Who Are We Telling Depressed People to ‘Reach Out’ to, Anyway? | Village Voice

Totally was there .

Same with DomesticAbuse/ChildAbuse

Same with rape .

Those in charge fail far too often with dire


Judging someone for ‘not getting help’ is not just rude, but dangerous
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Female Genital Mutilation Is Happening in the U.S. These Survivors Are Fighting to Stop It. – VICE News

Horrible ! Transforming ✔️

A national ban on the practice was struck down, and Trump’s DOJ isn’t defending it.
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It’s Not a Child’s Job to Heal Their Wounded Mother

Mother’s are not alone in creating “emotional

partners of children”, Uncle Dad’s ghost wife

as well as children wearing mask that aren’t

revealed to the world . Brothers , Friends

skirting fatherhood , projecting blame always

towards anything that threatens a house of cards

which is seldom acknowledged or healed .

Pushing detachment and disposal of me as part

of a past , demanded total honor of my living

death , without any consideration to the trauma

or damage this dispassionate of character that still

feels justified .,threatened by my every breath

and raging at being exposed , not the offenses

always running .



Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Childhood shouldn’t come with the responsibility of helping your mom cope with her emotional burdens. But for Tyler, it did — all the way into adulthood.
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Brain scans reveal how badly emotional abuse damages kids

Can you spot the difference between these toddlers’ brains?
They belong to children of the same age, but one is the brain of an emotionally abused toddler…
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Human trafficking of girls “on the rise” UN report warns, with sexual exploitation seen as primary motivation – CBS News

United Nations report warns “far more” girls being trafficked, with sexual exploitation seen as the primary motivation of gangs, terror groups
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A new helpline for male victims of domestic abuse has been launched today

Having my doubts of this being the best thing

as shelters are seldom as healthy , as I envision

anymore than the jail like Psychiatric ward

I was incarcerated in …

When I spoke to the Dad , guiding him to get his

13 daughter out , and wrote Senator Deeds , I

spoke of the lifelessness and lack of color

and hope , in like with a jail cell.

Years later as my abuser lied in court , and I

was jailed , did I experience the trauma

and surreal shame of being unjustly incarcerated

as well as discriminated by 2 female officers of

color . Cell mate across the way , believed she

knifed her old man, as a repeat offender , would

do hard time .

Alcohol and RX ..

I ran the statistic , I had read , of prisons and

jails being full of mentally ill.

I was trying , learning the hard way that addiction

to prescribed medications was no easy habit to

break.. Behavior modification , layer after layer

of peeling off what was not mine, healing

what was , as best I could ..accepting and

surrendering that which I carry as grief

Omni Present ..

Men deserve to be protected, heard , have justice

and healing , as do women.. it’s a freaking battle

field that allows me great comfort to not

participate in .

Celibacy has become in style with youth consciousness

as well. Intimacy and honor , romance will make

resurgence as well as poetry , in our New

Earth .. Writers of great works, art , music

Oh Happy Days ..,

Divine Masculine , I walk beside you in Faith

and Light and Love , brighten your path always .


😘 Blessings & Love

Doña Luna

Domestic abuse can be physical, emotional or financial.
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FBI: Sex with Children is the Fastest Growing Illegal Business in America | Humans Are Free

I don’t get the energy that this is common knowledge in

many distracted , busy parents .

FBI: Sex with Children is the Fastest Growing Illegal Business in America | Humans Are Free
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