NASA’s Blue Beam Project

I learned of this in 07

It scared me

I let go of it because it falls into conspiracy which humans have bought into.

My faith being tested repeatedly, I’m quite sure I won’t drink the kool aide

Watch “The Who Reaction – See Me, Feel Me/ Listening To You (Live at Woodstock 1969) HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEITH!” on YouTube

I adore this song , it’s very descriptive of my life experience and I adore turning people on to new things…

So I enjoyed this man’s experience .

I shared this song , these words as a message of love too many years ago.

I screamed these words in a padded room , after electrodes had raised the ” mania” that resulted from the chemicals in my brain 🧠 Totally rearranged by trauma , not mental illness , abuse , not mental illness, chemicals that induced behaviors of trauma ..DSM has that down as a mental illness .A very Corporate choice , so many prescription drugs , so many billable codes .

Destroying the social structure of society …

It’s ending .

I claimed and climbed my mountain ..I remain true to my core goals and ideals though I’m learning new things , less shadow is involved and quickly dispersed.

My challenges of home and heart will be resolved .

I reached the summit, I am home . I am grateful 🙏 🥲 for all that got me here but miniscule trauma nor drama will be allowed .

I trust each individual to reach their summit as they wake to love and end the cycles of shadow challenges .

Peace Love and Blessings 🙌

Dona Luna ✌

Stop Rescuing in Love

This is where I’m at.

I’m learning where my caring, loving responsibility for another person ends.

I’m ride or die. Unwavering. Loyal like a MF’er.

But I’m not going down on your sinking ship. I’m not pulling you from your depths. If you want to heal, you will and I’m here for it. But YOU have to do your own work. I can’t do it for you.

I will hold space and witness, my light a beacon to show you the way out of the storm and darkness. It’s up to you and your free will what direction you move in, or not. Stay if you must. I’m not coming in after you though.

Waking ; by Samantha SolBright

Our entire body is coming online, waking up, clearing, purging and activating in every way. The sensations have been intense and extreme at times and that is because the amount of density our body, muscles, bones were carrying has been way more than we can support.
Remember to continue to open up and surrender, open up and allow, you may not know exactly what’s going on, your ego/mind may be scared shitless, you might be stressing out over this whole thing and it’s ok, honor it, feel it fully and then allow your body to return you back to that space inside that knows exactly what is going on and remembers that is all part of the process that we all signed up for. You don’t need to know everything you just need to continue to trust. If you have questions, then ask your body, let the energy out, don’t suppress it or think that you shouldn’t, it’s just important to you don’t stay there, in the loop cycle created by your mind. Ask your body and then continue to listen for guidance on what it needs.
Your LightBody is activating more and more stronger and stronger and so you feel every part of your body, you’ll have sensations that you’ve never experienced before, your mind will try to fit it into a box or an old conditioned labeled by the 3D world and it’s important to recognize it but don’t feed into it, don’t believe it because so much is going on with our bodies that are so beyond what the linear mind and world can comprehend.
Keep going, keep feeling everything, don’t judge the emotion, it’s just an energy, it’s an out of alignment frequency that needs to come out from every level of your being.
This isn’t an overnight process and so be gentle, kind and loving with yourself and body. We are purging every cell in our body and so it does take “time” but the more that you allow this process to occur the more space you have for your Light and the more you will shift into a whole new reality. Your body is the key to everything so continue to connect with it in every way and go all in. Yes, for many it’s time to go all in, leave things, people, jobs, locations that no longer serve us in our process and go all in so we can fully honor our bodies.
Whatever you’re going through, experiencing and feeling I’m sending a wave of peace and remembrance your way.
🙏🏼 🌈 ✨
Samantha SolBright 🌞
LightBody and Ascension Guide