”“Why has the Christian tradition persisted in reading the story of Adam and Eve in ways that are to women’s detriment: misogyny, sexism, the fear that women really are powerful so they must be kept down?” asks Bird. Over the years, as my relationship to religion has changed and my belief in a Christian god has dissipated, I’ve found myself wondering about Eve.

She strikes me as a character deserving of so much more depth, a curious and rebellious young woman who was willing to test her place in the world in order to dream of a better one. Even in paradise, she knew something was being kept from her, and she was willing to break the illusion of satisfaction in complacency. It was ingrained in me that my painful periods were her fault, but I wonder if my desire for liberation from a heteronormative, white patriarchy didn’t also start with her. Eventually, I gained an understanding about what happened to me in my room with the pastor’s son. It was painful, but being able to name and condemn that behavior was so much more freeing than living with an untruthful story. Naming our monsters means questioning our place in their world. Patriarchy leads us to believe the men at the top can save us, but that’s an illusion meant to keep us underneath them. The men at the top, the patriarchs in the sky, they aren’t coming to set us free. It’s the snakes, the fruit, the trees, and each other that will.”


MCC shares sacred New Year Wisdoms

I’ve always been conflicted about resolutions at New Year’s, because I believe that we ought to be able to start over any day of the year. All we have to do is wake up on any given morning and say “right then, here we go”. But the turning of the year holds a lot of symbolism, and has its own powerful tilt, and it’s a good thing to harness —so here are a few thoughts to share this night.

Instead of resolving to improve something in the future, or leave behind something in the past, I want to pay more attention to the present. Here, where I am. The things that give me purpose and meaning, identity and joy are all here with me, now. Not yesterday and not tomorrow.
Here, now. They are just waiting to be noticed.

So are the small things: the smell of rain, the anticipation of a new book, the look in Angus’ eyes. These are gifts-And a gift of the pandemic is that it has allowed me to truly observe all 4 seasons here at the farm. It has been strange to realize that until I stopped traveling, I had never seen how utterly glorious that maple tree turns in the yard in October. Or how green the fields are in late June. And the slant of light on a fall twilight.
Or how the birdsong in spring in the early morning is a musical overture. I know how lucky I am to have these…I want to see more, listen more closely. These small things are my peace & inspiration and help me to be more fully myself in the world.

When it’s time to bid 2021 farewell, I hope that you too can tally the small things that are the lights of your days, the rhythms that you set your inner clock to, the quiet that we can invite into our noisy heads.

Every time that I crack open a fresh, new journal of blank pages I write the same thing on the first page, as a mantra: keep it simple.
And I should probably add Ms Dickinson’s wisdom as well, given that I already borrowed it for a song called New Year’s Day: I Dwell in Possibility…whispering that life is about creativity, expression, hope.

“In dreams or in our waking
It’s just enough to say
Love and grace and endless flowers
Be ours on New Year’s Day”

See you next year 💐

newyearseve #home

Waking : More are !

“2022: Waves of Awakening”
The Council of the Guardians of the Light, through Kate Woodley

We will say the second half of this year (2021) was quite intense. As a result of the intense movement of energies within your fields, and the impacts it has had on all of you individually. What we are seeing, and what we have been seeing, is a mass awakening. This is going to continue.

But understand that your definition of awakening may be quite different from another’s definition of awakening. It is about teaching others to find their truth through connecting to their inner light and power. It is up to the individual to navigate this roadmap in a way that aligns with them from a place of joy, truth, light, and power. It is your experience and journey to behold.

Incoming Energies Will Unlock Innate Abilities

As we look and move forth into your next year, 2022, this mass awakening will continue. We are also seeing that the waves of light that are moving in will continue to propel forward the consciousness, the initiative, and the power and light within each. It is as if though these waves of light are going to bring about waves of awakening in different pockets of humanity.

