Independence Day Martina McBride

This song came to mind , upon an update from a deserving

soul , who is liberating themselves today …

In homage to those who have been empowered to remove

themselves from harms way , and those who deserve support

derived from this soul who had to do it the hard way

but today feels nothing but independence from generations

of abuse .. Supported by spirit , by ancestors who did not

fare well in matters of children and marriage , finances

home , and AMA APA …socially …clearing this is amazing .

My intent was for a clearing for my earth family , each

unique son Divine graced me with , as well as myself .

I mourned for what I missed, what I lost , what was abused

and Bless my former self , whose fragments are less tragic

in lieu of the many gifts I have received and many of those

are intangible .

I would have never knowingly married anyone who was

masking trauma, addiction, etc who would harm me

or our children . My deepest , darkest pain has been

transformed , resulting in a purity of love and promise

the life I dreamed of , on my own with Beloved’s

love and respect year , new beginnings ..

Truth is Light that is Love


Blessings & Peace

Doña Luna

Honoring a very long goodbye 👋

Independence Day ,

The Spiritual Within The Narcissist Experience Of Abuse

Anxiety denotes the awakening of spirit .

My anxiety born of abuse was medicated with Xanax .

Xanax allowed me to become an addict very quickly due

to my extreme sensitivity ..

5 per day for 2 weeks created a chemically induced

nervous breakdown.

On that day in April , and in my incarceration in a mental

ward( Hell on earth for 17 days ) , I was shown signs of spirit .

*The nurse who rushed a fellow patient who was going

to choke me , whispering in my ear ” honey you don’t belong


My eventual Christian room mate who had such peace

that helped me to calm down enough to know I had to

go home , to Mother our sons , for there was nothing to

heal me me there .. I knew the truth of who I was married

to and how vicious he’d be in a divorce , and so I surrendered

to trying to work things out .

I am not discounting my behaviors , The betrayal of many years

was suspected , behaviors were abusive and horrific , when

the mask was fully revealed 3 months in 24 legal years

of marriage to a stranger ..My concern and compassion

my fears and tears and love were not enough , and I understand

that fully now.

Narcissist are Dark Angels , Survivors Of Trauma ; unhealed .

I have been trying to step out of this shadow , and spiritually

have deepened my faith…in myself …in my efforts and so many

who strive to push through Domestic Abuse/ChildAbuse .

Some find my journey inspiring , Some back off as if it’s catching,

Some are triggered and catalyzed to heal their own families.

Some are fearful of actions they are not sorry for , only

sorry to be found . Part of why I had the

negative experience , a partner who wasn’t …

Others are overwhelmed with my varied negative experiences

and my ability to continue to move forward …That does get

more difficult in repeated attempts to impede my progress

and guidance tells me , more positive energy awaits , and

I may have to endure abuse to get there .

Thy Will Is Done


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna 🎄🎁

Narcissistic Personality plus, described Spiritually Intuitively

A truth I was aware of , far too early , was the various mask required

in his day to day.. Detached in ways that tore at my soul , inciting me

to try harder …there was nothing that pleased , nothing on a soul level

that touched him.. With the realization of the detachment extending to

our children , one scant year into our marriage , I prayed , I mentored,

and I had faith .

Having 20 years of intense abuse , following 23 years of masked on/off

my awareness increased these past 15 years of the trauma , the

splitting , the separation from higher power , all of these traits mirrored

in my behavior , more so as an induced mental patient …It was those

last 5 years that revealed true intent , and a consciousness lacking

empathy , compassion or humanity …

Stepping out of this , has only disadvantaged me until June and as

I began my 1 on 1 council , having great success for each lady as

they grew in connection with God/Goddess, Source , Love and

all this just laying dormant , it is their success, and my honor to

be a part of it …😍

The aspects that are critical to respond to and resolve are financial ,

the power trip of the matrix and 3 D , as I lean in to Winter’s Solstice,

there is peace in completion of these various lessons that have polished

my heart 💜, as my eyes see the golden , as I cast away/transform shadow

a New Earth in so many aspects of life known so far .

Gratitude 🙏 on this SunDay/SonsDay…

Sending Love n Light to masculine 🥰✊


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Looking deeper into NPD

Kramer vs Kramer at 40: a flawed film that remains a deserving classic | Film | The Guardian

To me this film depicted the harsh kick back from

the masculine energy of fear from women’s liberation

in bras and workplaces while holding their own

adverse childhood traumas , seldom voiced ..

It shows up in matters of power , money , and control.

Transforming this to Unity …Peace

Hold Faith ❤️

Blessings & Peace ☮️

Doña Luna

Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep brought divorce to the masses with an imperfect yet sensitive portrayal of a difficult scenario
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Parental Alienation…it should be a crime | Insiders |

I strongly envision legal codes/law , enacted in the United

States , as it is in the United Kingdom .. Mim Of 5 years .

Non gender specific .

I plan to stand for this legislation in my home state of Virginia .

Parental alienation has been defined as the process and the end result of psychological manipulation of a child into showing, unwarranted fear, disrespect, hostility and even hatred towards a parent,
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Why psychopaths can’t love their children, according to a psychologist – Business Insider

Weaponized Children , can and does #eraseFamiles , in the competing

of winner take all, secrets , lies , financial issues and adultery normalized

until now ..

Children deserve much better ..

Narcissists see their children as possessions rather than people, according to a psychologist.
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Colorado mother tried for 15 months to protect murdered son from ex, but ‘nobody wanted to investigate’

Heartbreaking outcome for a protective Mom in Colorado this week. It’s good to see the Governor’s office paying attention to this investigation. Prayers up for Jing Tesoriero who fought hard in the courts for 15 months to protect her child from his violent father who repeatedly violated his protective order against the Mom without consequence. Her 10 yo son Ty was just murdered by his father in a vengeful murder suicide that took place less than one day AFTER the family court judge granted custody of Ty to his mother. COME ON people. Why can’t these judges get some f’ing common sense, and yes, some actual training to become “trauma- informed” in their judging.

In what parallel universe is it ever smart to hand a child over for the weekend to a grieving, violent, abusive father who just lost custody of his child? Douglas Co, Colorado Family Court has some serious ‘splaining to do. Our hearts go out to Jing and all who loved Ty. This was a CLEARLY preventable homicide if child safety had been the top priority in the judge’s decision-making. Rest in peace, sweet Ty. Another senseless tragedy, when will it ever cease?

Jing Tesoriero and her attorney had tried for more than a year to alert authorities that her husband was violating court orders over the custody of their son, according to new emails obtained by Denver7 on Thursday.
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