Pregnant mother killed by Seattle cops was shot seven times, had no drugs or alcohol in system – New York Daily News

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Transforming this is very necessary .

A pregnant woman killed by Seattle police officers earlier this year was shot seven times, according to an autopsy report.
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Children 40 times more likely to be sexually or physically abused when single parents find new partners | PhillyVoice

One reason I stayed , frying pan into fire kinda thing

My awareness , had me consider raising 3 kids

on my own . Another man around our sons totally

repelled me , then again there no good examples

in our friends , acquaintances..

Compliancy , praying for his healing, at 6 years in.

Brazenly announcing his trip to Germany for a week

with his addict best friend currently on his 5th

partner ..whom he bragged he cruised the prostitution

area of town , as I spent 2 miserable days at the

beach with his tribes girlfriends at the beach .

I felt asleep on the beach , did not skip , but

was pregnant .

You’re kidding 3 x

Detached for the next 9 months , upon

arrival home , a few days after bringing

baby home, as usual he picked up his

news paper .

I got righteous ! I took the newspaper out

of his hands , ” you have a son , pick him

up, talk to him ” .

He did and I took a few pictures , that

with the lighting , looked like they totally

connected . Basically baby was 2-3, when

he showed interest ..

It was heartbreaking .

Baby #2 brought us joy and family . He was

designated at birth as “brother” .

3rd was lovely bonus , he’s very proud

of his children ..

About 20-25 percent of children of divorce – and later, remarriage – will struggle academically, behaviorally and socially. That’s twice as likely as children of first-marriage families, according to a range of research.

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Female Genital Mutilation Is Happening in the U.S. These Survivors Are Fighting to Stop It. – VICE News

Horrible ! Transforming ✔️

A national ban on the practice was struck down, and Trump’s DOJ isn’t defending it.
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Alcohol and Spirituality Why it’s called SPIRIT – video dailymotion

I did not grow up with parents who drank .

On one occasion , parents had an intense exchange

at a dance hall , and in her 🔥 Aries mode Mom

threw her wedding rings out into the grass.

No doubt , drink was involved and she took

siblings and I to hunt for her rings . As I recall

we located them✔️💯

Perhaps lessons were learned , for an occasional

beer , or wine was our normal . Dad called a cab

for Mom’s eldest brother after he brought his

drunkenness to our home .O tolerance .

Both Mom and Dad smoked , and had poor

diets , and lack of restorative sleep and job

related stress . Mom’s fire was smoldered

rarely submerging within our home as

she became compliant and accepted her

responsibility, reading was her escape hatch

as was her trust in God ..evangelical god .

Dad resisted , but had a very strong foundation

as I suspect alcohol was part of his upbringing

as was abuse of his Mom , who was accused

of infidelity , ran off in a rage threatened

with weapons by his Dad for being seen having

a beverage in a public place with a male !

With only what she managed to run for her life

with , off the farm and away from him , she

was supported in court by a son , but was denied

justice for contesting his petition for divorce .

Until near puberty Dad made efforts , and

finally threw in the towel to honor the connection

of which I have no knowledge , or recall.

We ended visits to the farm , the replacement

intent on seizing all and conveying her assets

to her children as GF wasted away , dying

of COPD , emphysema and perhaps spiritual

denial ..I am not aware of any profound

religious connection , nor of attending his


His energy was not enjoyable , so I roamed

the farm , and the house , drawn to a bedroom

that housed hats , cloths , shoes , pocketbooks

Jewery , which I honored as mystical playthings

heaped upon the floor .. I was to discover much

later they were Granny’s , and mourned with her

trauma and loss that left an ever present haunting

even in her laughter .. She deserved so much more.

That divorce was final in 53, my 1 st year of life

and brother’s birth year . We both have the

experience of partnerships that abuse , extort

using us to procreate , produce , receive emotional

abuse and blackmail by our children , targets

where in we are responsible for not being

enough . Far from aiding , or healing ..abuses

that have forced our faith beyond measure

our burdens remain via separation and hostilities

while our health suffers , unnoticed in

continued trauma and abuse . I’m not sure

where brother is on his journey , kidney

disease has challenged him , forcing him

to retire prematurely ..Another example

of chemicals in the automotive industry

taking their toll , along with fear/anger/stress

and diet .. Being in his home , was stark

and austere , demanded that all was in

perfect order .. it was depressive as were lacks

in simple social skills that create an awareness

of being welcome or wanted as a guest .

Trauma at the core for each , recreated

and unhealthy for each , however she

has prevailed within her home, work

and health with 70 years, her 2 children

and 3 grandchildren , she holds honor

manipulating with funding , and intensive

time, support and love as she honored her

Mom, having tolerance for her Dad ..

