Ann’s Behavior & Timing of Accident / Death

Child Abuse and Child Sex Trafficking. Ann had lots of trauma and this piece brings up many pertinent facts .

Read some of the comments . Another gal had a fatal car accident who worked with Ann on her documentary on child trafficking.

It’s also possible that this was staged as I’ve learned other have , altering their looks and life style in order to escape the shadow that corrupts small children .

I knew a gal who was molested by her Dad at 9 months , and yes like Ann , Mom knew and did nothing to protect her .

I had uneasy feelings about folks / family around our sons but the reality of what could have harmed them , when I wasn’t there is my reality .

I had that feeling leaving them with their Dad … and made my excursions short , but I realize too late how vulnerable they were and possibly brain washed in secretive ceremony, I wasn’t aware of until 2007 that ex was a member !?

Reasons Roe was over ruled

Surely easier to see why the last few Supreme Court judges were pushed through despite the overwhelmingly evidence of debauchery and cover ups by the good olé boy system of which women participate as well.


Lilith embodies our sovereignty to declare our desires and do what must be done in order to live them out. According to Jewish folklore, Lilith was Adam’s first wife. She was created from the same earth as Adam. So when he expected her to be subservient to him, she refused. Lilith explained to Adam that they were equal– made by God. So when Adam insisted again on her submission, Lilith uttered the divine names and flew away. Supposedly,
Adam sent angels after her to force her to return. But she was with the Archangel Samael, and she desired to remain with him.

Ancient Jewish Midrash, or retellings of biblical stories, portray Lilith as a demon. But contemporary, feminist theologians like Judith Plascow have incorporated women’s experience and women’s voices into traditional texts with their own Midrash. Plascow transforms the fearsome, vilified Lilith into a wise, empowered woman. Lilith embodies the emotional and spiritual aspects of our unconscious or unrealized desires, sensuality, and unbridled sexuality. She owns her body and soul completely. For many women, Lilith is an icon of freedom. Lilith is the first woman. She is the woman who refused to be dominated or defined by anyone or anything outside of her.

When your soul selects her card:

Lilith asks, “What would happen if you leave everything behind?” She wonders what prevents you from getting to experience all that you desire. Is it you? Is it an idea of whom you have to be? Is it society’s definition of what it means to be a woman? Lilith asks the questions that sometimes never fully reach the light of consciousness.
Lilith is unclaimed. She is the ruler of her body and soul and she reminds us that we are too. And not only that, we have a sacred obligation to be the body’s fierce protector. If I am entirely equal to everyone else, to every man, and every angel (like Samael), what would I choose for my life? If I see myself as worthy, as the first woman ever created by the divine what more would I ask for? Am I living the life I desire? Am I actually fulfilled sexually in my current relationship? Are there aspects of my sexuality I haven’t been able to face and voice? Lilith refused to settle. She answered all these questions within her, and took action on the truth she uncovered. Lilith demanded that she meet
with what she really desired. And she’s here to demand that we all do the same. “

  • Excerpted from “The Divine Feminine Oracle “ byMeggan Watterson; Illustrated by Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman

Mixed Media

Photos: A corps of women covered the Weinstein trial | Trending |

It’s beautiful and should be afforded any victim / survivor

NEW YORK (AP) — Much of what the world has seen and heard about Harvey Weinstein’s rape trial has come from a core group of women journalists — the regulars
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Triangulation: The Narcissist’s Best Play | The Psychology of Self

It’s all there , it’s very stark, but no more lies, no more riddle me this BS , no more

target, no more thievery of any sort , the facts for our children and theirs .

Ending this generational , currently epidemic, that affects too many families ..

Todays verdict against Henry Weinstein, is a victory for all, and a huge move

forward to ending this Domestic Abuse that’s upheld by the top.

Gone 🎉👏©️

Peace & Blessings

Doña Luna

Within the vast catalogue of toxic behavior, triangulation is amongst the most well-known. It is very common, especially among narcissistically inclined
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