Huge religious cult , ignored by mainstream

Watching this was difficult , it’s over 5 hours long …but profoundly correlated with Child Psychological Abuse ..

Discussing hanging deaths, I thought of Robin Williams who I don’t believe committed suicide , but did die by hanging ..

It was very sad , steeped in dank dark shadow that touched my life profoundly .

Thankful the light in my life prevailed.

Carl Jung – Connected to Masonic Religion

Ever to Conceal; Never to Reveal

Secret Society ; Superior Religion that judges everyone else is…vulgar

And are pledged upon a very cruel death , to the secret , not to marry a non member .

Pledging their children and grandchildren…

I’m listening watching an expose’ and realize the ” cult” “inherent “, in too many institutions that are being exposed and of no power against the truths and the light.

Psychiatry is by it’s example of this ” religion”.

Why I left the Mormon church

I understand this completely , as in my healing , I left the Baptist church . Since childhood , I had the fellowship of the Baptist church and fond memories , but as an adult I grew weary of the shadow side.. I wasn’t ” full ” spiritually , and that fullness came with Buddhism , SGI , and an acceptance and peace and strength to face all I needed to circa 2006.

I’m not sorry that I left , though many family members are still practicing Baptist religion, and several have joined Catholic Churches ( ex did so, in order to annul our marriage after loosing in court ) ; my preference is only to state I am spiritual , and I am heard by those who are meant to hear me , and I matter… I don’t excuse myself nor others for their shadow side , in the name of religion, as the whole planet undergoes an exorcism, from the dank , dark entities that are corrupt and lacking in love , consciousness, forgiveness , intent on keeping the past , the present to protect their abuses.