Intuition is a multitude “ tool”/ Internal Guide – Angel Message

You not only come with batteries included but you also have an internal guidance system that will never fail or lead you in the wrong direction. Your intuition is the most powerful tool in your toolbox. Your inner knowing, when trusted, will keep you moving in exactly the right direction towards where you are to go, to where your soul has planned for you to be. The truth to everything is within. Your intuition is a multi-purpose tool. It can help you with confusion and indecisiveness, alert you so you can side-step danger and help you in a new experience that is unfamiliar territory. Whether you heed it or not, your internal GPS, your intuition is always available. When you have not paid attention to what you hear, see, feel or know, and ignored it, you might have later found out that you wished you had paid attention. When you have followed those feelings, those ideas or hunches, how often have success and wonderful surprises shown up? The more you trust it and the more you trust yourself to receive it, the more you will find. Listen to your Angels who often speak to you through intuition.

Your Angels are Omnipresent

I learned long ago to call in my benevolent angels to protect me from above , from below ,to my left and to my right .

I am highly aware of my angels and ancestors and spirit guides and it’s a blessing I’ll never take for granted 😇👼

The word ‘omnipresent’ simply means to be always present everywhere. The Angels are always with you and can be with everyone at the same time. They are not in form like you are so they can be everywhere. They are omnipresent. (You have your own personal Angels that are only with you.) If you think about it you are omnipresent with yourself. No matter where you go you will always be with yourself. As the Angels are with you and love you unconditionally, are you with you and love yourself in the same way? Love is omnipresent when it comes from the heart and is unconditional. No matter what you do or don’t do your Angels love you in the same way – unconditionally. To find that love, look beyond any reaction that comes up. See everyone and yourself with the eyes of the Angels. When you are truly willing to see and feel, to believe and trust without a doubt in your heart, you will find and know that love of your Angels. You will be able to see their presence everywhere you look. The place to begin is with nature. The beauty that is offered in nature comes from pure love and asks only for you to notice, admire and appreciate what you see, hear and feel. You can then be present with yourself everywhere you go with your Angels at your side.

Loved & Loved : She is Home 🏠

“When you look deep within

Beyond the surface pale

And the lined eyes,

Through the skein

Of fine lines that

Travel like tributaries

To your soul,

You might find

The wayward girl

you once knew…

The young girl lost

To the antics of living

Who bore you no ill will

But who couldn’t yet grasp

The magnitude of

Incremental action

Upon action

Upon action

Which creates the

Ultimate direction of

A troubled life.

You might find her,

Beneath the greeting

And the greying hair,

Beyond the freckled


And you might beckon

Her with forgiving heart

And loving arms

To welcome her into

The quiet, gorgeous room

With flowers and pink blossoms

With perfume and pretty things

With standing vases of

Bright poppies

And tulips –

Yes tulips –

And you will let her know

That finally, with you…

She is lived and loved

And she is home.”

Camilla Slater 2022.

(Love to all women with a spark in their eyes and a wayward past.🌷)

Copyright Camilla Slater 2022. All rights reserved.

Image Credit: Painting by Louis Treserras, 1958.

Mother God

“Long before God the Father, there she was – God the Mother. Where did she vanish to, this great mother goddess? How did we women become so completely dispossessed? It wasn’t that I wanted to replace a male god with a female god; it wasn’t that I wanted to find a religion at all. I was simply looking for some sense that women might have worth. And I found it: there in the old stories of my own native land, I found it. Filled with images of women creating, women weaving the world into being, I took up knitting. Thread by thread, stitch by stitch, I began to knit myself back into being. I had never thought of myself as being a particularly creative soul, but I discovered that creativity was a wide-ranging affair. I simply thought about what brought me joy, and I began to cultivate it. I dug my hands into this strange foreign soil, and I began to grow things. I began to reacquaint myself with the soft animal object that was my body. Slowly, spending more and more time outside, focusing on the wisdom of my senses rather than on what was going on inside my head, I began to weave myself back into the fabric of the Earth.”

— Sharon Blackie (If Women Rose Rooted: A Journey to Authenticity and Belonging)

Art by Yulia Ustinova

Spiritual Profiling

“In reality, psychiatric diagnosing is a kind of spiritual profiling that can destroy lives and frequently does.” — Peter Breggin, Psychiatrist

“Perhaps worst of all, these diagnoses almost inevitably lead to the prescription of psychiatric medication to you or your child. Psychiatric drugs are toxins to the brain; they work by disabling the brain.”

 — Peter Breggin, Psychiatrist

The human brain is the most complex organ ever created. To disable it deliberately is a terrible act of violence. If doctors do not know that toxic drugs damage the brain it is beyond time to become aware. Doctors first do no harm


Me: Hi God.

God: Hello…

Me: I’m falling apart. Can you put me back together?

God: I’d rather not.

Me: why not?

God: Because you are not a puzzle.

Me: What about all the pieces of my life that are falling to the ground?!

God: Leave them there for a while. They fell for a reason. Let them sit there for a bit and then decide if you need to retrieve any of those pieces.

Me: But you don’t understand! I’m breaking!

God: No, you don’t understand. You are transcending, evolving. What you feel are growing pains. You are letting go of the things and people in your life that are holding you back. The pieces are not falling off. The pieces are falling into place. Just relax. Take a deep breath and let those things you no longer need fall away. Stop holding on to the pieces that are no longer for you. Let them fall. let them go.

Me: ok… but once I start doing that, what will I be left with?…

God: Only the best pieces of you.

Me: I’m afraid of changing…


Me: …Becoming who?!

God: Becoming who I created you to be! A person of light, love, charity, hope, courage, joy, mercy, grace and compassion. I made you for much more than those superficial pieces with which you have decided to adorn yourself and to which you cling with so much greed and fear. Let those things fall off you. Love yourself! Do not change! Become! Do not change! Become! Become who I want you to be, who I created. I’m going to keep telling you this until you remember…

Me: oops… there goes another piece…

God: Yes. Let it be so.

Me: So… I’m not broken?

God: No, but you are breaking through the darkness, like the dawn. It is a new day. Become! Become who you really are!

—Adapted from John Roedel.


Much love ❤️