Washington state passes law extending statute of limitations for victims of sexual violence – ThinkProgress


Washington state passes law extending statute of limitations for victims of sexual violence – ThinkProgress
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Pictured: Teen who was burned alive in Bangladesh after she accused her headteacher of rape | Daily Mail Online

Don’t let current admins , see this, given em ideas ..

How freaking horrific .

Nusrat Jahan Rafi, 19, suffered burns to 80 per cent of her body during an attack by fellow students after accusing the headmaster of her Islamic school, in the Bangladeshi town of Femi, of rape.
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9 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’ve Been Abused By A Narcissist | Thought Catalog

Imagine , if you can, the 9 signs ,

when under the induced influence

of RX , to a state beyond description ..

Repeated cycles of this until , all the

validation shows up in others writing

and experience .

In a blog discussion , there was the question

of timing ..Narks adore an effort to blow

you out of the water emotionally , creating

drama , of some kind to remove any celebration

that are his exclusively ..

All a Nark sees is his or should be.

Releasing control is very difficult .

Religion is a cover ..

9 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’ve Been Abused By A Narcissist | Thought Catalog
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Joe Biden, Lady Gaga team up for sexual assault PSA – ABC News

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Codependency and Your Reaction Style? – Esteemology

A knowing , since childhood that negative emotions

were emotionally wounded triggered into acting

a way that lacked empathy. Ie: they were not being

who they are supposed to be . I did not see or feel

it as choice ..Never the less it had a cumulative effect

that was a landslide upon grasping upon announcing

our 1st , any light left him towards me , as he felt

betrayed . He heard this from his true life partner

who failed to note my light or worth to his 3 sons.

Co-Dependency, was the rat wheel, of trying to

maintain , which was fractured by my chemically

induced nervous breakdown, which totally denied

the Domestic Abuse , the RX induced reaction ,

any and all spiritual connection . Sensitivity of

course is noted .

I felt I deserved emotional support , as well as

a roof over my head .The very bound Connection

with his Mom , was never healed, never communicated

deeply ..closeted to be the monster in his closet that

I became the target for , like the sleeping bears that

our Prez has opened to kill, their union, power and money

influenced their win, with psychiatry and chemical companies

along came his Karmic twin , who was treated to the same

behaviors as I, resulting in illness, extremely unprepared

to battle the committee. Admiralty , extremely successful

in her tenure as a member -leader-mastermind of

said committee , consumed with the income I receive

she inferred as his , thus hers , which would allow

luxuries , such as island home, travel , cars , and

stylish cloths…

Jealous and cheap and demanding , a Mom of 2

aided and encourage incoming “family” that I

was not to be included , in the either/or

and of course the mother adored that and gave her

the open lead , as did he , while demurring from

open displays of abuse , which are savage one on

one .

Co-dependent ?

Hardly !

I have a great appreciation for the influence of secretive

relationships, false mask, for the money powered favor

that exist on every level , and a culture of suicide and

abuse accepted , believe what they see.. What was real

was the induction of my walking dead Stepford”

surrogate , who with out my permission or understanding

was targeted for the simple fact of shutting me up

to not be believed in truth.

Co-Dependent ?

The abuse allowed by legal professionals, who seemingly

enjoy the kill and holding secrets while destroying families

by targeted rulings , indeed , continuing the Domestic

Abuse .

Co-Dependent ? To be considered that I had information

of any truths , or could make informed , intelligent

choices as a mental patient . That I was treated fairly ,

impacting my income by allowing his total control

of my finances , along side his mom whom he represents

now financially .

Co-Dependent ? Expecting a partner , whom would have

my back , as I would have his , became their ever lasting

desire to compete , and win .

Destroying a family by targeting 1 is evil accepted and

normal in the matrix I feel I have exited .

Interdependence, has way more appeal

and part of my mission .

There are far too many who have far too

much ego , which revealed is inclusive of

abuse .. some mask.

Its revelation time folks …

I’m more than ready to put the past 20

to dust , as a way of telling the #Me2WifeMomChildrenErased

for who stands in solidarity for family unity .

Blessings & Peace

Doña Luna

Codependency and Your Reaction Style? – Esteemology
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The NRA’s Losing Case Against Reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act – Pacific Standard

I applaud this shift , it’s a very good thing .

Disallowing the weaponization of children , to continue

Domestic Violence must end as well.

Extreme risk protection orders have worked at the state level.
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DIGGING DEEPER: Two Child Services caseworkers charged with faking records – WPTA

This is too common. Federally funded 30 k per child is

incentive , inducement to falsify records .. Covering up

one’s errors , being upheld by co workers , department heads

cover ups are common..

Meanwhile families are fractured , destroyed , trauma of such

unholiness that I cannot imagine the Karmic lessons that

will reward the inhumanities perpetrated .

The Adams County Prosecutor has charged two DCS caseworkers with obstructing child abuse investigations and theft, after two separate investigations by the State Inspector General.
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