Trump’s separation of families constitutes torture, doctors find | US news | The Guardian

I can testify to this , and am doing my best to get these facts out there .


Evaluations of 26 people by Physicians for Human Rights provides first in-depth look at policy’s psychological impact
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Robert De Niro, Grace Hightower reach custody deal on Valentine’s Day

With his immense wealth , and time invested , Robert can afford to be more

generous .

Robert De Niro and his estranged wife Grace Hightower rendezvoused in Manhattan court on Valentine’s Day to seal a custody deal.
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The Smear Campaigns of the Narcissist

Rocking this , I am the abuser, whore, unworthy snake

and he is long suffering victim .. Family and friends supporting

him, have heard the lies , enjoyed his favor , in black and white

that has been fabricated …like a spiral it just gathers momentum

the shaming and blaming , sick punishment as the gloating pride

often laughing at the win ,the power, the control, often stating

the blame was mine ..

Flying Monkeys , His Monkeys encourage attacks , by all around

him, in his circus towards his target .

I stepped out of this energetic , business and liberating our family

and generations of Domestic & Child Abuse . WE are many …mighty

and Divinely Guided …🙏🥰💗

Come to think of it , I’m no damn Domestic



Blessings & Peace ,


Erasing Families : Holiday Message 😘🎄🥳

All of the volunteers at Erasing Family wish Everyone a Safe and blessed holiday! We encourage you to send a thoughtful note and invitation to your child; underneath their pain your children still love you. For children who have been erased, your parents love you. No matter how long it has been, it’s never too late to start fresh. We know how painful it is for kids to miss a parent and their family; and for parents to miss their children. It’s time to heal! Join us in shining light and solutions to awaken the world. Everyone needs more love and children need the love of both parents; let’s do this!❤️🙏❤️

Independence Day Martina McBride

This song came to mind , upon an update from a deserving

soul , who is liberating themselves today …

In homage to those who have been empowered to remove

themselves from harms way , and those who deserve support

derived from this soul who had to do it the hard way

but today feels nothing but independence from generations

of abuse .. Supported by spirit , by ancestors who did not

fare well in matters of children and marriage , finances

home , and AMA APA …socially …clearing this is amazing .

My intent was for a clearing for my earth family , each

unique son Divine graced me with , as well as myself .

I mourned for what I missed, what I lost , what was abused

and Bless my former self , whose fragments are less tragic

in lieu of the many gifts I have received and many of those

are intangible .

I would have never knowingly married anyone who was

masking trauma, addiction, etc who would harm me

or our children . My deepest , darkest pain has been

transformed , resulting in a purity of love and promise

the life I dreamed of , on my own with Beloved’s

love and respect year , new beginnings ..

Truth is Light that is Love


Blessings & Peace

Doña Luna

Honoring a very long goodbye 👋

Independence Day ,

The Spiritual Within The Narcissist Experience Of Abuse

Anxiety denotes the awakening of spirit .

My anxiety born of abuse was medicated with Xanax .

Xanax allowed me to become an addict very quickly due

to my extreme sensitivity ..

5 per day for 2 weeks created a chemically induced

nervous breakdown.

On that day in April , and in my incarceration in a mental

ward( Hell on earth for 17 days ) , I was shown signs of spirit .

*The nurse who rushed a fellow patient who was going

to choke me , whispering in my ear ” honey you don’t belong


My eventual Christian room mate who had such peace

that helped me to calm down enough to know I had to

go home , to Mother our sons , for there was nothing to

heal me me there .. I knew the truth of who I was married

to and how vicious he’d be in a divorce , and so I surrendered

to trying to work things out .

I am not discounting my behaviors , The betrayal of many years

was suspected , behaviors were abusive and horrific , when

the mask was fully revealed 3 months in 24 legal years

of marriage to a stranger ..My concern and compassion

my fears and tears and love were not enough , and I understand

that fully now.

Narcissist are Dark Angels , Survivors Of Trauma ; unhealed .

I have been trying to step out of this shadow , and spiritually

have deepened my faith…in myself …in my efforts and so many

who strive to push through Domestic Abuse/ChildAbuse .

Some find my journey inspiring , Some back off as if it’s catching,

Some are triggered and catalyzed to heal their own families.

Some are fearful of actions they are not sorry for , only

sorry to be found . Part of why I had the

negative experience , a partner who wasn’t …

Others are overwhelmed with my varied negative experiences

and my ability to continue to move forward …That does get

more difficult in repeated attempts to impede my progress

and guidance tells me , more positive energy awaits , and

I may have to endure abuse to get there .

Thy Will Is Done


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna 🎄🎁