Domestic abusers and stalkers should sign national register like sex offenders, commons report says

Domestic abusers and stalkers should be forced to sign a national register like sex offenders, a cross-party parliamentary report has said.
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Adverse Childhood Experiences ,Ignored #Physical Manifestations

Whole new avenues to explore

healthier , inventive , more

equatable family

solutions are here ,

Now 🤓🎁💯

ChildEquality is highlighted by inequality so

flagrant , such a failure , lacking nurture

and nature balanced in harmony that is coming

2020 shall reveal this ..✔️

Dozens Of CPS Caseworkers Caught Lying, Falsifying Documents | Parents Rights Blog

It’s rampant in Family Court

In Immigration

In Child Protective Services .

Sex Traffickers

Religions Accepted Sex Abuse

In house Sex Abuse

Affluence Protection Monied,Connected , Guarded Secret Societies

It’s definitely a Human Rights Violation to #EraseFamilies

So glad this is revealed , and transformed ASAP

Dozens Of CPS Caseworkers Caught Lying, Falsifying Documents When Child Protective Services received a complaint that a Harris County father had choked his teenage daughter, caseworker Michelle Robinson said she hurried to the house, conducted a thorough investigation, determined there was no merit to the allegations and closed the case. Except she didn’t. In October,…
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Do children in two-parent families do better? – BBC News

The children are presenting …are we listening as a collective ?

Can we know and do better?

Is this transformation from detachment to attachment ?

The heart ❤️ of Mother Earth , beats within each of us , and

she’s about restoration of nature ( father/sun) and nurture

( mother/moon ) , and natural time, peace and harmony for

each of us , ending the tragic erasure of families ..and harsh

lessons for many whose folks struggled , without the ” tools”

to heal , often generations of feeling separate .

It’s United We Stand , Divided We Fall.

Women Stand Against Division 1st ..Never doubt We are in this

together , and We are supported in every way, every day ..

Shadow teaches , once accustomed to fighting the ” monster” .

Light 💡 speaks to ” monster ” You no longer serve me . I

have NO need of you anymore . Be gone ! Poof 🧚🏿‍♂️💯☮️

Practice makes perfect .


US and UK studies suggest on average, children of single parents fare worse on some measures.
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Dr Miller calls for “ sub specialist “ in Family Court

An educated intuitive assessment of the family

points out part of the ineptitude and expertise

of professionals in charge , that are way over their

head .

These folks are guided , as is the law by the insanity

of the DSM, teamed with chemical companies

and it’s full of inhumanizes up to and including

drugging to incapacitation a Mom, rendering her

witless to the preparedness of departure and a cover

up under my crazy misdiagnosis ..

It is imperative to educated masses on what this

is and begin the transformation in each and every

professional that deals with children , families

in truth and light, healing in self empowered, not

drugged state of legal addiction .

( Part ) Of Why Courts Fail To Note Parental Alienation

This Dr, David Miller is very knowledgeable

on the dynamics that adversely affect, children/family through

legal and medical systems.