Each individual will resonate more with some of the waves of incoming energies. That is the energy that will move them in the direction that they need to move. And again, this movement is not an outward movement. It is a movement inwards. For the key to raising your consciousness and connecting with your Source birthrights — all that you are entitled to by virtue of being a child of the Universe —
is through your inner journey. It is through recognizing that you are a powerful light Beings.

We are here to assist in your awakening. We are here to help you as you do it. In the same way that we invite all the Lightworkers and Starseeds to help their fellow humans through their awakening. It cannot be done for another, but you must honor their light.

It is as if though these waves of light that are coming in act as keys. These keys serve to open and unlock certain individuals, so that they can access and connect to these innate abilities. It is an unlocking, we may call it the percolation, but this is an expansion.

Societal Change Must Support the Awakening

As we have mentioned in the past, the tipping point has been reached, the human collective has together achieved an energetic frequency of magnitudes not seen for millennia. And it will continue to rise and rise. Much will happen as a result of this awakening. There will be some fast transformations upon your society. But understand that some of these transformations are more involved, they will take more time. But it must be conducted in a way that will resonate with the masses that will allow a certain level of adaptation and adaptability. It is in alignment with the greatest good of all. It cannot be an instant unraveling, our dear friends, for this will perpetuate fear and chaos, the very fear and chaos that we have been encouraging you to rise above. And so it must be done in a way that beckons a certain level of stability. The change is being restructured in a way that works for the ascension of humanity. It is a beautiful change.

Your Consciousness Propels a Positive Feedback Cycle

You must be patient. It is a reinvention. It is an exercise in creativity and thinking outside of the box. As you raise your consciousness, this becomes easier. For you are now going to be equipped and more apt at looking at solutions, new solutions to old problems. Your rising consciousness is going to fuel this change, and in turn, this change will help support the rising consciousness. It is a positive feedback cycle, you see.

It is about the new energies and new consciousness that are being ushered into your world that is going to trigger all of you to change within yourselves and to adapt to the change outside of yourself.

Your Inner Power is Your Birthright

It is a beautiful collaborative process. You all hold a piece of the puzzle. This is the key that you hold together. You co-illuminate all things. This is your power. It is your birthright. Nothing and no one shall take that from you.

So, 2022 will be a year of inner change that will help propagate change at a societal level. Our dear ones, it is not only change that you must look for outside of yourselves. It begins within. Once you are comfortable, at peace, and in a place of joy with who and what you are and the light that you shine, this is when it is time for you to step forth and be part of the outward change.

Do not wait for change to come from outside of yourselves. Now is the time to work within.

We stand with you. We applaud your courage, your resilience. Human resilience is truly one of your strongest traits and it is one that is widely admired. You are loved. And we part with you in a place of great love.

Thank you,
The Council of the Guardians of the Light

Fucket Buckets

Posted one year ago today…I am at peace and doing well now.

You called yourself my friend.
You tried to control me…I resisted.
You put me down…I didn’t listen.
You created constant drama in my life.
You took from me…then made excuses.
You yelled at me and threw temper tantrums.
I made excuses for you.
You helped yourself to my money
and possessions… and manipulated me.
I closed ranks.
You betrayed me…
You lied to me and about me…
Then you lied and said you didn’t lie.
Then you blamed me for everything.
When I would not comply, you flew into rages.
Then you called me crazy when I would get upset.
Then I felt as if my life was at risk and it was.
You created a horrible situation and then didn’t
understand why I told you I would move.
The trust was completely gone
and then…

SO was I.

So when you ask me why?
This is why.
End of story…
Done with…
This woman found a new home.

Rev.Diannia Baty


I did have highlights , but the recoil of 2 living situations that did not ” help ” but hindered my growth in healing physically, enjoying more time outs .Balancing out my world . I managed despite conflicts that have made every effort to halt progress …rather digression , projected blame and rage as the lower selves joined in every effort to prevent exorcism and change ; displacement, remaining as is Distorted and heavy with the burden .

I am grateful for foods donated locally and heavy at years end !