I had no sense that excessive alcohol consumption

was part of the equation, and I’m aware of

a few very harsh martial abuses of his creation

as a survivor of C-PTSD , not acknowledged

continued Domestic Abuse , which is not

exposed , nor healed . Sending him

messages , after words failed of encouragement

that he locate his truth thus light , ending

the disconnect between he and his Divinity.

I am encouraged by positive signs of many

males in my life awakening.. Anger is a huge

component in catalyst, but very dangerous to

the process , and much like any addiction

support often is from internal sensitive,

guidance from spirt and elders as Divine

urges us to get to the heart of the matter .

No one is exempt or undeserving , as the

knowing or unknowing co dependent , survivor

of a soul still searching for his happiness

dependent on continuing to target ,ignoring

unhealthy side effects to 3 souls , we co created

and failed ..

In honor of the adversity, of exiting the matrix

I stand , for families , children , for each

to have foundations of security , and honor .


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

This video is based on an article from Zahrah Sita The words “alembic” and “alcohol”, both metaphors for aqua vitae or “life water” and “spirit”, often refer to a distilled liquid that came from magical explorations in Middle Eastern alchemy. In the words of writer and health enthusiast, Jason Christoff – “In alchemy, alcohol is used to extract the soul essence of an entity. Hence its’ use in extracting essences for essential oils, and the sterilization of medical instruments. By consuming alcohol into the body, it in effect extracts the very essence of the soul, allowing the body to be more susceptible to neighboring entities most of which are of low frequencies (why do you think we call certain alcoholic beverages “SPIRITS?”). That is why people who consume excessive amounts of alcohol often black out, not remembering what happened. This happens when the good soul (we were sent here with) leaves because the living conditions are too polluted and too traumatic to tolerate. The good soul jettisons the body, staying connected to a tether, and a dark entity takes the body for a joy ride around the block, often in a hedonistic and self-serving illogical rampage. Our bodies are cars for spirits. If one leaves, another can take the car for a ride. Essentially when someone goes dark after drinking alcohol or polluting themselves in many other ways, their body often becomes possessed by another entity.” Daily videos on interesting topics like psychology, philosophy, spirituality and much more. Join us and expand your knowledge !
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Rape is the least investigated violent crime in America | WJLA

Unfortunate in a culture of suicide , that Rape

is dismissed for any gender ..

WASHINGTON (SBG) – Mike and Cindy Rondini were devastated when their daughter Megan called from college. She’d been raped. But the worst came months later when Megan took her own life. Courtesy: Sinclair Broadcast Group. “The bottom fell out. I don’t know what hell’s like, but it’s pretty damn close to that. ” The Rondini’s believe Megan’s case wasn’t thoroughly investigated because the alleged assailant claimed the sex was consensual.
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Studies Show that Husbands Stress Women Twice as Much as Children

Totally an experience that was shocking to become aware through

varied life experiences how separated he was from reality .

Threatened by anything that brought change he did not

control , a change in his monies being always and ever

the 1st priority . A 1st year of major change , with a pregnancy

3 months in , altered his world with total disregard to wife

or infant . It encouraged his retreat , seemingly apparent

disappointment that I would not support his extremely

detachment , or his zero to rage .. Trying to be all baby needed,

run his house , doing all that he could come home when he

chose , spend a few hours , bed at 11pm no matter what , up

at 6, living for Friday night, Sat night socializing , drinking

being seen at the right place .

Business conversation dominated visits with his parents

discussions of folks I did not know , so after a cursory

acknowledge of myself , then our 1st born I withdrew

a bit ..It only became more pronounced as I noted

a tolerance only in public , but missed that he was

only in our marriage as part of the mask required

to round out his social image .. My pedigree was definitely

not in alignment with the MIL, and there were many

vulgar reminders of that ; in contact critical eyes that took in

every bite of food, every word, every action or non

action . I did not fall in , morphing into her … as he increasingly

bore increasing financial responsibility, both projected

my unworthiness as a stay at home Mom to 3 sons our

6 years .. His place assured in business/social, having to

show up for a few family functions , refusing any participation

in any spiritual practice , peppered with flash rages that

hit their target , when ever he chose in his house .

Apologies , promises but always a next time , increasingly

more harmful and shaming , in abuse that disregarded

my highly sensitive nature , high spiritual faith ,lacking

empathy for not only me , but infants ..

I could not deny with our 3rd son , MIL and son saw me

as a surrogate for propagation of the family name

and not measuring up as a wife , nor mother .

