally and Financially, feeling

nothing but a desire to avenge a target 🎯that’s the focus

of all unresolved trauma, pain , anger , stemming from

lack of control ..bound in trauma , seeing no liberation

Rage, seethe , mask on for the public, for rage has its place

behind closed doors.

Nobody Sees? No one Knows ? Knowing too much in secretive

societies , they focus on destroying target .. Death the objective .

Let’s create a system in the US that does care ..

I’d love Virginia to lead the way ..



Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Pauline Hanson wins fight to launch inquiry into Family Court
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Nepal’s ‘Mother Teresa’ Has Rescued Over 18,000 Girls from Sex Trafficking

Nepal’s ‘Mother Teresa’ Has Rescued Over 18,000 Girls from Sex Trafficking
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