Cash and gas ⛽are not presently forthcoming , and I’m allowing that flow , utilizing my quite time , and the basic cooking plan that challenging without my kitchen ware ..spices etc .

As the current situation has been chronic and awareness of why that has been controlled and judged guilty , inferior and a waste of air space by a man in Distortions that contributed to the severance of any healthy relationship of balance with HIS kids .

He’s justified in contracts that disadvantage me of income after creating a divorce that allowed his control of my finances. This has been breached, in a continuation of his WAR .

I have survived against his many and varied efforts , denied truths and shuns any response or responsibility for truthfully parenting in the best interest of our sons , physical and mental health .

Realizing that, repeatedly cost me faith in myself for having misjudged the character of the father of our sons . I has begun to forgive myself , when I began to study and accept NPD as reality ..I tried on that shadow personally , and it nearly took me out .

I love each son forever & always and pray for their liberation of parenting and elders who disadvantaged them , in ways that had bound them in secrets and trauma .

Never to conceal ?

Never to reveal?

Never to heal a scared bond ?

Transformations are a

reality .Recent events denote

imbalances and continued

rejection of positive flow , so

I am focused on getting my

” house ” in order .

Resting & Rejuvenation despite

Challenges …

Blessings & Peace

All the Best in 2022!

Dona Luna

Shine Brightly

“She walks the earth freely, yet her feet never touch the ground. Many hands will reach for her, but she cannot be anchored. She belongs to no one, to nothing, to nowhere. When you meet her, you will recognize her for what she is–a free spirit, a wandering star. She will fit in your arms like she was made to be there. And she will show you what it means to hold something you can never hold on to.”

  • Lang Leav

A term I have loved since I first read those wonderful words of Yeats, of the “white breast of the dim sea, and of its disheveled, wandering stars”. While astrologically used to describe the motion of the planets, “wandering stars” arrived within me as something deeper, a metaphor for my own being. Just as the planets themselves are in motion encircling the sun; so are we, bright children of the stars, endlessly dancing yet fixed in our own celestial journeying.

Because no matter the darkness, we are wild light. It can be hard to remember that, sometimes we dim, or spend so much time looking around at the darkness that we forget our own light.

I want you to stop for this moment, and remember that light. If you need some reconnection. Close your eyes and focus on the great light of G-d just above your head. Envision that light pouring down through your crown chakra, infusing your body with its heavenly radiance. Let it flow through you filling every space, down through your feet and into the earth. Breathe into it, and with every inhale, allow your glow to become ever brighter.


We are all the children of stars, infused with celestial and spiritual light, abiding in a magic that has no textual equivalent. This is why I art. To describe the souls progression, longing and intent as it exists beyond my ability to articulate it. To remind me of who and what I really am.

(And hopefully to remind you too.)

And so with this work, I will not attempt to overdefine it. It is a story of sisters intertwined, of ancient longing, of cosmic purpose that exists though few may understand it. Just as one woman carries a veil of stars, and the other the moon, their intent is only revealed to the careful study of the viewer’s eye. It longs to tell it’s story to those who have the eyes to hear it

To those that know, here on this earth, that they too are forever the wandering stars, dancing not despite the darkness, but because of it.

It is how we shine the brightest.


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Celebrating ” She who moves through space” Day

Happy Dakini Day everybody!

“[the] word for dakini in Tibetan is khandro, which means ‘she who moves through space,’ sometimes called a ‘sky dancer’ or a ‘sky goer’; this refers to the energy that integrates itself with emptiness — not emptiness in the sense of an empty pocket or empty cup, but the emptiness of self or emptiness of ego. It’s the feminine energy that penetrates into emptiness, moving through it, a messenger of it. The dakinis thus became messengers of wisdom, embodiments of wisdom, and energies that practitioners could invoke and with whom they could create a positive relationship.”

~ Lama Tsultrim Allione, from her book Wisdom Rising: Journey into the Mandala of the Empowered Feminine