Secrets were dominate in their world , as I became

more vulnerable, depleted and extremely concerned

for our family , I took the responsibility to find resolutions

though my faith , trust very soul knew how abusive

I did not grasp that a profession that offered healing ,

was indeed the gift , with the guise of psychiatry-medicine

that addicted me , calling my deeply adverse reactions as

manifestations of a disease , instead of Domestic Abuse-Child

Abuse , totally missing Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

or the physical reactions of toxicity to the deadly chemicals .

I was silenced , shut up.. securing secrets , abuses beyond

comprehension, that have been accepted as he mask a normal

that allowed him to push forward with his new life, new supply

as my living grief and that of our sons was ignored , and still

is to a degree that has been impossible in my healing ,

impossible to ignore ..

Professionals are certainly challenged by the many abuses

within the whole of it, as this has been normalized

and very profitable . Change is accepting responsibility

and that’s taught in many profound ways , it’s not

lying that is the issue , covering the lies , abuses is the

only issue ….

My realization personally , my failure to listen to my inner

spirit warnings , and to have been compliant with his

being #1..not making our son, my only focus and leaving on

his 6 th day outside my body … Certainly I acted as survivors

do, and I had faith, and I stayed , well aware of how harsh

extracting myself and our son, later 3 sons , from his world

of favors and shadows ; connections that always supported

his need ..lawful or not ..he had an in .. that clarity took

30 years to actualize with FILs death .. it’s been a freaking

landslide of falsehoods that I am sure are not all of the

nightmare of marriage and divorce , where my

physical death , with his retaining his shadow , his property

his sons, his grandchildren and his money 💰 insure

his new life , new supply dominate . 🙈🙊🙉

The “new” supply of “happy” he ran to 20 years

ago , again reduced to a very low , her Mom died ,she

became vulnerable, very very ill ,thus more aware of

her place, or lack thereof blatant discrimination, an

unhealthy waste due to inability to produce revenue , targeted

as I was by MIL, then son …was abled to walk out ..and

his carefully laid plans to triumph , trophies 🏆intact ,

his purchase of a high performance car, self care intensive ,

diseases disappearing , discovering his new happy gal

with an intensive to woo her , gain her love and trust

and come after me …

counting on our sons support , he continues

as I shall ever be his target of

failures , his consciousness..that I survived horror threatens


that I should thrive is very clearly has not been

supported as will be made clear , very soon.

I have faith , that I will be heard , and I am Thankful to

all the voices raised in saying enough ..

That he signed documents , made promises to

negotiate , that his character is unmasking

in his highest good , as he does a review of

his successes , always in denial of his failures

that I and our sons shall be liberated from

sooner than later .

More than a few indicators of the necessary truths

and awareness of how to create a flow of understanding

in systems that have been duped , as I was …

Change requires acceptance that shadow does exist .

Yea, though you walk through the shadow of death

I am with you as you are with me , comforted me

as a child … My awareness is now surrendered to

my highest good .. my intentions of being of service

is ongoing .

A safe haven shall exist for mother’s & Children , to

heal from abuse and trauma , that’s dishonored in our

current social acceptance. Men shall have theirs , and

with new awareness and respect we rise never to repeat

this insanity as normal .

The family shall be honored , supported , redefined as abuses

are few , and integrity and character , replace high education

accreditation, money , lineage , zip code , religion, clubs

etc .. Who you are, How you are authentic with yourself

and others , Your Benevolence.

My awareness allows knowledge that the train arriving does

not include all, many have not packed for this train ,

which evokes fear/anger … I pray constantly, sending healing

energy’s, Faith , a yes you can… I accept free will, free choice

as I unravel the unfitness projected by many shadows

that are worthy of light ..the adversity of the human spirit

worthy of rejoicing, reunions , and recreating my new earth

with so many conscious of the vital role of each spirit that

can aide in the transformation . For me , a lot of that involves

networking within the age groups of professionals and brilliant

conscious youth ..elders in agreement, we can and we shall

do better ..we are all children , worthy of having our needs

safely secured , our homes havens of Peace , foundations

that feed our every need that we are less likely to allow

abuse of mind, body nor spirit .. 💯

Thankful for the empowering healing process offered to

families , children , parents , professions , families that

has no addiction attached …


Blessings & Peace 🙏🏼🌹😘♥️

Doña Luna

The demands of providing the best life you can for your children can be stressful and often complicated. It’s even more difficult when your husband isn’t…
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Human trafficking of girls “on the rise” UN report warns, with sexual exploitation seen as primary motivation – CBS News

United Nations report warns “far more” girls being trafficked, with sexual exploitation seen as the primary motivation of gangs, terror groups
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